Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thoughts on 'Deep Throat' and Howard 'Scream' Dean

Well the 'Deep Throat' stories are not quite tapering off just yet, but it seems that this is how Newsweek and its parent newspaper the Washington Post is going to redeem themselves as creditable sources after the Korea flushing ordeal.

DT's real name is W. Mark Felt and now we know why Felt went to Bob Woodward, and that reason was poor pitful Felt did not become the head of the FBI. Felt was way tooooo close to Hoover.

Now L. Patrick Gray; that was a man who was close to Nixon and thus the old rule; "It’s not WHAT you know but WHO YOU KNOW." Felt was deemed a hero by the news media who did the right thing and outed a president who was doing 'bad things.'

To be a whistleblower during the Clinton years was a totally different story. There were bad things happening during those years, and we know that Clinton lied UNDER OATH!!!! It does not matter that he had sex with someone other than Hillary, but lying about that is another matter. However no matter who tired to take out Clinton he was able to serve his two terms and bow out gracefully more/less.

It seems that with the Democrats, they usually (if not always) get a pass from our mainstream media, and anyone that is a Republican and/or believes in what the founders envisioned for a nation...they are just crazy, extreme, nuts, and just not with the modern times.

The real reason why the news media wanted Richard Nixon out of office was for one reason and only ONE Reason. Vietnam.

Long before we knew Felt was DT, we knew now and should have known then that the media had sided with the Vietcong in the Vietnam War. Walter Cronkite who was the anchor for the CBS Evening News said; “that the bloody experience of Vietnam is a stalemate,” and the war was "unwinnable." Thus Cronkite who was "The Most Trusted Man in America" at the time called for America to withdraw from the war. Uncle Walt was able to turn middle America to his way of thinking.

Click here to find out about the REAL Walter Cronkite

However Nixon wanted to continue to fight the communists in Vietnam, and the news media which has not been supportive of the war along with the Democrats needed to find a way to bring Nixon down.

Enter Felt aka DT.

With the burglary of the Democratic Headquarters in the Watergate complex the media found a way to stick it to Nixon. Felt was the one who spoke of 'wrong doing' in the Nixon Administration to Bob Woodward, and night after night the national evening newscasts (especially Cronkite) kept hammering on Watergate. Nixon was drummed out of office because of the media's obsession with Watergate. Eventually we would pulled out of Vietnam and soon after that the communists in Vietnam won; just as the media hoped would happen.

Now we know that the media is an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party and that Uncle Walt is an advocate of one world government via the United Nations. It also has been proven that national media shows too much love for communist leaders (along with other dictators of the world) and the dream of a socialist government in America...and the whole world.

Speaking of the Democratic Party, it seems that there are some leftys who are starting to turn on Howard "The Scream" Dean. On several Conservative radio talk shows they aired clips in which Dean said that the Republicans were not an 'inclusive party' and its a party of Right Wing Christian Males and/or something along those lines. This is just the tip of the iceberg but it shows that the Democrats and Dean are once again preying on the minorities like they always have when they need to buy votes and get elected.

Some Dems however see Dean as a loose cannon. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has denounced Dean regarding the way he used religion to divide people. I caught a little bit of Jay Marvin who does a local progressive radio talk program out of the Boulder-Denver area this week and heard a caller that was upset and concerned (by the way she is a public school teacher and a Teacher Union lackey no doubt) that the new King of Progressive Talk Ed Schultz (based out of Fargo, North Dakota) was critical of Dean's remarks so much that the caller feared that he might be becoming a right winger again.

I can tell you; as long as Schultz is married to his socialist wife Wendy (who Schultz talks so much on the air as well as converting him to the dark side) that will not happen. Maybe he will still be a lefty if he end his marriage to Wendy who knows, but Wendy and Ed are proud to be part of the Sith of 'Progressive Talk Radio.'

Schultz is still a kiss @$$ Democrat who allows the Democrat brethren (and sisters) to come on his show and speak on behalf of their propaganda, which most of the time embraces socialism. If Schultz has issues with Dean it is because he is a loose cannon. The far left truly loves Dean because he is blunt and supports their socialist causes. The problem is that it shows the extreme wing in the Democrat fold, and if people see that it may hurt the Democrats and that could cost them votes in positions of power.

If you have been following Hillary Clinton; you have noticed she is going towards the center. Now anyone that uses their brain can see what Hillary is doing. She is going stealth like she has many times before. Hillary is woman that plays to win, and to that she must convince average Joe and Jane out there who have no loyalty to either the GOP or the Dems that she deserves to be President. This goes for anyone else too regardless of party affliation.

Anyway I hope they let Dean run the pony show for the Democratic Party awhile longer. It helps somewhat with my cause to show that Dems for the Socialists they are.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Allthough Mike Rosen is dealing with a Colorado issue regarding Education this week. I am putting it up the link because their are some elememts that you parents should understand.,1299,DRMN_86_3843667,00.html

NBC News supports closing Guantanamo, CBS News's Bob Schieffer compares Guantanamo with North Vietnam, North Korea hates America but offer Art/Music education to children, and three journalists deny liberal bias. All this on Friday's Cyberalert from the Media Research Center

Bob Parks has some unkind words for Mitt Romey (who is the Gov of a New England state) and says he has no chance in getting the Oval Office in his audio commentary this week. MP3 Software required (Windows Media Player will work)

Fair Tax, Flat Tax, Social Securty Refrom, Harry Reid, and the Iraq Holocaust. All this today from Neal Boortz

Socialists, communists serving in Congress Oh my. Once again Devvy Kidd has a great piece on how our country is in danger of those who would distory it. Be sure to read her previous pieces she links in this weeks piece

Denzel Washington shows his support for the GI's

David Limbaugh has a take on the Dems want to back away from Howard 'The Scream' Dean in his piece "It depends what the meaning of 'misspeak' is"

Mona Charen has her thoughts on Thomas Sowell's new book about Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Lots of talk about illegal immigration, but a lot of ground not being covered on this issue. Victor Davis Hanson has more on this.

Hey ladies come join us Bloggers. That would make Lorie Byrd very a happy, and calls upon you women to embrace the blogger (no pun indended) in YOU.

Token Leftys

Rarely do I agree with Bill Press but on this I do agree...You have to read it find out what the piece is about.

Their are Dems that are backing away from Howard Dean, but Joan Vennochi says that Dean is not the problem...Bush Is. I will talk about why certain Dems are backing away from Dean in MY PERSONAL PIECE coming this weekend so be sure to bookmark my website and comeback often.

Thom Hartman also supports Dean and compares him to such "progressives" as Thomas Jefferson.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Dr. Dean needs help and Larry Elder can do that...if Dean wants his help.

Raging againist the GOP??? Not a good thing for Dems or so say Peggy Noonan

Say No to Hillary. This from Robert Novak

Joseph Farah says Hillary is talking to herself.

Mark Steyn also has a lot to say about Hillary too.

Thomas Sowell contuines his piece on the left and the classes

William Rusher deals with 'Those anonymous sources' the the agendas behind them.

Craige McMillan says the left has more to fear from the extreme muslims

Bill Maher the Jane Fonda of the Iraq War??? At least Maher has not gone to Iraq to join the otherside...YET!!! Cliff Kincaid has more on Maher

Committee on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Barbara Stock has a MUST READ about this group.

Female orgasm is 'down to genes' or so says Science

Media Research Center looks at David Brancaccio who may be the new Bill Moyers at PBS. Shows how the right gets a bone but any lefty is treated like their are so enlightned.

Media jumps on oil lobbist, Rosie goes after Hannity (and WJFK-FM's Don & Mike in DC you continues to show all of us how retarded YOU ARE ROSIE!!! Wish I had those clips myself). This and a recent Letterman Top 10 in todays Cyberalert from MRC

MRC Cyberalert from yesterday

Muslim terriorists at home, a tax increase for the war, goes after the right name but the wrong person with the name. Neal Boortz has this and more

Tonights Token Lefty is Susan Estrich. She can't support Screaming Dean and says he still not ready for Prime Time.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Airport security protecting US??!!! Forget it, another 9/11 is coming. Count on it!!!Christopher Hitchens explains

Schools should go back to the basics. Will they??? I doubt it, but here is Cal Thomas advocates it anyway.

Ann Coulter has her thoughts on Mark "Deep Throat" Felt and Bob Woodward.

Patrick Buchanan shows us the other larger conspiracy regarding Richard Nixon and Watergate

Walter Williams deal with the issue of Victimhood and how its hurting the black community

Michelle Malkin says a "Blame America Monument" might rise at 'Ground Zero' in NYC, and shows who is funding it.

Howard Dean is off his rocker again, but does the media care??? Naaaa...he is good Democrat. Brent Bozell talks about the Dean blackout.

Mychal Massie asks if Dean is doing Drugs. Free Markets and what founders envisoned for America...The Anti-Drug.

Last week John Stossel was talking about the Food & Drug Administration and their shortcomings. This week Stossel offers private solutions to the FDA. It can be done. Look at that beloved Underwriters Laboratories logo (UL in a circle)

Linda Chavez presents a defense for the Guantanamo Bay detention facility

Since Chuck Schumer said "our Socialist Revolution" regarding why he is stonewalling Judge Brown. Lets take a closer look of the FDR mystique with our teacher Jonah Goldberg

Jack Kemp talks about Chris Cox and how he is a great choice to head the Securities and Exchange Commission

Never mind Mary, There's Something about Hillary...Clinton that is. Ben Shapiro has a MUST READ!!!

Nick Gillespie does not like the court rulling regarding marijuana. Ask what they have been smoking???,0,4114221.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

Token Lefty is EJ Dionne Jr. Takes Peggy Noonan to task for blaming Mark Felt for the genocide.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

You heard that diamonds are a girls best friend, well Larry Kudlow says Rich People are a Government's best friend. They pay most of the taxes.

Medical marijuana, The current party line from the Dems, Hillary Clinton drinking Howard Dean's Kool-Aid, Ted Kennedy and more from Neal Boortz

Dennis Prager used to support Amnesty International, but not these days. Also he tells you what kind of people were in Russian Gulag when compared to Guantanamo

David Limbaugh also has somethings to say about Guantanamo being called a Gulag

Sexperts, Porn, Guns Oh My. by Mike S. Adams

Here is an intresting piece from Alex Wainer about "The" main character of the Star Wars movies. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

Bruce Bartlett looks into something called "The inequality myth."

Token Leftys

Robert Scheer reminds us of the "semi-secret alliance with Hussein" in order to defend Amnesty International report on Guantanamo Bay.

Byron Williams says we are not paying attention to the whistleblowers. Once Hillary becomes Prez he and other leftys will change their tune and ignore whistleblowers regardng the Hilldabeast.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Their is a book out by Michael Eric Dyson that puts Bill Cosby to task. Star Parker comes to the aid of Cosby and his message of personal responsibility rather than political action and government spending programs.

Wealth 101, those who are envy about wealth, Howard Dean, and adopting a terrorist. Neal Boortz has things to say about the above.

This is a MUST READ for all you people on Social Secuity. Michael Barone says your government does not have to pay you one dime.

Amnesty International: Easy on Terrorists, Hard on America. Debra Saunders has something to say about it.

Barbara Simpson warns that America going in the same direction as the EU

Chuck Colson (who was involved in Watergate) has no hard fellings for Mark Felt but should not be made into role model for our children.

Tim Chapman says the Dems are playing games when it comes to fillbustering John Bolton. Yep they want a nice guy that will hold hands with the UN.

EU is down but NOT OUT!!! Vox Day says the big wigs within will get it their way someday

Thomas Sowell looks into the future and ponders what our children will see regarding how we handled our current world war.

Want to repeal Bush's Tax Cuts??? Jack Kemp makes you think twice and says those cuts are important when it comes to our economy going.

Live8 and the Philanthropy of Celebrity. Doug Powers shares his thoughts

Herman Cain takes the Republicans to task for not working as a 'team' and reminds us that a team plays to WIN!!!

The News story that are NOT told. John Leo talks about them

Cal Thomas says that China is a 'the gathering threat'

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. presents a memo to Hillary Clinton...Good Read

Peter Brookes talks about the new Space Race

Could those who oppose stem cell research hold back on research that could lead to cures for diabetes and Alzheimer's??? Steve Chapman has his thoughts

Friday's Cyberalert from the Media Research Center

Here is Today's Cyberalert from MRC

Tonight's Token Leftys

The long speech given by the 'fair and balanced' Bill Moyers at this years "Take Back America" conference in DC. It is called; "Writing the History of the Revolution is Now Up to You"

William Hoynes says we are missing the big picture when it comes to PBS,0,4755348.story?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines

George "Mr. Pacficst" McGoven and Jim McGovern (no relation) call for us to withdraw from Iraq.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Taxation as a Moral Value??? Paul Jacob takes us into the mind of the Dems when it comes to this.

The Ballad of "Love Field" by George Will...Good Read don't pass this one up. It shows how Government is hurting the airline business.

In the 'real world' the EU would be dead. Rich Tucker says that the Euros are living in fantasy, and their people are call themselves anything BUT Euros.

Robert Novak warns of 'confirmation trouble' and has some other thoughts

The Constitution 2.0 –new and improved and a 2nd Bill of Rights. Be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID. Alan Sears warns of the lawyers that want to implement this on the United States and how this drifts away from want the founders wanted. MUST READ Be sure to read links in his piece too.

Our kids do not understand the nations foundcations and once again Henry Lamb has a MUST READ!!! If we lose the kids we lose this nation too.

Dustin Hawkins talks about a Deep Throat for Bill Clinton...if their was any

Are the Evangelicals/Christian Right doing the right thing by being intolerent??? Kyle Williams says they are being hated big time because of such an act. Williams does say to abstain from evil but their is a line between that and being intolerent. As always great thoughts from this kid.

Is Bush two faced when it comes to the war on terror??? Les Kinsolving looks into it and lets YOU decide for yourself.

The era of super-sized government and they don't stop. Stephen Slivinski from Cato puts the GOP and Bush to task for the lack of self control when it comes to spending

The death of the EU constitution. Jonah Goldberg says we should gloat but don't let anyone know.

Dave Kopel talks about the media coverage regarding Guantanamo Bay and the accual gulags,1299,DRMN_86_3829041,00.html

Sadly someone has to defend Amnesty International regarding Guantanamo Bay. This weekend's Token Lefty is Reggie Rivers

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