Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Readings

Robert Novak has his Recap of the Week.

Burt Prelutsky says the left is full of themselves when it comes to Mainline Media.

The Democrats say they have a plan for Iraq but Rich Lowry says that plan is defeat and as such they are the Party of Defeat.

William Perry Pendley warns that we have a last chance to have a Color Blind Constitution. Racial Quotas forever. Should show you what kind of people leftys are.

Justice Dept.: NSA Program Makes U.S. More Secure

The Real Glenn Ford Story

Mao Disappears in Chinese Textbooks

Their are people that want Tony Blair to leave.

Now we have something to use to attack Oliver Stone with. Commie Lover!!!

Click here for the scoop on Olly Stone

Castro is not ready to die just yet.

Robert Bianco's Fall TV Picks

Bianco is USA Today's television critic and as such he as the advocate for scripted TV. The question will the audience watch what he likes??? Anyway here are his top ten in decending order.

1. The Nine: ABC, Wednesdays, 10/9, Premieres October 4

2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: NBC, Mondays 10/9, Septemeber 18

3. The Class: CBS, Mondays 8/7, September 18

4. Ugly Betty: ABC, Thursdays 8/7, Septemeber 28

5. Friday Night Lights: NBC, Tuesdays 8/7, October 3

6. 30 Rock: NBC, Wednesdays, 8/7 October 11

7. The Knights of Prosperity: ABC, Tuesdays 9/8, October 17

8. Justice: FOX, Wednesdays 9/8, Premiered

9. Help Me Help You: ABC, Tuesdays, 9:30/8:30, September 26

10 Shark: CBS, Thursdays, 10/9, September 21

Bianco goes into detail of his picks. Flash is Required.

Bianco say TV has smarten up.

2006-2007 TV Season Predictions Part 3

OK I have the USA Today page with me, and now I can offer better predictions night by night.


NBC's Deal or No Deal should continue to take the first hour of prime time. CBS's new commer "The Class" may feel the love of the elite critics but I say the viewers will take a pass. This will not help "How I Met Your Mother" and I think this long draw out story will finally come to an end without knowing all the detalis of how he met his wife...Besides we don't see Ted's kids anymore. One has to wonder if they are tired of his story :-). CBS however will win overall with Two and Half Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami. NBC will bomb with "Heroes" and might hang in their with "Studio 60." With no Monday Night Football, ABC has a lot of work to do. Wife Swap will give them numbers, but do we want another Bachalor and can Brian improve???? Don't be suprise if "7th Heaven" contiues to get the ratings that it got last season. It will be The CW's strongest link. FOX will get its target demo with Break and Vaninshed.


This is a tought night and in spite of the positive reviews of "Friday Night Lights" it does not stand a chance with "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, NCIS on CBS, and House on FOX. The veteran shows have not jumped the shark yet and will take out Lights. CBS's The Unit will be put to the test as the show gets its first full season (should it continue to proform well in the ratings), but this Smith show. No way. The biggest problem for both shows are the L&O spinoffs Criminal Intent, and Special Victims Unit. These spinoffs still proform well for NBC. CW has given "Veronica Mars" a third season and pairing it with Gilmore Girls which enters its 7th Season. If the Girls still do well then Mars might have a chance to be on TV beyond a 3rd season...that is if Mars can hold the Girls audience. ABC will feel sting this night except for Stars.


ABC will win with the Stars Results show, but will the audeince go for "Jericho" (I still have not gotten over the loss of Threshold) on CBS, or 30 Rock and Twenty Good Years on NBC. Bones and Justice may get the 18-34 audience but their not shoe in's. ABC and CBS will battle out this night. ABC will win with Lost and CBS will hang tough with Criminal Minds. I say ABC has a winner with "The Nine," and CSI: NY will continue to get strong numbers. CW will do fine with "America's Top Model" but they will regret keeping "One Tree Hill" over "Everwood."


ABC might just take this night, if "Ugly Betty" proves to be the new "Desperate Housewives." If that is the case, ABC has the one two punch with Betty and Grey's Anatomy. CBS should get second place, but Survivor might have its torch finally sniffed out, but if not that might not be good for NBC's Earl, Office, and the Thursday airing of DoND which NBC placed their likely to give their new scripted shows a fighting chance. CW should still atract its Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror audience with Smallville and Supernatural.


Friday's are not a good night for TV, but NBC should turn up the heat with its lineup of Jordan, Las Vegas and the orginal L&O. CBS should hang though it should keep its Numb3rs up with that respect show and Ghost Whisperer, but Close To Home's retool might hurt rather than improve that show's fortunes.


The only reason why I have something to say about this night is because of ABC's prime time College Football coverage. ABC will pull some strong numbers during the season. Not much expect for repeats on the other networks and reality crime on FOX. Oh yea don't forget "48 Hours" on CBS.


CBS is going to bounce back on this night. However ABC will take the crown with EM: Home Edition, and Desperate Housewives. CBS will do fine with "Cold Case" and will beat out ABC's Brothers and Sister with veteran show Without a Trace. "Amazing Race" might get a second place win but will not overtake EM: Home Edition. NBC should get a boost with Sunday Night Football but not enough to win season long.

My Network TV

The ideal of bringing Telenovals to English Speaking American TV is not a bad ideal, look at "Ugly Betty." But to be a copy cat those Latin American counterparts is not going to work for the short term. My Network TV has a ways to go, and need to look at other programing options.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Readings

This first piece deals with radio ads in Colorado, but I will post this anyway because of our Mini-George Soros's and a former Dem Party Chair in this state behind this. They have truly lied about the itent of the Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis and her atempt to have Individualism trump Collectivism. Mike Rosen proves once again that Liberals think the presants are stupid and fighting to help The Borg Kings/Queens if any in the later (i.e. Union Boses) to use the dues of these "useful idiots" on lefty politics.

We have to keep showing that leftys hate Individualism all the way. The above link proves it. It may be just about Colorado but something I think people in every State should be aware of.

Another thing the Dems are trying to due to stop the war on Terror. Prove Me Wrong, Tell us your plan OTHER THAN "Redeploment," Finding ObL (Yes he still needs to be stopped but I does not end with him) and linking hands with the Euro's who jealous of us cause they need to embrace the "goodness" of socialism more so than we. Here is David Limbaugh with a related piece.

Iran tell us to get lost. This and more from Neal Boortz.

A movie about the assanation of George W. Bush. Typical of the Euros

One Democrat I enjoy posting is former Mayor Ed Koch. He wonder why certian Americans refuse to believe we are at war with those who would kill us if given a chance.

The Wilsons are after bigger fish in order to discredit Bush and the War, and help their Democratic Friends. Bryon York explains.

When the "Religion of Peace" holds a gun (or Knife) to your face. This from Kathleen Parker.

Its official Hillary wants the Oval Office and she wants the status of President.

Their are Muslims that truly want to Co-Exist with us and leave the rest of us alone...and help us in defeating these Islamo Fascists. One Can Hope and I REALLY Mean It.

The UN says that taking hostages is an International Crime, yet when Hezbollah comites this crime the UN turns their heads, and should Israel take action the UN calls them aggresors. Hal Lindsey talks about this and goes after Hassan Nasrallah for calling Israel Mad. By the way has Hezbollah let the Israeli hostages go??? To my knowledge I think the answer is NO!!!

This piece by Melanie Morgan should not surprise you. Our own media is at war with America UNCLUDING publications that target Millarty Personal. The fact is that a major Newspaper publisher/TV Owner accually OWNS these Milltary publications.

Georgetown Prof. John Esposito. This guy is an apologist for the Islamo-Fascists as Joel Mowbray points out.

Jonah Goldberg tells the Anti-Bush crowd to give him a break and that they are losing creditablity for their obession of Bush Hate.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Readings

Let us begin with Hugh Hewitt. The piece is called "A Different Sort of Virus" but its not about West Nile. It is about the Virus of Islamist Jihadism, and while everyone can be affected by this it is very Deadly to Jews, and even level headed truly peaceful Muslims.

Their are five links in Hewitt's Piece. All from his own blog. I have extracted them and put them here on "The Blog according to Don." These have been random attacks that have been commited very likley by Islamo Facists
The July 4, 2002 attack on the El Al counter at Los Angeles International airport;

The October 1 University of Oklahoma suicide bombing outside of a crowded football game.

The March 4, 2006 attack on the UNC campus

The July 28, 2006 attack on Seattle's Jewish Community Center;

The August 29, 2006 attacks on pedestrians in San Francisco.

One thing about World Net Daily...You can Count on them to Report on any Islamic Jihad like this story regarding guy who ran over 14 people in San Fran. No Media Black Out their. Looks like he did not get enough love from his new bride, and I do mean "Making Love."

Islamic Jihadism, it needs to be wiped out and killed before IT KILLS US!!!! Don't Talk to Them, Don't Reason with Them, Don't try to UNDERSTAND them, KILL THEM!!! KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL , KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!

OK I did that so you will finally get it into your head that these Islamo Facists mean business.

Iran may have Nukes soon, and yet we still want to Talk, Reason, and Understand with their Governemnt. This and more today from Neal Boortz

Certain Dems that might be just stiting on the Commities. Just Click Here. Be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!! The GOP right now is not better but any better than the men mechioned in this piece.

Level head blacks running as Democrats are feeling the heat of the Far Left as Brian DeBose reports.

John Murtha is not happy with the Hildabest for not supporting his Cut and Run plan. Murtha recently did in interview with that Communist in the media Amy Goodman.

Along with Sean "Slan Head" Hannity, Newt Gingrich is warning of the comming disaster if the Dems and Nancy Pelosi take power. Pelosi will be House Speaker and third'd for the Oval Office. Want that people???? If you said Yes then your part of the problem.

Is Democracy in the Middle East the best course??? Victor Davis Hanson says Yes even if its Messy.

George Will looks at the Senate Race in Missouri and it looks like it will be a Drag Down Fight.

Ann Coulter piece regardign Bush Supporting Lincoln Chafee.

Hey Ann, think of it this way. Bush is supporting Chafee is because if he get in power and GOP stays in power. The GOP is the one in charge not the Dems in spite Chafee acting like one.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama really for the poor farmer in Africa??? Larry Elder talks about Obama's recent visit to the area and says he would rather support tariffs that keep the Poor Farmers in Africa Poor. Think about it when the Dems start on their "American Protectionism" hobby horse.

The double standard of Globalism. They hate the promotion of the Free Market in a international since, but when it comes to promoting Socialism on a Global scale as the Soviet Union once envisioned and what the United Nations would like to truly become (World Governing Body)...well that is OK.

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens admits to blocking bill that would have created a searchable database so people could find out with a computer where that $2.5 trillion in government spending went. Hey Stevens wanted that Highway to Nowere Land :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday Late Readings

Todays comments from Neal Boortz. Watch for Boortz on Tucker Carlson's show on MSNBC and then on FOX News Channel's "Hannity and Colmes."

Predictions for the Fall 2006-07 Season Part 2

Tonight FOX debuts "Justice" and the second season of "Bones." Not in that order.

While Bones benfited from American Idol its numbers are not as good as House or 24. This year will be a make or break for the series. Justice I will predict will be one of if not the first cancelation for FOX.

To Be Continued.

Wednesday Readings

The Real World Mallard Fillmore will update his Dumb In America story or Commentary for ABC News. Call it what you want but he says we need choice and competition now and got a former Union head to admit that the Government Schools are ran like a "Command" (or Planned as the Socialists like to use) Economy. MUST READ!!!

What if we did leave Iraq??? William F. Buckley ponders that question and recalls what happned when the Commies won in Vietnam.

Attack on Property rights continues as Walter Williams explains in his piece of the week.

TV: The exact opposite of reality Brent Bozell is not talking about Survivor but the leftys that run the Eventing Newscasts night after night.

Billy O puts these Hollywood types in their place. Personally they should be ignored as the stuck up elitists THEY ARE!!!

How do the Terrorists win???!!! By converting YOU to their "Peaceful" religion of Islam as Ben Shapiro explains.

Plamegate is over and guess what??? Leftys Lost. Linda Chavez explains.

Wall Street Journal also has their take on Plamegate.

Donald Lambro talks about a recent Gallup Poll which shows the GOP resurging. I do have to say that if the Dems get elected, you have to prepare for America to be turned into the NEW Soviet Union.

Fred Barnes offers three things Bush could have done regarding Katrina and how his poll number could have been kept up.

One tool that Terrorists like to use is the ambulance. YES the AMBULANCE!!!! Michelle Malkin explains.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Readings

People think Jimmy Carter is irrelevant. David Limbaugh says otherwise and thank goodness he writes about the weasle because this man is wreaking many lifes still, and commiting treason towards the United States.

Jack Kemp is helping Joe Lieberman keep his Senate seat. Kemp also says the reason why they went with Ned Lement (as Rush Limbuagh likes to call Lemont) is to please the anti-war crowd and hope it will give them the security blanket of power so they can suck the life out of the rest of us.

Dennis Prager like the rest of us have to remind you of who we are fighting and why we are fighting.

Paul Weyrich expands on his comments regarding why the Democrats are postitve in their quest to reclaim power.

Thomas Sowell has random thoughts this time around.

This Woman wants to be House Speaker, and believe me she is DANGEROUS!!!! Not much to say about her but its enough to work hard to keep the Democrats out of power.

$1 Billion That is how much your Goverment spent on Anti-Drug ads.

Sen. Santorum: 'Islamic Fascism' the Common Enemy. He could lose his job if the people are foolish enough to elect the son of Bob Casey.

Finally they are up. Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Katie Cookie Cutter: Not Hired to 'Save the Network'. Guess who is introducing her on her first show??? Walter Crankenhouse Cronkite, that Global Socialist Citzen who would sell out America if he could.

Jack Kelly reviews a book put out by two liberal journalists regarding Plame Name Game.

Byron York says Plame Game has gone nowhere.

Learn who Jospeh Willson REALLY IS by clicking here. Chances are he would have a job in the Kerry Admistration had Kerry got the Oval Office.

NBC Regents their actions Sunday Night regarding the Lost takeoff and the real world plane crash. Hey it did not happen in New York or L.A. so big deal. Should show that those two places don't give a Funk about Middle America.

Sam's Club to reinstate 'Christmas'. There is no Shame in saying the word, and all you who are offended by this can go to HELL!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments by Neal Boortz. Read the part on why should NOT Vote Republican, Democrat, OR Libertarian.

Click Here on why Jimmy Carter should be ignored. He is going after Tony Blair. Yes we should submit ourselves to Dictators, since many of them are Carter's friends.

Gas Prices down 15 Cents. I shall point that out since the evening news will not.

See how Al Gore is SO BITTER that he is not President. Try in 2008 and who knows your Socalist Utopia, that you want to impose on the rest of us still can come true. By the way Kerry and his supporters OUTspent Bush and his supporters...George Soros anyone????

The Judge who stuck down the NSA eavesdropping program might have done the right a favor as Robert Novak explains.

Mary Katharine Ham on why we don't believe the Mainline Media. MUST READ!!! This media monster is doing it can to help the Muslim Extremists overtake Israel.

Howard Dean tries to blame Bush for Katrian and says that he lost any chance to reach out to the Black Community, but what about Nagin, Blanco and Brown??? Rich Galen reminds us of how THEY screwed things up.

Thomas Smith shows why we can't pull out of this current war. He recalls what happened after we pulled out of Vietnam.

Michael Barone says the winds may be changing in favor of the Republicans.

Sebastian Mallaby warns the Dems of their anti-Wal-Mart campaign and how that will backfire. Dumb economic populism...Don't Fall For it. This is why I am not a Populist.

2006 Emmy Award Winners

While I was Cart Pushing like crazy the Emmys were being awarded and I am happy with most of the winners.

24 and The Office won for Best Drama and Comedy series respectfuly, and Kiefer Sutherland won for Best Actor in a Drama series.

The Amazing Race may had not been Amazing last season but still takes the Emmy for Best Reality-Competition series. Hey you get to see all those wonderful places in the world and all those Detours and Roadblocks that the contestants have to do get people in touch with the cultures these contestants are sorounded by. Forget American Idol.

They should given William Shatner another Emmy. Guess they love Alan Alda a lot. At least the Sheen's got zip...I Hate Them Both.

Complete results at

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Readings

George Will talks about an ally in East Asia.

Willam F. Buckley warns that the terrorists are riding high. Hey we just overlook those Arab Men between the ages of 16-35.

Pat Boone talks about a charty program that gives Veterans access to Dental Care.

FOX News Crew is free to go.