Saturday, March 05, 2005

Time for a "Face Off"

One Topic, Two different sides

The Topic: Pastors being able to endorse political candidates. Walter Jones R-N.C. wants to change the law so that this is possible to do so.

Bill Press reminds us about how the founders wanted to keep religion out of politics, and that Jones is foolish

Kyle Williams may take confort in churches whos pastor may not stick their nick out, but believes that the Churches are being bribed by government to keeping a tight lip. He supports what Jones is doing but also calls for the Churches to pay to Uncle Sam if nesscary.

Now You Decided

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The 'New Age" Surpreme Court??? That is what David Limbaugh likes to call it.

Debra Saunders warns how Euros work when it comes to justice.

Rich Tucker adds this three cents to the above pieces

Brad Dacus warns that the Government Schools are even more dangerous thanks to the New Age Court

The Black Vote. For the Dems if they don't get it they might just give up. Mona Charen

If you don't want your teen girls to dress like sex objects then you must take charge. Rebecca Hagelin shows the way.

Clinton handed out press passes like crazy, but that is OK. He is a Dem. Jeff Gannon has more.

What is more important when it comes to the brains of the Union Leadership??? The Wall Street Journal also points out why the Union Leadership is turn towards the government sector.

Yesterday Hugh Hewitt told us about the LA Times and their piece on North Korea. Kevin McCullough has his say.

PBS giving aid and confort to Extreme Muslims??? Cliff Kincaid thinks so or think that PBS is missing the mark.

Milton Academy. This is the school Bob Parks went to, and he talks about the recent sex scandel at his old stomping grounds in his Black & Right audio commentary. Guess who paid a visit to Milton??? William Jefferson Clinton. The Best Prez of the late 20th least in the mind of most leftys MP3 a MUST!!!

Bob Parks now has a blog. Check it out.

Tonights Token Lefty has a letter to Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx

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How McCain-Feingold Could Censor The Internet

This dreaded law which was signed by Bush and upheld by the Supreme Court has been the biggest threat to our freedom of speech.

If anything these campaign finance reform laws help empower our government more than empower us people.

It looks that we bloggers are not exempt from these laws and can be stiffled. That should make the Dan Rathers, Walter Cronkites (retired but still a threat in my mind) the rest of the mainline press happy, and Big Government flunkies very happy. This should help them reclam their power on controling the thought of the American people. However this will not be a one way ticket. The GOP is was and will be guilty for this kind of censorship as well.

Both parties are guilty of taking away freedom and liberty.

This is another why I have adopted the motto "Ignorant Bliss is Hazardous to your Health and Your Freedoms." This is the first time I have used this motto on my blog.

Now I have some MUST READS regarding this threat to the internet, and the only thing I have to say about Martha Stewart is that she will be redeemed just like the fictional business man Victor Newman from the popular daytime drama "The Young & the Restless." Also why does Stewart have to be one of the top stories today? Why??? These following links are far more important. Thanks Neal, I shall let Hugh Hewitt know.

Neal Boortz gives us a heads up

Direct link to a CNET News Piece that Boortz linked about intenet censorship.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Read this piece from the LA Times, and if your giving them your hard earned might want to stop doing that. This story puts North Korea in a postitve light. Something that the country does not deserve. Just as long if the commies are killing their own people.,1,567032.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Syndcated Radio Talk Show host/Blog Promoter Hugh Hewitt is on this BIG TIME!!!! If these first two links don't prove how leftys love commies then nothing will

New Book Spotlights White House Press Corps Incidents

Righty turn Lefty David Brock is caught taking from the George Soros cookie jar.\SpecialReports\archive\200503\SPE20050303a.html

FOX News Up CNN Down

Lefty will bash gays if it forwards their agenda, and Ann Coulter explains

To the UN: Just Bring It. Here is a piece by Joel Mowbray

How long will it take until we the taxpayers no longer fund the damm Public Brodcast Service??? Who knows but George Will says that the time to pull the plug on PBS (and NPR allthough Will does not talk about them in this piece) is now.

Larry Elder tips his hat to Jamie Foxx who won the Best Actor Oscar for his protryal of Ray Charles in the movie made about "Ray." Foxx and Elder reminds all of us to be Persistent in achiving what we want to do with are lives

Craige McMillan talks about The emperors' black robes. Now that is good one. Just as good as Mark Levin's MIB's

Leah Farish says that International consensus rules us

Joseph Farah has a piece about what is going on in the Great White North.

Liberals = Socialists. You can't say it enough. Nathan Tabor makes it simple and this is a MUST READ for those who just don't get the ideal.

Republicans Vote Down Military Exemption to Bankruptcy Bill, Add Loopholes for Rich.
Molly Ivins is mad as hell, and she is the token lefty tonight

Bonus Lefty Piece: This from the darling of Hollywood Arianna Huffington. She talks about Andy Stern and how he might challange the Labor Movement and the Dems

Bring me your pieces. Either Pro-Free Market or Pro-Socialist. If I like them, I will link them here On "The Blog According to Don."

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The Moral Police wants to regulate Cable/Sat. All in name of "reclaming America for Christ." RIGHT???!!!

The Two faces of Gun Grabbers. This is a story of one of them

Wall Street Journal has a great commentary on the high court, youths, and the death sentence MUST READ!!!!

Tony Blankley has his say about their recent desision

How do you undo so much male bashing. You do it one daughter at a time. Kathleen Parker has more.

CEO's are so vilified that Walter Williams has to set the record straight on these people who hold a lot of responabilty to many companies. He explains why they make the money they do. However he does point out one group of people that are getting overpaid and underworked. Wonder who those kind of people are. Read this piece to find out.

Nicole Gelins has some insight on the Kelo vs. City of New London case...MUST READ!!!

Larry Kudlow points out that good economic news is always given a quick death by our news media, while the bad economic news makes front page. Lefty media doing what they do best.

Bottom line is not the medium but the messages in those mediums. Jonah Goldberg explains

Law enforcement must be the ones to break up gang bangers...oh and those gangs have illegals. Michelle Malkin sets this piece on fire

PC and CIA: They do not mix. Linda Chavez explains

Cliff Kincaid warns that if the "real reporters" have it their way. FOX News may lose their press pass. The leftys really want to keep their media monopoly.

Should Bush use the Free Market aganist Iran??? Tonight's token Lefty Robert Scheer thinks that would be a good ideal.

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The Men (and Women) In Black do it again

If your under 18 and/or committed a crime when your were under 18, I have good news for you and that means bad news for the rest of us. The Supreme Court has ruled that you can't sentence a minor to death even if that minor took a life.

The courts look to the consensus of not only the American people, but the consensus on the international community (who by the way think socialism so hip). Don't be surprised if the lawyers look to some kind of international law or some law from another country to base their decision. They have admitted it, and meanwhile, the U.S. Constitution is left out the cold.

Sad that Robert "KKK" Byrd made a crack that the Republicans are becoming like the Nazis of 1930's/40's Germany just because the GOP senators want to change the rules regarding the beloved filibusters so that heaven forbid that some judge that looks to the Constitution rather than mob rule or whatever does not make it on our key courts. Blog advocate and syndicated radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt played Byrd's entire statement regarding the possible rule changes in the Senate. It shows that the leftys use of the courts to forward their 'progressive' agenda may soon be taken from them.

Until we return the power of electing U.S. Senators to our leaders in state government this Nuclear option will have to do.

Now the Ten Commandments are now on the line. I should let you know that I am not a supporter of Roy Moore. Moore in my opinion is a religious zealot, and his cause to support "God" in the courts was taken too far by the man. He could have removed that monument of the 10 commandments in that courthouse and donated that to his local church or whatever. To my knowledge those commandments are still locked up. Please correct me if I am wrong and you can send me an E-Mail (

These one other thing that is on the line. If the Ten Commandments being unconstitutional does not bring this country down, upholding Eminent Domain will. What that means is the governments at all levels can simply take your property in favor of something else (a Super Wal-Mart, Super Target, Big Box shopping centers etc, higher income housing etc.) in hopes that the governments can make more money via the taxes that these new things might bring in.

Some Recomended Readings regarding this

A MOVE TOWARD DEMOCRACY ... AND THAT'S A DANGEROUS MOVE. That and other thoughts from Neal Boortz

Another piece from Neal Boortz regarding Eminent Domain

Defending the Ten CommandmentsEditorial: by Larry J. Obhof

Thoughts by Hugh Hewitt regarding KKK Byrd

The thoughts from

Men In Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America. Links to several online store web pages so you have a choice on were to spend your money if you choose to buy online. Take your pick...

Barnes & Noble

Town Hall Book Service

Shop Net Daily

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Saddam Hussein's judge assassinated

Rightys EVIL or so says The Scream

Libertarian think tank Cato likes the Terminator (R-Cally) and Bill Richardson (D-NM)

Neal Boortz says TV Station Mangers should be ashamed for not airing "Saving Private Ryan." I agree. The FCC is not going to fine the stations that did. Accually the ones that you should be really ashamed of is Brent Bozell and his Parent TV group. Stick to detecting liberal bias in the news media please Mr. Bozell. Check out other thoughts from Boortz as well.

Speaking of which here some things from Bozell's MRC regarding Hollywood and the Oscars

Cathy Young stands behind Larry Summers of Harvard

Star Parker offers some suggestions for the boys and girls at Harvard.

Thomas Sowell turns our attention to the University of Seattle. Got a problem with Milltary recuriters

Joel Mowbray talks about the Rwanda genocide 10 years ago. If you have not seen Hotel Rwanda yet then go see it. Mowbray also recomends a book in which one person that was not mechioned in the movie but sat on his @$$ while certain people in Rwanda were being murdered. KOFI ANNA!!! MUST READ!!!!

Kamal Nawash sounds a wake up calls to his fellow Muslims warning of the dangers of those who use Islam to promote terriorism around the the world. He also calls that these terriorists be DENOUNCED by the Muslims...MUST READ!!!

Kamal Nawash is also the president of the Free Muslim Coalition. Check out the website

Rich Lowry says to Seniors "Quit the AARP"

Bruce Bartlett talks about the many countries that were rulled by the iron hand of the Soviet Union going to a flat tax. Fair or Sales Tax is still better people, but Bartlett's piece is a MUST READ!!!

Gerald Sutton says that Feminism needs to scraped. He has a point. It like affirmative action for woman.

Cliff Kincaid says the watchdogs ignore the facts in Cannongate

Tonights token lefty is Air America Radio co-founder Sheldon Drobny. Says Hollywood sells out, and they should be more like his step children on his liberal talk network.

Bonus Lefty Piece: This is one I agree with however: From Ellen Goodman. (If you have not seen Million Dollar Baby and don't know how the movie ends. DON'T READ THIS PIECE!!!)

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A Few Recommended Readings this Morning from The Blog According to Don

Joseph Farah talks about key questions regarding those who want to sit on our highest courts in the U.S.

Mychal Massie talk about the NAACP and how Progressing Backward is not progress at all...MUST READ!!!

John Fund show how formor communist countries have seen the light and are abandoning their progressive ways (which was progressive to begin with)

This morning's token left is Jim Spencer from the Denver Post in which he compares Ward Churchill to Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Tries to use those two to take out Colorado Gov. Bill Owens.,1413,36%7E27772%7E2736327,00.html

Got a piece you want to see on the blog. E-Mail me the link and if I like it (regarding of the piece) you might see it on the blog.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Their is a lot of it tonight.

USA Next campaign targets AARP...Who is USA Next??? Lets just say they are the righty answer to the lefty AARP.

This above story mechions Art Linkletter who is part of USA Next. Here is something from him via USA

Officials say Bin Laden urges hits on U.S,2933,148999,00.html

Gonzales: I'll prosecute obscenity cases

FCC Says 'Private Ryan' Is Not Indecent. That should put the moral police in their place. It is about WWII in Europe...NOT about Preston, ID you FREAKIN IDIOTS...GOSH!

Dan Rather is just as crazy

Chris Rock shoot off his mouth at Oscars...What to know what some of things he said. Click the link below. I did not watch the Academy Awards one bit...but keep up with the net.

Martin Scorsese disses Oscar ceremony (what he said by the way was before he lost again)

What to know who won??? I can tell you right that Clint, Jamie, and Hilary (as in Swank) got Oscars.

What that Harvard guy said about women is backed up

Joe Leo ponders what is next for liberalism

Paul Jacob has a MUST READ!!! Shows how the Government and THEIR Propganda machine that is indoctrnating the kids and could cost us out freedoms and liberties someday soon.

Diana West talks about the passing of Gonzo writer Hunter Thompson

Jeff Jacoby talks about the 'The pirates of eminent domain' Anything about eminent domain is a MUST READ!!!

Another piece on eminent domain by Doug Patton. I tell you WE LOSE BIG TIME!!! This is also a MUST READ!!!

Mike Adams talks about the comming civil war in the socialists utopias all the over the country that are called colleges and universites.

The Men that serve our nation still can be put on the hot seat if a certain amount of child support is not paid out regarding less of how much income they are getting. Phyllis Schlafly calls that unfair

Mark Steyn says when it comes to the EU...we Americans can sit back and watch

Jack Kelly shows us that Iraq is not in a mess as the media says.

Pat Buchanan talks about UN Sea Treaty and man this needs to go down in flames. MUST READ!!!

What if foreign courts dictate our courts??? Wall Street Journal talks about it.

On Saturday I said that Michael Schiavo may not be the bad guy as many clam that he is. In the name of fairness I present Kevin McCullough and his piece on why Terri is "pro-cife." Meaning that Terri choose to live on

Small Government Conservatism in Big Government America by W. James Antle III Great Read.

Gunny Bob Newman takes about the De-Evolution of out Country. MUST READ!!!

Tonights token lefty is David Broder "The sorry fiscal record of a "conservative" administration"

Bonus Lefty Piece from Ellen Ratner. Says private industry determines destiny of taxpayers

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Cliff Kincaid talks about how Gannongate is not such a big deal

Danielle Winters talks about reforming Feminism

Charles Krauthammer on leaving Gaza

Do the words of John Adams mean anything??? Henry Lamb has a MUST READ about that.

Token Lefty is Reggie Rivers who contuines to defend the Phoney Indian in his piece regarding America being fragile,1413,36~155~2730838,00.html

Bonus lefty piece: Molly Ivins contuines to please the feminists with this

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