Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day News and Commentary

Their is a lot of stuff going on, even on Christmas Day.

Baghdad Truck Blast Kills 9, Injures 14

Pope prays for Peace in his Christmas

After 86 years one town gets a "White Christmas"

Meanwhile Evil contuine to run amuck. Abbas want certain people released.

Would-Be Successors Rush to Claim Arafat's Mantle

Hamas Scores Successes in Palestinian Election

Ukraine Court Ruling Clouds Rerun Vote

China's legislature deliberates anti-secession law aimed at Taiwan

Venezuela's Chavez pledges support for Chinese oil exploration

Saudi daily says U.S. harvests Iraqis' organs

U.S. considers military incursions into Syria

Federal judge upholds court martial of soldier who would not wear the UN cap and shoulder patch.

Muslims staking out their place in Europe MUST READ!!!

Hackers Aim to Sabotage Holiday Computing

New Yorkers 'bowl' for Arafat

Jesse Jackson: Bush Would Have Left Jesus Homeless

Arnold and Maria Let Soldiers Phone Home


Why 85 Episcopal churches closed their doors??? Les Kinsolving gives the answer. DISCLAMER!!! I don't have a problem with homosexuals.

Heather MacDonald reminds us that when it comes to the borders. Safety is not number one

George Will says the leftys need to dump the Moore/ types just as the right did when they chucked the John Birchers in the 1960's

A System Bereft of Justice by Paul Craig Roberts

President Bush's Christmas 2004 Message

Holiday Lyric Line

I wish you a hopeful Christmas, I wish you a brave New Year,
All anguish, pain and sadness,
Leave your heart and let your road be clear.
They said there'd be snow at Christmas,
They said there'd be peace on Earth,
Hallelujah! Noel! be it Heaven or Hell,
The Christmas we get we deserve.
"I Believe in Father Christmas" written by Greg Lake/ Peter Sinfield and preformed by Greg Lake.

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I shall leave you with one more lyric line before we pack up the music for another year, Allthough their is really one more Holiday Lyric Line but that will come next week.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said
Many times, Many ways
Merry Christmas to you
"The Christmas Song" lyrics by Mel Torme

Friday, December 24, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

I have just added some new opinion pieces so be sure to scroll down. I plan on not doing an evening news post. If anything that needs to be posted I shall put it up.

U.S. Opens Probe Into Mosul Base Attack

Rummy gets friendly questions in Iraq

Hamas Has Strong Election Showing

Al-Qaida prepares for major attack over Christmas

U.N. 'peacekeepers' rape women, children. Thanks to World Net Daily this issue will have to be delt with someway somehow...One Can HOPE!!!

Canada deports Israeli allies, allows strippers

TV show has Israelis stealing kids' eyes

ACLU, CAIR target Christian group

Lebanon's Muslims join Christians at Christmas

"God Rest Thee People??" Can't offend the women you know

Canada high court asked to rule on 'kemosabe'

GOP May Challenge Washington State Governor Recount

John Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray

Garry Kasparov warns of Vladimir Putin's intents to return Russia to a Soviet style government


Is America greedy and cruel??? Mona Charen says otherwise

David Limbaugh says that the war in Iraq is not an unjust war. Also D. Limbaugh shows how the left loved the commies

Thomas Sowell presents the Joseph Goebbels award. Who is Joseph Goebbels??? You have to read Sowell's piece to find out. Also its a MUST READ!!!

Donald R. May reminds us that peace can only be won by defeating people and how the left think people prosper under dictators

Michael Reagan reminds us that EDURANCE wins wars, and the left's attack on Rummy is nothing but a ploy by the left in hopes of wins in 2008

Who is to blame for Iraq's diffculties??? Not Rummy or so says Victor Davis Hanson who also says to leave Rummy alone.

What is the leading cause of death of those in death row in Cally??? Jeff Jacoby gives you an answer, plus other thoughts

Mike Rosen highlights the Media Research Center's awards for the best bias the news media delivered this year.

Brent Bozell talks about the media's issues with religious faith

Holiday Lyric Line

Strings of street lights
Even stop lights Blink a bright red and green
As the shoppers rush home with their treasures
"Silver Bells" (J.Livingston, Ray Evans) and yes soon it will be Christmas Day.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Iraq Refugees Trickle Back to Falluja Amid Clashes

U.S. Bases in Iraq keeping a lookout for the 'copycat bomber'

Democrat Christine Gregoire Wins Washington Governor Race. Will this be a great Christmas for the leftys???

Bush to Renominate 20 for Judgeships

Winter Storm Snarls Midwest

Afghanistan's Karzai appoints reformist cabinet

Arafat successor: Palestinian state to replace Israel

Arafat portfolio includes diverted tax dollars

American says husband in al-Qaida. Just becareful on who you marry, and don't marry a Muslim. Note I did not say ARAB but rather someone who pratices a religon. This piece is from ABC News and a MUST READ!!!!

Remove the cross from the seal and the city of LA foots the bill

NAACP and SCLC in Trouble

Internet Up Old Media DOWN!!!

Poor Michael Moore. We righties are taking his Ocsar away. Let make sure that he does not get the People's Choice either.

One of World's Largest Quakes Hits Near Australia


Wendy McElroy tells us how UNICEF shifted from helping children in aid to supporting "children's rights."

Bob Parks has his Christmas piece

Lisa Fabrizio has a satire based on Clement Clark Moore's ever famous Christmas poem. It takes a jab at Hillary Clinton

Ray Blumhorst explains how gender feminists are distorying the lifes of innocent men.

Holiday Lyric Line

I knew I'd caught a glimpse of heaven's love
As he thanked me and ran out
I knew that God had sent that little boy
To remind me just what Christmas is all about
The short bridge from "The Christmas Shoes" the newest Christmas standards made popular by the Christian Pop group Newsong.

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Washington State's governship goes to the Dems & Rise of Liberal Talk Radio

The Democrats are claiming victory in Washington State. The governorship might go to Democrat Christine Gregorie over Republican Dino Rossi.

Prior to the hand recount Rossi won twice. The first count had Rossi winning by 261 votes. The first recount was Rossi again by 42 votes and that was a machine recount. Now the hand recount has come into play and Gregorie has won by ten votes (as of this posting).

It sounds like Hugh Hewitt is right. If the Dems are not close to winning an election they can't cheat, but they are close in Washington State and it now it seems that they can cheat. They claim that the 700 ballots were found in King Country. Let us remember that King County contains the city of Seattle and that the county itself is strongly Democratic. So they go with the Dems no matter what. Again big cites are full of leftys, and somehow people lose their individuality and become part of the herds a.ka. Group Think in the major cites.

There is another factor in play that the conservatives might be overlooking. That factor is the growing influence of the liberal radio talk shows that came on the radar early this year. The one that is leading the charge is not anyone on Air America Radio, although Rush Limbaugh basher Al Franken does come in second place along with former Miami radio talker Randi Rhodes in 3rd.

No THE ONE leading the Left-Wing Radio Air Force is a man from Fargo, ND. His name is Ed Schultz. Schultz who got a syndication deal with Jones Radio Networks (sister division Jones MediaAmerica is now handling the sales for AAR) can say proudly that he is the "Number One Progressive Talker," and he does on his website( I do have to question the left using the term PROgressive.

While AAR has about 41 stations (regardless if they carry all or one of the personalities on the network), Schultz has over 60 radio stations and is bragging that he got more affiliates in one year than Rush did.

This man from Fargo needs to watched "Very Carefully."

On one of Schultz's shows, a caller on the program sounded the rally call to give money to help give a green light to the hand recount in Washington. They barely made the deadline to have such a recount but these leftys did it. You can say that Schultz had a hand in these people to help raise the funds needed to have this hand recount. He used the power of talk radio to get the leftys fueled up to help the Dems claim the Washington State governorship. On today's show Schultz was patting himself on back for this "victory" in Washington State, but the fat lady may have not sung her final note just yet.

Rossi is not going down without a fight and the Dems would be much happier if he just back down and let Gregoire run the state.

To those nay sayers especially "you conservatives" that say liberal talk radio would fail, you better wise up and you better take them head on. One thing that has been going on in radio for quite sometime now is something called "Narrowcasting." Narrowcasting is defined in radio terms as certain radio station narrowing its scope and puts on a type of consistent program in order to keep a certain type of listeners listeners for a certain amount of time. In the case of "Progressive/Liberal Talk," these listeners are well-educated, poltically active, listens to NPR and keeps up on the issues so their you have your listener profile on who would listen to a commerical liberal talk station.

So with the help of the biggest radio company in the world Clear Channel (and some other well-known radio companies), they have signed on radio stations devoted to mostly liberal talkers. Clear Channel and then some think they can make money with these type of talk personalites.

Well they like to call themselves Progressive talkers. I think a better term for them would be REgressive because all they support is more government in our lives and wish to take this country towards a socialist state.

These radio stations have signed on in several key markets that are known to be liberal strongholds, and while two stations to my knowledge are getting ratings around 4 or 3 shares, these other REgressive talk stations are start to get some numbers and interest and it looks like liberal talk will work on radio stations that just only have personalities that call themselves liberal/progressive. It seems that it works better that way, the right and left with few exceptions can not co-exist on the same frequency.

Lovers of Freedom and Liberty, you must fight like you never have before. The old media may be on the way out but the REgresives have not. They too have their own blogs and they are making gains in talk radio. The left is acting just like the character Linus Van Pelt from the Peanuts comic strip. Linus always carries a blue "security blanket" around with him and at times sucks his thumb while taking comfort in his blanket. If anyone took that blanket away from Linus especially his sister Lucy he would overreact and thinks that he would die without the blanket.

The Democrats on the left act in very similar way to Linus, and their desperation to win the majority of a government branch anywhere in the country shows it. Should they gain the upper hand (state or federal levels) their security blanket will be their "power" and rather than sucking on their thumbs they will suck on our pocketbooks taking away from those who work and produce and giving it to those who don't produce(their are exceptions to the rule but more than not the rule is in play). They was also restrict your freedom while claiming there are for protecting you from harm, and that also includes taking away your right to keep and bare arms (Gun Control). They will also make sure that those nasty Republicans never get the upper hand and take away their security blanket every again. They act like babies, just like Linus.

Oh and one more thing the Dems are famous for making too many rules for you and me to follow. They always did love regulation for the sake of regulation. I shall save that for another post.

Morning News & Commentary

U.S. Re-Examines Security at Iraq Bases

Palestinians Vote in Municipal Elections

Yushchenko Urges Ukrainians to Vote, Defend Choice

Darfur Rebel Group Rejects Return to Talks

Zarqawi's Group Says They Are Not Behind Shi'ite Attacks or so says a webstite

Russian state protecting its interests over Yukos or so says Putin

Oil prices slip amid rise in U.S. crude stockpiles


Newt Gingrich explains why Rummy has done more good for the milltary than not and why those who want him to go are off base. This is a MUST READ!!! The site requries
registration. Please E-Mail me if you want to by pass this this.,1,5344375.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines

The media loves to go after "whistleblowers" when it comes to our FBI and Worldcoms, and Enrons of the world. However when it comes to whistleblowers that want to take on the UN the media turns a blind eye more less. Mark A. Adomanis of the Havard Crimson tells you why the media does so. This paper is a dally "college" newspaper and I plan on highlighting Adomanis time and again in the future.

George Will reviews Michael Crichton's new book "State of Fear"

Thomas Sowell has his thoughts regarding Iraq and the upcomming elections

An Autopen, AN AUTOPEN??!! Ann Coulter sounds like she is not impresed with the way the leftys want to take out Rummy

Neocons vs. Rummy. This piece by Robert Novak

Hal Lindsey calls on people of faith to fight the ACLU and contact the congress

Larry Elder talks about unwed pregnancies as a 'badge of honor.' He also talks about America Idiol winner Fantasia Barrino who is a single mom as well.

Matthew Rothschild has the token lefty piece. Man these leftys are defending Social Securty.

Holiday Lyric Line

Top to toe in tailbacks
Oh, I got red lights on the run
But soon there’ll be a freeway
Get my feet on holy ground
"Driving Home for Christmas" Chris Rea. Its a great song that should be played a lot but its not.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Sorry I am late but I was working on a personal commentary that will be on my blog soon.

Suicide bomber struck US base in Iraq

Suicide Bomber Behind Bloodshed at Mosul Base

U.S. threatens Syria with new sanctions

Democrat leads in Wash. governor recount

Ex-husband: Slay suspect's tubes were tied

Cubans put up 'anti-imperialist' images

Rummy Defends himself

Bush Plans a Media Blitz on Social Security

US Retailers Say Christmas Not Just for Christians

Kerry Branded with a giant L


Burt Prelutsky tells us how he switched from being a lefty to a righty. It had to do with a Child but not one of his own. Intresting Read.

Frank Gaffney tells us that it is the "smart people" that trying to shaft Rummy. Gaffney comes to Rummy's defence.

Token Lefty piece this time from Arianna Huffington says she is worried that the Republicans would nuke our Constitution. What Huffington is really saying she is afraid of judges that might roll back their so-called gains.

Holiday Lyric Line

In the eyes of a child there is joy there is laughter
There is hope there is trust a chance to shape the future
For the lessons of life there is no better teacher
Than the look in the eyes of a child
"Eyes of Child" a tear jerker that the duo Air Supply recorded. Remind us that during the holiday season we look to our past and then turn to our children to see our future. The song was written by Graham Russell and Ron Bloom. Russell along with Russell Hitchcock are Air Supply. Love their take on Sleigh Ride by the way.

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Morning News & Commentary

U.S. Launches Probe of Mess Tent Attack

Blair Pushes for New Mideast Peace Moves

Abbas Sees Israel Talks After Palestinian Vote

US Military Says It's Building Bases for Afghan Army

Will the Dems get the Governship in Washington State??? Looks like its a yes.

Bush Social Security Plan May Face Hard Sell

Bush snuggles illegal aliens. Give them blankets yes, but work on sending them back please.

Looks like we got some illegals part of 'Gangs'

50 illegals arrested on labor buses

America is NOT required to defend Taiwan??? That may be correct, and the mainland could stake its claim.

Regulations stifle new school creation. Red Tape = High cost for private education. Score one for Government Schools.

Protest, Prostest, Prostest. Bush Inauguration is going to have them 3X over


M**** C********: Kathleen Parker has this piece

Michelle Malkin talks about Christians in the crossfire here and abroad

Ben Shapiro talks about Jimmy Carter a bit and presents an award to a left wing Lunatic in Carter's name

Walter Williams talks about the National Sales Tax, and why it may never become realilty. He is for tax reform no doubt, just being real.

Debra Saunders tells us why Bush stands by and defends Rummy

Tony Blankley talks about Rummy's logic

Rummy speaks for himself in this piece from USA Today

Hugh Hewitt talks about us bloggers and the impact we made this year. Look for a book from Hewitt about the bloggers soon.

Joseph Farah talks about the end of childhood, and says since certain people are oversensitive about relgious things even if it in great art in the Government schools, don't be surprised that kids become rebellous and listen to Hip-Hop and get sexually active. Farah also has some very nasty and well deserved words for the ACLU and National Education Assocation

Token lefty piece this time around from Robert Scheer who says if is not broke don't fix it. What is not broke??? Social Securty.

Holiday Lyric Line

I will do two this time around since "its cold outside" were I live

Woman: My mother will start 2 worry!
Man: Beautiful wahts ur hurry?
Woman: and father will be paceing with feiry
Man: Listen 2 tha fireplace roar
Woman: So really i better scurry!
Man: Beautiful please hurry
Yep "Baby It's Cold Outside"Bing Crosby and Doris Day made this one popular. Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton also do the good song since Stewart has done three projects devoided to the standards of yesteryear.

Speaking of Dolly Parton here is a lyric line from a song she did with Kenny Rogers and its a holiday song and NOT "Islands In the Stream."

And you've made this a Christmas to remember
Springtime feelin's in the middle of December
Change the radio and I'll turn the lights down dimmer
Oh oh what a Christmas to remember
Their are several chorus/refrains in "Christmas to Remember" but I picked this one because it mechions the word and device known as radio and man how much I love radio.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq Leaves 20 Dead

Bush's Tax Overhaul May Be Incremental

Bush Says Troops Were on Mission of Peace

Bush 'expects' soldiers to get what they need

White House Expects Probe of Iraq, Guantanamo Abuses

U.S. Study says Safe Drug Imports could Be Difficult

U.S. Protests Sale of YUKOS Unit

Kofi Annan is intending to stay put, in spite of the Oil-for-Food gate

Hundreds Gather to Mourn Slain Mother

Is the death of Yasser Arafat significant than Ronald Reagan??? Check out the AP rankings

Civil Libertarians says to Fight Big Brother ACLU

ACLU: No Fair Lying to Terrorists

DOJ sees the importence of the 2nd Amendment


Geoff Metcalf reminds us the GUNS are a INDIVIDUAL RIGHT!!! MUST READ!!!!

Kenneth Cain tells us why Kofi Anna should step down. Answer GENOCIDE!!!

Bruce Bartlett tells about the Early-Retiree Problem and how WE as Americans can't afford it.

Ralph Peters gives the other sides of the story regarding Iraq and Afaghanistan

Star Parker says its "Family Values" that will prevent AIDS and then some

"Handpicked Bush judge crosses line in overturning immigrant proposition." I linked this piece in my Morning News post this morning. I will post it again just to let you know that Phyllis Schlafly wrote this piece and not Doug Bandow. corrected this and so do I.

Attacking Christmas and Christians. The left and media are in bed on this or so says David Limbaugh

Christmas and the big commerical racket. Dennis Prager says its a good thing.

Holiday Lyric Line

Christmas is almost here and their are few songs I want to highlight before we put the music away for another year. So I will do this in evenings for the rest of the week. In fact my local station playing all Xmas will end the music at 7PM on Christmas Day and go right into their 70's music feature they do on Saturday nights (and at 12:00 p.m. for an hour during the weekdays) during their all year around format.

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never startand wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end
"My Grownup Christmas List" which has joined the ranks of Holiday Standards and you can thank David Foster for this song. It's a song about adult who talks to Santa Claus about just having peace on Earth. Best known versions of this song were by Natalie Cole, Amy Grant, and Kelly Clarkson

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Morning News & Commentary

Blast at U.S. Base in Mosul, Many Casualties

Tony Blair Pays Surprise Visit to Baghdad

Group Says FBI Ruse Used at Guantanamo

Poll: Americans' Support for Iraq War Slipping (The Socialists must be smiling now. Cause it may be Vietnam all over again)

U.S. Seeking Talks with Iran or so an Iran Official says

U.S. Airstrikes Kill Four in Iraq's Hit (Hit is a town in Iraq)

Is a British charity a front for Hamas?

Funeral Set for Mom Whose Baby Was Taken

The Drug Aleve is put on the hot seat

FDA Chief: Keeping Options Open on Naproxen

Weak Holiday Sales Prompt More Discounts

Ukrainian PM Vows Nation Won't Be Divided

Terminator gets crow for his statements about going "Left"

Is Kwanzaa a phony holiday??? One black minister is speaking out and says its an attempt take out out the Christmas holiday and then some. The then some part is what worries me.


A Jew says Merry Christmas. That would be Jeff Jacoby

Matt Towery talks about the 'fair' tax.

Jack Kemp takes us back to a Christmas past 1776 to be exact and how it effects us as a country today...MUST READ!!!

Rick Lowry has his take on the death of Bobbie Jo Stinnett. DISCLAMER...I support A woman's right to choose to be a mother or not, and yes that includes Abortion

Doug Bandow says even a judge picked by Bush himself can cause problems to curb illegals in our country. MUST READ!!!!

Cal Thomas brings up the issue of women in combat in the present time

Punishing drugmaker for doing good things??? Doug Bandow says you bet. MUST READ!!!

My token lefty piece this time around is from Laura Flanders who avocates privatizing our "National Security." Meaning an element of our milltary...maybe we should leave Social Security the way it is.

Holiday Lyric Line

Outside under the purple sky
Diamonds in the snow sparkle
Our hearts were singing
It felt like christmastime
This was Chrisse Hynde's contribution to the holiday season. An original Christmas song called "2000 Miles." Hynde fronts the Pretenders and it seems that she is the only true member of the group. She also recorded her own version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as well.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho Rummy has to go??? According to certain polls YES!!!

Charles Rangel wants to impeach Rummy

Hollywood Exposes Clinton's Support of African Genocide??? "Hotel Rwanda" will soon be out. If it plays were you live, you might want to see. Its not one of those mass movies however so look to your Art/Indy movie houses for this.

Polish special forces end Iraq mission

Bush: Iraq Bombers 'Are Having an Effect'

The transcript of this morning's press conference,2933,142065,00.html

Pregnant-Slay Probe Followed Cyber Trail

Baby Stolen from Womb Said in Good Condition

U.S. Panel Reverses Pentagon on 'Enemy Combatant'


Could attacking Christmas be paypack for us Righties for re-elected Bush. Neal Boortz thinks so. This and other thoughts from the Talkmaster.

Zen Chafets says getting rid of Rummy would mean a sign of weakness to those in the middle east.

Diana West talks about keeping Christ in Christmas

Robert Novak puts the Dems in their place regarding re-writing the rules when it comes to the Court conferming process. Robert C. KKK Byrd tried to do this by the way.

My token lefty piece of the night is an open letter to Bill O'Reilly. The writer is Righty turned enlightened Lefty David Brock. Who by the way wants to Crush righty Rush but Protect lefty Ed Schultz.

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Bush Comes to Rumsfeld's Defense

From the good ole AP

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Late Breaking News

Bush Criticizes Iraqi Troops

Fox News has its take from the above story

WHO says the world Close to Next Flu Pandemic

Baby Taken From Mother in Good Condition

Morning News & Commentary

50 Suspects Detained in Najaf Bombing

Jewish Settlers Urged to Resist Withdrawal

Saddam to challenage case in America

Bush says he will bring peace to the middle east

Israel Approves Release of 170 Prisoners

Swedish children for sale in 'Palestine.' Ladies's DON'T MARRY A MUSLIM!!!! This story as also a MUST READ!!!!

Suspect in Grisly Death to Appear in Court

U.S. Senators John Warner & Richard Lugar stand behind Rummy

Rummy's Questioner Wrong About Unit's Armor???

D.C. Mayor Stakes Career on Baseball Deal

Boy 'molested in closet every week for 1 year'

Rush gets mocked over his drug problem on SNL...Looks like Al Franken taught his children well :) Chris Farley and John Belushi however its OK to weep.

George W. Bush is Time's Person of the Year. Link from the Horse's Mouth

The GOP must move to the LEFT. Who said that??? Find out.

Full speed ahead on national ID cards in the U.K.

Hillary's Poll Numbers Startling. Watch this Witch wants to be President

Cocky Cokie Roberts (ABC News & NPR) blames Michael Moore for John Kerry's loss

Maxine Waters Faces New Allegations


Joseph Farah defends the Philly 4. Who are they??? You have to read his piece to find out.

Are Christian parents sending their kids to the Government Schools as a missionaries??? You bet and its a very BAD IDEAL!!! Vox Day explains, and I agree with him all the way.

Barbara Simpson has her say on the baby rip from the womb.

Ronald Bailey says the Kyoto Protocol is deal

Token Lefty Piece this time around by Ellen Ratner. Its about Social Securty and those Charge and Spend Repubs

Holiday Lyric Line

Many have come from the valleys
Many have come from the hills
Many have started their journey home
To be with someone with someone
On the saviour's day
"Saviour's Day"

Chris Eaton also wrote this song, but its more popular in the U.K. than here in America. One reason is that the 'British Elvis' Sir Cliff Richard made it a hit in his home country (early 1990's and is still alive), and the second reason. No high profile artist here in the States or and artist popular here recorded the song as of yet.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Evening News & Commentary


Iraq Rebels Execute 3 Electoral Workers

Sudan Pledges to Halt Darfur Operations

Salvation Army Thankful for Gold Donations


Geoff Metcalf has MUST READ PIECE!!! It has to do with the 2nd Amendement (right to keep and bare arms a.k.a. HAVE YOUR OWN GUNS!!!) and tells us that the first three battles of the American Revolution were over GUNS!!!

Gunny Bob Newman talks about a classic novel by Alan Patton and ties that with the modern terrorists and Newman pulls no punches.

Frank Salvato talks about turning 'Blue states faces Red' and how the media is going back to middle again.

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Morning News & Commentary

Deadly Car Bombs Hit Najaf, Karbala

3 Iraqi Election Workers Killed in Ambush

Fidel Castro & Hugo Chavez sign alternative to NAFTA. Thank you very much Jimmy Carter for ushering a new socialist that we have to deal with.

Bin Laden tape urges stopping oil to U.S.

Jane The Ripper showed off the newborn before getting caught.

Israel Ends Two-Day Raid Into Gaza Camp

Christmas in America becomes battleground. A lot of sides ranging from Vampire Freethinkers to Christian that do want anything to do with Christmas. Intresting Read (A classic piece from World Net Daily)

Flash Forward: 'Christmas is taboo in America, but now people are fighting back' from the Telegraph in the U.K.


There is a bias for youth and Susan Estrich talks about that in this piece

Barry Farber talks about JEWS for Christmas

Holiday Lyric Line

Give me one more chance to dream again
One more chance to feel again through your young heart
If only for one day let me try
"Christmas Through your Eyes" by Gloria Estefan & Diane Warren

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