Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Readings

Star Parker has two ideals that Barack Obama could embrace to help the Black Community. I doubt he will embrace them Miss Parker but speak on. Obama is a Democratic Socialist all the way...Don't Get Fooled!!!

Henry Lamb has written many great pieces about Global Socialism. This is a great piece on how the Democratic Party emulates Hugo Chavez aka Castro's Mini-Me. Better keep these Gangstas in check or you will forever be working for THEM!!! We already are but you know what I mean.

There is some hope in Cuba as moderates gaining power.

Walter Crankenhouse is crying that media profits threaten freedom. All this from a man who helped us lose the Vietnam War. You still don't believe me...The Vietcong would admit it that he and other Media Elites did help. Yet they want their friends in the Democratic Party see us in the new media disappear. At least many of these companies admit that they have to make money in spite of having lefty news operations.

Secretary Robert Gates says there is proof that Iran is helping terrorists in Iraq. Let us cut and run anyway or so says the Social Democrats.

Careful Wal-Mart when you sleep with those that want Socialism. They want to hang you on your own rope.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Walter Williams for President? I'd back him but does he want the job???

Will people ever understand about Taxing Profits = Taxing People??? We need to keep telling them that and Lawrence Kudlow does a good job with the above link.

Mort Kondracke says the issue facing us in 2008 is 'Income Insecurity.' Will either the GOP or the Dems see that??? I doubt it.

Charles Krauthammer looks at the current situation in Iraq.

Rudolph Giuliani a Rockerfeller GOP guy. Mona Charen says he is not and he is neither a Liberal Republican either. The Gun issue could be a red flag however.

The Anti-Vietnam crowd wants you to believe that they never really mocked and spat upon those who were fighting it. Melanie Morgan calls their bluff.

David Limbaugh talks about a recent guest at one of the Winter meetings at the Democratic party. A Muslim to have known terrorist ties. Did you vote Democrat or Democratic since they like to use the latter a lot. Boy don't you have egg on your face.

Kevin McCullough has simller thoughts related to Limbaugh's piece.

Unions are truly on the way out the Democrats are making sure that never happens since they are a Cash Cow to the Democratic Party. Linda Chavez shows what the Unions and Dems are up too in forcing working into their Union Cult.

A Colorado State Legslestor is trying to change the way Colorado Electoral College Votes on Presidents. I am linking this piece that Mike Rosen did just to prove how the Dems will do everything they can to get themselves elected and forever stay in power including the Oval Office. This party is filled with Gangstas. These ideals will spead nationwide if we don't expose it and put a stop to it.

I will keep warning you people about empowering socialists. Look at what Castro's Mini-Me is doing now...Hugo Chavez that is.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Readings

Here is an article to save just in case the Government Schools demand more money again.

Comments from Neal Boortz

Ann Coulter hammers the Cable News channels for their coverage of the Scooter Libby trial. Joe Wilson is a proven liar but you can never convice MSNBC of that.

Hugh Hewitt offers some common sense to the LA Times on how to end the bleeding. Its not just toning down the leftist bias but adapting to a new model in own day and age.

Can't spend money on the speeches Mike Adams makes so he fights back tells us were they money goes instead.

John Hawkins talks about the standoff liberals have with our troops. He even uses their OWN QUOTES to prove it.

Cal Thomas talks about Bush's new budget in which one Democrat is mad becuase it is not spending enough money to 'help' the American people. Help Pleeese...our Government just wants to 'Suck us Day.' They can't breath until they 'Suck us Dry.'

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Readings

Republicans want to cut off debate??? Pleeeeeeeeese...they are using the same tactic that the righteous Democrats have used for a a long time. This is and more from Neal Boortz today.

Arnold King asks you about being a Conservative Libertarian.

John Stossel says the Boston panic was a overreactions and says the Cartoon Network signs have been up for weeks.

Herman Cain calls Government Entitlement programs a disease. Count the ways Mr. Cain...Count the ways.

What is a Milltary Hero to the left. Michelle Malkin explains and gives us an exsample. An AWOL Army Lieutenant.

The Freeer a Nation is...The Less Poverty their is. Walter Williams explains.

Emilio Karim Dabul as an Arab-American who happens to be a big fan of the TV series '24.' He also has kind words for the real world Jack Bauers.

CBS Still Rides the Super Bowl Wave

'Rules of Engagment' was able to get good numbers from the Super Bowl promotion and make no mistake CBS's hit sitcom 'Two and a Half Men' helped. Can't wait to see how Old Christine olds up with 'How I Met Your Mother' as a lead in.

When it comes to the 18-49 demo 'Heroes' did pull a win for the 9/8 hour, even though CBS won overall and won in the 18-49 demo

Story from Zap2it

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

XCIII Million Watch Super Bowl XLI

93.15 million viewers if you can't read roman numerals

It is the second most watched game.

However CBS could not get the ratings for 'Criminal Minds' like ABC did when it aired 'Grey's Anatomy.' Even Survivor did better for a Post Super Bowl airing.

Story from

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Must read comments about Hillary taking on ExxonMobile, the Anti-War resolution, Rudy Giuliani in the race, and more.

Hillary's recent speech.

If you can think things over...Read this piece from George Will regarding the Global Warming Properganda.

Time to 'Meat The Press' once again. Thomas Sowell points out in a recent story by The Gray Lady that woman as young as 16 and widows were included in a survey just to prove that half of America's woman were not married.

Five years ago, Victor Davis Hanson wrote about Cally and the Mexican Invasion taking place their. Hanson now follows up on this and its getting bad in Mexifornia.

Speaking of Illegals; Cal Thomas takes on politicians who sell us out in their 'race to the bottom.'

Two pieces from Joseph Farah

This piece he talks about the death of conservatism and the Socialists gaining their foothold on our nation.

This one is about good ole Hillary.

David Limbaugh's thoughts on the current poltical climate. Both parties are running bland and the hope for the GOP to take back Congress and keep the White House don't look good at the moment. However the Dems are under increased scrutiny.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Readings

Rubber Sidewalks in Phlly???

As Johnny McCain is trying to sell himself as a supply sider his star is fading among the elite. Robert Novak has his insights on ths.

Barbara Simpson goes after ONE Republican for supporting forced vaccination on Teen girls.

Star Parker says its to reflect as well as celebrate during black history month. Also points out that the Black Community is still inslaved but in a different way.

William Kristol wonders how many Republicans will turn on the troops.

Oh Yea I am happy that the Colts beat the Bears in this years Super Bowl.