Friday, May 19, 2006

The Fall 2006 Lineup and my renewal scorecard

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The NBC Lineup

The ABC and My Network TV Lineups

The CBS Lineup

The FOX and CW Lineups

Lets take a look at my renewal scorecard

From CBS: Close To Home, Out of Practice*, The King of Queens

From NBC: Teachers, Scrubs

From The WB and UPN (The CW) Everwood, Half and Half, One Tree Hill, Reba, Veronica Mars

*I think I was not on my list orginally.

10 shows I predicted would be back. 9 if you leave Practice.

6 shows made it including Reba and Mars. Better than last year

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For those who oppose the Mexican Invasion we always get flack for that stand. David Limbaugh brings the sense.

Does Bush have good intentions regarding this issue? Charles Krauthammer says he does but raises an important 'But.'

Meanwhile Mark Davis calles Bush's Bluff

While Darth Fargo finds the love among the stars (they are a key part of the Democratic Coalication) Mike Gallagher puts them in their place. This time its Jodie Foster.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The FOX and CW Fall 2006 Lineups


Canceled Shows First

Arrested Development: 3 Seasons, 53 Total Episodes

The Bernie Mac Show: 5 Seasons, 104 Total Episodes

Free Ride: 6 Episodes

Head Cases: 6 Episodes produced, 2 aired

Killer Instinct: Apox 13 Episodes Produced, but 9 aired

Malcom in the Middle: 7 Seasons, 151 Total Episodes

Reunion: 22 Episodes Intended to be produced, 13 Episodes Accually Produced, 9 went to air

Stacked: 2 Seasons, 14 Episodes aired, 17 Episodes Total

That 70's Show: 8 Seasons, 200 Total Episodes

The OC gets a fourth season, and don't forget that 'American Idol' and '24' will both return in the Winter/Spring. Also 'The Loop' gets another shot, and that too will happen in Winter/Spring 2007.

Brad Garrett gets a sitcom of his own away from the Raymond universe and out of his shadow as well (Till Death). The soon to be former Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) will go from playing Spy and Spy Games to playing Lawyer (Justice). FOX attempts to get into the late night game (AGAIN!!! Remember Joan Rivers, and Chevy Chase???) with Spike Feresten as their man. Who knows they might have got it right for once. Look at how MADtv gave SNL a run for the viewers.

In the spirit of '24' and 'Prison Break,' FOX will give us 'Vanished.' In this show a team of FBI agents investigate the disappearance of a Senator's wife. This is not "Without a Trace" however as the team find outs about a few rats pulling some strings. 'Standoff' is a drama about a group of hostage negotiators and they might be falling in love with each other too.

FOX will sandwitch 'American Dad' between 'The Simpsons' and Dad's sister show 'Family Guy' in hopes that it will become a Sunday Evening manstay for years to come.

Simon Cowell attempts another series outside of Idol once again. This time he takes a page out of the 'Dancing with the Stars' book. This would be ala 'Singing with the Stars,' but the official title would be "Duets." Does anyone remember a sitcom called 'Duet?' If you don't it was on FOX during its infant years.

Here are all the new shows on FOX this fall.

The Fall FOX Primetime Grid

The Planned Prime Time Grid for January, but it can change depending on the trends.

The CW

Which shows DID NOT get their photos. If you watch 'America's Next Top Model' (which will be on The CW for sure) you know that if you don't your photo, you are out of the game. In a last minute change of heart or whatever, the cast of '7th Heaven' was given their photo. Another last minute photo goes to Country star Reba and her sitcom. Looks like Time Warner and CBS does not want to pay the fee to chuck Reba until their commitment is forfilled. Still Reba may not find a place on The CW. For sure Reba is not part of the fall lineup. In my mind however Reba does have a photo and technally is still in the game.

So who does not get their photos. Here we go.

UPN Shows Gone:

Cuts: 2 Seasons, 25 Episodes at least went to air

Eve: 3 Seasons, 66 Episodes

Half and Half: 4 Seasons, 91 Episodes

Let's Get This Party Started: two to three episodes went to air

Love Inc: One Full Season, 23 Total Episodes

One on One: 5 Seasons, 100+ Episodes

Sex, Love, & Secrets: 13 Episodes Ordered, 8 Episodes Produced, 4 Went to Air

South Beach: 8 Episodes

The WB Shows Gone:

The Bedford Diaries: 8 Episodes

Charmed: 8 Seasons, 178 Total Episodes

Everwood: 4 Seasons, Apox 84 Episodes

Just Legal: 3 Episodes aired

Living with Fran: 2 Seasons, Apox 17 Episodes

Modern Men: Under 13 Episodes, Don't have an exact number

Pepper Dennis: 13 Episodes

Related: 19 Episodes Produced 18 Aired

Survivial of the Richest: 6 Episodes

Twins: 10 Episodes

What I Like About You: 4 Seasons, 86 Total Episodes

You have heard and its comming this fall. The merging of two netlets into one. The CW. The C meaning CBS and W as in Time Warner who owns the Warner Bros. brand. The CW will only into two new shows. They have taken their best things and asssembled the nights well.

As stated in the CBS post, Veronica Mars will return for a 3rd year mystery, and other bubble show 'One Tree Hill.' The African-American sitcoms will move to Sunday Nights including 'Everybody Hates Chris.' Smallville and Supernatural will stay on Thursday nights. 7th Heaven by nobody's surprise stays on Monday. Mars is still on Tuesdays and might get better with a paring of 'Glimore Girls.' American's Next Top Model stays on humpday and One Tree Hill hopes they can kept that audience. Friday's well lets just say that a group of certain men and divas will laying the "Smackdown."

Here are those two new CW shows...and your have the new lineup as well in the mix.

The CW Fall Prime Time Grid

Nice Story from Zap2it

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Republicans are afraid of losing the House this fall. Robert Novak fills us in.

George Will tell us that we are ALL Values Voters. It is not limited to people that have Religion.

Larry Elder has his take on why Bush's approval numbers are down.

Cal Thomas has his take on Bush's address Monday Night.

What if the GOP loses control of the House this fall? The Consertive Babe has some intresting things to say about that and more.

Neal Boortz is in Dayton, and comming to Norfolk. Plus comments on Bush and Mexico, the Border Fence, and John Murtha accuses the Marines

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The CBS Fall 2006 Lineup

BREAKING!!!! Last Minute Posting After all of the CBS Stuff

Again lets clear out the Cobwebs and look at the shows Canceled

Courting Alex: 13 Episodes were ordered, 10 were produced but only 8 aired

Love Monkey: 8 Total Episodes, 3 were aired on CBS. All were aired on VH1

Out of Practice: 22 Episodes were ordered, 14 were aired, and it looks like 20 Episodes were produced.

Still Standing: 4 Seasons, 88 Episodes

Threshold: 13 Episodes, 9 aired

Yes, Dear: 6 Seasons, 122 Episodes

Being on top allows CBS not to make as many changes. Six shows going to the TV grave yard. 'Yes, Dear' may be milked in Rerunvile for awhile, and cable channel Lifetime will milk the 88 episodes of 'Still Standing.' Alex and Practice were chucked so that Julia Louis Dryfus can prove that she can get work outside namesake show about someone who does standup comedy and nothing.

Again "King of Queens" will return but not in the fall.

New Shows: Anyway NBC's Heist did not make the cut but can CBS win on this type of show? They hope so and the show is called "Smith." How would you like to live a small town to find out one day you are cut off from the rest of the world? That is what the new drama 'Jericho' is all about when nukes go off nearby. For something lighter how would you like to reunit with your old Elementary School mates from so many years ago? That is the theme of the new CBS sitcom "The Class."

Without A Trace is moving to Sunday nights and will air in the 11/10 slot. Amazing Race also moves to Sunday Nights and bumps Cold Case to the 9/8 slot and up aganist the Housewives, but Race will have to deal with the Postitve Reality show EM: Home Edition. With that said its official. The Sunday Night Movies on CBS which were a staple since 1986 are no more.

Here is the list of CBS's 2006-07 season. They also have planned some backups as well

The CBS Fall Prime Time Grid

Thursday: The last of the pack (FOX and The CW) show off their fall shows and plans.


7th Heaven got a 7.6 share of its 10th Season Final and is offically part of the The CW lineup. It is the strongest link and CBS and Time Warner were smart to milk the show a little longer. Also fans of Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, and Girlfriends will be happy to know that all these shows will carry over to The CW. Everwood and Reba however are gone. CBS and Time Warner will have to pay up regarding Reba since a contract was broken. Their are three shows that are Brand New on a Brand New Network. I shall hold off until gets the info.

Got to head off to work now.

The Hillary Clinton Infomercial May Still get the Last Laugh

'Commmander In Chief' The Movie???? It could happen

Ward Churchill might Finally have the Book Thrown at Him

Story from AP/Newsmax

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Don't believe everything on TV. Take from someone who works in it. Our 'Realworld Millard Fillmore' will tell you all about it.

Thomas Sowell continues to look at Duke. Click Here.

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This week Walter Williams talks about The Foundation for Economic Education or FEE. We really need people that will educate other people on the Free Market.

Today's Nuze from Neal Boortz.

Once again the Media shows were their loyalties are when it comes to this thing called "database." Brent Bozell tells all.

Peter Brookes conntects the NSA dots.

FDR's Social Securty scam keep on going and going just like that Pink Rabbit. Herman Cain explains.

I have no problem with Homosexuals, but I do have a problem with Group ID agendas. Ben Shaprio talks about that with a propsed law in Cally.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The ABC and My Network TV Fall 2006 Lineup

Its all up now, or at least I have it done.


First the Cancelled Shows. Here are the lengths of the shows

Alias: 5 Seasons, 105 Episodes

Commander In Chief: 1 Season, 18 Episodes

Crumbs: 8 Total Episodes

Emily's Reasons Why Not: 6 Episodes produced but only 1 aired

Freddie: 1 Full Season, 22 Episodes

The Evidence: 8 Total Episodes, 6 Aired

Hot Properties: 13 Episodes

Hope & Faith: 3 Seasons, 73 Total Episodes

In Justice: 13 Episodes

Invasion: 1 Full Season, 22 Total Episodes

Jake in Progress: 2 Seasons, 20 total Episodes, 14 aired

Less Than Perfect: 4 Seasons, Apox 71 Episodes

Miracle Workers: Apox 3 or 4 Episodes

Monday Night Football: 36 Seasons on ABC, Moves to sister ESPN this Fall

Night Stalker: 10 Total Episodes, 6 aired

Rodney: 2 Seasons, Apox 37 Episodes

Sons & Daughters: 11 Total Episodes, 1 unaired

As expected Dr. Grey and company are no longer going to be "Cozy in the Rocket." Cause ABC is moving the show to Thursday nights very likley aganist CBS's Titan Crime Drama CSI. Can CSI give The Who's famous line to the Medical Interns???? Invasion is the last of the alien invasion dramas to fall like flies, proving that if you don't watch any of the shows you truly can stop any Alien least on TV.

So what is taking Grey's place??? "Brothers and Sisters" which finally gives the former Ally McBeal (Calista Flockhart) some work. Joining her are former Alias cast members Ron Rifkin (but not before we see him get his...Alias fans hope), and Balthazar Getty (Another one Busted not now but soon). "What About Brian" still has a chance to prove itself as it remains of Monday nights. Speaking of Brian, J.J. Abrams has a new show for the Alphabet Channel "Six Degrees" and while Brian is closer to the kitchen sink, Degress has its quarks that might top the quarks that 'Lost' and 'Alias' are known for. ABC builds on the Soap Opera takeoffs by remaking the hit Telenovel for American audiences called "Betty The Ugly," which will face off with 26 beauties and Howie (Deal or No Deal), and very likely Jennifer Love Hewit (Ghost Whisper).

Return to the ABC screen is "George Lopez," and Dancing with the Stars. The later will air Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectful. Also returning is EM: Home Editon, Wife Swap, Supernanny, and The Bachelor just to name a few.

Allright I had my say now click the links

ABC's New Shows

The Prime TV Grid for ABC Fall 2006

My Network TV

The NEW Number SIX network, and this one is related to FOX, in fact the former UPN affliates that were owned by parent News Corp are the key affilates for this new network. With UPN and The WB merging into one animal called The CW, News Corp had to block Indy TV's big comeback. ABC might be adapting a Telenoval for the American market, but My Network TV wants to BRING IT into the American Market and add to the types of TV formats allready. The term however will be called "short dramatic series." This could be a new kind of TV that might be around for years to come. If that is the case old Daytime Dramas like 'The Young and the Restless,' 'General Hosptial,' etc etc etc etc might finally be heading into TV history.

Check out the first two 'Short Dramatic Dramas' for youself. Just click here.

Hump Day it will by The Eye's turn...CBS that is. "King of Queens" is good to go for a ninth season, but it will not start until January 2007. I don't go into work until the afternoon. I could have it done before that time.

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Here is the address of Bush's Address last night.

Debra Saunders goes after Bush regarding last nights address.

Neal Boortz also has his take on Bush's Speech, plus comments on Karl Rove, CNN's 'Mistake,' The Flack Boortz gets for his stance on "The Da Vinci Code," and E-Mail from Cape Cod.

Thomas Sowell talks about the Duke Rape case

Cal Thomas looks this thing about Moral slipping in Iraq and corrects us on what is really going on.

Minnesota has done something right. It has passed a bill that will stifle government's abilty to steal property.

7th Heaven is like Jesus and Susan Sarandwrap is in the news

Looks like the Time Warner/CBS partnership will give '7th Heaven' an 11th season. Scratch that one for the Canceled slot. Of all the shows combined on The WB and UPN, "7th Heaven" is truly the strongest link and a change of heart prevented this show to be voted off. It will carry over to The CW. Click here to read the news. Looks like the Christian Right will breath a bit easier in spite of an artist's fictional code...or is it???

Here is the Susan story. I am sure Cindy Sunshine is ready to speak to her.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The NBC Fall 2006 Lineup

First of all lets get the official Canceled List

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart: 1 Full Season, 13 Episodes (Remember a reality contest is counted as sepearated seasons within a full season)

E-Ring: 14 Episodes aired, 20 Episodes Produced

Four Kings: 13 Episodes Produced

Inconceivable: 2 Episodes aired

Joey: 2 Seasons, 45 Total Episodes, 37 Episodes went to air

Surface: 15 Total Episodes

The Book of Daniel: 7 Episodes were Produced, 3 or 4 episodes were aired

The West Wing: 7 Seasons, 155 Total Episodes

Will & Grace: 8 Seasons, 192 Total Episodes

Fear Factor: 6 Seasons

Heist: Apox 8 Episodes

Conviction: 12 Total Episodes

Three Wishes: 10 Episodes

Teachers: 7 or 6 Total Episodes

Scrubs will return for a sixth year and will remain on the Peacock. Donald Trumps game show will take a break (along with Scrubs) while NBC brings back 'Deal or No Deal,' (Two Nights a week) 'Las Vegas,' all three 'Law & Order' shows, My Name is Earl, The Office just to name a few. ER is still on Thursday nights but NBC plans for a new show in slot is true. Also L&O: Crminal Intent is moving to Friday nights in likely in the sights of CBS's 'Numb3rs.' Earl and Office will kick off Thursday nights competition with Survivor and very likely ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars.' Crossing Jordan will take a break while the Gridiron (NFL) plays on Sunday Nights. 'Medium' may have to deal with some bad vibes from Dr. Meredith Grey and her sex starved friends including herself. That and other weird things.

New shows include a series based on the movie and novel 'Friday Night Lights,' '20 Good Years' (John Lithgow), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (behind the scenes of a Sketch Comedy show), Kidnapped (a 24 copy attempt), and 'Heroes' (sounds like a low budget X-Men)

NBC's New Shows

NBC's Fall Prime Time Grid

With my new job I may be late on my postings and thoughts but come here to "The Blog According to Don" for the canceled lists cause I will tell you how long the canceled shows were on. By the way '7th Heaven' could still moved from the Canceled list to RENEWED!!!

Tuesday: ABC & My Network (Owned by News Corp. and is a sister network to FOX)

Wednesday: CBS

Thursday: FOX & The CW

Recommended Readings

Well I said I would try to have something before I go.

Did not the Sunday Morning Talk programs on TV??? I did not so I better read the recap from Brian Phllips.

Star Parker talks about the NAACP's fight aganist School Choice and that will only keep blacks in poverty while supporting Educrats.

Patrice Hill gives us a history lession on Price Controls and Windfall Profit Taxes.

What would the Left Impeach Bush on??? Marc Davis talks about it and says they will not say. Yes because if they did they would tell it was about Clinton being Impeached and Al Gore not becoming President.

Bush Speaks Tonight, Eating the Rich, an "International Religious Court," Should Congress live in the Distict they have served for five years after leaving office? Would be Nice, and polls say that Clinton is Far More Honest than Bush. This and more from Neal Boortz today

Don's Starts Work Today

Well the ball gets rolling today.

I will try to have something on my blog each day so they will not give up on my blog.

Also the President will disrupt the May Sweeps on Monday night so that he can shows us that he cares about the Mexican Invasion.

Don't Talk, Just Do It.

This better not be about McCain/Kennedy and your new press secretary Tony Snow.