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David Horowitz sounds off

Its an ad but a MUST READ...for this reason this is a seperate post

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Henry Lamb want Kofi Annan to stay in the chair at the UN...for reasons of HIS own.

David Bass calls out Michael Schiavo regarding his attempt to end the life of his wife. I do support Right to Die, but I don't support it regarding this one.

15 year old Kyle Williams sees own on Government breaking the laws they make

Michael Savage warned us about this and so does Dave Gibson "Thailand Should Not Receive Unconditional Aid" untill they put the perverts in their place

Elaine Donnelly put the Pentagon on the hot seat regarding women being put in combat

The 'tsunami' victims that we don't count Derrick Z. Jackson says that 'tsunami' is the U.S. and its victims? Take a wild guess...Its my token lefty piece

Bonus Left Piece from The Denver Post ELECTION REFORM they want ELECTION REFORM!!!,1413,36~417~2641222,00.html

Drop me a line regarding my opinions made on this blog or if you have a piece you that would make a great Recommended Reading sock it to me.

Hip-Hop & R&B rules the charts big time. Plus the promotion of the STREETS!!!

In Wednesday's issue of the USA Today, they reported that Hip-Hop & R&B music dominated national radio airplay surveys.

According to Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems and Arbitron, 61% of radio's hits were in the Hip-Hop/R&B fold (up from 51% in 2003). Meanwhile Pop and Country took a hit, and not even that rednecked woman named Gretchen Wilson could prevent the slide. Pop was at 16% (25% in 2003), and Country was at 11% (14% in 2003). Rock did gain with 12% (8% in 2003).

As someone who played Hip-Hop and R&B music on CSU-Pueblo's REV89 (KTSC-FM) I can speak my opinions on this music, so if I do say some damming things; Get Over It!

First of all I prefer much of the old school music of the 70's and 80's. I really enjoy the Philly Soul (Spinners, O'Jays who are famous of the song "For the Love of Money", Delfonics, Stylistics, and the house band that back them MFSB.) I also enjoyed the funk music of Kool & The Gang, Gap Band, Ohio Players, and Cameo especially the 80's work in which they used more keyboards and showed they were more than a copycat of the Ohio Players. I also enjoy the Smooth Jazz/R&B styles of Randy Crawford, George Benson, Quincy Jones. All of which are black.

Their are some current and recent Hip-Hop hits that I do like from Outkast (Hey Ya!!) and Nelly/Tim McGraw's "Over My Head." McGraw is still doing country music by the way.

That aside the popularity of Hip-Hop side of this kind of music concerns me. While today's R&B (and the old school) is full of sex laced songs, the Hip-Hop is not only full of sex but it also has a love affair with the "gangsta lifestyle" along with violence and its promotion of drugs in many of its pieces.

I don't want to get into all the details at this time but, I will says this to you parents. Talk with your kids about this crap, and try to get them to use the brains and hopfully they will see Hip-Hop for the sour milk it is. Try not to be forceful unless its nesscary, you don't want them to get deeper into this.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Elephants saved tourists from tsunami

They cry for diversity but when it comes to ideals Thomas Sowell says that the diversity crowd in higher learning says no way.

The Palestinians will be voting soon, but Charles Krauthamer says to take heed of thing being said. Hey Mahmoud Abbas is just as dangerous if not more than Arafat.

Well at least Ken Salazar is going to back Gonzales

Jonah Goldberg has the facts when it comes to Gonzales and the torture issue MUST READ!!!

Don't boycott Staples just yet

Devvy Kidd does NOT KID around when it comes to the UN MUST READ!!!

Burt Prelutsky slames Bush on our tax money going to UN

Klaus Rohrich talks about the real agenda of the UN MUST READ!!!

The fourth season of 24 will be PI (Politically Incorrect) when it comes to the portrayal of certain followers of Islam. Daniel Pipes tips his hat to FOX Broadcasting for taking this on, and by the way the next 24 hours of hell for its lead character Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) begans this Sunday. TUNE IN!!!

Rebecca Hagelin reminds us that Economic policies are moral issues

Linda S. Heard calls Joseph Farah a bigot...Farah calls her a coward. You can also read Heard piece by following the links in Farah's piece

Token Lefty Piece this time around will be formor Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers who says that courts should contuine to deside on Doctors. Trial Lawyers will sure love this piece

Is that a piece worthy or news scoop worthy for my recommended readings??? Give me a link via E-Mail. Also feel free to drop me a line regarding the opinons spoken by me.

Another attempt to revive the "Fairness Doctrine"

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) is obsessed with fairness in the Mass Media, and thinks that repealing the "Fairness Doctrine" was a big mistake. Now she is proposing "The Media Act" (HR 4710) that would bring back this dreaded doctrine.

Her Statment regarding this attempt

The Fairness Doctrine was adopted in 1949 by the FCC. It was intended to present both sides of a controversial issue on radio and TV. In 1987 during the Reagan years this doctrine was repealed and rightfully so. There was no such thing as cable TV back in 1949, and today there is even more media choices with the internet and the web logs like the one you are reading now.

However Slaughter like many Democrats still don't like the fact that the Rush Limbaugh's, Sean Hannity's, Neal Boortz's, Michael Savage's of the world are not countered with the Al Franken's, Ed Schultz's, Stephanie Miller's, or Randi Rhodes's of the world ON THE SAME STATION!!!

Either that or they want to Government to help them get on more stations. That sounds just about right.

Slaughter Represents Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. Out of those cites Rochester gain a Progressive Talk station last year, displacing Sean "Slam Head" Hannity as Schultz likes to call him. Hey at least you can listen to Michael Savage on the air their...for now.

In the many interviews Slaughter has given she keeps telling us that the "airwaves" belong to the "public." I will go into this in another post. However in an exchange with now retired Bill Moyers on his PBS program, she said something very scary and it seems that Slaughter wants to take her new "Fairness Doctrine" beyond AM, FM, TV.

Bill Moyers: So you're primarily concerned about radio?

Louise Slaughter: No. I'm concerned about television as well. But radio is probably where we're going to get the biggest problems in trying to get this done, because people have the radio on all day. They listen to it. And I think that says a lot. I think we can see that reflected in what people are thinking and feeling today.

Moyers: You know people say well, "Yes, it is in principle true that the government, the people passed to the television and radio companies the right to use the airwaves, the public spectrum." But cable's a different baby altogether. Cable is unregulated.

Slaughter: Right.

Moyers: Are you proposing the fairness doctrine for Fox News or MSNBC?

Slaughter: You bet.

Moyers: You are?

Slaughter: Yes. Fairness isn't going to hurt anybody. I just can't imagine these people who want to fight against fairness. And I noticed that just recently, I believe President Clinton said that the 1996 Telecommunications Bill was probably one of his worst mistakes?

Complete transcript of the exchange between Moyers and Slaughter


OK regarding the Telecom Bill it allowed radio to be run like a business, for once, and that is all I have to say about that for now.

Getting back to her statement about forcing FOX News, MSNBC, and even CNN to abide by a fairness doctrine. Do you see what this woman wants to do??? What she really wants to is the stifle the voices that oppose her ideals that she wants to make into public policy. The Dems are not about fairness. They are about only getting their ideals across without ANY decenting voices.

Also leftys feel they can't compete with the righty's that dominate talk radio. It is very important more than ever to listen to what these leftys do and say and read between the lines regarding their statements and actions. Then YOU must take action and touch base with your Reps and Senators and tell them to oppose this Unfairness doctrine.


Yea it feels good to break some news, and don't forget Beware of Louise The Ripper. That is going to be her nickname.

Oh and by the way she knows a lot about Science (Microbiology) , but does not know JACK about the media. Is she related to Jack The Ripper? Guess not.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Liberals love America??? Just like O.J. Simpson loving you know who??? Ann Coulter takes on leftys and their love on America on this piece.

Thomas Sowell talks about the wave of criticism from the leftys regarding southren Asia

Larry Elder speaks his piece regarding Jan Egeland "stingy" statement. Egeland is just another UN puppet.

Random thoughts by Ross Mackenzie in his piece this week

Cliff May talks about the sympathy gap and how UN and REgressive turned their backs on certain people.

Brent Bozell shows how Newsweek gave preferential treatment toward freshman Senator Barack Obama, and gave Rick Santorum a cold and shrill shoulder

Criage McMcMillan talks about the "Ghostly" election victory in Washigton State

I shall highlight the lefty view. This time from Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, who says that our voting system "Needs A New Constitutional Foundation."

Drop me a line, I would love to get letters. Plus if you got an opinion piece worthy for my blog send that link.

It's OVER and OFFICIAL Ohio goes to Bush

Today, Cally's very own Senator Barbara Boxer and Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones took a leap a faith and raised an objection to delay Congress' certification of the presidential election results.

Sadly for these two REgressive political leaders, they attempts went down in flames. 74-1 in Senate (guess who that one is) and the House vote was 267-31.

"It's not about overturning the election. To me, it's the opening round, for me personally, in the battle for electoral justice," Boxer said.

I have to admit I am starting like to Hugh Hewitt, although I take Savage over Hewitt most of the time. After listening to lefty talker Ed Schultz saying great thing about what Boxer did (and she made an call in appearance on his show) I am glad that someone on the right was talking about it. Nothing from Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, or Michael Savage (but he is mad about Andrea Yates who drowned her kids getting off scott free when a court overturns a life sentence).

Speaking of Hewitt, I went to a local bookstore and skimmed through his 2004 election book "If its not Close They Can't Cheat." It seems that the Dems enjoy STEALING elections and have been for quite sometime. It appears that the Dems stole the JFK/Nixon election of the 1960's, and I forget the names of the early gangsters of the Dems, and yes I will call them Gangsters...or do you prefer Gangsta's???

In Cally, Boxer will likely get re-elected in six years since they have not learned their lesson on how REgressives operate. Today Boxer is an idiot, regardless of what that loser in Fargo, ND and his REgressive wife and friends say.

Related Story

This thing with Napoleon Dynamite

Last summer a movie with a budget of $400,000 was released in limited movie houses (mostly art movie houses). This movie was about life of a high school outcast and some of his friends and family. To top it off the movie did not take place in suburbia like many movies do but rather the small rural town of Preston, Idaho. Not far off from the Utah Stateline.

The word about this movie got around and the payoff was great. In its theatrical release the movie has grossed over $44 Million, in spite of mixed reviews. Just before Christmas Day Napoleon Dynamite was released on DVD and FOX shipped 2.5 million copies. On the first day it sold 1.35 million. The DVD release of Napoleon Dynamite includes deleted scenes, the short movie "Peluca" which served as the template of Napoleon Dynamite, and your commentary soundtrack.

To enjoy this movie you have to be one of these things.

1. Someone must have grown up in a rural area. You will love it more if those rural areas were around in Utah or Idaho.

2. This movie was made by a Mormon filmmaker and the culture in those areas is very conservative. There are movies that are for a Mormon audience, but Napoleon Dynamite is for a larger audience, not just Mormons. I will not join the church anytime soon.

3. If you were a outcast while growing up in school regardless were you lived, you will connect with Napoleon and his closest friends Deb and Pedro in this movie. You will also see the stuckups, bullies in the picture too. Napoleon does not care about those who want nothing with him, and does not care about being on top. He does what he likes, but he will stand up for himself if his uncaring Uncle Rico wrongs him in anyway.

Joseph Farah (World Net Daily) and C.W. Nevius (San Francisco Chronicle) have some great things to say about the movie Napoleon Dynamite. The movie by the way is rated PG for thematic elements and language. I don't recommend the movie for children under 10, but still it is a movie that you can feel good about watching with your middle and high school kids.

Link to Joseph Farah's piece

Link to C.W. Nevius's piece

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Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

OK I am late on this but hey better late than ever

A MUST READ from Walter Williams regarding our country is, and why we would be better off NOT as a democracy but as a republic

Linda Chavez warns the Dems they are playing with fire if they stonewall Alberto Gonzales

John Podhoretz says our troops support their mission and they plan on winning the war

David Johnson talks about a new tatic for the Dems. If you can win it STEAL IT!!!!! This is a MUST READ!!!! Cause the Dems will be cheating more and more in years to come. I told you they act like Linus and they want their security blanket back.

Speaking of cheating and lies here is a press release from Democracy Radio claiming that their man Ed Schultz is breaking records and beating Rush Limbaugh in certain things. Be sure to read my piece on this after these reading links

Newsmax reports that Limbaugh has countered the statement made from Democracy Radio

Newsmax also has a great piece in which our beloved right wing babe Ann Coulter has some things to say regarding the coming year.

Token Lefty Piece comes from Robert W. McChesney who wants media reform. His answers, don't deregulate, and more funding (at taxpayers expense) of public broadcasting and non-com media.

Got a piece you want to see highlighted on my blog??? Drop me a line and your direct link to that piece.

Does Rush Limbaugh's first year record still stand???

Today's is the 1st anniversary of Ed Schultz's nationally syndicated radio talk program. On January 5 of last year Schultz signed on with just two radio stations, both in non-ranked Arbitron markets. The two stations were in Needles, California; and Langdon, North Dakota. If you are a lefty, Democrat, progressive, this man was your hope for a new era in talk radio.

Today they are 70 affiliates of the Schultz show and is heard in markets in Denver, Portland OR, Miami, Phoenix, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, and Schultz's flagship town Fargo, ND to name a few. Later this month Schultz will sign on in Washington, D.C. It is been reported that Schultz will get affiliates in Los Angeles and Cincinnati this month as well.

One thing that helped Schultz big time was Clear Channel taking a chance on the Air America Radio network, which is getting lots of publicly for being an outlet of progressive talk radio. Without AAR Schultz may not have a chance.

Schultz and Democracy Radio have made the claim that he has surpassed Rush Limbaugh regarding their first year of broadcast and it appears that Schultz is standing by that. Rush is not taking this lightly and issued his own press release regarding the first year record.

According to Rush he began with 56 stations and was heard on 150 stations a year later.

While Schultz is not on a lot of blowtorch radio stations like WABC and KFI, radio listeners are gaining interest.

In left wing strongholds of Portland, OR and San Diego, CA the stations that have a full time lineup of liberal talkers having made very impressive gains in the ratings, getting more listeners that what they had in the previous format they had. Other stations have seen some gains as well although not as big as the two I mentioned.

As a broadcaster I understand the evolution of radio. It changes with the trends that the people are living in this country. Radio is always trying new formats to attract listeners. Syndicated liberal radio talkers have had a hard time getting on in markets, but now with Air America and the biggest radio company in world taking a chance on "Progressive Talk" the lefty finally might get their wish on being liberal and heard nationally.

People are in the middle and sadly vote personality over party, and the left can win battles. With Schultz and Air America in play they can win regardless if they are on 70 stations or 40 stations.
Here are the facts:

Ed Schultz is truly indeed the number one nationally syndicated radio talker on the progressive side.

Rush Limbaugh's record still holds, and Schultz must get off this lie if he wants to be around in four years and beyond. On the other hand people do use certain kinds of math to make themselves look good.

I will continue to listen to Schultz (unless I find a righty talker that I can listen to) because his show allows me to listen to the other side and I can put up with him. I will not listen to Al Franken or any of these entertainers that dominate AAR that think they can do talk radio. Randi Rhodes is a broadcaster but I can't stand her and I don't like Mike Malloy either. Both along with Laura Flanders are the handful of "broadcasters" on AAR. Other lefty talkers I can put up with include Lionel and Stephanie Miller.

Links used in this piece

Limbaugh's Record Still Stands

Ed Schultz on 70 Stations

Barbara Streisand & Journalism

I don't waste my time with Barbara Streisand who like many entertainers can't or will not use the left side of their brain (the LOGIC side), but maybe I should. Newsmax's Left Coast Report does keep tabs on entertainment leftys quite a lot (They have to, it’s their job).

Last year or Last Month (December 10, 2004) this Witch decided to post her feelings about the news media on her "Statements" blog, which can be found at her official website. She said that the ideal of a "liberal media" is a myth. It should be stated right now that Barbs is a lefty and we all know that but think that her world view is truly a "mainstream" view or so she thinks.

She defended Dan Rather's report regarding George W. Bush's service in the national guard. No surprise their since she was supporting John Kerry in spite of him turning anti-war and at the same time the Vietcong was using his testimony to torture our own men.

Remember that Dems and leftys can never do wrong.

She mentions FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York POST which is part of the "strong conservative media" and how they share their "unwanted opinions." She then tips her hat (do you really wear a witch's hat Barbs???) to those respected "prestigious TV anchors." Among the list include Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Jim Lehrer who to quote the very bright Barbs; "carefully tow-the-line to present the news in a balanced manner. They are real journalists who objectively present the news in order to allow the audience to make up their own minds."

Really Barbs, you really believe that these guys are balanced. Again Barbs believes that her values and what public policy should be is MAINSTREAM thought, and those "prestigious anchors" have proven to people like me that they think the same way is barbs thought.

These real journalists are just as left wing as Barbara Streisand and they did a great job in shaping our country the way they see fit more/less.

Walter Cronkite a.k.a. Crankenhouse was very popular during his time in the anchor seat at CBS News. He along with most of the media convinced much of the public that the Vietnam War was a lost cause. They were successful in convincing the American people of such and eventually our troops pulled and after awhile the Vietcong won. To this day Vietnam is still living in a socialist paradise. Crankenhouse has been an advocate for a one world government as well. He really thinks the UN is great thing.

Bill Moyers, now let’s dig into him a bit. I came across a commentary piece by World Net Daily's Joseph Farah (November 15, 2002) in which he put Moyers on the spot especially when he did much of his work for the government subsidized Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Farah focused on several areas on a piece Moyers (aka his final comments on his NOW show) did regarding the 2002 elections.

Moyers: "Way back in the 1950s when I first tasted politics and journalism ..."

Farah translates: "In the 1950s, he first began injecting his own political biases into his journalism work. It wasn't long before he was actively campaigning for Democratic Party presidential candidates, getting appointments from those men once they were elected and jumping back and forth between government, politics and media as if there were no distinctions between them."

Let me cut in and remind all of you that it was Bill Moyers who created the ad that would give Lyndon B. Johnson the win over Barry Goldwater. The one that has the girl picking flowers (or maybe she is doing the 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not' thing). Meanwhile the soundtrack of the ad has a countdown before the bomb goes off and that dreaded cloud appears on your TV screen. Moyers did great job in getting LBJ elected.

His reward? The creation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS, and eventually National Public can thank LBJ for government subsided media.

Moyers: "... Republicans briefly controlled the White House and Congress. With the exception of Joseph McCarthy and his vicious ilk, they were a reasonable lot, presided over by that giant war hero, Dwight Eisenhower, who was conservative by temperament and moderate in the use of power."

Farah: "I hate Joseph McCarthy because he was a determined anti-communist. I like Commies. Some of my best friends are Commies. Some people might even think I'm a Commie. Ike was OK because he was a doddering old fool as president and my friends could easily manipulate him. But that McCarthy! He was mean."

Moyers: "That brand of Republican is gone. And for the first time in the memory of anyone alive, the entire federal government – the Congress, the Executive, the Judiciary – is united behind a right-wing agenda for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate."

Farah comments: Isn't this rich? The U.S. Supreme Court, as currently constituted, according to Moyers, is part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy. The last time I counted the heads on that court, there were three conservatives out of nine. George Bush is a right-winger? The Congress? For the life of me, I can't name even one right-wing vote in the U.S. Senate – not one.

Moyers says that one of those mandates is; "using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich."

Farah fires back and says; "Do you recognize what Moyers is trying to do? He knows it is immoral for the state to use force to steal from one person to benefit another. But he knows this is an absolute imperative to his ideology. So, what does he do? He accuses right-wingers of doing exactly what he and his socialist friends do – forcible redistribution of property. Amazing!"

Before Bill Moyers retired, he took a crack at the right wing media on his PBS show NOW. Rather than tell what he said I shall let me speak for himself.

"I'm going out telling the story that I think is the biggest story of our time: how the right-wing media has [sic] become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee." We have an ideological press that's interested in the election of Republicans, and a mainstream press that's interested in the bottom line. Therefore, we don't have a vigilant, independent press whose interest is the American people."

Come on Bill, you still have PBS, NPR, and left wing rags like The Nation, The Progressive, Mother Jones, etc etc etc. Does Progressive Talk Radio count??? For leftys it only thing that will make then happy is that ONLY THEIR VOICE is heard. No one else can rebuke them.

Dan Rather I will not go into, but Jimmy boy I shall go after. Jimmy tried to set up Bush with a trick question in the first debate regarding the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and I heard Michael Savage tear into him big time.

Well that is what I have to say about lets move on, and keep up the fight against these losers in the media business...including Barbs.

Links used in this piece

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Recomended Reading from The Blog According to Don

Governor of Baghdad Region Assassinated (I will link news stories of great improtance)

David Limbaugh says the leftys are taking advantage of the South Asian disaster.

Affirmative Action = More Black Lawyers??? Star Parker says no

Rich Tucker warns about IOU if Social Securty keeps going the way it is.

Matt Towery talks about Tort Reform

Geoff Metcalf shows how to undermine the UN and that doing such is a good thing.

Joseph Farah say we should Recognize Taiwan as its own country cause mainland China wants them VERY BADLY!!!

Token Lefty Piece from Robert Freeman who debunks those who say the government education is failling out kids. He say their are doing a great job.

Caroline Arnold reminds us of what FDR said about being free from from Fear, Want, and War. Lets just have a nanny state right Arnold?

If their is commentary piece that you think would be recomended by me or if you want to drop me a line please sent me a E-Mail

The Dirty Six or James Dobson declares war on fillbustering Dems

Today our Congress comes back to DC to make us lives miserable and we have to make sure they do make us too unhappy. James C. Dobson who is best known as the founder of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family has now declared war on six Dems in the Senate.

The Dems in his scope are Ben Nelson (Nebraska), Mark Dayton (Minnesota), Robert "KKK" C. Byrd (West Virginia), Kent Conrad (North Dakota), Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico), and Bill Nelson (Florida).

Dobson is warning these six Dems that the same thing will happen to them if they continue down the same road as former colleague Tom Daschle did; they too might just get the shaft. Daschle was a senator from South Dakota who was defeated by Republican challenger John Thune. Political experts said the judicial obstructionism was Daschle's downfall.

This has been making headlines in the New York Times and

Lefty radio talker Ed Schultz really took on this issue of Dobson and the "dirty six" on his show yesterday, and Jeff Bingaman came on his show explain how he and the Dems just want judges that are in the mainstream and not "extreme right wing." Funny several judges had great nods from the American Bar Association, but never saw a chance to get confirmed just because of the Dems that held up the filler buster.

A spokesperson from People for the American Way (could have been Ralph Neas) came on Schultz's talk program admitted or spoke of supporting a "progressive" agenda. Its been reported that Dobson will go above and beyond the call and will now support certain candidates in the future. He did beginning to do just that this year. However he spoke for himself and not as Focus on the Family, but PAW will do what they can to hurt FOTF because of Dobson. I will have move on this in another post.

I am not a big fan of Jim Dobson but lets face facts, the Democrats in recent years have block certain judges from the bench, although they clamed to have confirmed around 80% of the judges that Bush nominated.

While I will not go over the names of the "borked" judges during Bush's 1st term, I am happy that some of these names are getting another chance. The Dems never gave then a chance at all. Again some of them had high marks from the ABA (and they are very liberal), but the Dems are afraid of judges that interpreted the law, rather than MAKE LAW!!!!

One can only wonder if Bush brings in a token lefty for the highest court of our land or any of our federal courts. Will the Dems rubber stamp these judges? Chances are they will. Reagan nominated "Mainstream" judges to our high court including Sandra Day O'Connor. Connor has tilted towards the left in many of the decisions made by our high court.

When it comes to the REgressives, they so blinded when they think their ideals are "mainstream." They really do think they are in mainstream.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Commentary Pieces of the Day

As I said I will focus on commentary pieces.

I usally post pieces that I think are good and deliver their point and/or regular commentators that I usally like to post.

Anything I mark MUST READ mean excalty that...Its something your should read because of the importance of the message.

Also if their is any news story that is of great importance and if it is being overlooked I shall post it.

Also when I find good piece from the leftys (i.e. Liberals, REgressives whatever) I shall post it on the blog as well.

I will start by putting Bob Parks audio commentary as he talks about the recent tragety and how the UN and the rest of the leftys are reacting to this. Parks puts these jerks in their place. Mp3 software required...Windows Media will work.

Gunny Bob Newman offers his insights on Milltary Science in this piece.

Doug Patton says that America should cut off the UN. Yea were are indeed stingy...NOT!!!

Robert Spencer questions if women are treat well in the religion of Islam

The media has to bash Bush even at such a time like this. John Podhoretz reminds us of what really matters

In the land down under they sure like to blame us for the Tsunami. This from Gerard Baker

Suzanne Fields shows us that their were a few Republican converts this year. Small but they have turned from the "dark side" of the force :) Fields have some good things to say about this, so I say its a MUST READ!!!

If their is a commentary piece you think should be featured on the blog. Please E-mail it to me.

Who to Give to and Who Not to Give

Their are a lot of groups out their that are helping (at least they should be) those in south Asia.

Its sad that it had to happen, but contrary to certain people especially in the UN, this country is NOT STINGY by any means. We as Americans have given our support to those people that live their and those who were caught in the tsunami.

Want to give but don't know who to give to??? Well I shall make that easy for one.

Their is one group for sure that you should never give to HANDS DOWN!!! That would be ANY group that is connected with UN. On that list is UNICEF (its all about the children right????) and the WHO (World Health organization). Also radio talk show host Neal Boortz told his listeners that the International Red Cross is another group NOT to give to your money. Who would never thought that this group are a bunch of American haters. It seems that the IRC is far different from the AMERICAN Red Cross.

The best thing to do is to do your research on which group does the best in giving money to the people in need.

Boortz recommended these two groups to help provide relief to south Asia. These are direct links to pages in which you can begin the giving process



Again do your research on who you think is best, but just don't give to any group that you know beyond a reasonable doubt that are anti-America.

America has truly proven that this country is putting its money where their mouth is, and its beyond stingy. We are along behind Japan when it comes to giving (and this is based on status on what the governments of the world are shelling out). If the U.S. is stingy about anything it is that we just don't have over our money to our government and UN so that THEY get the credit of being humanitarians.

That UN is still looking out for their own selfish ways (Why do you think that certain people and groups overlook private free will offerings?).

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Blog According to Don is Evolving

I think that focusing on both news and commentary maybe just a bit too much for me, plus we have Matt Drudge doing a good job of linking news stories. He sure does it better than I can.

Since bloggers are known for breaking news rather that just reporting it, I have to evolve my blog too, and hope to be able to use my voice to influence the big bad world out their.

After all, Jerry Springer went from being another Phill Donahue type program to one that was filled with low lifes fighting so much that security was put on the set, and become the worst TV show of all time (and I agree). Let's hope his radio program is better, and yes he is a lefty. He will do a radio talk program for WSAI-AM Cincinnati when that station switches over to a REgresive talk format this month which will carry most of the Air America radio lineup and Jones Radio's Ed Schultz.

Beginning tomorrow I will focus more on links to commentary pieces that I think are of importance, including "token lefty pieces." I will also attempt to voice my own opinions on issues of the day.

If you just discovered this please tell your friends and I hope to do better in the coming year.

The Blog According to Don is a work in progress and working on it is a great thing for me.

Also drop me a line personally, I welcome your comments.

Morning News & Commentary

Anger Rises as Does Toll in Remote Indian Islands

Rescuers Set to Call Off Survivor Search

Tsunami Aid Reaches Remote Areas, Too Slow for Some

Tsunami Survivors Mob U.S. Aid Copters

Clintons Mum on Tsunami Donation

Powell, Gov. Bush Prepare for Asia Trip

America Finds Creative Ways to Aid Victims

Car Bomb Kills 19 Iraqi Guardsmen

US Said to Mull Lifetime Terror-Suspect Detentions

U.S. Soldier, Afghan Killed in Gunfight

Abbas vows to protect, shelter terrorists

Israeli Forces Launch New Gaza Operation

Sunni Marginalization Risks Worsening Iraq Turmoil

Families Try to ID Argentina Fire Victims

Four Confirmed Dead in Peru Police Shootout

Authorities Investigate Laser Beam Case

FBI Agent Crowley Retires

'Intelligence Reform' legislation could even lead to prohibition on matches

Head of Focus on the Family Targets Six Senate Democrats

Rehnquist: Judges Must Be Protected

Questions on Jobs May Slow Buying Spree

World Bank head Wolfensohn says he will retire this year

Pope tells Asians God has not foresaken them

University to Probe Michael Moore Speech


Arnaud de Borchgrave talks about how everybody else (THE WORLD) sees us

Paul Craig Roberts talks about the 'Unbecoming Conduct' of Maj. Gen. Thomas Fiscus

George Will talks about the possible overturn of Roe vs. Wade. For the record I support abortion rights but I don't support Roe vs. Wade either. Read his piece and you will find out why? Accually it comes down to two words...STATES RIGHTS!!!

And if the blog you are reading starts playing different tunes. I'll see you on "The Dark Side of the Moon" :) Here is a piece from Doug Giles but no Pink Floyd to be found

Token Lefty Piece

Clare Short wrote a piece for a U.K. Newspaper calling to arms for those who would fight the U.S. in their attempt to undermine the United Nations.

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