Saturday, January 27, 2007

Correction from Mike Rosen

Awhile back I did a fairness doctinre post and slightly misquoted Rosen. He wrote me and here is what he said.


I'm flattered when you quote me but you got one slightly wrong the other day. You said I said: "Liberals don't care what you do as long as it's legal." I actually said: "Liberals don't care what you do as long as it's mandatory."

It changes the meaning significantly.


Two great points Mike and both have been taken well.

Saturday Readings

An anti-Semite, a bigot, a Baptist backslider. That is what Joseph Farah calls Jimmy Carter...He is an Anti-Semite and Bigot beyond reasonable doubt.

Representation without taxation? When it comes to the Dems they will willing to just that so they can forever hold on to power and suck us dry. Jayme P. Evans has his thoughts about this.

One Message by the Democrats has been made very clear as Star Parker points out. ENVY your neighbor. We get the message...but does that actually win the Dems votes???

'Sustainable development' imposed on Washingtonians. That is the headline to this week's piece by Henry Lamb who shows once again how the Government is flexing its muscle at the same time take away freedoms.

Google says that allowing the China to censor their search engine hurt them. Hey at least Communism is alive and well in China.

Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha pay a visit to Iraq. Hope they get brushed off just like Kerry.

How to really Cure the Health Insurance Crisis. Linda Chavez tell us how.

Wayne Winegrden says you can't have it both ways when it comes to Free Markets and Coroporate Social Responsibilty. What if the CSR ways don't turn a profit???

Friday, January 26, 2007

Great Interview Mike Rosen did with Dr. Yaron Brook regarding The Fariness Doctrine

Brook is the president of the Ayn Rand Institute...and Rand has been a supporter of the Free Market and its ideals. Rand grew up in the Old Soviet Union as a child. So Brook knows about the creeping Socialism that our country has embraced over the year including the ideal the 'public' owns the airwaves.

By the way some of these proposed Fairness Doctrine laws would also include 'Newspapers.' We had the printing press for a long time and now the Democrats want to control that. I am warning that Fascism is coming back and its coming from the people who point the fingers at US for being Fascists.

Hour 1



Hour 2



Click here for the Podcast

Friday Readings

Mike Rosen says its time for Colorado casinos to be able to raise their max wager and compares it to Deadwood, SD wager and State Run Lotteries.

David Limbaugh's thoughts on Jim Webb.

Joseph Farah talks about the PC Campus but redefines PC to mean Politically Corrupt. Case in Point; his own daughter being forced to watch Al Gore's Global Warming Propaganda movie...IN A ART CLASS!!!

Melanie Morgan talks about the talk about the Troop Surge.

Too Many Jews on the Holocaust council says Jimmy Carter. One guy that truly can get away with Anti-Semitism.

Castro's Mini-Me is planning to ask our Ambassador to leave Venezuela.

Russ Finegold pushes plan to cut off war funds. The Democratic Party is invested in our defeat.

Tom Tancredo calls for the abolishment of the Black Caucus. Only the left can group people by race.

Hollywood is gushing towards Sen. Barack Obama. This is lead by the former 'Dreamworks' Team.

Charles Krauthammer is not impressed with Bush's statement regarding our energy policy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Now the media says the The Recession/Depression of 2006 never happended. That is because the Democratic Party is now in the majority. See how UN-Fair the Fairness Doctrine would be??? Yet the Dems want it because THEY think your stupid and will be stupid enough to keep them forever in power.

The Media welcomes Hillary Clinton with open arms. I say it again...See how UN-Fair the Fairness Doctrine would be??? Yet the Dems want it because THEY think your stupid and will be stupid enough to keep them forever in power.

I really need to pay more visits to Media Research Center as much as I can.

Cal Thomas says that what Bush said in the SOTU address should have been said and done LAST YEAR!!!! Now you have an uphill battle with the Social Democrats.

Did Hillary and Nancy take cheep paths to power??? Ann Coulter has her blut thoughts about this.

Speaking of the Fairness Doctrine Joseph Farah has his thoughts about it. I agree we need MORE VOICES...Not Less.

Rebecca Hagelin shows how Wealth and Freedom go hand and hand. It seems everytime a Government wants to control the wealth, the 'people' always suffer.

Robert Novak says the Dems are not intrested in working with the President...Not Surprised...they are intrested in only their party's victory and that means America's Defeat in Iraq.

Ben Shapiro goes after Jim Webb for his defeatest remarks regarding Iraq.

Larry Elder has thoughts about poor ole Kate Cookie-Cutter's blues. I agree about CBS firing her...she is costly.

Pete Du Pont warns of the pay as you go scam. Get ready for Bigger Government and redux of the Dems glory days.

Silent on the global jihad but loud and clear on the race to the White House. Jeff Jacoby talks about what is on the minds of Democrats.

Daniel Henninger says we are talking ourselves defeat regarding Iraq.

Do What Barbara Boxer says and not what she does. How she loves her Gas Guzzler. How the lefty elite care about YOU the People...NOT!!!

Emmett Tyrrell says they need to sock it to the Hamburgler.

John Podhoretz says Bush found a new voice and says their may be hope for the guy

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Readings

The Complete State of the Union Address.

Democrat Jim Webb presents the counterresponce.

Joseph Farah says Bush sounded like Hillary. Does not sound good.

Neal Boortz notes that there is lack of the words Freedom, Security, Republic (not used at all), and the I word (as with Republic not used at all), in the SOTU address.

Lawrence Kudlow on the other hand says Bush's speech was successful...Economic Wise.

Hugh Hewitt take on the SOTU address Iraq War Wise. Got the fight the left on this one, they want us to Lose. Only way for Socialism to win and defeat Bush.

Walter Willams talks about the treatment towards those who question Global Warming. Remember that GW issues are being used to enact Socialist Policies.

Michelle Malkin warns that President Bush's guest worker program will be disastrous.

Henry Lamb sounds the alarm on the agriculture bureaucrats. They are very sneaky on how they want to get people on their data base.

John Stossel reminds us of Milton Frideman day which is this comming Monday. The cause for Liberty lost a hero...Lets fight to keep his ideals alive and well cause the Socialists sure won't. Their guy is Karl Marx.

Johnny McCain is going after Chenney and Rummy. The race to the White House has begun.

If you a female teacher having sex with male students...Your OK. For the most part. Click the link with this pargraph to read about these respected cases.

Several Republican Congressmen have signed off a request to the Justice Department to force the Hamburgler to take a Lie Detector test. So far it has yet to happen...Its Good to be a Democrat and Clinton Lackey...and that is what the Hamburgler is.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday Night Overnight Results

I expected CBS to win overall and to top both NBC's Heroes and FOX's 24 with 'Two and a Half Men' and 'Old Christine' in Households allthough its Men that helped it to win.

However when you look at VIEWERS and the 18-49 its NBC that is the topper. CBS second and FOX third. The race is tight and no one is going to bow out at this time.

The 9/8 hour is going to fun to watch in next couple of weeks. Heroes will hit the pause button once again come March and wrap up its first season around the May Sweeps.

Complete overnight results from

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Herman Cain looks at the current roster of leaders who want the Oval Office. However he says we need someone to lead and not just someone who can play the game.

Is Hillary Clinton in trouble???

Republican Opposition to Iraq Plan Grows. Now the media is using the RINO's to their advantage.

Lynn Cheney has a piece calling out the Democrats for their cowardliness regarding Iraq. She says that Americans don't want us to lose even if they don't like the war is being handled at the moment.

Why do certain corporate executives make tons of money??? Thomas Sowell explains that companies are willing to pay these leaders a certain amount of money. A Great economics lesson for today!!!! Sorry Neal it is Great.

Yet some people want the government to step in and pay them less so we can feel better about ourselves and know that their closer to the pay we have...Populism Strikes again.

If your to go after Hillary...Cal Thomas warns she will make herself a victim. The Clinton's know how to play the game and they play dirty. Know how to counter her and maybe we can't prevent THIS woman from being the first President of the United States. Hillary is not Maggie Thatcher.

Its nice to know that Castro has to take the poison pill that he forced his own people to take. Joseph Farrah explains.

Rest In Pieces Castro

David Limbaugh calls the Democrats lightweights on the war on terror.

Did you know that liberal Mario Cuomo opposed the 'Fairness Doctrine?' That and other thoughts about this 'doctrine' from Les Kinsolving.

Milton Freeman's final interview.

Mary Jo Anderson talks about the power of the Blogspheire.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz and man these comments are a MUST READ!!! Hillary running and the signs that the Dems want to take out Talk Radio.

Our founders did not envision a electronic media, nor the Internet...and the left wants to make sure that Socialist Ideals are implanted into the American People about the New Media. They want YOU to think that you OWN the airwaves and the Internet...The left just wants to control it so that only their propaganda prevails.

Newsbusters wonders when Hillary tapped her announcement regarding her run for the White House.

First Item: HillaryCare

Victor Davis Hanson says that leaving Iraq prematurely will not only embold terrorists, dictators. It would also damage the creditability of the Democrats. Yet the Dems still want to cut and run.

Newt Gingrich says he will run of only a last resort.

Dinesh DSouza shoots down some myths about the United States that the enlighted left might be pushing around.

You can get DSouza's book 'The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11' by clicking the title of the book.

In Cally it might become illegal to spanke your 3 and under child. Debra Saunders weighs in.

Robert Novak warns that the recent Student Loan Legislation does not reduce the Interest Rate and only makes high learning pricier. Winners...Those that work in it... and our Government Leaders. Losers...Students.

Michelle Malkin goes after the AP for using a source that does not exist. AP just wants us to lose in Iraq. Wonder why leftys want to shut us descenders up. The left is dishonest by intention...NOT by mistake. For Socialism to win...America Must Lose.

Hugo Chavez aka Castro's Mini-Me has a message for America.

Michael Barone looks at 2008 and Presidential Race.

Star Parker is not impressed with the recent Ethical Legislation

Rich Lowery wonders if people like George Clooney would advocate humanitarian need if genocidal bloodletting began after America left Iraq. Don't hold your breath.

I think we all know by now that Jimmy Carter sides with the terrorists and support Terrorism. Yet nothing is done about this Peanut Farmer. Joseph Farah has his thoughts.

Keith Ellison who is the first openly devout Muslim now in Congress is calling for the release of a terrorist seven years ago.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Readings

The Hilldabeast is offically in. She said so.

Hillary launches 2008 run for the oval office. This is the news story.

Offical faults Bush Over Stem Cells. Some people just want Government to fund things...makes them feel good. Stem Cell research IS GOING ON!!!! We the People are just NOT Paying for it...for now.

Hugo Chavez makes a statement over the alling Castro. You can't live forever Hugo but hey your the next great dictator.

Frank Pastore shows how the ACLU is showing its support for the religion of Islam.