Saturday, August 06, 2005

Allow me (and others) to introduce "The Ginsburg Rule"

Well a lot of things were introduced by people. The sandwich was named after the Earl of Sandwich, and Braille which help blind people to read was named after Louis Braille. Their are others but I want to focus on some recent term that were named after certain judges. Regardless if they liked it or not.

The term Borking or Borked came from Judge Robert Bork who was nominated to the Surpreme Court but did not make it. Thus Bork was Borked.

Few years later enter Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When she was nominated to the Surpreme Court she was asked very tough questions regarding her views on the the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause, school couchers and choice, gun control, death penalty, gay rights. She never gave a direct answer to any of the above issues, but because of her record, her assocation with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and knowen to be a knee jerk liberal Ginsburg was confirmed to the court with the blessing of the Republicans. Becauses Ginsburg was a kneejerk liberal their was no outcry from the People for the Socialist Way people the like cause even though Ginsburg did not give direct answers, she would rule in way they favor things in our nation.

John Roberts who is up for the high court is now using the Ginsburg rule. The only difference now is that the leftys are doing what they can to bork him since they are not so sure on how he might rule on Roe Vs. Wade. Believe me I do not want to see that overturned, but their are other issues I am concerned about too including property rights and free speech, which the court has more/less taken away.

What the left wishes for is that Bush would elect someone that thinks them since Kerry lost. Dream on untill Hillary gets elected and that to may be a dream as well.

Soon my friends you will see why we we need a Constitutional (Nuke) Option. The left thinks that ONLY leftys can serve in the courts. It is the only way for them to usher in their socialist utopia for America.

Mike Rosen has a related commentary piece regarding the Ginsburg Rule

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Friday, August 05, 2005

A Corporate Scandel NOT being reported

We all heard of the scandels regarding Enron and Halliburton, but have you heard about the scandel regarding the Air America Radio Network?

Well you are not hearing it from most news media outlets who prove time and again that they an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party, and yes AAR is the great hope of a talk radio format that is slanted towards the left. Don't worry guys, if AAR bombs you still have Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller (contrary to Neal Boortz she is NOT part of the AAR fold), Thom Hartman, and Lionel to make sure that the dreams of a Socialist America are kept alive. Oh and how can I forget local lefty radio talkers like Stacy Taylor (San Diego), Jay Marvin (Boulder-Denver), Peter B. Collins (Monterey, CA), Neil Rogers (Miami) and Nancy Skinner (Detroit).

You should be happy and hey maybe Democracy Radio can help out. If they had things their way all talk radio would slant towards the left.

OK after that rant, lets get back to the subject at hand regarding Air America Radio. According to reports the previous owners of AAR took money from a New York Boys and Girls Club.

So much for 'beating the Streets.' How about beating the rightys and those who want less Government in our lives.

Like I said the media is keeping quiet about this cause after all they are protecting their own, like we protect our own. Yours truly however can and is a loose cannon and will shoot when need be. Since the media up to this point is protecting their favorate talk radio network, once again WE BLOGGERS have to pick up the pace yet again to make sure that the left does not gain a goal by being quiet or lying about something. Oh and stealing and cheating too, you can't forget that.

Note to Uncle Walter Cronkite: Be ya glad their was not such a thing as in internet or web logs during your days of brainwashing America. The rightys would have skined you ALIVE!!!!

Anyway here are links related to this.

Michelle Malkin's Piece from this week

Statement from Air America

Now then I hope you show the love and compassion that claim to have so much in the near future you AAR Heads.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

There's Something about Paul Hacket

Was he the great hope for liberals? This man who was running for Congress in Ohio and did serve our country in Iraq. Should a man who keeps reminds us of that fact should serve our government and should that trump the fact that he ran as a Democrat?

To him and Ed Schultz the answer is YES!!!

Schultz made a statement on his website that we shall find out if Ohio supports the troops.

Well I guess Ohio does not in his brainwashed mind. Hacket has lost to a Republican...a WOMAN Republican, but they don't exist in the minds of liberal women but that's another post. The vote however was close and Hacket lost by 4 percent.

The next day Schultz was blasting Howard Dean for not lending his support to Hacket. Schultz believed that Hacket had the guts that the Dems were looking for in their quest to regain majorty power in our government, and Dean could have attacted the media attention to get people to vote for Hacket. Schultz, like most leftys they see this as a sign of hope that soon they will take the country back. On the other hand it might drive voters away....YEAAAAAAAA!!!!

On the flip side, the close vote could be a sign that the Republicans should not go the way of the Dems when it comes to 'tax and spend' government. If its one thing that freedom loving Americans want, it a government that does not raise tax like crazy and spends like a drunk sailor. The Republicans are so intimated by the liberals in high places including the News Media...and yet they are still losing power. Well not enough to truly beat back the Dems

Hacket tried to hide the had the fact he was runing as a Democrat, and his rivals in the Republican Party tried to corner him on that and it did work. Just because you served your country does not give you a free pass when it comes to your politics. If Hacket did get elected chances are he would tow the same Democrat line. Class Warfare, tax and spend, wealth redistribution, peace through talking and get the ideal.

The newsmedia still had their 'cry' as the Media Research Center points out


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

PBS & NPR: The Closest Thing to a State Network

One of things that many liberals/progressives/leftys/socialists here in America is that they want us to have a government that mirrors most other nations. Goverments that are involved in everybody's life especially those enlightned European nations.

Progressive taxes, heavy regulation of businnes, mandatory vacations for the 'workers', wealth redistribution and last and not nesscary least, State Broadcasting Networks.

Yep the government must be involved in the operation of the television and radio networks or something along those lines.

Many famous public broadcasters include the British Broadcasting Corportation or BBC (allthough their subsidiary BBC Worldwide is ran as a for-profit), and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC (and the TV part runs a lot of commericals). In most countires if a household has a Color TV or any broadcast device depending on the local laws of the country, you are required to pay a tax (licensing fee) to fund your state broadcast network('s). Most of these networks offer a variety of programing ranging from news, documentary, and even their own brand of sitcoms and dramas.

Here in the United States much of that handled by the private market, and other guys are catching up with private networks. However someone saw a way to get the United States government into the broadcasting business thanks to the late LBJ. Under his presidency, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) was created and out of that birthed the Public Broadcasting Service or PBS for the TV side and few years later came along National Public Radio or NPR.

These broadcast networks or services get around 15% of their money from the taxpayers via the 'private' CPB, and everytime that public broadcasting is on the chopping block (or when someone is trying to mandate polticial balance) its supports cry bloody murder and say all things that public broadcasting will die, or the right wing wants to take over this service. All and all their supporters want to maintain the left leaning slant on public broadcasting.

In America, PBS and NPR (and then some) are the closest things that this country has to a 'state network.' At least for PBS they can hide behind their beloved the PBS Kids lineup as proven recently when the 'monkey suits' of characters on PBS Kids shows stood behind such Democratic poltical leaders like Hillary Rodham Clinton to defend their precious government funds. They always come through everytime. Meanwhile they can contuine to air programing that is slanted to the left and spit in the face of America at our expense.

The PBS Kids shows are popular enough to be self-supporting, and most do have corporate underwriters. Don't believe those who say they are endangered if they don't get goverment money.

John Stossel says it best when he calls public broadcasting welfare for those who are better off.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some Random Thoughts

If you have been visiting my blog I have told you that I will present my POV rather than link other people's readings. It is easy on me and not as time consuming unless my statements are long, and that includes spelling corrections.

Today some random thoughts by yours truly.

Stop The Hamburgler
I shall begin with the statements made by The Hamburgler a.k.a. Sandy Burger. It seems that if your a Democrat and commit a crime you somehow allways have a clean slate. Recently The Hamburgler chewed out the Bush administration's 'failure' to bring securty to Iraq. This from a man who pleaded guilty early this year to distorying documents regarding the 9/11 investigation. However The Hamburgler served under Billy Boy Clinton is a proud Democrat and as you know, the Dems can never do wrong. Today he serves on a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force. I wonder if their is a place for The Hamburgler if Hillary gets the Oval Office. God forbit either of the two from reaching their goals.

The Hamburgler Blasts Bush for Security Failure

Be Ye Glad That Jimmy Carter got Trumped by The Gipper
Yep that was the good ole days. Carter was the very first modern pacifist in the oval office. He allowed Marxists to rise to power in Nicaragua and was very likely the man who set things in motion regarding our current war on terrior with middle eastern terriorists. This began in 1979 when Carter did not help Mohammad Reza Pahlavi the last Shah of Iran in preventing a revoluation led by Ayatollah Khomeini that ushered in a Islamic Republic that proved to be a VERY abusive religious theocracy. Today Carter has not learned the mistakes from the years in the oval office and recently stated that the war in Iraq is "unnesscary and unjust." He also said that the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay gives the terriorists to lash out at our country and justify their acts. What embodied George McGoven embodied Carter. However only Carter got to be President, and McGoven had accept defeat. Today the ideals of these two is now the platform of the Democratic Party regarding the Peace Process. Rather than Peace through strength the left believes in Peace through Talk. We know were talking gets us, and those who are not among the elite lose everytime. On Jimmy Carter

Joseph Farah's commentary on Carter

Bolton will serve 19 months

Since our Senate refuses to confirm John Bolton as ambassador to the UN, Bush has no choice but make him a recess apointment. Bolton will now serve until January 2007. By that time we shall have a new congress and half of the Senate is likely to change as well. The only reason Democrats and weak minded Republicans blocked Bolton is really for one reason and one reason alone. Bolton is not one of those who worship the UN and all its glory. If he were then he would have gotten the job without a scratch. The goal of most UN worshipers which includes Teddy Kennedy and Kofi Annan (who currently runs the outfit) is to make the UN the ONLY superpower of the world. Yep these guys are the true believers in one world government and the UN is this body that will make history in doing such a thing. I don't know if their will be an Anti-Christ but I can tell that world government only spells doom for those who work hard to make a living.

Neal Boortz on Bolton

The Union Brotherhood is not as loving as it was.

Recently the Teamesters and United Food and Commerical Workers Union has decided to break away from the mother of all unions, the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). The main is because of the outspokeness of AFL-CIO president John Sweeney who is a card carring member of the Democratic Socialists of America and seems to show the love toward communists. The statement is not a streech. According to Sweeney has repealed an AFL-CIO rule that forbids Communists from leading any of its member unions. This rule was in effect for a long time in the AFL and when the CIO joined forces in the mid 1950's the CIO had to remove any known Commie leaders in their fold.

Unlike Union leaders of the past Sweeney is on a mission to distory the free market completly. Sweeney is now looking toward the growth of government unions since the government can only take money rather than make money. Sweeney is truly a deciple of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and the adverage Union member who knows this is likely not going to like this.

I am glad to see the working stiff seeing Sweeney for what he is. A SOCIALIST!!!! on John Sweeney


Sunday, July 31, 2005

Those things called Weddings

Well ever so offen I get a chance to go to weddings, some of those couples lasted others did not and some I will never know its fates.

Yesterday I attended my sixth wedding. This was the marriage of one of my formor colleagues but still remain friends from Today @ CSU-Pueblo. It was the bride by the way.

I might talk a little more down the road but for now, I am hopful that number seven could be my turn to tie the knot...and if not, well then its not.

I am always open to your comments.