Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Readings

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A Few Comments from The Neal Boortz Staff

Goodbye Milton Friedman we limited government types will miss you.

Maggie Thatcher also misses you too.

The Minimum Wage is likely to be the first thing on the Democratic agenda. Should you lose your job...That is OK 'Help is on the way.' Remember that one people, and even if you don't that help things will be OK because the Democrats run Congress. Yes the Dems are the Good Guys and the Republicans are of the Devil. Got to love the Democratic Loving Old/Drive-By Media.

Can the Iraqis keep their Republic??? Charles Krauthammer believes that might not happen.

Maybe Johnny McCain got the message why his party got Minority Status. Let us hope that he and other return to the ideals of Goldwater, Reagan, and Gingrich.

WIth John Bolton being replaced with someone that will bow to the UN's Global Agenda. Oliver North says it will be business as usual in DC and with the Democratic Party.

Amir Taheri says the Islamic terrorists are happy with the change in out government.

Rummy is gone and the Generals fearful of asking for more troops. Thoughts on this by David Limbaugh.

It looks like the Democratic Agenda is comming under fire allready. Donald Lambro talks about Democratic Agenda regarding Iraq, the Minimum Wage, and repealing Tax Rate Cuts which would raise them. We WARNED YOU!!!! Now you better fight these Rich Elites who want to keep you down and stupid while they try to buy your vote.

What if the Indians learned to control their borders when we came to the New World? Mike Rosen compares that ideal with our current immgration problem and that we can't take in the immigrants as we used to. If we are not careful we will have to adopt the culture of Mexico or this country that might just crop up.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Readings

The MRC has documented the media's love affair with John Murtha and how that will pay off with Murtha being House Majority Leader.

Making Murtha House Majority Leader could very well be Nancy Pelosi's first mistake and a Big One. Robert Novak explains.

The Media is enjoying Nancy Pelosi rise to power as Ann Coulter points out. When Condoleezza Rice became the first black woman secretary of state...Yawn. Hey Rice was not a Dem.

Pat Buchanan warns that a Bush-Pelosi amnesty bill could be on the way. Bush's legacy???

Jane Chastain says that if Bush should have fired anyone it should have been Karl Rove and not Donald Rumsefeld. She states her reasons why.

Larry Elder wants to know that plan Democrats have for Iraq. I am afraid its likely CUT AND RUN!!!

Ralph Peters has a plan to win to win the Iraq War. Trouble is that the Civil Liberties types would pich a fit aftarwards. Just Read his piece.

You want to save Iraq??? Donald Lambro says to follow 'Reagan's Playbook.'

Mona Charen truly believes that the Dems will pull out of Iraq and as a result America will be attacked.

Victor Davis Hanson however says the Dems will not stop the effords of the Patroit Act and Club Gitmo.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Linda Chavez talks about how the Union Moverment still had its mussle in last week's elections, and the need still for 'Right to Work' Laws.

If its one thing about leftys they so show their true colors on how they feel about Middle America. They think their better then them. Herman Cain says get ready for more of this now that they are in command.

Nancy Pelosi said we needed a woman to run things. Well she is now and she is backing John Murtha who has some Skul Duggry of his own. Oh well if they can make that Vietnam Redux happen, that what is MORE important. Michelle Malkin calls Pelosi bluff showing her for the beltway power hungry WITCH she really is. This is Witch with a B.

Speaking of Murtha, Neal Boortz has some comments about him and other subjects.

Tony Blankley talks how the Republicans can built their majorty. Maybe it is time to not bow or bend to the "drive by media" and stand on the convictions of limited government. Reagan, Goldwater and Gingrich did.

John Stossel talks about a new book regarding racism and how white guilt has never helped the Black Man out of the rut.

For years the Black Community voted Democratic because they thought they are the party that would raise them up with Government Programs that clam that they would get ahead. Walter Willams shows however that the poverty rate was declining long before Goverment took "action."

We still have LOTS OF OIL in spite of what the Envior-Socialists say.

Most Doubt that the Dems have a plan for Iraq. Fool if you sat out or voted Democratic.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Randy Balko says that the elections this year voters rejected big-government conservatism, as opposed to Reaganesque smaller-government conservatism. Yea but you know the Dems. I do agree with Balko however.

Neal Boortz talks about the return of Hillarycare and the rise of the namesake and more.

Thomas Sowell looks at seveal key issues that costs the GOP the majority.

The one thing that Government Schools are successful at is shaping American Culture the way that it has envisioned. Great read from Phyllis Schlafly.

Mike Adams says what made him go to the right is this thing called "Affirmative Action."

He warned you what the Democrats are really are, but you did not listen. However David Limbaugh does not have any kind words for the Republicans either and tells them to get back to basics.

Cal Thomas says the winners of last week's elections are the were the enemies of the United States. How true that is, the left might very likely have their Vietnam Redux. Meanwhile the West sings Kum By Yah and Give Peace a Chance.

Patrick Buchanan says both the Dems and GOP must take responablity for the Iraq War.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Check out the libertarian links further below, and it turns out that the Dems are allready showing their true colors.

John Murtha is likley to be the majority leader. You are going to see the Hard Left come out.

Mark Steyn says that Rummy should have not be fired like he was. Looks like the West is truly WEAK!!!

Fred Barnes says their is still life in the lame duck named George W. Bush.

Jeff Jacoby says the GOP because lost because they were not conservative enough.

William Rusher looks at the election results and what it really says.

Time to go the Deathwatch regarding Castro

Take this Quiz and see were you are politically

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Readings

Pat Boone has his post election thoughts

Joseph Farah talks about George McGoven's comeback and how the 2006 Elections could very well be the revenge of the McGovernites.

Star Parker has her post election thoughts and why the GOP lost Congress.

I have a token lefty piece from John Nichols of the Hard Left rag The Nation. It says that the Democratic House Freshmen are NOT Consertitve and hold the princples of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Sadly he is right.

Here is a profile on the CPC from Discover The Network

CPC also had ties to THIS group as well. The The Democratic SOCIALISTS of America. We are truly in for a ride.

Did you know that The Nation supported the Russian Revoultion Revolution and was first U.S. magazine to publish the Soviet Constitution??? Since I featured someone from The Nation, you should understand what this rag REALLY THINKS!!!

Again we are in for a ride. The voters may have rejected the GOP and not for it stands for but don't hold breath thinking that the Dems will not advance some of its Progressive Agenda.

Just remember that in mind of the lefty, Progressive mean higher taxes, more government, things run by the government like Health Care and Progress towards a SOCIALIST UTOPIA!!!!
They may not be able to recreated the Soviet Union in this country but they will try to come close.