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Cindy Sheehan admits to being a Liberal Democrat

Stay tunned for my "random thoughts" after this post.

Well no surprise but I thought it would be best to hear from Mrs. Sheehan herself, in "This Audio Interview" with another lefty talker by the name of Stephanie Miller.

She said she wanted to speak her peace on one of Bill O'Reily's shows (he is a two faced jerk and disses my favorate talker Neal Boortz) but I think she is making it up since Mike McConnell of WLW-AM said she did not want to speak on his nationally syndicated weekend talk program.

You truly speak with a forked tongue Cindy.

Some Random Thoughts

Should the Democratic National Committe and the Communist Party USA merge?

Devvy Kidd is a very outspoken and vocal advocate for a return to the princples that were laid out by our founders has recently written a piece that is truly in your face. In fact many of her pieces are. While Mike Rosen and Neal Boortz point out that the Democrats have a love affair with socialism and they truly do, Kidd wonder if the Dems and Communist Party USA should merge. Kidd by the way is not affilated with either of the major parties, but still the media at large and the Dems are ready to stone her because she is not part of the personality cult, and yes I do mean personality cult. Kidd is not afraid to tell ya that Franklin Delano Roosevelt is truly the one who laid that groundwork for America becoming a socialist state.

Kidd was not only one to speak out against FDR and his policies. Jim Powell recently wrote a book called "FDR's Folly: How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression," and a book written much closer to FDR's time called "The Roosevelt Myth" that was written by John T. Flynn.

As for the Dems and the Commies merging. They might as well finish the deal cause in the last election the Commies have not put anybody up front but rather endorse the Democrat candidate. Well it shows that the Commies play to win and they want to see is a USSR in the USA, or make that a USSA. Marx and Lennin would be proud.

Here is that piece from Kidd

It's Official Harry Belafonte is a Race Baiter

Well last weekend singer Harry Belafonte went to a march in Atlanta that commemorating the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act. Belafonte a few years back that Colin Powell was some kind of "house slave." Well now the 'Banana Boat Man' really outdid himself and backtracking is not doing him no good. As pointed out by Cybercast News Service, and radio talkers Neal Boortz and Michael Savage; Belafonte used a Hitler analogy regarding Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

"Hitler had a lot of Jews high up in the hierarchy of the Third Reich. Color does not necessarily denote quality, content or value...[If] a black is a tyrant, he is first and foremost a tyrant, then he incidentally is black. Bush is a tyrant and if he gathers around him black tyrants, they all have to be treated as they are being treated."

Well what can I say? Belafonte is no differerent then that the JacksonSharpton's of the world.

Oh and by the way some of the others that attended this event in Atlanta included Michgan Rep John Conyers (who panders to to the Hispanics and Arabs by allowing them to translate his website), Greg Mathis (TV Courtroom Judge and says that the GOP leaders need to be locked up for not allowing his elk to steal the 2000 election and make Al Gore President), Cally Rep Maxine Waters, and yes Jesse Jackson was their too.

Information taken from Cybercast News Services

Oh and by the way, did you know that the AFL-CIO (labor union) was a sponsor of this event, along with the usual civil rights groups (NAACP, Urban League, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference etc.). Sounds like to me that this nothing more but a warm up for what is to come regarding the Democrats next attempt to get back into power.

Good thing we have Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder to put these race baiters in their places.

Next time Mr BB Man in the words of The Rock; "Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth."

Jerry Doyle says Bush should speak to Cindy Sheehan...Again

Actor turned radio talk show host Jerry Doyle who ran as a Republican in Cally but now is unaffiliated says that Bush should speak with Cindy Sheehan who is protesting outside of his ranch in Crawford, Texas. One of Doyle's guests agreed (can't remember his name) but also said that meeting could only a few words.

Maybe he should with Cindy, but it may not do him any good. Sheehan may be grieving but she is not handling it well. It was stated during Doyle's program (don't who if Doyle said it or his guest) that Sheehan should not be used by anyone right or left. However she is being used by the left big time and it seems that Sheehan does not mind at all. Looking at the way she is getting all this attention by the news media and the liberal radio talk show hosts, it looks like she has found friends.

The 'Rosa Parks' of the Peace Movement???...Be Afraid Be VERY AFRAID!!! I am starting to smell a rat, and that rat is pull out of Iraq (which Sheehan advocates), let our enemies win and make America look bad...AGAIN!!!! It's also all right when our enemies rape and kill people too.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Thanks Jamie Gorelick for allowing terrorists to kill 3,000 people

Well something far more important is trumping the Psycho Mother down in Texas and sources she is planning to go to DC to make a stink in front of the White House. Since her family has denounced her I think I can without guilt give Cindy Sheehan that nickname. Their still needs to be a counterprotest of somekind againist her to show how wrong she is however.

This event I am talking about now begins with a statement made by Curt Weldon R-Pennsylvania who says that good little boys and girls who were in the intelligence circle and knew about eventually hijackers are. Remember Democrats/liberals/progressives can never do wrong.

One of those key people is a woman by the name of Jamie Gorelick (last name is pronounced Gore-Relic) who was hired by the request of Lady MacBeth (i.e. Hillary Clinton). One of the rules that was created under Gorelick is that CIA and FBI could not share information with each other.

A milltary group who called themselves 'Able Danger' identified the four terriorists. Had the CIA been able to share this information with the FBI, chances are that Mohammed Atta and other three would have been rounded up and the twin towers would still be standing today. However Atta and the three had visas that were 'legitimate' and that was good enough for Gorelick to let them go about their business and not violate their "Civil Liberties." That lack of action against them would cost the lifes of 3,000 people on September 11, 2001.

Gorelick has the gall to be allowed to sit on the 9/11 Commission when she should be the one anserwing questions instead of asking them. One can hope that what this commission said is now null and void and that if we have a new commission, one can ALSO hope that the Fox will be kept out of the henhouse this time.

Bill & Hillary Clinton will still run free and as always the mainline media will give them cover. However Gore-Relic and her ilk should be questioned and later put on trial. Not only that, they should be put away in a prison cell and allow the friends and family of the victims of 9/11 closure once and for all.

Yes Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) IT IS CILINTON'S FAULT (BOTH OF THEM), but go on and tell us otherwise.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Drudge Report: Sheehan Family speaks out against Cindy

Be sure to read my post about a counterposter following this post.

Now this from the Drudge Report

Thu Aug 11 2005 12:56:21 ET

The family of American soldier Casey Sheehan, who was killed in Iraq on April 4, 2004, has broken its silence and spoken out against his mother Cindy Sheehan's anti-war vigil against George Bush held outside the president's Crawford, Texas ranch.

The following email was received by the DRUDGE REPORT from Casey's aunt and godmother:

Our family has been so distressed by the recent activities of Cindy we are breaking our silence and we have collectively written a statement for release. Feel free to distribute it as you wish. Thanks Ð Cherie

In response to questions regarding the Cindy Sheehan/Crawford Texas issue: Sheehan Family Statement:

The Sheehan Family lost our beloved Casey in the Iraq War and we have been silently, respectfully grieving. We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation. The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect.


Casey Sheehan's grandparents, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins.


There Needs to be a Counterprotest against Cindy Sheehan...BUT for the RIGHT REASONS!!!

A radio station in Texas wanted to do a counterprotest to Cindy Sheehan's protest in front of George W. Bush's ranch (right now his home away from home in DC). The Sith Lord of talk radio Ed Schultz got a hold of this via a caller to his talk program and then made a call to action to make sure this event never took place.

Well it seems to have worked and the EdHeads (fans and listeners of the Ed Schultz show) have been given credit...that and other freedom loving Americans (but believe that socialism brings true freedom) for stopping this counterprotest.

If this was ment to mock Cindy Sheehan and her loss of her son, then it should have been stopped and it has. However their really needs to be a counterprotest, only to point out the double standard of this woman and who is backing her up on this protest of hers.

It has been pointed out that Cindy Sheehan said some nice words regarding George W. Bush about a year ago after her son's death. They did meet face to face. Since that time something has changed and several radio talk show hosts have pointed it out.

Neal Boortz pointed what Sheehan said THEN and what she says NOW

Sorry to tell ya Neal (in regards to the his statements made in the above link) Sheehan will not home.

Boortz also references this story back in 2004 written by David Henson of The Reporter. Here is the complete story.

Article Launched: 06/24/2004 06:00:00 AM

Bush, Sheehans share moments
By David Henson/Staff Writer

Since learning in April that their son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, had been killed in Iraq, life has been everything but normal for the Sheehan family of Vacaville.
Casey's parents, Cindy and Patrick, as well as their three children, have attended event after event honoring the soldier both locally and abroad, received countless letters of support and fielded questions from reporters across the country.

"That's the way our whole lives have been since April 4," Patrick said. "It's been surreal."

But none of that prepared the family for the message left on their answering machine last week, inviting them to have a face-to-face meeting with President George W. Bush at Fort Lewis near Seattle.

Surreal soon seemed like an understatement, as the Sheehans - one of 17 families who met Thursday with Bush - were whisked in a matter of days to the Army post and given the VIP treatment from the military. But as their meeting with the president approached, the family was faced with a dilemma as to what to say when faced with Casey's commander-in-chief.

"We haven't been happy with the way the war has been handled," Cindy said. "The president has changed his reasons for being over there every time a reason is proven false or an objective reached."

The 10 minutes of face time with the president could have given the family a chance to vent their frustrations or ask Bush some of the difficult questions they have been asking themselves, such as whether Casey's sacrifice would make the world a safer place.

But in the end, the family decided against such talk, deferring to how they believed Casey would have wanted them to act. In addition, Pat noted that Bush wasn't stumping for votes or trying to gain a political edge for the upcoming election.

"We have a lot of respect for the office of the president, and I have a new respect for him because he was sincere and he didn't have to take the time to meet with us," Pat said.

Sincerity was something Cindy had hoped to find in the meeting. Shortly after Casey died, Bush sent the family a form letter expressing his condolences, and Cindy said she felt it was an impersonal gesture.

"I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis," Cindy said after their meeting. "I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith."

The meeting didn't last long, but in their time with Bush, Cindy spoke about Casey and asked the president to make her son's sacrifice count for something. They also spoke of their faith.

While meeting with Bush, as well as Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, was an honor, it was almost a tangent benefit of the trip. The Sheehans said they enjoyed meeting the other families of fallen soldiers, sharing stories, contact information, grief and support.

For some, grief was still visceral and raw, while for others it had melted into the background of their lives, the pain as common as breathing. Cindy said she saw her reflection in the troubled eyes of each.

"It's hard to lose a son," she said. "But we (all) lost a son in the Iraqi war."

The trip had one benefit that none of the Sheehans expected.

For a moment, life returned to the way it was before Casey died. They laughed, joked and bickered playfully as they briefly toured Seattle.

For the first time in 11 weeks, they felt whole again.

"That was the gift the president gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together," Cindy said.

David Henson can be reached at
This above story can be found at the below link

So what is true Cindy? Was Bush nice to you then or plan mean as you now claim?

Gunny Bob Newman pointed out on his evening talk show on KOA-AM Denver that Sheehan has made alliances with groups that have ties to communist and socialist causes. One of those groups Newman pointed out is a woman's anti-war group called Code Pink. One of its co-founders is Medea Benjamin and is one of those people that found heaven in Cuba (that is before they kicked her out), and has no love for the state of Israel. Benjamin is also a strong supporter of many communist causes and is staunchly anti-capitalist.'s profile on Medea Benjamin

Newman also reported that George Soros himself is also funding this protest put on by Sheehan.
There truly needs to be counterprotest against Cindy Sheehan, but NOT to mock her. Instead we need to show America (and hopfuly her) how misguided she is regarding this protest ...or whatever she needs to call it.

The first this counterprotest needs to point out that what she is really doing is DISHONORING the memory of her son Casey and his death. Sheehan is also dishonoring him by telling Ed Schultz and his listeners that he did not support this war (and keep in mind that most people truly dislike war in general) in the way that he hated his Commander in Chief.

The second thing is that we need to point out are the groups behind Sheehan and what their true agenda is, which is more/less create another Vietnam and do what they can to make sure to make sure the America loses another war. Many of these anti-war protests past and present have never seen a marxist/communist/socialist that they ever disliked. This leads me to the third that needs to be pointed out.

The third thing we need to point out is that many of these anti-war protesters turned a blind eye when the socialists in Vietnam (and everywere else) started killing their own people, especially those who opposed them pior to their takeover. Some like David Horowitz saw the light regarding the "new left" and are now doing what they kind to expose their dark deeds.

Again we must be understanding toward Cindy Sheehan regarding the loss of her son, but we must stand up to her when it comes to people she is siding and the way they are using her to forward their goals for their socialist utopia.

I am only one person. All I can do is blog. I can only hope this message gets out to as many people as possible, and if it does please let them know about my blog and come back often.

Update on the Angry Mother

Well so far she has not been put in a patty wagon as of this post, but she was interviewed and featured on the major networks as the media pin her hopes on her to disgrace Bush (if HE did not do it allready) and get their fellow Democrats into power and in the majorty.

Since I don't watch the evening news (and I don't have cable) I have not seen those TV interviews allthough the Media Research Center did (Check out the gas prices and the anti-war grannies).

Cindy Sheehan made another appearence via telephone on Ed Schultz's radio talk show and guess who decided to make an appearence as well. No other than Joseph Wilson who's wife got outted by Robert Novak or so the story goes. Oh yea she works for the CIA but works behind a desk, but since this could be used to bash Bush why not. Wilson is so happy for Sheehan and her stand in Texas. He should be cause he is nothing but a Democrat hack. Wilson served under the Bill Clinton administration as an ambassador for our country. He also wants to sell a few more books. If you need more on this start with Neal Boortz and search for Joseph Wilson within the site,and pay a visit to regarding his book.

Before you do that You may want to listen to this lovefest between Ed Schultz, Cindy Sheehan and Joseph Wilson.

Stay Tuned to The Blog According to Don

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is the end of broadcast news near...and yes I am talking about ABC, CBS, NBC

I am very late on this but as you know by now the last of the three headed monster known as Brokaw, Rather and Jennings has taken the fall.

First Tom Brokaw decided to retire, then Rather took fall and a forced early retirement for the wannabe Walter Cronkite, and the final fall came it was the tragic the death of Peter Jennings. He was smoker and yes it was lung cancer that killed Jennings. Granted I am sorry that someone should die that way. He could have lived longer if it were not for him smoking those cigarettes but I leave that part there.

I do have to say that I have no kind words for Jennings. Like the rest of his colleagues in the media, they pushed an agenda that mirrored what the Democrats advocate, and showed lots of love of those who had a marxist bent.

Its a crying shame when George W. Bush along with his cabinet member Condolezza Rice said kind words for him. Maybe its just a Public Releations thing or maybe they was no REAL harsh feelings for Jennings. Whatever the case maybe I find it sad that they had to say something nice about him.

How about if you can't say something mean, don't say anything at all. This implies when your a libertarian and believe what this country really stood for and its not what FDR and his elk envisioned.

As Michael Savage said on his talk show Jennings may not be evil but he is part of that network that wants to turn America into a socialist paradise, but don't think for one minute that it will be paradise. has a quite revealing profile on the man who came from the Great White North

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Abortion Contest???

I came across a monthly Christian newspaper today and read about something that I have not heard from other sources maybe I just don't remember. This was a July issue.

It seems that a radio jock on heritage rock station WWDC-FM decided to hold a contest to find a listener who has the most abortions.

Well the Family Research Council, a social conservative group called for Elliot Segal who was the jock in question to get the pink slip. FRC also asking listeners to voice complaints to Clear Channel the company to complain.

Well its August and his presence is still on the website and if that's the case then he is still likely he is working for the station.

Granted this contest was in bad taste, but this in the same league as having sex in a Catholic church? (Opie and Anthony anyone?) I don't think so. Good thing Clear Channel did not cave in to the demands of 'family values' people. This shows how unforgiving they are to people that are not morally correct, or whatever.

Wonder why I fear certain members of the Christian Right?

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Gunny Bob Newman has got Cindy Sheehan's Number

Well I could not wait until tomarrow to post this but I want to say on Gunny Bob Newman's talk radio program on KOA-AM in Denver, he exposed the unholy alliances that Cindy Sheehan has made. According to Newman several communist and socialist groups are standing behind this woman.

One person I shall name that is supporting her is a woman by the name of Medea Benjamin. This woman said she died and went to heaven after a visit to Fidel Castro's socialist utopia in Cuba. on Medea Benjamin.

Now here is that piece from Gunny Bob

A Mother Insults Her Fallen Son
August 8, 2005

Cindy Sheehan does not believe those filthy ragheads and camel jockeys in Iraq deserve freedom. Nor does she believe they should be allowed to live in peace or be able to sleep at night without wondering if their genocidal dictator’s bloodthirsty henchmen are going to kick their door in and drag the entire family off to a grisly torture chamber, where the parents will be made to watch their children be repeatedly raped and sodomized and finally blinded and dismembered while still alive.

Her son adamantly disagreed with her. U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, in fact, disagreed with his mother so vehemently that he was willing to give his life so that brown-skinned Muslims he didn’t even know could be free.

Now Mrs. Sheehan claims George Bush, not terrorists, killed her son. She didn’t protest when the maniacs of 9-11 killed nearly 3,000 people. She doesn’t fault the mass murderers who continue to butcher innocent Iraqi men, women and children and who continue to kill courageous American military personnel. She didn’t fly to London to protest outside of a mosque. She is in no way shocked by the hundreds of mass graves being excavated in Iraq, graves filled with tens of thousands of bodies of Saddam’s victims. She is not troubled at all by the numerous al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq who want to kill every American man, woman and child on earth. And she could not care less that proud Iraqis, facing death, voted for the first time in throngs for the politician of their choice, defiantly holding up ink-stained fingers to show they had faced down the terrorists. To Cindy Sheehan, it would appear, Arabs, especially Muslim Arabs, should have no right to vote or even live for that matter.

Cindy Sheehan’s son volunteered for military service and knew he would probably go to war. He accepted the risks and dangers and was okay with them. He died doing his part to prevent the Muslim terrorists from killing more and more innocent civilians around the world, in places like the Philippines, Italy, Thailand, France, India, Russia, Lebanon, Netherlands, England, Israel, Spain and the United States. Mrs. Sheehan, if her actions and words are any indication, apparently thinks her son was an idiot because of his beliefs.

Incredibly, although 1,800 mothers would like a private audience with the president to talk about their son or daughter being killed in the war on terror, Mrs. Sheehan actually got such an audience last summer. Yet in her astounding arrogance, she is now demanding another audience, even though the vast majority of other moms whose sons were lost in the war have yet to be granted such a meeting.

Why does Cindy Sheehan feel her son was more important than all the rest? How dare she demand two of what the vast majority of other war mothers never receive any.

In Heaven, her son’s buddies are giving him some good-natured ribbing, asking why his mother is messing with the commander in chief. But Casey’s big heart is breaking. He is ashamed of his mother’s desperate desire to be seen and heard in the media. Whereas nearly all other mothers of American warriors maintain their dignity and respect the ultimate sacrifice made by their valiant sons, Cindy Sheehan grandstands and seeks the spotlight of notoriety her son never sought.

Specialist Casey Sheehan believed others came before him. His mother believes she comes before everyone else.

That’s the difference between a selfless patriot and a self-centered egotist.

And To that Gunny Bob I say AMEN TO THAT!!!

Cindy Sheehan: Angry Mother or Overgrown Hippie

If you have not heard the name Cindy Sheenhan you will. She has been protesting the Iraq War in Crawford, Texas for a few days now in what she calls a "Roadside Vigil." Her son Casey was serving our Armed Forces and got killed in Iraq back in April 2004.

Lest we forget that Crawford, Texas is the home of W. Bush. Casey was killed back in April 2004, and that ranch were Bush resides otherside of the Whitehouse is were Sheenhan is making her stand. After the loss of her son Sheenhan became a Peace Activist and has been calling for our troops to be pulled out.

She plans on doing this until the end of this month unless she and her protesters get cuffed and taken away in police cars. She is demanding that she gets a chance to talk with our President.

Sheehan has been blaming our President for her son's death, and like many other anti-war protesters, she is calling for Bush to pull out of Iraq and put an end to this part of the war on terror. On CNN's late edition Sheehan said; "I don't want him to justify my son's honorable sacrifice to continue his murderous killing policies."

She spoke with lefty talker Ed Schultz on his national radio program about her protest. In that interview she said what made her do this Vigil was the death of the 14 Marines last week in Iraq, and the fact she was in state of Texas for a convention sponcered by the Veterans For Peace in Dallas. By the way VFP calls for the impeachment for Bush regarding his action in Iraq.

Casey Sheehan enlisted in the milltary by his own choice. Unlike Vietnam we currently have no draft. He did what he was told to do, and followed orders including his assigment going into Iraq. Cindy claims in her interview with Schultz that she did not want him to go to Iraq and even offered to take him to Canada to dodge his service. Casey turned her down and did his duty. Sadly he is no longer with us, but that is way it is when you join the Armed Forces of ANY nation...if your France however maybe not.

Those who enlist the milltary lose their rights and become part of a killing machine and part of the job is sending our men (and even women) to die in order to protect and defend our country from those who may distory this nation.

Once again the media and certain people in our government are once again are stonewalling our troops in what they need to do in order to defeat our enemy. They never understood the need of a armed forces and never will.

Losing a loved one in a war is tragic. However showing your support against the war is not showing your support of our men and women in Iraq and around the world.

Realated Links

From Ed Schultz's website

AFP Story on Cindy Sheehan

Ed Schultz's interview with Cindy Sheehan

P.S. if we should lose this war with Iraq and Islamo-Facists do take over I promise you that there will be more deaths then they are now. Like Vietnam however the Cindy and the leftys will turn a blind eye.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Limo Leftys at it Again

I just read an article that was originally in the Washington Post.

It reports that rich liberals are vowing to fund fuel think tanks that will speak with a progressive agenda.

Granted you need money to startup such think tanks and keep them going, but for a group of people that talk about supportive of the 'little guy', the 'common man', the one who makes a hard heard living and struggles from pay check to pay check it really makes you wonder what goes on inside the head of a limo lefty.

Do they really care about those who have less or do they want to keep them down. If these people truly feel guilty about their wealth then why don't they just sell it off, and find some place to rent and work to make a living?

I only wish how hard they are making it for those who trying to be somebody in this country (and the world). You don't that be taking from those who EARN to those who EARN NOT.