Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Readings

Lorie Byrd wants journalists held accountable for deceptive reporting regarding U.S. Attorney firings. Remember Bill Clinton cleaning house??? I guess not but since he was a Democrat that is OK.

Brent Bozell has his two cents regarding the firings comparing the Bush 8 vs. Clinton 93.

Other Commentaries regarding this.

Steve Chapman

Mike Gallagher

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Rosie O'Donnell continues to show support for Islamo-Facists by defending Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Thanks to KSM the Twin Towers for NYC were finally taken down along with many Innocent lives.

Three Little Puppies??? School in England caves into the Islamists demands. Europe is in GRAVE DANGER!!!

Mike Rosen talks about Utah's new School Voucher program, and how as always the Government School Monopoly continues to fight Choice and Competition in Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Approval ratings of George W. Bush are tied into how much take home pay people get. Is anyone getting this???

Imams' suit risks 'chill' on security. Remember that event at that Minneapolis airport??? You might as well grant them civil rights to kill anyone they feel should be killed.

Is this part of the White Liberal Guilt???

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Readings

Thomas Sowell talks about a British Produced documentary that might just poke a few holes in the Global Warming ideal.

Can Hillary lose the beloved nomination??? Donald Lambro says YES!!!

Alan Reynolds talks about Chuck Schumers and the closing of certain tax loopholes. When it comes to the Dems you count on one thing for sure...Taxes Going Up, Up, and Away.

Cal Thomas advocates for Choice and Competition when it comes education renewal.

Ann Coulter blames the Dems Civil Services rules for Walter Reed's woes. Slackers are a Democrat's best friend.

Joseph Farah says Bush should fire Gonzales but for different reasons than the ones being reported by the Mainline Media.

Larry Elder is concerned about Iran than about Gore-abl Warming.

Rebecca Hagelin applauds Roger Alies and his stance on providing diversity of ideals in the media. Its more than just differences in skin color and the like. The Dems would like everyone to think just like THEM!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Loved the TV series 'Alias' but is Jeniffer Gardner losing it??? Worries about Global Warming and might to have more children. One or two children??? Nahh not for the elites.

Ed Koch supports Bush and the war on Islamo Facisism but still calls his bluff and says certain members of his Administration should resign.

Is Newt Gngrich back in the Game??? Thomas Sowell has his thoughts regarding his chances for the Big White House.

Michelle Malkin shows that the New York Times is NOT the master ethics when it comes to Journalism.

Poor Hillary...Can she do better than cry "Right Wing Conspiracy?"

Walter Williams looks at banning smoking from a economic view.

Tony Blankley does not blame the Halliburton Corporation for moving to the Dubai in the country from UAB. This is what happen when you have anti-Free Marketers like Henry Waxman calling for hearings which are still doing now.

You have ways to go in achieving your Socialist Nirvana on Earth. Still we can't drill within our own borders.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Readings

Here is a piece from the Wall Street Journal in which a Bank that was started in Detroit is now moving to Dallas-Fort Worth area. That is what happens when you punish (i.e. tax them to death)business for doing what they are suppose to do.

Today's comments from Neal Boortz.

Thomas Sowell take Newsweek to task for using injured milltary soldiers into victims. I don't have to tell what the media's agenda is...other than they want American To LOSE!!!

John Fund looks at a public section loophole when it comes to lavish gifts and that other stuff.

The Dems can cut and run but they can't hide. David Limbugh explains.

Herman Cain warns of the dangers of Health Care reform when coming from the mouths of politicians.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Blog according to Don (McCullen) to Jeff Short

I shall make it short and to the point.

About 11 years ago I became quanited with a man by the name of Jeff Short.

He invited a high profile guest to speak at his church and while it did not draw a big crowd it still would led to a friendship this pastor. This high profile person for sure caught my attention and I came.

Allthough his attempt to start a church in Colorado Springs failed he still continued in the minstry.

He moved away but some how we lost touch with each other. I was thinking about him lately and would like to touch base with me.

I found a E-Mail and I am hoping that its him, and I did send an E-Mail before writing this post on my blog.

So Jeff Short former pastor of South Springs Community Church in Colorado Springs. If you come across this blog, please respond to me.

I would to hear from you again.