Friday, October 27, 2006

The Blog According to Don Goes on Hiatus (Again)

Once again my computer is having problems. This time it can not install updated Virus Protection software (just like last year) and I have to take it into the shop.

Therfore I will not be working on my blog until my home computer returns safe and sound to me.

Until further notice TBATD will be on hiatus.

Sorry for this hope to be back online soon.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Readings

Dems are using Rick Santorum's stance regarding Terri Schiavo (he supported keeping her alive) as way to kick him out of office. Since Bob Casey was not on Michael's side he is blasted for using Terri by Michael himself.

Fox and Rush continue to have their stupid faceoff. Thank you bleeding heart media for nothing. Ann Coulter is right about leftys giving people like Fox an exemption; "choose only messengers whom we are not allowed to reply to . . . you can't respond to them because that would be questioning the authenticity of their suffering." The Democrats are using people like Fox (allthough he is pround to be one I guess), like the widows, like Cindy Sunshine to advance their socialist goals.

Speaking of Ann here is her piece saying that their actions speak louders than words when it comes to their support on the war on terror.

Cal Thomas talks about a speech in 1984 that Rummy made regarding terrorism.

Larry Elder's open letter to Andy Rooney regarding Iraq.

Victor Davis Hanson says that the Governments of the Middle East are still living in the Dark Ages.

Robert Novak has his latest thoughts on the Election.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An Open Letter to Ed Schultz aka Darth Fargo

This is in regarding to your recent inteview on Larry King's CNN program.

Descending voices in Talk Radio Pleeese Ed you make me laugh.

Should a Democrat get in office only the leftys will be invited and that is the right will be on the outside looking but that will be OK cause he/she will support your agendas. Yes that will be OK, why should you invite people that disagree with you. The left should have more freedom of speech than right...RIGHT???!!!

No different than the rightys...and Neal Boortz has been critical of Bush in many areas but that does not matter since you embrace Government being empower so that get involved in so many areas of the American People.

The only reason why you and your Democrat friends support a Fairness Doctrine is because once you take Rush and Hannity and even Neal Boortz (who I like very much) the only voices left will be Socialist Voices like yours but even Socialist Talk (Progressive is a euphemism) Radio might get killed as well and the only thing you have regressed News/Talk radio back to pre-1988 programming.

You will never be as big as Druggy Limbaugh and Slan Head. Your may get by in markets that have a "Progressive" Populous.

Neal Boortz has always said that Socialist think collectively your attacks on him saying that he is a mouth piece for the right wing proves just that.

You are not for the hard working people you claim to support in spite that you saw their plight. You are for the Limo Leftys who want to exploit and control them...and they do. I am NOT STUPID but you call me names all you want since I am not an Enlightened Democrat.

When you have guests like Katrina vanden Heuvel and John Sweeney who show their sympathies towards Communists and their agendas, it also tells me were you and the Democratic Party truly stand.

After reading the transcript from Larry King's show from last nights show; to quote Galvatron before blasting Starscream to bits (Transformers) "This is Bad Comedy."

That and we also see where the bigotry truly lies and it lies with the leftys like yourself and Stephanie Miller. We also know by the way you treated Boortz that the Dems are collectivists ala The Borg for Star Trek.

We rightys will never be assimilated into your collective..."resistance is futile."

The left acts like children who have never been spanked...maybe that is why you rather support less painful methods such as "Time Out."

I hopes Jones Radio keep you three leftys on the air along with Neal Boortz. Neal vs. Three Leftys and I am looking forward to a day when Jones does this. Hopefully people will see for the Wolf's you really are. The term Progressive is what is on the Sheep costume, but it’s Socialist on the wolf furs that really keep you warm.

Take this E-Mail to the Woodshed if you must. I have called your bluff.

All The Best

Don McCullen

P.S. If you do reply with any remarks at all this will be posted on my Blog

In fact I am making this an open letter, and its going on my blog.

For the rest of you...
This is the link that takes you to the online Transcript that has the round table more less from the Larry King show with Neal Boortz and Darth Fargo, along with Stephanie Miller and Mark Larson. The later hosts a local talk program in San Diego.

Wednesday Readings

Neal Boortz talks about stable mates (Jones Radio Networks) Darth Fargo and Stephanie Miller's apperence on Larry King's show who say their were not invited to the White House and other thoughts.

Well should we get a Democrat in the WH everything will be right with the world. The libs in the media will get to hang out while the rightys are on the outside looking in. As I said everything will be right with world should this happen.

Michelle Malkin takes on the Blabber Mouth Dems.

Run out ideals, Can't overcome your him or her a Nazi. This is what Ned Lamont did.

Michael Medved gives eight reasons why conservatives must vote.

The Democrats are making their excuses once again regarding the voting machines. In Short: They want to wrig and they want to win and that includes being able to STEAL VOTES!!!

John Stossel talks about Employer Prodvided Health insurance and why its a bad ideal.

Celebs that claim to be Green but not really. Check it out!!!

Walter Williams looks at the issue of trade with other countries.

Ben Shapiro looks at the head Democrats to be and what their Contract with America.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Neal Boortz is at the White House Today.

Thomas Sowell warns the Democrats "Contract" is totally opposite of the Republicans "Contract of American" back in 1994 and are deliberately avoiding reviling their coherent policy program. Darth Fargo wants to tell us that the Republicans think were are stupid...It is the Dems that think we are stupid 10X more. Just give us the "Security Blanket" of power and then we shall talk about our agenda. Think Twice before you do.

David Limbaugh warns that a Democratic Congress would be worse than a Republican one.

The BBC admits their bias in favor of Muslims and The Middle East. More Good Reason for them to privatize their domestic operations. Yes I am Dreaming.

Certain people have warned me about Michael Savage, now David Kinghoffer might have called his bluff. Maybe Jerry Doyle or even Rick Roberts (who filled in for Savage) are more honest than Savage.

Mike Adams presnets us with his Hate Mail

Bruce Bartlett talks about Nancy Pelosi's being in spotlight should she become the speaker.

Herman Cain takes on the Chicken Littles in the liberal kaball who say the Sky is Falling. He also warns of an impending tsunami of bad economic and foreign policy should the Democrats take control.

Bill Murchison says that Grammer Intrstuction is making a comeback. About time.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Robert Novak talks about recent October Suprises including one the Media does NOT want to report on. That one would be Dingy Harry Reid.

Star Parker takes a look at the Automtive Business and the roubles it must face. Key to this is the Governor Election in Michigan.

Michael Barone looks at the past 40 years of American when the population was going from 200 Million to 300 Million. Lot of good things did happen.

Mike Adams has to say he is sorry to his employer. Even thought about working in the real world like everyone else??? Oh well working in Higher Learning means more great stuff for us to read I guess.

Maybe this is why Hillary keeps changing her Maiden Name.

Here is your Future Speaker if you don't vote Republican. She says she does not impeachment hearings. Time Will Tell.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Readings

Democrats lead several key races.

Newsweek Poll says the Democrats will take control of Congress. Consider who is in the mix however.

Barrons however says the Republicans will hold Congress.

BE SURE TO VOTE!!! Don't let the Mainline Media deside that one for you.

Hillary Loses Senate Debate . . . Big Time

Hillary is not President YET!!!

Jimmy Carter says Bush is at parcial fault for North Korea Test. Yet Comrad Billy Clinton is blameless.

Hugo Chavez (aka Castro's Mini-Me) 'Won't Surrender' U.N. Council Bid

Madam Speaker??? Nancy Pelosi loves the sound of it allready. Make no mistake this woman is a Hard Core Lefty Socialist. Be Afraid!!!