Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday Readings

Make no mistake the left LOVES Fidel Castro. However the Wall Street Journal says they love him from a distance. Still the left see him as hope for achving a utopia society they dream of.

James Taranto talks about a Republican from the liberal state of Connecticut.

Bolton's Backers, Mitt Rommey may be a rising star, Robert Byrd and his health, John Murtha's mistake, and Melvin R. Laird's take on Rummy. This week's recap from Robert Novak.

Welfare Kings siting on Tractors. Jonah Goldberg takes on Government moneys going to the farms, and how that stifles the free market overall. Did you know that our Government pays certain farmers NOT to produce???

Billy lays down some facts about the key liberal newspaper in the country.'s Jonathan Garthwaite calls the right to arms reminding us its time to fight and not to give up and head home.

Mark Alexander warns Hillary Clinton that the Dems will eat their own to get what they want. Ned Lemont is a classic exsample, as the party come under the thinking of McGovernism, and Howard Dean, Al Frankensten, The Kerry are just a few leading the charge.

Speaking of McGovernism Henry Lamb wonder if most Americans still have to will to win the The War on Terror aka Islamic Radicalism.

Pat Boone wants the Mel Gibson haters to put a sock in it and tells them he worships the greatest Jew of all time.

Ted Byfield takes on those who would call Israeli generals "War Criminals" in his weekley Oh Canada piece. Yep their are some from the Great White North that would agree with this. All I can say is TAKE OFF!!!

No surprise that the Dems turned in Israel. Joseph Farah takes them to task.

We Are Dracula and Israel is Hitler. Do I have to remind you that Hugo Chavez is a dangerous and very Evil man??? Meanwhile the American Jews in name only will distory their own for the sake of socialism thriving here and all over the world. These Socialists are becoming the Modern Day Hitlers...CAN YOU SEE THIS!!!

Liberal Judges Gerrymander a Texas Disrtict and the GOP takes a loss.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Readings

Must Read Comments from Neal Boortz.

The AP's Take on Katie Cookie Cutter's Free Speech Segement.

The Dems hope that a Texas Court desision in keeping Tom DeLay on the ballot will help them win his seat. It also could blow up in their faces.

The chances for the Dems to take over the U.S. House and Senate look very good right now. Larry Sabato and David Wasserman explain why.

Are some opponents of the War on Terror resonable people??? Believe it or not David Limbaugh says YES, but reminds us that the Global Jihad is unappeasable and these resonable people don't know the whole story.

Does Israel know the ramifications if they lose the war??? Charles Krauthammer says NO and that Failure is not a choice.

Want to learn about what is reallying going on behind the Qana incident??? Read this piece from David Warren and if your releying on the Mainline/Liberal Media...FORGET IT!!!

Larry Kudlow supports the War on Terror, but still wants congressional oversight.

Oliver North has a message for those who want Peace in the Middle East. Their is None. The leftys will not see the Islamic Terrorists as the danger they are.

Melanie Morgan reminds us ONCE AGAIN about the dangers of turning a blind eye to evil.

Great Piece from Debra Saunders about the thinking of College Professors, especially the handful of Republican Profs.

Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm has taken heat from statements he made in his recent book. Mike Rosen says the criticism is unjust.

While the media goes after Mel Gibson and his hateful remarks about Jews (especially the Liberal Jews who are Liberal but not nesscary Jewish), Brent Bozell shows how two faced the media is when they consistanly go after Christians and Catholics and try to see how far they can mock them.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Late Thursday Readings

Here is a good reason to fight Public/Government subsidized TV all over the world. BBC aires a show mocking the 9/11 attacks, only this time they set them in London. As much as I love Doctor Who (which BBC owns) and some other BBC Produced shows, this stunt really goes too far. You think PBS and NPR is Bad. BBC takes the cake regarding the state of the world. One can hope the futures on Doctor Who do come true. Anything better than an world under Radical Islam.

Check out the offical website of Time Trumpet. This show has the mock 9/11 attacks.

Katie Cookie Cutter's show will do a "Free Speech" commentary. Hey Miss Cookie Cutter how about making sure we righties have our say. Plus keep your lefty friends from trying to bring back "Fairness" cause we know you want a Media Monopoly.

Thursday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz and his intern Christina Gonzalez.

Liberals in our Media, Congress and more importantly the UN are in a Propaganda War aganist not only Israel's Milltary but our Milltary and Bush. Herman Cain says they continue to show sympthiy towards the enemy by call the terrorists militiamen, militia fighters, insurgents, guerrillas. Anything but TERRORISTS!!!

Speaking of liberals siding with the Terrorists, Larry Elder tells it like it is in his piece this week. Points out how Governments all over the world bow down or apease to terrorists. Does anyone want to call them EVIL??? Cause that is what they are.

Why does the United States put limits on Israel while at the same time WE would not accept the limits??? Frank Gaffney asks that question. Just let Israel bomb the heck out of Hezbollah. They need to be taken out or THEY will do it to us.

Increased Competition or just Liberal Bias night after night??? Brent Bozell looks at the falling Network News ratings.

A Compromise or just confusision??? Robert Novak looks at a proposed minimum wage hike that also includes "tax cuts."

If the above is flawed Jeff Sessions U.S. Senator from Alabama says the Pence-Hutchison immigration-reform proposal is also flawed and sould never become law.

The Terrorists can't beat Israel Milltary wise, but they can win in many other ways. Jonah Goldberg explains.

What is the Israel vs. Muslim Terrorists are all about? Victor Davs Hanson says its more that just about land.

Somebodys has to tell us this. Spending under Bush is 5X more than under Bill Clinton. Would belive a Reagan Revolution architect if she or he told you that we now are in the era of 'obese government.' Never mind Bush is a good Republican, well he might be but he is no Consertitve nor Libertarian. Also be on the look out for the book "Conservatives Betrayed," by Richard Viguerie. In fact click the title and you can buy it from World Net Daily.

Want to know what Ann Coulter did on her summer vacation??? Its the topic of her piece this week.

Dems change their stragegy on Iraq. How about leaving after WE WON!!!???

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday Readings

I shall begin with John Stossel who I call the real world Mallard Fillmore. Remember when Bill Shakespere said "Let's Kill All The Lawyers?" OK Stossel does not advocate that but points out that the trial lawyers are not for the "Little People" as they claim. Also I should tell you that Trial Lawyers are not only a Democrats best friend, but a SOCIALIST'S best friend. Think about that next time they fight Tort Reform.

He wants Cynthia McKinney to win and has an open letter to her. This and more from Neal Boortz today.

What can get the Socialist Democrats in the majorty??? Click Here: Please VOTE if you love your freedom.

Good News Campaign-Finance Reform Has Been a Bust. Johnny McCain might be getting of the bandwagon regarding this. Ryan Singer explains.

William F. Buckley says when the world does evil thing its our business.

Ben Shapiro is not afraid nor ashamed to say that he is looking forward to the death of Fidel Casto.

Walter Williams takes on Higher Learning and creating "$40,000 numbskulls." Just another day in cranking out Youthful Idiots so that one day they will make the NEW Soviet Union (here in America) a reality.

Welcome to the Theater of Jihad, as they exploit the deaths of Qana for their own gain. Don't expect any help from the mainline media as Michelle Maklin explains.

World Opinion regarding the United States is for the most part WRONG but yet we should not ignore it either so says Tony Blankley.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Castro may finally die and its about time. I am not sorry for what I said Fidel Castro is an evil man, allthough his brother Raul might be able to keep the Communist Utopia in Cuba alive and may be even more dangerous than his older brother.

Today's comments from Neal Boortz.

Thomas Sowell thinks we need a draft in order to get the Youthful Idiots to understand the good things about our country. Not A Bad Ideal.

World Opinion: WHO CARES!!!! Dennis Prager says world opinion has never mattered. Many countries have killed people and the world still sings "Give Peace a Chance." Shame.

Senate Democrats Plan $25 Million Ad Blitz

David Limbaugh compares John Bolton to John Kerry regarding the approach to foreign policy.

Here is something you will NOT read or see in the mainline media. Gitmo guards endure attacks from inmates. Sad.

Charles K. says that the Israel/Hezbollah conflict is part of the War on Terror.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Readings

Burt Prelutsky takes on the leftist media

Must Read Comments from Neal Boortz today.

The Democrats always want to be known as the modern day Robin Hood. Paul Jacob says they are not and shows proff when it comes Private Property Rights and Elections.

Jeff Jacoby reminds us that Hezbollah is also our enemy.

Gray Lady does not endorse Liberman. The Media is trying to pull enough other Vietnam, amd make us lose.

Dick Morris says is very possible for the Dems to take back the Federal Government

Cease-Fire Talk...Jack Kelly calls it nonsense.

Here is GOOD NEWS about the War on Terror. Here is Michael Barone. One of a handful of place to get this news, since the Socialist Media fails to do so.

Speaking of the Socialist Media. Katie Cookie Cutter gets away with delay a plane so that her producer could board. If you and I did that there would be a Jail Cell waiting for us, but since she is part of the Media Elite...

Most Roads regarding to the War on Terror lead to Iran. That is what Harry Kissinger is saying and the media is not seeing this.

Find it diffciult to fight the left in Higher Learning??? Mike Adams shows you how to do it and keep at it.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Readings

I like to see more Pastors like this one. Their is a place for public policy and politics, but I have issues with it in most Churches.

At 54 years of age Paul Reubens is thinking about bring his Pee-Wee Herman persona out of retirement.

Ehud Olmert: Israel Not Ready for Cease-Fire

Some in Carwford are not happy with Cindy Sunshine moving in.

Karl Rove Blasts Journalists. Hey the Journalists hate when people of THEIR thinking are not in power.

Europe Thy name is Cowardness, Mathias Döpfner says.

A piece from Dennis Parger back in May 4, 2006. Why anti-Zionism is anti-semitism.