Saturday, December 30, 2006

Goodbye Saddam--R.I.P.

In this case the P stands for PIECES!!!

Story from the AP

Hours before Saddam got hung Lt. Colonel Rick Francona said that Saddam would pay for his crimes.

Other Readings for This Saturday

John Edwards has throwen his hat into the ring for the Oval Office, but Lawrence Kudlow says he still has a losing message. No Edwards; America is not moving to the Hard Left and you should know it.

Here is Part Four of Thomas Sowell's Dangerous Obession Piece. In this section Sowell talks about this rotten thing called 'Supply and Demand.' Hey its rotten if your a lefty.

Robert Novak's random thoughts of the week.

Star Parker has her thoughts on President Ford and 'healer' politicians. They may make us sicker and not better.

Paul Kengor reminds us of one good thing about Ford (and Jimmy Carter) was out of that Ronald Reagan would become President.

I am no fan of Jerry Falwell and I rarely link any of his pieces. This is an exeption since he is talking about this phoney holiday called Kwanzaa and telling Americans to rethink about this Holiday. Kwanzaa is racist and Marxist, and Not because Jerry Falwell said so. Because Ron Karenga (aka Ron Everett) Himself said so.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Readings

Today is Gerald Ford's service...Here are several pieces about Ford.

Pat Buchanan

Fred Barnes

John J. Miller

Jonah Goldberg

Mike Rosen features liberal lowlights via the Media Research Center of 2006.

The Media is going after Tom Tancredo for his third world remarks regarding Miami. Dave Kopel presents the other side of Kopel that the media does not want you to know about. This is in regards to U.S.-Taiwan relations.

If its one thing the media is trying to do is to make America lose another war. Melanie Morgan keeps up this fight aganist media bias aganist the war.

One thing the Dems will do regarding the Iraq War is try to Reason and all That Jazz. David Limbaugh says they can't grasp the fact that their is an Evil nature in our enemy.

Could the U.S. finally turn its back on Israel??? Hal Lindsey has his thoughts and warns that his God might give us Hell to pay should we side with those who would distory Israel. I do support Israel for the record even if I don't agree with everything that Lindsey says.

The Envior always had a love for Socialism I wonder how long it took for Ilana Mercer to figure this out or the reincrantion as she discribes it.

Joseph Farah revisits The Hamburgler's Story

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Readings

One thing about that Thomas Sowell likes (I am just guessing but I am not far off) is that he can do LONG PIECES!!! Part 3 of Dangerous Obsession

Donald Lambro talks about Clinton (Hilldabeast that is) and Obama and their left records. Race to center to win, but true Democratic centrists are moved aside. Look at the voting records of a candidates. That can tell you who they reall are.

Was Kwanzaa a holiday invented by the FBI??? Ann Coulter has intresting thoughts on this. The FBI's intent was to weaken the far left. Guess that did not work.

Dingy Harry truly fits Mr. Reid. Then again I would not attend Hillary's service after the time her number comes up either. Politics is very fun to watch. Yea he busy, but Me and Drudge think its a snub.

William Rusher just can't see Obama in the Oval office

Larry Elder shows off his Hate Mail.

Colorado is going to feel Snowpains again. Mother Nature, God, etc is getting their kicks in dumping More Snow on Colorado.

Judy Garland may forever be connected with the song "Over the Rainbow," and the first you think of when you mention the song. Yet many others (known and unknown) who have covered it seem to have done it with more feeling. Its True!!! Celtic Woman's version of the song is NO Exception. The Song of the 20th Century...Indeed!!!

So that know Celtic Woman's 2nd Year Around project "A New Journey" CD and DVD comes out of the last day of January.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Gerald Ford dies at 93

The Clock is ticking for Saddam. Looking forward to day when he takes the enteral dirt nap.

It looks like Bush will go with the Dems and hit the rest of us with Social Security tax increse. I am sure that is music more/less to ears of so many Progressive Socialists. This Wall Street Journal editorial is a MUST READ!!! If the Republicans get suckered in to this, it will may give the Democrats a greater hand in getting a full house. Both Houses of Congress and the White House.

Victor Davis Hanson gets his thoughts of Kofi off his back. Get ready for another UN Airhead.

Thomas Sowell continues his Dangerous Obession piece by taking the Wealth Envy agurments to a global level.

It comes a bit late but Herman Cain does not care about PC Police when it comes to Christmas and Haukkah, and we need to focus on a great threat of Islamic Terrorists. Come to think of it...any piece that reminds us of the later is good at ANY TIME of the year.

You have heard of the "Heart Attack Grill" and its sendup of Nurses and food that might just kill you...and all that jazz. John Stossel wonders if nothing is too trival for busyboddies. Can't wait for next week when Stossel talks about the busyboddies going after Churches and their food drives.

Linda Chavez's Wish List for the new year.

Ben Shapiro sees American doing what Britian did in 1940. Not good people, but hey lets just give Peace a Chance while the other side tries to kill us.

With the talk of a Milltary Draft, Walter Williams present an insightful piece he which he warns that a draft is accually confiscation of labor and you may not get the right men in the milltary. Good Read.

Michelle Malkin talks about your government at work when it comes to disaters. Its rotten big time.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday Morning Readings

For years the obsession of income disparities or wealth envy has been the norm. Thomas Sowell shows why its a dangerous obsession. The middle class is truly suffering, and the Dems will continue to lie about what truly needs to be done. Just wait and see, as they try to Suck Us Dry.

To parphase Mudhoney's fuzz song Democrats 'can't breathe' until they suck us dry. Buckle up people cause 2007 is going to be interesting.

This Christmas we lost the Godfather of Soul

What in the heck are Virtual Laws??? Phyllis Schlafly tells us and why you are being Cheated by such laws. In short their is a law but nothing is being enforced.

The Biggest Story of our time is our own self-destruction. Mark Steyn keeps sounding the alarm on this.

While Charles Dickens may have presented Business Men as Bitter and greddy, Nathan Tabor shows that the leftys are the real scrooges.

Monday, December 25, 2006


No Readings Today, but in keeping with tradition here at the Blog I always put down this Important Christmas Lyric Line.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
to kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said,
many times, many ways: "Merry Christmas to you."

The Christmas Song--Mel Tormé and Bob Wells

Did I say Happy Christmas?

That is one thing I like that the English do. :-)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Here is a Christmas Eve Lyric Line

This night
We pray
Our lives
Will show

This dream
He had
Each child
Still knows

We are waiting
We have not forgotten

On this very Christmas night

Christmas Cannon--Trans-Siberian Orchestra