Saturday, May 06, 2006

Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) Brags About His Ratings and Demands Fairness

Well I just got my copy of Talkers Magazine and once again I see the bragging rights ads for the Socialist Talkers that Jones Radio Networks syndicates. Well not for Stephanie Miller this time around but for the 'Great Liberal Hope' aka Darth Fargo who is known by the talk radio world as Ed Schultz.

OK so you your the top dog in Seattle, WA and you claim you have beaten heritage News/Talker KIRO-AM.

You get 5 shares in the Madison and Syracuse markets (i.e. Liberal Cities). 4 shares in Albuquerque and San Diego. Again liberal cities but for the record San Diego is a battle of wills.

So you do fine and once Air America goes to the radio grave yard, you and Miller and even Lionel (based out of New York) still have a chance of keeping the Socialist Talk format alive, and believe me I want to see Socialist Talk Radio as part of the radio choices for years to come. It disgusts me when liberals call themselves 'Progressive.' Mike Rosen of KOA in Denver says it best when 'Progressive' means "progress on the road to socialism;" and Darth Fargo is no exception.

So you’re a radio broadcaster. Fine if Alan Berg was still alive he might have had a chance at going national along with Rush Limbaugh. We need people like Schultz to prove that leftys can do talk radio, and yes they can. They just want special treatment.

What Darth Fargo said on his show yesterday should make your blood boil unless your one of those Hippie Radio Jocks who thinks FM radio belongs to THEM!!! Darth Fargo who is an advocate for the Democrat Party and sees no problem with Hillary Clinton going down in history as our first Woman President. Schultz however tells her that he will not lend his support to her unless she makes a promise to look into the media ownership rules and support the return of the 'Fairness Doctrine.'

You see poor ole Schultz is upset with a few setbacks with a few radio stations that dropped the Socialist Talk format regardless of a format change and/or a change of ownership. Darth Fargo was even heard for a time on News/Talk powerhouse KSL in Salt Lake City. Yea that station owned by the Mormon Church. But loyal listeners to KSL were disgusted with Darth Fargo and pitched a fit. KSL removed the show and Lars Larson (a righty from liberal Portland, OR) took his place, and Schultz is crying like a baby because a few people in the 'public' told KSL that they hated his show, and his passion for mocking Republicans and telling them that the Democrats are the real good guys/gals (can’t forget women like Barbara Boxer and did I mention Hillary?) or so he says.

You Democrats love to talk about the 'public' owning the airwaves. Well the public spoke in Salt Lake City and Darth Fargo's Democrat Propaganda is no longer heard their. Can't you respect that??? Once again it shows the hypocrisy of the left.

Free Speech for ME Lefty, No Free Speech For YOU Righty.

That sounds about right to me.

Darth Fargo is also bitter towards the Program Director of WABC because he said that shows like his had no chance in hell in making it in talk radio. Let’s face it Schultz; radio is a dog eat dog business. You might have what it takes to make it in radio but that does not give you right to be cleared on whatever radio station you want to be on or in markets in which a majority of people will likely tune you out. Oh and WABC is still doing well in the ratings.

Make no mistake Darth Fargo and Socialist Talk are far from failures. There are many talk formats that have done well not in the ratings but in getting niches and the money talks big time. That includes Sports Talk (Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, JT The Brick), Hot Talk (Mancow, Don Imus, Bob & Tom, Don & Mike, Tom Leykis, Opie & Anthony) which have been around for years. So if these kinds of Talk Radio can make it, so can Socialist Talk.

Ed Schultz's fit yesterday is yet another reason why we can't have the Democrats retain control of our Government. Darth Fargo thinks he has a right to be heard in every market in the country, and that radio stations have an obligation to clear his show. No Schultz and more likely than not once a Fairness Doctrine is made into law once more, radio stations will move away from political talk. Not only will you Crush Rush, but you too Darth Fargo. Oh yea maybe you will...oh no I am not going to give you any leftys idEERs. Also Cable and internet will also be fair game to these utopians. They will censor anyone that is not on lock step with them or at least try.

Like Him or Hate Him, when Rush Limbaugh signed on nationally in 1988, he was embraced by America because he truly was a voice for those who supported Reagan and his vision for America. You had a media that still wished that Jimmy Carter had a second term. Unlike Schultz, Rush did not need a lot of rich Republicans to get his show started. All that Limbaugh needed was just one man who used to work for ABC Radio, who wanted to start his own radio syndication company. That man did and Rush would eventually be cleared on over 600 radio stations nationwide.

Darth Fargo, however needed seed money from Limo Democrats. They (the Limo Dems) formed a little Non-Profit group in order to get radio talk show hosts that were dedicated to the causes of the Democrat Party. They got two of them. Schultz and Stephanie Miller; both of whom have been radio broadcasters for sometime. With the help from Jones Radio Networks Schultz and Stephanie Miller were pitched to radio stations nationwide, and the rest is history.

Speaking of getting seed money from Democrats, Schultz also called upon the Limo Leftys such as George Soros, and Hollywood at large to invest in radio stations so they could sign on Socialist Talk stations across the country when the big guys fail to do so. Well without Clear Channel, Entercom, and CBS Radio; Socialist Talk would have died years ago and Air America would have been a drop in the water. But then again Limo Leftys have kept the Mother of Socialist Magazines “The Nation” (no its not 'Mother Jones' people in spite of the title, but it might come close) alive and well.

It was small radio owners that dropped your show, and I thought liberals loved those kinds of people. Only when it best suits Them.

I hope you see that Ed Schultz is one of those people who want to keep you and your children trapped in the ‘Democrat’s Matrix.’ Just like those machines in the movie your just a bunch of ‘batteries’ to them. I shall talk more about this Matrix of sorts in a future post...If I ever Get to it.

P.S. I am not a kiss @$$ Republican but as long as the Dems keep moving to the left, I can't vote for the Democrats at all.

No Need to pay a visit to Darth Fargo's website. Click Here for his Rant and Brag Speech.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Goodbye, Farewell, Amen to the outgoing Veteran TV Shows: 2006

Seven shows that are riding off into TV Heaven/Nirvana/Whatever. They each have been on at least 5 seasons and produced over a 100 episodes.

7th Heaven has been on the longest with ten seasons and 221 episodes under its belt. But their could be more or an attempt to spinoff the series.

Allthough 'Charmed' 'That 70's Show' and 'Will & Grace' are tied for Eight Seasons, 70's leds the pack in amount of episodes produced. "70's" has 200 total episodes, W&G has 192 total episodes, and 'Charmed' rounds out the pack with 178 total episodes.

'Charmed' will go in history as the longest running series that has all female leads however, and that is a really great honor if your one of those 'Girl Power' types, and man for 'Charmed' Girl Power takes a greater meaning. Time will tell if another show with all female leads can break that record.

The least seasons and the least episodes in the bunch is 'Alias' which has been on for five seasons and has a total of 105 episodes. Personaly I like this show and its time for it to end before it writes itself to death.

In the middle of it all is 'The West (or Left) Wing,' and true to the title 'Malcolm' and maybe the writers will let him get away from his family once and for all. goes highlights all the outgoing shows

Zap2it's Best and Worst Series Finales Overall

Comments made to Zap2it regarding Series Finales including one from me

Recommended Readings

Kennedy Cover Up, Bush Numbers Up, and Three Cheers Up for Denmark. Notice the pattern yet??? Neal Boortz hopes you see it too. OK he did not do a Three Cheers Up, but it was fun to say that.

Ex-CIA agent might have called Rummy's bluff.

Oliver North is appalled on how our media is so Anti-American these days. North is even shocked on how media outlets outside the U.S. have been reporting the Iraq War. This piece from North is a MUST READ!!!

David Limbaugh says the only way that the GOP loses the house is that the base will sit out the election. Cozy up to the Dems and in the end they will knife you in the back, cause the Dems want their OWN KIND!!!

Remember one thing about Television Networks Broadcast and Cable. They buy programs they believe will attract an audience. If people did watch any of the "Reality Shows" they would not be made, BUT we do watch Reality Shows and Brent Bozell presents a few new ones that he is disgusted with.

Mike Gallagher wants us to get serious about the Mexican Invaders.

Jonah Goldberg now speaks his peace on Gas Prices. If had not listened to Rush Limbaugh regarding Nancy Pelosi's use of the term Robber Baron. You might want to read this piece and you will learn who coinned the term. If anyone is a Robber Baron its people like Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and any Republican that goes along with them.

Pat Buchanan talks about Bolivia nationalizing the Gas & Oil ndustry in that respect Nation. MUST READ!!!!

Well, Well, Well The Government is ALWAYS on the look out for Price Gougers. Edwin Feulner fills us in. Get it 'Fill Us In?'

For those who have a heart for Israel, Charles Krauthammer says the Jews that reside their might not be able to reach a population number of 6 Million ever again.

CNN is spining and Censoring again...Thank Goodness for Newsmax to shine a light on this group of "Commies." :-) Get it Communist News Network???

James Pinkerton says we need to pay attention to South America and their embracement of Socialism.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Recommended Readings

Michael Savage outsells Ted Kennedy, Fairtax becomes part of our current poltical lexicon, the verdict on Zacarias Moussaoui, Anti price gouging legislation, rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy ssys it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are just as lng tte firt and lst ltteer are in the rghit pclaes. The rset is a toatl mses but you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm(My problem is omiting certain words), and the assembling a posse to fight the Mexican Invasion. All from the head of Neal Boortz.

We trust our Government more than we do the media at large. FOX News and CNN most trustworthy media outlets by the way.

Could the cause of Gas Prices be the cause of certain dictatorships of the world??? Max Boot gives us something to think about.

Cal Thomas presents a MUST READ regarding a political correctness storm brewing when it comes to the 'Mexican Invaders.' Mexican Invaders is my BUZZ word.

Brent Bozell shows how the media is in support of the Mexican Invaders.

Senator Ted Kennedy -- "Peace Criminal"? That is what Larry Elder says. MUST READ!!!!.

John Kenneth Galbraith was a famed liberal, socialist economist. He is eulogized today the conservative George F. Will. Check it out.

Tuition soars due to knowledge shortfall??? This is what the 'Righy Babe' has to say.

Never Mind New York, it was truly 'Saturday Night' in DC in which Bush was mocking himself. Suzanne Fields talks about that one. :-)

Rudy Giuliani Says Zacarias Moussaoui should have taken the dirt nap. Sorry Rudy.

Americans are taking to the Internet to log information for authorities about illegals.

The Minutemen are on a nationwide tour to increase support and awareness for the lax border security. Nut Jobs No More. Support The Minutemen!!!

Somebody did a little digging and found out El Presidente was caught singing the national anthem in Spanish. The left and the Mexican Invaders and their overall supporters are going to love that one. Good going Condi Rice, on getting the upper hand with Bobby on CBS's "Face the Nation."

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The USA Today Save Our Shows 2006 Results

According to the poll here are the top three shows that voters wanted saved and wanted dropped. Please note this is only limited to the scripted shows (sitcoms and dramas) and does not include Newsmagazines, Reality/Game Shows.


Scrubs (NBC)

Veronica Mars (UPN)

The King of Queens (CBS)

Commander In Chief (ABC)

Note: Queens and in Chief for the record are tied at three


Free Ride (FOX)

Hope & Faith (ABC)

Half and Half (UPN)

Freddie (ABC)

One on One (UPN)

Note: Ride and H&F are tied for first. Half and Freddie are tied for second.

I am not suprised at the results. I am only upset that my dad has to take over my TV so he can see both 'Veronica Mars' and 'The Unit.' Speaking of Mars one has to wonder why the show is not getting the ratings when a vocal group speak highly of the show. Scrubs will likely get a sixth season but the Peacock will bow out of the money is too much, and that will allow Disney to move Scrubs (they produce the show) to their own Alphabet Network (ABC). ABC would love to have their own show on their own network.

King of Queens is on the bubble because Kevin James wants more money. If James gets it then a 9th season will be produced. If not Queens will end abuptly.

Chief is no chance in hell, and I have previous posts on that one.

Story and complete results of the "Save our Shows" 2006

How Much Does the Socialist Left Love Geena Davis

So much that Davis gets an award. The more I think of it the Godfather of Talk Radio (Rush) is right about leftys awarding failure. :-)

'Commander in Chief' may have been canceled but that did not stop the Global Socialists from giving her an honor for playing the President of the United States on TV.

The guys who make 44 cough medicine should get Davis to do a commerical.

"I'm not the President of the United States, but I did play one a TV." :-)

Eat your heart out Peter Bergman (now getting his @$$ kicked as Jack Abbott on the CBS Daytime Drama "The Young and the Restless." Victor Newman played by Eric Braden is doing the beatings).

Here is the UPI take on the demise of 'Chief.'

Louis Rukeyser has Passed Away

Rukeyser was the man who introduced us to something called the Financial Advice TV show. His "Wall Street Week" program was truly indeed cutting edge when it first signed on in 1970. The continued until June 2005. Rukeyser for the record left WSW three years before that and joined CNBC but made sure that his show for the cable network was offered to Public TV stations. Sadly he had to end it due to his ailling health.

Story from

A Late Reading

Shelby Steel talks about this thing that lefty have. He calls it "White Guilt"

Recommended Readings

If you live in Atlanta, please attend the "Fairtax Rally." Taxes to solve the gas price crunch, Dishonest Report on the Talkmaster, America is Torturing captives, Government Schools making children dumber than ever, and the Hollywood Left shooting off their mouths again. Did I say Talkmaster? Did I say Atlanta? Click here for all of Neal's thoughts. Boortz that is.

OK Madeleine (Halfbright) Albright says that Clinton 'Misstated' the ObL offer. WOW!!!! Is Halfbright just covering up for her former boss or never learened the lessons about being on the receving end regarding SOCIALISM!!!! Now she is on the GIVING end.

Jonah Goldberg says the left is comparing Bush to Nixon just because of the poll numbers, but points out that Nixon was accually the LAST of the "New Deal" Presidents.

Herman Cain says that Congress needs some new Draft Picks. Indeed!!!!

Earlier I link a post from Michelle Malkin's blog regarding certain banners and signs from supporters of the Mexican Invaders. Now here is this weeks piece from Malkin warning you all that this thing called Reconquista (Re-Conquest) is NOT to be taken lightly.

The United States of Mexico. That can happen. Burt Prelutsky (who was one time a writer in Hollywood) says he enjoys the culture of Mexico but calls Bush on the carpet and tells him to stop listening to V. FOX. AMEN!!!

Great piece from the Real World Mallard Fillmore (John Stossel). Just Say NO to Victimhood. This is how the Dems keep themselves alive you know. However to use the gameplay of "Deal or No Deal" to make a point the workers that Stossel talks about open one 'Case' to many and lost. The real losers however are the taxpayers.

This weeks piece from Walter Williams as about "Disappearing manufacturing jobs."

Thomas Sowell talks about the Uneducated to Alex Trebek and Tim Russert to Johnny McCain. Its yet another random thoughts piece from the 'Sowell Man.'

Swimming aganist the tide Ben Shapiro is what he does best. Now he wants to thank Judge James Moody for doing something right. MUST READ!!!

Maggie Gallagher talks about her day without immigrants and she feels fine, but still wants our borders closed.

A Semi-Token Lefty piece. Ed Koch says we need to get out of Iraq BUT prepare for Iran.

Early Recommended Readings

Before Drugging your children, you might want to read this.

Also don't send your children to the Government to be educated. You will regret it. Spend less on yourself if your on a tight budget.

Better Luck Next Time Lefty Media. Your smugness towards Rush is misplaced. Druggy Limbaugh is very much free and still "America's Anchorman."

There is Hope. Mayday Is a Bust

KKK Byrd and the Line Item Veto Threat

Karl Rove Guily more so and ObL. The Scream is at it again and all the wonderful leftys listen to this jerk.

Worst State Tax Climate is in New York and other lefty states are not far behind.

Michelle Malkin points out some photos in her Blog to show you what is behind the mask regarding the support of the Mexican Invaders. Don't tell me that Communism is dead. ITS VERY MUCH ALIVE!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

'Madam President' Gets Impeached

I Told Ya this would not be a Left (West) Wing replacment, and the worst news is...Click Here.

Now the left can hope for a Real World Impeachment.

Meet Evan Bayh

He wants to be the next President of the United States and like many leftys wants to do away with the Electoral College so that New York, LA, Chicago, San Fan desides for the rest of us who our future Presidents will be, and they will all be nine times out of ten liberal Democrats.

Now tell me who will do anything the can to win.

Now here is the link to a Q&A session with Bayh

Recommended Readings

Democrat Senator Joseph Biden has an ideal to solve the war in Iraq. Cut up the Country just like Yugoslavia.

Cal Thomas gives the GOP some tuff love for going along with the ideal of a Giving out 'Welfare' (They call it a Rebate) Checks to ease the pain at the pump. Keep this up and we will have to deal with the full blow Democrats who want to bring the New Soviet Union here.

David Limbaugh calls for the GOP to extend the tax cuts before the Dems block and get them Raised Higher and Higher. He also points out the real dividers have been the Democrats. Just look at how they want to group the races, sexes/genders, and even GLBT. Yes I do mean GLBT. Anything that helps Democrats WIN SEATS!!! People the Dems are USING you like Play Dough.

Any Government Fix is anything but Good. Jack Kemp present a must read. Educating people about "Supply & Demand" is going to be an uphill battle, and you can thank the Government Schools for that.

The Republicans may be moving to the left but Phyllis Schlafly (The Anti-Feminist) says its everyday people that keep them to the right.

Rebecca Hagelin reviews a new book by the real world Mallard Filmore (John Stossel). Check it out.

Dennis Prager makes some good points on how to ID; American Totalitarians.

Reason Magazine presents three views on the war in Iraq.

Border States are demanding a crackdown on Mexican Invaders. Sending the National Guard is a good start.

An Early Recommended Reading

Missed this from yesterday. Jeff Jacoby talks about a trend called Communist chic. Looks we need to counter this BIG TIME!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Recommended Readings

A Day Without ILLEGAL ALIENS, Powell says we needed more troops, and no evidence of Gouging. This and more from Neal Boortz.

Star Parker talks about the ongoings at Duke and says they are meanningless.

Tony Snow took the job cause because he will be good at delivering messages for the Bushies so says Suzanne Fields.

Thomas Bray shows you who is really make the profits from the Gas Prices. Its about time cause the Media will NEVER Call Them on the Carpet. Go after those Guys and Gals before you go for the 'CEO's'

The only reason why Bush's Numbers are down is not because of Gas Prices, its because we as a People just don't understand and/or stomach this thing we call 'War.' Jeffrey Bell & Frank Cannon explain.

John Leo has a piece called University Presidents Battle for Honors in Spinelessness.

One can hope for less "earmarks" aka Pork. Robert Novak talks about the recent victory againist earmarks.

TV Season and Series Finales

The End is Here, for some but their will be some kind of Finale during May, and some will end in June and one will end in July.

FOX's 'War At Home' yesterday had their season finale, that is why you don't see them. Here are the shows listed in order of air time.

Monday, May 1


Tuesday , May 2

'According to Jim' (ABC)

'Hope & Faith' (ABC)

'Blow Out' (Bravo)

'Teachers' (NBC)

'Nashville Star' (USA)

'The Real Housewives of Orange County' (Bravo)

'Thief' (FX)

Wednesday, May 3

'One Tree Hill' (The WB)

'South Park' (Comedy Central)

Thursday, May 4

'Supernatural' (The WB)

Friday, May 5

'Ghost Whisperer' (CBS)

'Survivial of the Richest' (The WB)

'Reba' (The WB)

Sunday, May 7

'Hogan Knows Best' (VH1)

'Crossing Jordan' (NBC)

Monday, May 8

'Seventh Heaven' (The WB) Will it Go On? This was to be the last season of this show.

'Girlfriends' (UPN)

'What About Brian' (ABC)

Tuesday, May 9

'Most Outrageous Moments' (NBC)

'Gilmore Girls' (The WB)

'Veronica Mars' (UPN) This one is heading for the Scrap Pile.

'8th & Ocean' (MTV)

Wednesday, May 10

'The Bedford Diaries' (The WB)

'Criminal Minds' (CBS)

'Unan1mous' (FOX) 'American Karaoke' help this little Game/Reality show

'Top Chef' (Bravo)

'Mind of Mencia' (Comedy Central)

Thursday, May 11 (Planing to Watch NBC??? Warning They are SUPERSizing Again, but will that work without their old "Friends?")

'Everybody Hates Chris' (UPN)

'Smallville' (The WB)

'Love, Inc' (UPN)

'My Name Is Earl' (NBC) I am sure next year will be better Earl. Got to have a good cliffhanger

'American Inventor' (ABC) Not as good as the Karaoke show

'Eve' (UPN)

'The Office' (NBC)

'Cuts' (UPN)

Friday, May 12

'Las Vegas' (NBC)

'Real Time with Bill Maher' (HBO)

Sunday, May 14

'King of the Hill' (FOX)

'Survivor: Exile Island' (CBS)

'The West Wing' (NBC) Left Wing, Left Wing, Left Wing, LEFT WING!!! OK I feel better.

'Malcolm in the Middle' (FOX) We Hope that Malcom is no longer stuck in the middle. Great sendoff if they make it so.

'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' (NBC)

'The Surreal Life' (VH1)

'American Dad' (FOX)

'Grey's Anatomy,' Part I (ABC) See Monday May 15 regarding Grey

'So NoTORIous' (VH1)

Monday, May 15

'Prison Break' (FOX) Wonder what the show will be like next season???

'One on One' (UPN)

'How I Met Your Mother' (CBS)

'All of Us' (UPN)

'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC) Could ABC be pondering a move to Monday Nights???

'Half & Half' (UPN)

Tuesday, May 16

'NCIS' (CBS) Watch for another Kill Off

'Boston Legal' (ABC)

'The Unit' (CBS)

'Scrubs' (NBC) Will this one get a 6th season??? Will it be on the Peacock??? Stay Tuned.

'Love Monkey' (VH1) Was this on CBS at one time???

'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' (NBC)

Wednesday, May 17

'The Amazing Race' (CBS)

'Bones' (FOX)

'America's Next Top Model' (UPN)

'Invasion' (ABC) For some reason I have to have this show on until they cancel it

'CSI: NY' (CBS) Another year in 'Teenage Wasteland'

'Law & Order' (NBC)

'My Super Sweet 16' (MTV)

Thursday, May 18

'That '70s Show' (FOX) Did this show cross into the 80's yet??? If not that's a good thing cause its time to end it.


'The O.C.' (FOX)

'Will & Grace' (NBC)

'Commander In Chief' (ABC) Sorry Guys & Gals, but this is not going to be your 'Left Wing' Replacement.

'ER' (NBC)

'Without a Trace' (CBS)

Friday, May 19

'America's Funniest Home Videos' (ABC)

'Close to Home' (CBS)

'Conviction' (NBC)

'The Andy Milonakis Show' (MTV2)

'Wonder Showzen' (MTV2)

'Numb3rs' (CBS)

Saturday, May 20


Sunday, May 21

'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' (ABC)

'60 Minutes' (CBS)

'Cold Case' (CBS)

'The Simpsons' (FOX)

'Charmed' (The WB)

'Family Guy' (FOX)

'Desperate Housewives' (ABC)

Monday, May 22

'Wife Swap' (ABC)

'The King of Queens' (CBS) Expect this show to be renewed by CBS

'24' (FOX) Jack Bauer is not dying anytime soon.

'Alias' (ABC) Goodbye Sydney, we hope that your life gets better after all the Hell that Sloan and his friends put your through. This is if you Survive. They could have killed her off and end the show with a bittersweet pill. I doubt it.

'Two and a Half Men' (CBS) Will Charlie settle down??? Better him than his real life Charlie

'The New Adventures of Old Christine' (CBS) So Far So Good Old Christine is not Elane


'Punk'd' (MTV)

'Medium' (NBC)

Tuesday, May 23

'House' (FOX)

Wednesday, May 24

'American Idol' (or American Karaoke as I like to call it) (FOX)

'Lost' (ABC)

'Ghost Hunters' (Sci Fi)

Sunday, June 4

'The Sopranos' (HBO)

'Big Love' (HBO)

Monday, June 5

'Deal or No Deal' (NBC) (Can't get enough??? I think you have. You will be glad that NBC gave this show a pitstop)

'Everwood' (The WB)

'The Apprentice' (NBC)

Tuesday, July 4

'Pepper Dennis' (The WB) Question is will The CW take this show on???

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fear of "The Da Vinci Code???"

The Christian Church is truly in an uproar about the book and the soon to be released movie "The Da Vinci Code." The one thing that concerns these desperate souls is that masses of people will be convinced that Jesus Christ was just another man on earth with the same desires that make us human beings. Not to mention that he survived his crucifixion took Mary Magdalene as his wife and had children with her.

So if Jesus was just another human being that lived a life on Earth and was not the "Son of God" as Christian Doctrine told us, then the whole Christian Faith was poven to be false and we need to 'Evolve.'

The ideal of Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene is not just limited to the fictional Da Vinci Code. It has been said that said the ideals in the novel accually came from Michael Baigent who wrote and/or co-wrote the books The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History, The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, and The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

"The Last Temptation of Christ" which was first published in the early 1950's also challenged the faith of many Christians especially when a movie based on the book came out in 1988. These days some of these Christians are taking are taking a second look at "Temptation."

So now the 'Boogie Man' these days is the "Da Vinci Code." I don't know if I will ever go see this movie. I think the Christians need to get over it and see the Code for what is. Another "what if" compared to their "facts" which is based on nothing but "faith."

Here is a website in which certain Christians are "Challenging DaVinci"

Feel Like Challenging Me??? Just send an E-Mail to Me:

You can even agree with me if you like.