Friday, July 29, 2005

Could Enviormental Friendly isisms at NASA be the problem with the Space Program

According to World Net Daily's Joseph Farah, NASA's attempt to protect our environment comes at the expense of the lives of the astronauts they send up.

I have heard those ideals before and I am starting to believe them. our space program has been having issue for quite sometime. It seems that when NASA was no longer able to get a putty containing asbestos, is when NASA's troubles began starting with the Challanger. For those who remember in 1986 it blew up only seconds after left off.

The bottom line is that these environmental foams and the like are NOT strong enough to keep a space vechicle intact. It is because it used asbestos pior to 1986 that kept the previous space vechicles intact while breaking out of our atmosphere and back. Sure asbestos can be a danger to humans but in the case of space vehicles it can be friend for the asbestos does not catch fire and can stand the stress of the G's.

Joseph Farah once again is calling for the government to defund NASA, but does not say anything about making the space program private. Maybe he the right ideal. Maybe in private hands they would do a better job at the Space Program. Why not but use asbestos on your vechicles.

That Piece from Joseph Farah

On Another Subject:

I will do more of my best to present my points of view on my blog over links to commentary pieces from other writers. My thoughts will range from poltitical to softer subjects. Assembling a series of readings is not an easy task and even though I have an E-Mail that I put here on the blog, I am not at Matt Drudge status...yet. I have put that E-Mail so you could personally contact me or present a commentary piece that you think should be on the blog. That has not been working, and my blog needs to evolve again.

Best thing to keep it fresh is to say something big or small, and I have done that this week. Expressing my issues with Hugh Hewitt to the new jingles packages from Reelworld along with a brand new flash site.

You can still make comments by following the links at the bottom of every post I make. I don't put them their...Blogger does. If you want to say something in private that is what my E-Mail is for. I might share your comments but I will not tell who sent them.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reelworld updates its Website

Reelworld Productions based out of Seattle, WA has finally updated its website. This company has been in business for ten years now, and has been a God send to radio programers who want radio station ID jingles that sound with the times.

Their have been jingle packages that mirrored the sound of the current music in times past.

That list included such packages as JAM Creative's "Music Now" for BBC Radio One back in the mid 1980's and TM Century's Killer B, and Kiss This in the early 1990's. However these packages were the execption to the rule and most jingle packages lean towards the styles and rules laid out from the 1950's and 60's. The ideal is for the jingles to be different from the regular program so that the station can get the attention of the listener and be able to deliver the name and/or call letters of the radio station through music. However during the 1990's, certain radio programs were moving away from jingle imaging due to the lack of ability to evolve with the times. Enter Erik Huber and his vision on what station ID's should sound like.

Huber laid the groundwork for his brand of jingles while working for Hertiage Singers founder Max Mace. During this time Huber was able to use the Hertiage Singers to create radio station ID's, mostly for Christian radio stations. However Huber and Mace parted ways due to a conflict of intrest. While Mace continued to focus on music minstry, Huber would eventually pair up with Steve Thomas to form Reelworld.

Their first package Huber and Thomas created together was for CHR/Rhythmic powerhouse WPGC-FM in Washington DC. PGC's consultant Jerry Clifton also did consulting work for KUBE-FM in Seattle, and made them aware for Thomas and Huber recent work with PGC, and the modern jingle duo created a package for KUBE. With that second package, business exploded and radio ID jingles were reseated.

Reelworld branched out into other formats including CHR/Pop, Country, News/Talk, and AC, and continues to be a strong player in radio jingle business. Not bad for a company that calls Seattle, WA home. Those who know about the radio ID jingle business that many of the production house that create radio station jingles are based out of Dallas, TX. More to life than JR and the Ewings ya know :)

Happy Ten Years Reelworld, and here is to another ten years.

Link to Reelworld Producations

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I wanted to blog this yesterday BUT...

I forgot to.

I should not become like my father. I have rent out too many DVD's.

Well it seems that one of my friends has told that Hugh Hewitt is NOT the push over that I thought he was when it came to Muslim groups that did NOT recant the actions of their brothers (and sisters) who kill people and create terrior in the name of their religion.

It seems that everyone jumped the gun on this. Hewitt on Tom Tancredo, and myself on Hewitt.
For the record Tancredo was on Michael Savage last night, and man they had some things to say about our leaders that we send to DC.

So Mr. Hewitt you might have saved yourself once again, next time you might want to tell us were you stand before you go challanging the other side.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Hugh Hewitt has someone from the CAIR to speak for level headed Muslims

You know I have tried to let Hugh Hewitt know about my blog. I may be under the radar right now but I will still do what I have to do the get more people to my blog...even if that takes years and years.

Today I am glad that Hewitt did not give a damn about my blog. Today on Hewitt's talk radio show which is heard on 75 radio stations (and that is far less than what Michael Savage), he had a spokesman from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to speak on behalf of the Tom Tancredo flap.

Granted Tancredo has step across a line that he should have not crossed, but for Hewitt to have a group that has YET to denounce the actions of the milliant muslims who cut heads, and do whatever it takes to usher in the Islamic World Order is a spit in the face of many freedom loving Americans.

CAIR puts pressure from everyone to Paul Harvey, FOX Broadcasting (Season four of 24 anyone), and Dr. Laura to back off from any harsh statement regarding the Islamic religion. I have yet to hear from CAIR that they don't support the actions of the Taliban/Al Qaeda cult. As long as CAIR does not renouce the actions of these Muslim extremists, I can't and will not support CAIR and I will not support anyone who gives confort to CAIR, and sadly that includes Hewitt.

Now if Hewitt puts them on the spot I would not say anything, but it seems that he had this person from CAIR almost two hours on his show to denouce the actions of Tancredo. For the record I don't who it is but when he had that person as a guest and the feeling that Hewitt would not challange him on why CAIR says nothing about the AQ/Taliban jerks I had to turn his show off.

...and then you ask yourself why Michael Savage has more stations than YOU Hewitt and why the company you work for (Salem Communcations) clears Savage on stations when they are able to over your show Mr. Hewitt.

Any Hewitt supporters and Hewitt himself can send me an E-Mail if you think I am overlooking something. If I am wrong in anyway I will talk about it on my blog. Again I admit that I turned off the show right away when I heard him say that he had someone from the CAIR

Until then 'Evening Grace', and It's likely I will not listen to Hugh Hewitt again.