Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Readings

Rich Galen has some thoughts on the New Direction which is really the same results should the Dems get the Security Blanket of power back.

Mark Alexander seconds what Galen said. Will the Dems be honest in why they want to raise taxes??? I shall answer that you two. BUY VOTES!!!

BP of the Patriot World blog is off his rocker again...for some good reasons.

Kathryn Jean Lopez also has kind words for Olie Stone's 9/11 Pic. If this keeps going I might just pay this Commie some money.

Who is looking out for us. Bush or the Anti-Bush media??? This from Billy O

Pat Boone has writen a song that shows support for our troops overseas. In this week's piece he presents us those lyrics plus thoughts on the current war.

The Federal Courts have ruled that you can't "edit" certain films so that its more "family friendly." Ted Baehr says its a blow to Parental Rights, and why you need his Movie Guide publication more than ever. I have not made a final desision on this.

David Horowitz has a great ideal...reeducate Palestinian children and promote civil beahavor.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Readings

Robert Novak's Leak Case Testionmy

Kathleen Parker is scoping Katie Cookie Cutter's career as she makes the rounds to CBS affliated stations in hopes of the Numbers. Hey Cookie Cutter why don't you visit some smaller cities for once especially Red Ones. Dallas-Fort Worth does not count, and besides we don't buy your act anyway. Be gald that Parker is giving you a fair shot...cause I AM NOT!!!


Herman Cain says we must learn the lessons that Europe failed to learn when it comes to this thing called multiculturalism. It is killing Europe and its going to kill us in America.

What's liberals' big idea? Jonah Goldberg says Who cares?

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz and his Crack Staff

The U.S. Senate has let us down again. Nothing is being done about the Mexican Invasion

Diana West connects the dots on Islam.

Charles Krauthammer talks about the war currently going on between Israel and Lebanon. As always Israel's existence is on the line.

Mona Charen is waiting for the enlightment in Europe and at the UN to denounce Israel.

A small city in Pennsylvania has banned the Mexican Invaders. At least something is being done at the local levels.

What does the Geneva Convention REALLY SAY???? Craig R. Smith reveals that the document allows the Death Penalty for Terrorists. What about that you bleeding heart leftys???

Has Bush lost the Cowboy within him??? Melanie Morgan wants him to bring that element back and not bow to the Anti-WarBlameAmericaLeftys.

Kevin McCullough says that Joe Wilson and his beloved wife Valerie Plame need to be treated like Gants...and I say they should be treated as as Democrat HACKS!!!

Joseph Farah denouces the Government's action of taking away a family's farm that has been around since the 1920's. Just remember that the local government will do anything to get themselves MORE MONEY for themselves.

Here is a Classic Piece from David Limbaugh regarding the 'dangers' of Dodgeball...Pleeese. The "Crab People" are moving ahead and feminzing men, and Limbaugh takes this on big time.

Speaking of feminzing men here is a piece from Ilan Mercer about that subject.

Carol Gilligan who is mechioned the Mercer piece is today's token lefty.

Why are Feminists so aganist Single Sex Education??? Carrie Lukas explains.

Mike Rosen has his thoughts on American Past time sport called Baseball.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Democrats Online Ad...and the Rightys Are Mad As Heck!!!

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) just recently put out an ad in which it uses several pictures to make a point.

Here is breakdown of a few things that is seen in the ad.

A Caption contained in a red ribbon in the middle of the screens that states "Things Have Taken A Turn For The Worst." Behind the ribbon is two soldiers and a burned car...very likley from Iraq.

A Nuclear Power Plant

A Gas Price Sign that shows the cost of Unleaded Gas at $3.35 a Gallon.

U.S. flag-draped coffins loaded on an airplane (This is making certain members in the GOP angry)

A standing rifle supporting the helmet of a fallen GI

The ad then focuses on the disaster of New Orleans brought about by Hurricane Kartrina. A pic of Bush is displayed cover up by a red ribbon that states "Washington Republicans Have Sold America Out." Then they roll out all the pics of GOP leaders in unconfortable positions and/or evil looks. The ads tell us that "American Families Are Paying The Price." behind the pics of the Evil Bush and Cheney.

Then an American Flag appears and a Blue Ribbon appears with the Caption; "But America Is Strong Enough To Change." Then we see pics of several Democrats leaders (Rahm Emanel, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyt) mixed in with pics of what will happen if voters give the Democrats a majorty in the U.S. House, which is all happy and postitve. Oh yea they had to throw in a pic of their idol Bill Clinton and another pic of Pelosi standing next to 'Dingy' Harry Reid. Yes elect the Democrats in that beloved U.S. House and everything will be allright.

Reality Check: Put them in power once again and our country and very likely will be worse off than we were in the 1970's or the early 1990's when Americans gave the Dems a full house (House, Senate, White House). Now tell me who thinks your dumb and stupid more so.

The Game is the same:

Roll Back the Tax Cuts = Raise Taxes and Never Give the People Break

Reduce the Defect but in reality create more Government Programs and Bureaucracy

Regulate like Crazy and make sure the "Right Noise Machine" is stiffled and hopfuly shut down so that people will get "Truth and Common Sense" from "respected" media outlets like the New York and LA Times, CBSABCNBC, NPRPBS, TimeNewsweek. You get the ideal, only left wing to left center should be in charge of shaping the news. Not RIGHT WING Blogs like this one...even if I am more Liberterarian/Libertine than Conservative. Nope I am not part of the Left Collectitve and that makes a Bad Guy.

Dems will pull out of Iraq and just as with Vietnam America will lose. Meanwhile the Terrorists will be embolded knowing that America is Weak and very likely will bring THEIR WAR here to our soil. The liberals hopfuly will not have enough time to say that they stopped another war.

That is what the Dems will really do if they get in charge.

New Ad, Same Old Direction!!! Their is nothing new about it.

The GOP should be angry about the DCCC's online ad, but at the same time they should be all that suprised about the ad either. The Dems will stoop to great lows in reclam their power. They really think that this is their year of triumph, and think they still have a chance. Right now certain Americans once again see what the dangers of a Democrat Run Government will mean for our nation and that just might keep the Republicans in power especially with what is going on in Israel with the Democrats in charge America might just turn on that nation.

I say it again, the Dems have No NEW Plan. Just the same old Socialist Program that began with FDR so many years ago with an Anti-War bent thanks to George McGoveren, and their constant worshiping of Bill Clinton as shown in the DCCC's ad.

Are you willing to put these Social Enginers in charge once again????

BEWARE: Your Liberties and Freedoms will be in greater danger then ever before.

Comments about My Comments??? Send me an E-Mail

The DCCC's New Directions ad

Related story from the lefty of center AP

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Thursday Readings

Today's Comments from the Neal Boortz staff

Courts block Georgia's voter photo ID law. Democrats need Voter Fraud in order to get the "Security Blanket of Power."

Mikhail Gorbachev admited that he was and always will be a Communist. His recent statement proves the point. Yet the liberals fawn over this SOB.

The state Assembly of Wisconsin loves Kevin Barrett. So much they would never think of shafting him. Hint: Yet Another Moonbat Professor who wants to turn your children into Stormtroopers for the Socialist cause. He says our Government blew up the Twin Towers.

Don't tell me that Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) is agreeing with Bill Fist because of This!!!! (Click Here)

Larry Elder exames the media coverage of the Gitmo Rulling and how biased the media is. Presents The Niggardly use of Racial Epithets by Mike S. Adams.

Never mind Tom Petty. You can stand Ann Coulter at the gates of hell but she is standing her ground and she won't back down. Here is her piece for this week. Its about time the Gray Lady gets a taste of their own toxic meds.

Hugh Hewitt also has his take on the liberal press and how they handle the War on Terror.

DEA Report: Minutemen reduced drug trafficking.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Robert Novak comes Clean regarding Valerine Plane and names Karl Rove

Novak Found 'Who's Who' for Plame Name

Novak: Rove Was a CIA Leak Source

Dan Blather has a friend in Mark Cuban. Wish the jerk would just rot away, but then again neither had Walter Crannkenhouse.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Lets get back to Karl Rove because Michelle Malkin is not very happy about a recent visit to Cally that he made.

Joseph Farah has his take regarding Rove's Cally visit.

If Joe Lieberman goes, does Hillary's Chances of becoming Madam President go with it??? Rich Lowery says YES!!!

Can the Goverment manage the Free Marker???? Walter Williams says Pleeese.

Innocent until proven guilty??? While the media loves to talk about that ideal they don't extend that to our troops. Thomas Sowell explains.

Should you be alowed to sell your organs??? John Stossel talks about this "illegal market" that could save countless lifes.

Think Club Gitmo is Bad??? Be sure to check out Club Falun Gong in CHINA!!! Never mind its a Socialist Workers Utopia...Right???

Ben Shapiro tell us why we need to 'Lock and Load.'

In spite of the Mexican Invasion issue going to States, Brendan Miniter says its in danger of losing the Majorty.

The Token Lefty is Ed Koch and he calls for Missile Defense System and Gay Marriage.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from the away from the Mic Neal Boortz

Think the Old Media is going to recant their actions regarding the War on Terror disclosures??? Think Again!!! David Limbaugh explains.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann talk about the Latin Left's recent defeat in Mexico.

The Media loved to mock Reagan and the need of a Missile System. With the recent events in North Korea Phyllis Schlafly explains why we need our own Missile System.

Thomas Sowell explains on how you can get involved in the Illegal Immgration issue.

Stanley Crouch reports that some in the Black Community are fighting back againist the Hip-Hop culture and how it degrades women.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Late Monday Readings

Fearfull that your children will become Leftys??? Rusty Humphries gives parents some tips to counter the liberal indoctination.

Barbara Simpson says it is time to defuse North Korea and their 'rocket man.'

Protect yourself from Telemarkets Vist this website and get your number on the "Do Not Call List." Be sure to visit every five year to renew your number.

Monday Readings

4-Story Building Explodes, Collapses On Upper East Side of New York City

Screaming Kids, WWIV, Tresuary Overflow, Hosptial send Medical Bills to Mexico. Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Glad he has comments and Readings Assigments...Kind of makes it easy on me.

The UN Gun Grab Summit is Over. Cam Edwards sums it up, and allthough Gun Owners won the Global Socialists will try again.

Mike Adams continutes to talk about how to buy Guns.

Michael Barone talks about Mexico's lean to the right.

Lindsey Graham thinks the Republicans could still lose the majorty. Robert Novak reports.

Slavery Reparations Gaining Momentum. Just another great way to stick to US and resdistrube wealth.

Did Ann Coulter plagiarize her current book??? Ann Coulter has not said anything just yet but her publisher is standing by her.

Who Is Kevin Barret??? Just another "Progressive" Professor.

Michael Moore is still preying on the Health Care Indestry in hope that more people will call for a Goverment Soultion and Score another Box Office Hit. The movie has a 2007 Release planned.

If we don't bomb North Korea Maybe these guys will. Would be nice to have a Mutilcolored group of Super Heros now you guys. To us its Power Rangers. To THEM its Super Sentai or Task Force in the literal English.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Readings

China's Communist Party turns 85 but will their Free Market someday overtake them??? Paul Jacob says not in the near future but their is still hope.

George Will has a quick lession on our Interstate Highway System.

Pat Buchanan has thoughts on Kim Jong-Il's recent display of Fireworks.

What happens when leftys lose??? Do everything you can to make sure that the Leftys Win...This is Mexico we are talking about by the way.

According to Matt Drudge Time Magazine says that the Bush Doctrine is Over.

Is Tom DeLay running again becaus of the court rulling??? I am sure the Democrats love this cause they think they can take Houston of it.