Saturday, May 28, 2005

Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

One of my friends is a big advocate of gun rights, and so am I. With that I want you to read this E-Mail alert from the National Rifle Assocation

On Wednesday, May 25, the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 800 (the House version of the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,") by a vote of 22-12 and ALL proposed anti-gun amendments were defeated!

Commenting on the legislation, the bill's cosponsor, Representative Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), reiterated one of the core tenets of this common sense bill: "This measure provides protection only against lawsuits based on the criminal or unlawful acts of third parties--not against their own negligent or criminal conduct. Under this measure, manufacturers or sellers must operate entirely within federal and state law and are still liable for acts of negligence and for defective products."

And Representative Rick Boucher (D-Va.), the Democratic co-sponsor, voiced the opinion that there is no reason to allow the lawsuits to continue. "The effort of cities to sue gun manufacturers because someone misuses a firearm is nothing but an attempt to impose gun control by judicial means."

H.R. 800 enjoys strong bipartisan support and currently has 255 cosponsors. The legislation will now move to the House floor for a vote. We will keep you posted as the vote is scheduled.

To help keep this momentum going, it is imperative that you continue to contact your U.S. Representative and Senators and urge them to support and cosponsor H.R. 800 and its Senate counterpart, S. 397--without any anti-gun amendments.

To access the most up-to-date information on this issue, and to find out if your lawmaker is a cosponsor, please go to the "Help Save America's Firearms Industry" heading at This function will allow you to easily send an e-mail or letter to your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators. Please forward this link to your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners.

For additional information on effectively communicating with your lawmakers, please go to: (Grassroots Alert, Vol. 12, No. 12).

Friday, May 27, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The Parents right to bring their children up in their religion is endangered in Indiana. The parents by the way are of the Wicca Religion. You Pro-Family people better take this one to heart next time when YOUR faith comes under fire. Thanks to Neal Boortz for bringing attention to this story.

Speaking of Boortz, he talks about a slam on Tom DeLay in a episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and enjoys playing the role of a scrpt writer. Also thoughts on "Knife Control" (Yes Knife Control), 5 Cases of Koran misshandling, and the slump at the Box Office

Here a piece of the L&O:CI DeLay slam from,1002,271955481,00.html

I don't find the word Greed to be a bad word. However Ambition is a good word too. Mike Rosen has a piece that supports the free market by using basic logic on how it works.,1299,DRMN_86_3809614,00.html

Better late than ever. This man I may link again in the future. His name is Dave Kopel, and he shows how the media deceves way before Newsweek Gate,1299,DRMN_86_3794729,00.html

Bob Parks talks about the far left radio news/talk program Democracy Now and their recent program on the Iraq War in his audio commentary this week. MP3 Software Required.

Expanded thoughts from Parks about Democracy Now in his written piece

Charles Krauthammer has his take on the Senate Compromise and his piece "The Flinch heard 'round the World."

David Limbaugh calls the Senate Compromise "A Betrayal of Historic Proportions."

Thomas Sowell has some very unkind words for Johnny McCain regarding the Senate Compromise. He calls it "The McCain Mutiny."

Martha Kleder gives a "Thumbs up to Congress for women in combat amendment." The Milltary should not be an equal employer when it comes to sex/gender. Ladies its a killing machine, and you lose your freedom to defend freedom.

Ever thought about Term Limits for Judges??? Jeff Jacoby talks about it.

Cliff Kincaid blames the media for the military recruiting crisis

Devvy Kidd takes on the FDIC and our Banks for funding mortages to Illegals. As always with Kidd very good reading...and this one is also a MUST READ!!!

Tonights token leftys are Ed Quillen and EJ Dionne Jr.

Quillen calls Bush "The Boomerang President." Oh Well Reagan was called the "Teflon Prez" by the left wing feminazi of Denver, Colorado Patrica Schroeder.

Dionne talks about how Newsweek Gate offers lessons on righty ethics. So that you know Dionne works for the Washington Post who publishes Newsweek.

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Prime Time TV Score Card: CBS & FOX share Number One. ABC (3rd) Goes Up while NBC (4th) Goes Down

FOX gets the number one honor with adults in 18-49 thanks to the Super Bowl and the Major League Baseball playoffs. CBS gets everything else.

ABC scored with freshman shows Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, and a little help from Boston Public.

NBC is down and it looks like Thursdays are in danger. Not only Joey but The Apprentice" and "ER" as well sence their stronger shows lost audience share too. ABC hopes to get a piece of the action on Thursdays when Alias move to that respected night along with a remake of the 1970's cult fav "The Night Stalker" which ABC hopes will last beyond one season.

Complete story from

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

This week Ann Coulter goes after Bill Moyers and shows us the lefty activist journalist that he is. We paid him too (PBS Anyone???)

And More thoughts on the Senate compromise

Emmett Tyrrell

Ross Mackenzie

Jay Bryant

Pat Buchanan

Dick Morris

Suzanne Fields has thoughts on Laura Bush, her hubby, and the Middle East

Craige McMillan takes the RINO's (Republican In Name Only) to task and calls for the GOP to let go of them, since they sell the party out way too many times

Can't Reason with the 'gimme generation' and that is why Social Securty as we know it will be with us for quite awhile. Ruben Navarrette presents his thoughts

Larry Elder is still waiting for Al Sharpton to apologize for the Tawana Brawley incident

Parents you might want to read this piece from Michelle Malkin. Their is a children's book called "Rainbow Party" and she calls it 'smut'

The MRC reports on how the lefty media handles the story on the Senate Compromise

Token Leftys tonight are Arianna Huffington & Molly Ivins

Arianna is happy about Social Securty and the Senate Compromise now she want the left to focus on Iraq

Poor Molly; all she can think about is Oil and then some

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

More thoughts on the aftermath of the Senate Compromise.

Tony Blankley

Thomas Sowell

Ben Shapiro

Terence Jeffery

Jonah Goldberg

Linda Chavez presents a counter point to the above writers saying that Senate compromise is not has bad as you think.

You hear about the "Trade Deficit" we have in other countries. "Don't Panic" Walter Williams give you another lession in $$$ & Cents

"Minorities, 'racism,' and the UMASS flap" Great piece by Jeff Jacoby

If someone claiming to be Psychic is doing it for the money...DON'T ASK FOR THEIR SERVICE!!! You will thank John Stossel after reading this piece he wrote on these crackpots

Joseph Farah shows how we can take America back. Makes some points

The UN is a Modern Tower of Babel. I can believe that. Burt Prelutsky shows how leftys live a in a fantasy when it comes to the left's support of oppresive governments along with the UN.

"Activist courts are defying, not enforcing, the Constitution." Good piece by Lino A. Graglia

Tonights Token Lefty is Keith Thompson: He may not get this honor in the future should I link another piece by him. He says he is leaving the lefty camp

Bonus Lefty: John Nichols does not like the deal on judges. Not enough activists of his elk

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Be sure to read my piece on the Senate compromise following my readings.

Cal Thomas has his take on the Senate compromise

Mychal Massie shows us why the Dems must block judges that don't think like them. HINT: They are losing grip on the minds of many Americans.

The Feb. 2 issue of Newsweek's Japan Edition show our "Grand Ole Flag" in a garbage can. Joseph Farah says Newsweek's attempt to put one over the Americans failed, and encorages that subcribers to Newsweek cancel and chuck the rage

Why the Dems must keep the 'victim' card in place. If the black votes goes below 70% then the Dems hope of getting their Securty Blanket dims. Thomas Sowell has more

David Limbaugh has a MUST READ regarding were the leftys get ideals regarding judicial activism.

Never mind Mean Mr. Mustard (A song from the Beatles Abby Road Medley), how about Mean Mr. Dean??? Bill Murchison shares his thoughts

Rich Lowry likes to call Dean "Howard the Horrible."

If we must keep this Social Securty programing going then how about raising the age??? Bruce Bartlett talks about it.

Dan Rather still defends Mary Mapes who produced a piece intend for Bush's downfall. Rather you lost the anchor chair and 60 Minutes Wed. is getting the shaft. Please crawll into a hold and rot away please. Yes I have no kind words for Rather. MRC has your number again Rather.

Jack Kemp warns that the Treasury is risking a global currency war

Brendan Miniter says it time for Bush to veto some bills

Muslims converting young girls to their religion. This writer of this link below knows it all too well. It a long read but worth some of your time.

Tonights token lefty is Ellen Goodman. Talks about a rainbow coalition of ideologically monochromatic people, and share her concerns over Owen and Brown

Bonus Lefty: John Nichols has kind words for Bill Moyers and not as kind for Rush Limbaugh. Never mind the fact Moyers created that famous attack ad that made look like Barry Goldwater would kill that girl picking that flower.

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The Fillbuster Lives On

The Republicans had the votes and the chance to cut off the Democrats once and for all and allow judicial nominations to be voted up or down. Instead they decided to play nice and compromise with the Dems and let them fillbuster on judicial nominations in the future. Brown and Owen will likely be serving on the respected courts they were nominated too, but this fight over judges will still go on with that dreaded fillbuster alive and well.

If this happened to be the Democrats instead of the Republicans, and the Dems knew they on the winning side. The GOP would be crushed big time. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Republicans are a bunch of wimps. The Dems can dance the political 'Toxic Waltz' so why can't the GOP.

I agree with Neal Boortz that the loser is this fight is the United States Constitution. There is nothing in it about fillbustering. This was an old Senate rule. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lefty talk Ed Schultz and his ever famous online poll asks this question.

The Senate averted the "Nuclear Option" last night when a bipartisan group of Senators reached a deal on the judicail filibuster. Who is the winner in this stand off?

The Choices are:

The Republican Majority

The Democratic Minority

President Bush

The People

As of this writing here is the break down of this dumb poll.

The People 37%

The Republican Majority 30%

The Democratic Minority 20%

Bush 13%

If you believe that the Republicans won, then you are truly nuts. I think "The People" is a better answer and I think those are the real winners in this dumb fight. Wait a minute Don, why are you saying the people one?

Yes; "The People" won and please pay attention to the quote marks around those words. Now let me explain this to you.

When you hear the term "The People" used by the liberals/progressives, what they speak about is the 'Collective.' In their world their is no such thing as a 'Individual Person.' In fact certain liberals have made a commitement to fight a war against that belief of an 'Individual Person.' Boortz has managed to collect some great quotes about this

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."
That quote was made by a woman who might want to go down in history as the first woman president of the United States: Hillary Clinton

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..."
Hillary's hubby is no better people. He should do a great job being at the top at United Nations.

Guess where this next quote comes from????

"Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all."

...and this one????

"All our lives we fought against exalting the individual, against the elevation of the single person, and long ago we were over and done with the business of a hero, and here it comes up again: the glorification of one personality. This is not good at all."

I shall let hang a bit, but I will tell you at the end of this piece.

Now do you understand why "The People" won? It all about our government serving the collective that represents. From being Pro-Union to sub-grouping minorties, and talking about support "The Worker," "The Poor", etc etc. It about elites in the government who control every aspect of the "The People's" lives.

The Democrats have embraced Socialism big time, and this modern Democratic Socialist Party goes back to the groundwork that FDR layed down back in the 1930's, and sadly some Republicans have allowed this man to do such. Next time you hear Dems crying that the GOP wants to crush "The New Deal" (allthough they have proven that they will not do it), remind yourself that this Deal was a stepping stone towards socialism.

Will somebody take a stand for what our founding fathers (framers for you politically correct Sheep People) wanted for this beloved country? We may lose more freedoms before people see what our government is doing to us.

Keep in mind that China offically calls themselves "People's Republic of China." We know that it is NOT a republic, but a communist state.

Now those mystery quotes.

"Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all."
Nikita Khrushchev , February 25, 1956 20th Congress of the Communist Party. Sounded like a commie didn't it???!!!

"All our lives we fought against exalting the individual, against the elevation of the single person, and long ago we were over and done with the business of a hero, and here it comes up again: the glorification of one personality. This is not good at all."
Vladimir Lenin, as quoted in "Not by Politics Alone."

And the Clintons are such great Americans...I Wonder???

The President should be able to nominate qualified judges that he (and maybe someday she) sees fit, regardless if their are Republican, Democrat or whatever. I just hope the Republicans will do the same thing that the Dems were doing to Bush's nominees should we get a Dem in the White House and a Democratic majority in the Senate once again. One can only hope.

Comments about my comments??? Send me an E-Mail

Monday, May 23, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I have a piece on the media and them being the unoffical arm of the Democrats following this post.

I have a lot of readings tonight so look them over.

Bob Parks has his thoughts on Newsweek and the lefty media in his audio commentary from last week. MP3 Software required.

Gunny Bob Newman reminds us of Robert Byrd's ties to the KKK...with a little help from Michelle Malkin who he credits in his piece

Howard Dean got put into his place on Meet The Press

The Transcript from the show

Mort Kondracke says public broadcasting must still be funded by the government but needs balance...Dream on Mort, that will never happen. Defund this monster I say.

Robert Novak talks about shame debate in our Senate. The fight is really over the high court people.

Even since his fall from grace I have not linked pieces from Armstrong Williams. However I am linking this one because it deals with the way Muslim women are treated and he writes it well.

The liberal media says when your born poor, you will die poor and never be able to move into the upper classes. I am warning you people the leftys truly want to take us back to the dark ages...Great Piece from Star Parker.

Frank J. Gaffney Jr. says confirm John Bolton

What does children's textbooks say about the Koran??? Suzanne Fields talks about it.

Herman Cain talks about the 'Ignorance Strategy' when it comes to the Dems

The media admits their bias. John Leo has thoughts on this

North Korea believes the Koran flushing

Guess who funded the Media Reform Conference???? George Soros, our favorate millionare socialist. These jerks want to distory is they call it "the right wing noise machine." Then we shall go back to the days when the liberal press was able to control the many minds in America

Tonights Token Lefty is EJ Dionne Jr. He tells the Dems they still must play defense, but some trends could help them.

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The Old Media: The Unoffical Media Arm of the Democratic National Committee

...and it has been for years. Now why do I say unofficial arm of the DNC rather than official? Well think of those recent Wendy's commercials with that "unofficial" spokesman. He did sure love Wendy's but the fast food chain was not paying him and/or had any relationship with him.

Now our national media may befriend Democrats hands down, but so far it has not taken any money from the party or least we think they don't.

So why am I writing this piece? Well with the Newsweek gate scandal I need to present my take on this. Most of this week I have linked pieces from both the right and the left about Newsweek Gate, and I think its time to understand in a nutshell about our modern media and their loyalties not only to Democrats but sworn enemies of liberty, freedom, and The United States as was envisioned by our founders.

First of all we all have an axe to grind and we all have a point of view. It is just those who call themselves journalists claim to be objective and neutral but many times than not they tend to be advocates of their convictions.

While their is not one single person that began activist journalism we sure can name off some household names of the past century, starting with chain smoker Edward R. Murrow. Ann Coulter in her best selling book "Treason" exposed the real Murrow and show he had covered for many communists that Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to expose. Murrow a respected voice in the news media during the 1940's and 50's was able to spin McCarthy in a negative light, and was successful in that task. In spite of McCarthy's recklesness the people that he claimed were communists in fact were. Sadly because of McCarthy's downfall these commies were not put into their proper places in their attempt to usher in communism in America. It should be noted that FDR allowed Alger Hiss to work for him during his years us President of the United States. Hiss was proven to be a commie but that did not bug FDR and most Democrats.

Murrow's chain smoking would finally do him in on April 27, 1965.

Marrow's co-worker Walter 'Crankenhouse' Cronkite was also able to turn on the charm during his years as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News." The smart ones were able to find out what Cronkite liked and disliked by his 'eyebrow' raising. However during the coverage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Cronkite broke into tears for everyone to see. It seems that Cronkite really loved JFK (he was one of the better Dems, but that's another post). Their is nothing bad about crying over the loss of a president, but what many conservatives have an issue with Cronkite is his attempt to spin the Vietnam War stories.

In a commentary Cronkite said;

"It seems now more certain than ever that the bloody experience of Vietnam is a stalemate and that the war is unwinnable."

Or was it really? In any case Uncle Walt was able to turn public opinion against the war. Middle America truly believed that Vietnam was a bad ideal. One last great hope to win Vietnam was Richard Nixon, but thanks to a burglary at the Democratic Headquarters (Watergate) Nixon would be disgraced. Who played a role in Nixon's downfall? Walter Cronkite himself. He had a story on Watergate on every newscast. The anti-war press won, and America left Vietnam and the Vietcong would soon win the war, and to this day Vietnam is living in a communist utopia. Just want Cronkite and his gang wanted. I should remind you all that Cronkite has admitted to being liberal and is an open advocate for "One World Government" under the United Nations. You can more about this "trusted man" in America by clicking the link below.

It seems that the Democratic sympathizers were able to dupe most Americans into their agenda, but more recently they have been losing grip on this. It began with the grassroots movements in the late 1960's in which conservatives tried to get the word out about their point of view. National magazines like the National Review came on the scene to promote conservative ideals. In 1987 the end of the fairness doctrine allowed radio commentators like Rush Limbaugh to rise in popularity. Also thanks to the internet and the concept of the weblog (Blog) the old media is not able to manipulate an outcome like they used to.

While the Media gave cover to Bill Clinton in the 1990's, talk radio hosts were to point out his flaws.

The recent attempts to smear George W. Bush failed, included the 'national guard' records that brought Dan Rather's downfall and Newsweek claming that copies of the Koran were being 'flushed' that would cost lives in the Middle East as well. The liberals are mad as hell and want to push back the 'right wing' machine. If they had it their way, the liberals would impose a 'fairness doctrine' on people like me. Now keep in mind that I am a libertarian and don't support everything on the GOP platform, but since I do believe in limited government, the individual over the collective, and free enterprise over big government; it makes me a threat to many of these leftys and I must be stopped along with the rest of the rightys.

The good news is that people are learning that the old media are advocates for the Democrats, but if I called them the official arm of the Democrats, I would be just as guilty as CBS News and Newsweek as you can see. I can say however that they are an unofficial arm of the Dems cause through their actions, words, and who they vote as a collective.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Henry Lamb talks about a man who is "Caught in government's vise." Lamb pieces are usally MUST READING and this one is no different.

William Edelen loves Bishop John Spong but does the rest of the Episcopal Church. One of talk radio's greatest minds Les Kinsolving looks into this.

Steven Moore calls for the end of the "Death Tax" and it robs children of their parents money.

George Will talks about an 'Activist on alcohol?' This is in regards to state laws about selling Wine, and how the 21st Amendment got trumped.

Larry Kudlow has some random thoughts in his piece "The dreariest political spring."

Token Lefty for the this Weekends readings is Paul Starr and how the 'progressives' are trying to connect with young people before the GOP wipes out their favorate things.

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