Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

See how naive newbes in government can be as Mike Rosen points when the son of Roy Romer supports education reforms that the Unions just don't like.

You might be speaking in German if our media was the way it is now regarding Islamo Fascism back in World War II. Hal Lindsey talks about the recent mall shooting in Salt Lake City and how the media is denying any terrorist connection.

Joseph Farah talks about the alliance between the Democrats and Al-Qaida.

David Limbaugh looks at the media hype around Barack Obama.

Kevin McCullough talks about Hillary Clinton and how she treats the African-American community and compares Hillary cold personality to Barack Obama's charm.

Dick Morris thinks that Newt is on his way to make a run for the White House.

Should a Democrat take the White House in 2008?? Jonah Goldberg ponders that question.

Charles Krauthammer talks about the recent speech Russian President Vladimir Putin did which aimed his words aganist the United States. We have been accused of being a'hyper use of force.' This from a guy who wishes for the old Soviet Union years.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

John Fund talks about libertarians shaped American Society

Al Frankenstein now wants to be a Senator...We Knew that was coming. God help us if this Socialist makes it.

STOP HER NOW!!! If you think its Britney or Christina...You are getting colder.

In Part 3 of Global Hot Air Thomas Sowell talks about the media hyping up the Global Warming Agenda.

A New Commandment: You shall not be critical of Senator Barack Obama. You better break this one people like the PM of Australia did cause he is yet another Democrat that invested in America's Defeat. Don't get fooled by Obama. Make you wonder who is more dangerous. Obama or Hillary.

Carrie Lukas wonders what is Conservative about Social Security reform.

Victor Davis Hanson warns about the growing list of Iran's offenses and how they should NOT be ignored. Yet the media still wants us to stand back and let them do as they please. Innocent Lives are in danger because of this.

Cal Thomas has his thoughts on the New Agreement with North Korea.

This Weeks piece from Ann Coulter. She too breaking the Obama Commandment.

The past 69 years and many of our leaders still appease terrorists. Cliff May wonders if we have learned anything about the mind of these guys.

Jonah Goldberg looks at the issue of Abortion and 2008 race.

Thank You John Edwards for being honest about your Anti-War stance. Now if only other Dems can follow his great example.

The Council of Foreign Relations made a statement that should put a smile on every Islamic fascist on the planet.

A Small town in Nevada has repealed an English only law and the American Communist Liberation Unit aka ACLU is well pleassed. The founder of the ACLU admits that a Communist Society is the goal of the group.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday Readings

Neal Boortz has something to point out about that shooter in Utah and other comments.

John Stossel talks about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan for Universal Health coverage. Translation: Government Run health care. Make politicians look good...Buy Votes and Wreak the Economy. Got to love the Nanny State.

Walter Williams asks the question: Do we want Socialist Medicine? Don't overlook this one.

Michelle Malkin says Sen. Barack Obama NOT articulate as people say he is. Just listen as he panders to the anti-war crowd. Take notice people Obama is no different than the other Social Democrat players.

Ben Shapiro adds his two cents on Obama and its related to Malkin's piece.

They Hispander in Nashville too. The Mexican Invasion rolls on.

Thomas Sowell talks about the politicians who push the Global Warming agenda in part 2 of his Global Hot Piece.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Madam Nancy leads the way in another defeat for America.

The Full text of the anti-war resolution.

Liberal columnist Ellen Goodman compares Global Warming denial to denying the Holocaust. Hey if that helps destroy our beloved Free Market and usher us in that great utopia called Socialism so be it. Robert Samuelson and Dennis Prager are fighting back.

If its one thing you can count on the left to do its use science to achieve their goals of more control over its people. Thomas Sowell adds his two cents to the global warming debate.

Jon Sanders would like to see musicians and artists support people such as College Students who are truly under fire because of their stands on issues. Dream On, these artists think their better than all of us.

The war in Iraq may not help Hillary

Ed Koch says an alliance with Russia would be in our best interests in fighting Islamic Terrorists.

As for the Grammy's last night...

No the Ditzy Twits were NEVER whacked by the Government...They were whacked by the Free Market.

I am sure their Grammy Wins will bring even more fans that like them for their anti-war stance (that is what they really about). This win was all about leftist politics and those who voted for them admitted it.

So the Grammy's did beat Desperate Housewives this year. Can't wait for next year.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Readings

George Will says that the Reagan Revolution is a thing of the past. Does not mean that the Republican Party should not be the party of limited government...It Should be but will they???

Mike Gallagher says that a Giuliani-McCain ticket could be a nightmare for the Democrats.

Robert Novak talks about certian Dems giving their money to Obama. Does not sound good for Hillary right now.

Giuliani explains himself on the issue of Gun Control. No effect on hunters.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Will our troops get the armor upgrade now that the Democrats are in control???

Newt Gingrich seeks a NEW Contract with America.

Bash Bush, and/or Israel and you win awards. The Grammys are no exception...and you wonder why the ratings for most award shows are going down, down, down anyway....

Jimmy Carter wins for "Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis." OK so its not the book bashing Israel but don't single that book out regarding the desision givng Carter a Grammy.

The Ditzy Twits don't have to 'nice' to anyone anymore. They won all the awards they were nomiated in. They are better than everyone else. Too bad Colorado connections lost to Cally. One of those is a group from Denver called 'The Fray.'