Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Left Does Not Care about the 'People'

Here are two classic examples.

This comes from 'Americans for Tax Reform.' You know that leftys want to suck all of us dry.

Don’t let Senate liberals muzzle your grassroots voice

This may be the last email you receive from ATR asking you to tell Congress what you think. Why? Because the liberal majority in the U.S. Senate is voting on a bill as soon as Friday to muzzle your free speech rights. S.1 is a bill that purports to deal with lobbying and ethics reform. Buried deep in the bill is a provision that would require groups like Americans for Tax Reform to disclose how we activate you, our grassroots supporters. This is a blatant attempt to intimidate groups like ATR into not organizing grassroots activism. The bottom line is that liberals in Congress don’t want to hear what you have to say.

Thankfully, there is something you can do about it. Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) is offering an amendment to the bill that would strip out this provision. Tell your Senator to vote for the Bennett amendment to S.1, to keep your grassroots voice heard.


This one comes from Melanie Morgan

A smear campaign by liberal bloggers is currently underway to silence the conservative opinions offered by myself and other conservative talk radio hosts at one of the highest-rated conservative talk radio stations in the nation. (KSFO 560 AM).

It began when one liberal blogger tried to get us fired. When that didn’t work he began an anonymous campaign to intimidate advertisers to not support “hate speech.”

Now liberal bloggers are calling for our firing. They are also pushing for implication of the Fairness Doctrine to force liberal radio programming down the public’s throat. (They tried to compete in the free market with “Air America” and that failed miserably, so now they are using these tactics to silence conservative radio voices).

Don: All you get from AAR, Darth Fargo, and Stephanie Miller is mockery and hate. They can only villiafly in order to help their socialist friends. Fargo, Miller may survive but they will never be as big as Druggy Limbaugh and Slan Head Hannity. Remember that the REAL Hate comes from the left.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

*ACTION ITEM: To respond to growing pressure from these ruthless liberal bloggers and political activists to silence us, we are going to do something unprecedented. We are opening up our airwaves, cancelling our normal programming and having an open forum where the public, news media, bloggers, critics and friends alike can call in and address any issues surrounding this matter.

I am asking you to call in and voice your support!

We will do this from 12:00 Noon – 3:00 PM Pacific (or longer if need be!) which is equivalent to 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM Eastern.

The media will be covering this event live, and I want to make sure you are invited to weigh in on this matter. We will give out the phone number to call in during the special program.

I’d ask that you FAX in letters/notes of support to:
(415) 954-4013

You can also send email to our station here:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A final note…

I want you to know the lengths these people are going to smear us and to try to silence us. They’ve gotten reporters to say that I’ve called for targeting Nancy Pelosi for assassination because of the following comment.

1. I want you to go here and play this clip (on the liberal Media Matters website of all places) and see for yourself how these people are engaging in a shameless effort to misrepresent our comments:

Don: David Brock wants only liberals to control and have a say in the media.

2. There have been times when I have regretted making a comment or felt I was insensitive in characterizing a situation. When such incidents have occurred, I have been forthright in offering a retraction and apology. Here’s one incident from December 2006.

And related to a similar incident here was the comments made by my co-host Brian Sussman:

I am sharing these clips with you so you can know that I take my efforts to fight for conservative causes very seriously. I would never sink to levels of advocating violence or other such inappropriate comments.

I hope I can continue to count on your support.

- Melanie

One final note...Watch Castro's Mini-Me...he is now centralizing his power.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Midseason Predictions

With my family emergency I did not do this.

With the overnight results about to be posted for Sunday night, I feel its about time to get this up. Readings will return soon...I Hope!!!

Sundays: NBC will hang tough with Crossing Jordan but I don't see the Grease audition show and Trump's LA season doing well.

Mondays: This will be a night to watch to see how well three shows that are popular among the 18-34 demo. Those shows are CBS's Two and Half Men, NBC's Heroes, and FOX's 24. I expect Heroes to win but 24 should still be on the climb. If Men benefits from this battle...God Help us. I hate Charlie Sheen. Also to watch is CBS's sitcoms since their is a lot of shifting to come. They are looking to make 'Rules of Engagement' a hit...and 'The King of Queens' will get a series sendoff as well. I don't expect The Class to go beyond its first season.

Tuesdays: Here comes American Karaoke (that what I call Idol). Everyone else move aside...but CBS has done well counterprograming with NCIS. CBS will also do well with The Unit but FOX takes the night cause House is on after Karaoke.

Wednesdays: After the Super Bowl, CBS's Criminal Minds will get big ratings. ABC's Lost should continue to do well now that its been moved away from Mind's and American Karaoke results show. Can Howie and his ladies hang tough however???

Thursdays: ABC and CBS continue to duke it out. Ugly Betty will not quite detrone Survivor just yet. Grey could be on its way of being the show that beat CSI. NBC will hang tough with Earl and The Office.

Fridays: CBS wins