Friday, July 15, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Does Karl Rove control the Bushies??? David Limbaugh says the leftys are in their fictional world.

Charles Krauthammer talks about the war on muslim terriorists in and outside the borders of a country, and calls for the level headed ones to denounce the extreme.

Neal Boortz talks about tax money paying for polticial leaders going to the scrubbed launch of you know what, Joe Wilson trying to sell books by bring Bush down (he is a partisan Democrat too), and Lady MacBeth (My nickname for Hillary Clinton) being critical of adult video games in which you should be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!!.

Want to know why the ranchers and farmers are in trouble??? Devvy Kidd says its has to do with the Endangered Species Act and the 17th Amendment.

What do the terriorists want??? Larry Elder talks about what they want, and what lovers of Freedom must fight for.

The left has blogs of their own but Dean Barnett says they are not helping the Democrats one bit.

Token Lefty Tonight is Bill Press. Don't have to tell you where he stands regarding Mr. Rove

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Neal's Nuze

Joe Wilson is a victim or so says Today, Bob Schieffer skips news story and more from todays cyberalert from MRC

Bill Berkowitz is the token lefty tonight. Has some issues with formor lefty David Horowitz

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The tragedy of Africa series so far from Thomas Sowell

Part 1

Part 2

Bob Parks talks about the London attacks and how the Dems turned a blind eye all because their kind is not sitting in the Oval Office and/or the UN's Oil for Food thing and then some in his audio commentary. MP3 playback.

Walter Williams adds his two cents to the tragedy of Africa

Are liberals really open minded???? John Stossel shows you how certain leftys are REALLY closed minded

Jerry Bowyer shows you the growth in Kansas and that their is nothing wrong with the way they voted.

Mike Bates shows us public broadcasting is a remnant of the Great Society (Thank You LBJ, you indirectly gave Bill Moyers a long term job after his Flower ad) and why it needs to get off the government dole. Yes its slanted to the left

Token Lefty is Robert Scheer, and like most leftys he is calling for Karl Rove to step down.

I will end with Neal Boortz who shows you the REAL REASON why the lefty wants Rove out of the way. If that happens they hope it gets Dems elected just like back the 1970's


The Parting of the Ways

If your a fan of the new Doctor Who series it has nothing to do with the episode respectfuly titled, allthough this piece was inspired by it however.

Instead this will be a piece about the end of a relationship. This relationship began in 1998 and has ended last Sunday. It seems that some of us are second class just because we are...

Not Married

Have Children


One reason why I don't want anything to do with organized religion is because of the shortcomings of people and when I find myself in a church or subgroup it is nothing but a social club. Granted I have friends that attend a religous service every week just about. They talk about how God is good and how God is great, and how God blesses them and all that stuff. You get the weekly message etc etc etc. However if I wanted to hear a sermon I find the best teacher on my local Christian Talk station (that religion seems to be the only full time format in America of a religious nature).

However this God (at least the way I see it) also enjoys inflicting pain on certain chosen people. I am one of those people. Maybe the God that many Christians worship and take into account via the Holy Bible is the not the God that is out their.

I am getting off track here but I did say that a relationship that I had has come to an end. I have made my mistakes with him and he got a lot of grief from me because of my attempts to fit in connect with people. I was rude, I made harsh statements, but I tried. He says he tried too, but feels I am too much of a challange. I was trying to fit in certain groups but was not able to. The reasons range from a religious zealot who believes that government should be used by Christians to rule over the rest of us, to young Christian women who are nevous about me after knowing me for awhile.

I guess I am a monster in this Dog Eat Dog world, and see things that are no differerent than what you see on a soap opera with a list of allies, rivals, people filled with hated of certain people, and this list goes on and elements interchangable like lego blocks. However the drama is overdone just to give the people an entertaining program, so that you know I don't take these TV programs as the gospel truth.

Friend of the family...Is their such a thing? It depends. This 'friend' of mine wants to keep the door open but I am the one going to close the door and likely to keep it closed. He says he can't go 'deep' with me, but all I wanted to be support his family, but I guess he its FAMILY ONLY!!! Allthough he likes to show them off for all of us to see on his make shift website (I will not link the site). Maybe those who were married or still married are worth to be friends of this unnamed friend and not single people who can never make it with a lady or so it goes.

Well all I can say is that I feel better, and not this person is not worth getting back at. He does not understand that I would have done him favors when his family could not. Well he better hope that his family can be their everytime, cause I will not be their to help anymore. I know married people that don't chuck their friends after "crossing over" to world of marriage.

I am just glad that his wife had nothing to with the demise for our friendship.

Is marriage in my future??? Who knows, but I am prepared for a single life for the rest of my life.

Comments about MY comments???

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where is Don???

He is still here but not blogging.

Don't worry I shall do some recomended readings soon.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Paul Jacob has the cure for the problems that Africa has, and its called FREEDOM!!!! Will the Live 8 crowd see that??? I wish they did.

Jihadists-R-Us. Yea another great take off on the Toys R' Us chain. Doug Giles writes the piece below.

When you cuddle the terriorists within your borders don't be surprised when they kick your @$$. Cal Thomas talks about that and more.

'Sustainable community = unsustainable liberty. All always Henry Lamb is MUST READING

I normally don't highlight pieces from Kelly Hollowell, but you know she admits that conservatives need to give women that are outside tradtitional roles (like wife and mother) a little more respect. Indeed!!! If we are going to win the fight to return to the basic ideals out founders laid out regarding individual freedom and liberty we need to realize that you are not going to be able to control women like you used to in the past.

The token lefty is The Capital Times out of Madison, WI. Their thoughts on Bush responding to the attacks on London.