Saturday, December 18, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

A Woman is arrested in murder, kidnapping...What a WITCH with a B

Pentagon Plan Would Boost Intelligence Role-Report

Official Denies Poisoning Viktor Yushchenko

China to Outlaw Taiwan Secession

Terminator Sued Over House Sale

Donald Payne: Racist Kofi Probers in GOP Cover-up

Michael Moore says Hillary will be the star in 2008 (She could be the first Woman U.S. Pres)


Time for a Face Off. The topic "The Holiday Season"

Lisa Fabrizio says the liberal assaults makes for UNhappy holidays, not just the Winter ones.

Jan Brazill reminds us of the pagan orgin of the Winter holidays plus lauds those who came against Denver mayor for backing down on the 'inclusion' of all people.

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Morning News & Commentary

Iraqi Judges Start Quizzing Saddam Aides

Nearly Half in U.S. Say Restrict Muslims

Pastors guilty of hating Muslims. Down Under that is.

Was Hitler a tax dodger


Henry Lamb does not care who gets offended. He will say Merry Christmas.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says the Jews are not the villians of Christians, however he believes we should be careful of what we say. Intresting Read

Les Kinsolving has a few thoughts regarding Bill Moyers's retirement and an E-Mailer's greatings to famous leftys.

While the left loves to nail Dick Cheney to the wall for Halliburton, Bob Parks in his "Black & Right" audio commentary reminds us of a man named Mark Rich who made illegal oil deals with some of the world dictators. Also Bill Clinton pardoned Rich. Mp3 Required and Windows Media Player can play Mp3's. MUST LISTEN!!!

Holiday Day Lyric Line

I love you and you love me and that’s the way it’s got to be
I loved you from the start ’cause christmas ain’t the time for breaking each other’s heart
Merry Christmas (I Don't wanna Fight Tonight)--Ramones

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Baby cut from wombfound alive by police

Iraq Insurgents Kill 3 Foreigners in Mosul

GOP Senators defend Donald Rumsfeld

Judge Blocks Count of New Washington State ballots

Iraq Vet says that Johnny McCain Snubbed the Troops. OK if that is true then I support Rummy in spite of his flaws.

The Swifties are not giving up

Blacks are still not better according to a new study.

Hillary Clinton wins a German media prize.


Mark Alexander talks about tax reform and we do need it badly

Michael Reagan talks about these zero tolerence policies in Government schools

Amir Taheri tells us what Iran is after in Iraq

Jerome Corsi warns Iran to get serious

My token lefty comes from Bill Press and it has to do with airlines and cell phones. It is a lite piece

Is today's lefty piece from Press not good enough for ya?! You did not send a link of a hard hitting piece, and I did not find anything intresting. Send any newslinks and commentary pieces (right leaning as well) to me via E-mail

My favorite Radio Talk Show Hosts

I want to devote this post to some of my favorite radio talk show hosts that I enjoy listening to. While you might thing it would be the two mouth pieces of the Republican party Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity think again. Yes Rush helped the AM band live a little longer Hannity is the second place talker, their is more to life than Rush and Sean.

Here are my favorite radio talkers in no particular order.

Neal Boortz: WSB-AM, Atlanta GA & Jones Radio Networks/Cox Radio Syndcation
Boortz is a real libertarain. Someone who believes in liberty in freedom and understands that the free market is what made America great and not its government. At the same time he puts the religious right in their place or any religion for that matter when they step across the line. He does not favor banning God, but he is making sure that someone's believe in God does not come up with a law becoming public policy unless its beneficial and can be backed up by common scense. You can stream the show by going to the shows website. Turn in he is really good and has been doing talk radio since the late 1960's. Went national in the late 1990's

Michael Savage: Talk Radio Network
This guy has or will become the 3rd most listened to radio talk show host in the country. While some my call this guy a faker (i.e. he is tearing down the GOP), this man calls it as he sees it. He is not affilated with any poltical party and calls a dirty skunk a dirty skunk. His drive and passion for Borders, Language, and American Culture is the cause he fights for on his talk program. However it is also takes a toll on Savage and even he admits it when he says he wants to talk about lighter subjects. I have somewhat of a feeling of what Michael Savage is all about cause I can relate to such people. I am not one of those people that hangs around crowds of just about any kind. Savage is no fake, he is real.

Mike Rosen: KOA-AM, Denver
Mike Rosen admits he is a Republican and plays their game (he says its going to be the Dems or Repubs). However he is not a social conservative and is not really religious. I used to dislike him for that but I have come around more/less to Rosen's thinking. Meanwhile a talk show host that competited with him a few years ago that I used to listen to got in trouble with the law. Rosen is still on and winning

Gunny Bob Newman: KHOW-AM & KOA-AM, Denver
He served our country via the Marines (thus the nickname Gunny) and provides some great insight in public policy and the milltary. Like Savage he is not owned by either party.
Websites &

Tom Leykis: Westwood One
If you can look beyond the shock value of Leykis you will see that he truly indeed gives the male perspective when it comes to relationships. Does Leykis come across as a sexist? You bet, but hey sometimes the women need to be put into their place and I mean that. The women have been bashing men for waaaaaaaay too long. Leykis puts them in their place for one. He also reminds men that being single is good and its better to get the sex than the ball and chain. Leykis is not for the kids, but Leykis does not have a bloaded ego like Howard Stern does. Also stand for certain libertarian ideals but his show is not too polticial and that's a good thing.

Jerry Doyle: Talk Radio Network
This is a man of trades. He played the game of Wall Street, then when to Hollywood to become a actor. His best known role was the character Michael Garibaldi on the 1990's science fiction series Babylon 5. He ran for congress in California as a Republican and lost. It also distroyed his acting career but he was getting burned out anyway. Doyle turned to talk radio, got signed by Talk Radio Network and has proven to be a popular personality. Doyle's evening talk program has been clearned on about 150 stations which includes Dallas-Fort Worth's WBAP-AM. Turn in and see why Doyle has a future in talk radio. Also calls a spade a spade as he sees it.

Lionel: WOR Radio Network
Thanks to the progressive talk radio stations that signed on this year Lionel is getting radio station clearence. While he does not come across as a kool-aid drinking Democrat, he still calls it as he sees it. I respect people that do that and not toe someones line.

Jon Caldara: KOA-AM, Denver
Caldara is the president of the Independence Institute in Colorado which is a free market public policy think tank.
Independence Institute website:

Honorable Mentions

Jim Rome: Premiere Radio Networks
I never got into sports talk until I tuned into Rome. When it comes to Rome he loves to smacktalk about certain sports personalites and calls them as he sees it. The callers step to the challange to equal or better VanSmack but like in the real world of sports they better be careful not to screw up or they are buzzed out literately. Rome will also Smacktalk about things other than sports. This is why Rome get listeners, and check him out on your local Sports Talk station. They don't have Rome? Call the 'Monkey' (Program Director) at the radio station and demand they do, but try to be nice. Have fun in the jungle.

Rush Limbaugh: Premiere Radio Networks
Yes he is the godfather of talk radio and you can't take that away from him. When the fairness doctrine was null and void Rush came on the air and made the AM band hip once again.

Matt Drudge: Premiere Radio Networks
I am greatful for his website of newslinks but still he can overhype stories and that is not good either. Nothing to do with the fact that he is stuck to just doing talk radio on Sundays.

Michael Medved: Salem Radio Networks
I have respect for him and I like his insight on the topics he deals with on his talk show especially the entertainment business. Don't always agree with Medved however.

Ed Schultz: Jones Radio Networks
If you call yourself a Progressive/Liberal Democrat, this man may be a great hope to your cause. Schultz does his talk program from the heartland of America. Fargo, North Dakota to be exact. With so much press about Air America Radio which is a radio network devoted to liberal/progressive talk (and most of the talkers are NOT radio broadcasters), Schultz is REALLY the one leading the charge when it comes to the Progressive Talk format but Air America and the Clear Channel company do help quite a lot. He was once a 'righty' but his new wife Wendy (who he likes to talk about on his show) converted him and now is a “…a gun-toting, meat-eating lefty.” However he drinks the Dems Kool-Aid big time. Contrary to his show's into (The New voice of Freedom and Liberty) he is a BIG GOVERNMENT advocate just like most Dems. I do not consider dependence on government as a way of being free. The one thing going for him is that he does NOT SCREEN his calls, plus he does not come across as a left wing bigot like many of the Air America people do including the radio broadcasters on that network (Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Laura Flanders). For many years Schultz did a local talk show on Fargo's KFGO-AM. Next week it becomes the flagship of his nationaly syndcated show.

Stephanie Miller: Jones Radio Networks
Another Progressive/Lefty talker. I had a chance to listen in to her today, and at her distrubtor's website it says she comes across in a way that gets the conservatives to listen in and give her the LOVE. I'll take Miller over Randi Rhodes anytime. Rhodes sounds like a bitter, angry, overgrown hippie radio DJ, and Rhodes did Rock radio. Miller stands her ground but can poke fun at everyone including herself (I hope).

Phil Hendrie: Premiere Radio Networks
With Gunny Bob and Jerry Doyle to listen to I don't listen to Hendrie as much. Still Hendrie is great escape from reality with his brand of talk radio. Hendire has created several characters that are frequent 'guests' on Hendire's show. He plays both host and guest, and even caller, but he does take REAL phone callers, and he does all LIVE!!! While it might get a little old, and still is fun to listen to. I take Hendrie over that cable show with Jon Stewart (The Daily Show). Man the youth don't know what they are missing. Hendire brings radio to its classic roots (theater of the mind) but with a soundtrack of hard rock and youthful energy. On before I forget; concerning Hendrie's characters. Should you see them out on the street someplace. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from them. They are idiots BIG TIME :)


Cuba Erects Sign Linking U.S. and Fascism

Morning News & Commentary

Bush will sign intelligence overhaul bill

Hearing Set for Saddam's Defense Minister

Viktor Yushchenko got a taste of TCDD and this was suppose to take him out FOR GOOD.

Gunman kills himself at Rev. Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral

The heads at Turkey don't like with the EU demands

Witnesses: 3 Foreigners Killed in Iraq

Senior Palestinian Authority official: Free convicted terrorist. Worse yet he wants to lead

Jimmy Carter will supervise Palestinian Authority elections. Be afraid BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Principal Has Cops Cuff 5-Year-Old

World Net Daily reports on a story that the Gay Community might be behind Target's actions aganist the Salvation Army. I am not gay basher but since I did link stories about Target and the Salvation Army I shall link this one too.

Castro's Grandaughter Takes U.S. Citizenship

Is the arab media saying something nice thing about the U.S.???

FCC's Powell lets the Private Ryan showing slide. To you pruds and "family values" people out their GET OVER IT!!!


Charles Krauthammer is not ready to say goodbye to Christmas

Jeff Jacoby talks about Christmas in the eyes of those in Iraq

Emmett Tyrrell reminds us that the lefty's will never sleep and shows the double standard of the left when it comes to human rights

Rich Lowry warns of Reactionary liberalism and how that will be in effect during Bush's second term.

One thing the reactionary left will do is keep Social Securty and New Deal intact. Jonah Goldberg reminds us that FDR has been taking the dirt nap for quite some time now. Plus Goldberg shows how the so-called PROgressives are really REgressives.

Looking for books give as presents??? Thomas Sowell presents his list

Mike Rosen says that the left sees our Constitution is an obstacle and tries to rewrite it to meet their needs. Rosen calls that a violation the of checks and balances among our three ring government.

How the Jewish grinch stole Christmas. Burt Prelutsky (who is Jewish) shows how Jews did right some of most loved "Christmas" songs and how Jews (likely in name only) support groups like the ACLU.

Token Lefty Piece by Robert Kuttner and says the government could have really helped young people if "Health Securty" (government run health care) got passed.

Lets do a face off on an important topic of today. The topic is "The National ID Card."

Devvy Kidd says the ID CARD is the gravest threat to individual liberty since the foundcation of the nation

Robert Kuttner back again and he gives us reason why a National ID card is not a bad ideal.

Holiday Lyric Line

I have traveled many moonless nights,
Cold and weary with a babe inside,
And I wonder what I’ve done.
Holy father you have come,
And chosen me now to carry your son.
Yesterday I highlight a song that speaks to Mary the mother of Jesus. Today I do song from her point of view. The lyric line comes from the song "Breath of Heaven" written by Chris Eaton and popularized by Amy Grant. This song was also recorded by Vince Gill (Grant's husband), Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson, and Eaton himself.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

This morning I did not do a Holiday Lyric Line, but for Today only (unless otherwise) I will to it in the Evening News & Commentary post. But right now more important things.

General: Insurgents Growing More Effective

Ohio Justice Throws Out Election Challenge

Pentagon says military vehicles will be armored by June

Colombia Sentences Irishmen for Rebel Aidial

Kofi Annan pledges to cooperate in probe

Saddam meets with his Defense Lawyer

Trent Lott says Donald Rumsfeld must go. Sean Hanity was defending Rummy on today on his talk show

Flu shots to go to waste?

FDA staff had drug-safety concerns

Turncoat Dem Zell Miller tips his hat to the swiftvets. For the record I do like Zell

Bush says Lawsuits brings pain to U.S. Business and costs jobs

Bush says we need to reform Social Securty now.

Judge Says Leftist Professor 'Terrorized' Minorities. Get a year in the slamer

Is the Holy Bible fighting words???

4 Christmas songs yanked from program

Atheists decry city's 'giving tree'

Churches and Wal-Mart Help the Salvation Army


Newt Gingrich says the America still has the best health care system in the world and how "foreign reference prices" could hurt their own people in the long run. Score one for the free market

The Robert Jensen deportation fund. Just what is it and who is Robert Jensen? Mike S. Adams tells all and the fact that Jensen said the U.S. lost the war and "its a good thing."

Clifford D. May ask why the Palestinians can have a free and fair election.

The token lefty piece goes this time Molly Ivins who warns of Social Securty Suicide

Bonus lefty piece: Joan Vennochi says that Rummy must go

Holiday Lyric Line

The blind will see.
The deaf will hear.
The dead will live again.
The lame will leap.
The dumb will speak The praises of The Lamb.
This line is taken from the bridge of "Mary Did You Know" which was written by Buddy Greene (Music) and Mark Lowry (Lyrics).

The song is a message to Mary that her baby boy Jesus Christ would be the savior to the world. While I no longer call myself a Christian it is still a great song. The proof is in that in those who recorded the song.

While Michael English was the original artist (to my knowledge) to record the song it was later covered by Kenny Rogers/Wynonna Judd (they did as a duet), and even New Zealand's Hayley Westenra recorded the song as well. Damm that girl can can sing and I am a sucker for girls that can not only sing but let their "hair" down if you know what I mean. I am not trying to be a sicko but Westenra is an attractive young lady.

I degress E-Mail your news links and commentary pieces (left to right) that should be on my blog.

Morning News & Commentary

A Rebel Strike across Baghdad takes five lifes

Alleged Osama bin Laden tape praises attack

According to the AP Viktor Yushchenko says that the Ukrainian goverment tried to poisoned him

Israel will attend the Mideast talks or so say an official

Jobless Claims Plunge by 43,000

Kerry Campaign Head Admits Miscalculations

FCC will not censor satellite radio. Howard Stern will be pleased and one will wonder how far Stern will go when it comes to his brand of entertainment.

Sinclair Broadcast Group fights back and they MUST DO SO!!! If people like David Brock have it their way he and other REgressives will regain their monopoly on thought via radio and TV and they will say it is fair. They might get the internet too. Freedom of speech is for Leftys only...NOT!!!

Is al Jazeera and al Manar promoting terrorism???

Will the U.S. name Hezbollah TV a terrorist organization???


George Will tells us about the lone Republican in TAXachusetts

Thomas Sowell talks about how the Enviormental activists can be 'bigots' and its a MUST READ!!!

Larry Elder talks about how the media creates news. Just because Rummy is on the hot seat and being put their is a good thing, the media is in the wrong as well. But then again maybe its time to promote activist journalism ON BOTH SIDES!!!

Ross Makenzie has his say about Rummy, U.S. manning levels, and post-election securty

Rich Tucker says the Iraq mission (will) be accomplished

Bob Parks talks about the media's treatment of the Iraq war and its favoratism of the Dems. Parks is also asking for accounts from the men and women who are fighting the Iraq war. If you are serving overseas or know someone that is but sure to read this piece and/or forward to your fellow troops. Parks gives certain instructions and their is a E-Mail link to Parks E-Mail account at the bottom of the page.

Hans Zieger is one of Rush Limbaugh's kids...not biologically but by growing up listening to Talk Radio. He calls Michael Reagan, Michael Medved, and other lesser known radio talk show hosts his teachers.

E-mail me any news or commentary piece that I missed. I do take lefty pieces.

Good Bye Bill Moyers. You will not be missed!!!

At least by me.

For very good reasons.

1. Activist Journalist
2. Lefty Activist Journalist
3. Anti-conservative Lefty Activist Journalist
4. Bash conservative Talk Radio, Anti conservative, Lefty Activist Journalist
5. Bash Reagan, Bash conservative Talk Radio, Anti conservative, Lefty Activist Jounalist

I could go on and on but I shall stop.

Let face facts. Most journalists are activists in one form or another. They report on things and sometimes they expose the flaws in our government but that also depends on what flaws they want to shine a light one.

Its been reported that Walter 'Crankenhouse' Cronkite when anchoring the CBS Evening News during the 1960's and 70's always enjoy exposing all the flaws and corruption when it came to our military but you would never heard about corruption when it came to our domestic programs that the government funds such as welfare. Why??

Answer is simple

Milltary BAD, Welfare Programs and other Domestic things GOOD

Also Crankenhouse is all for a one world government. Don't take my word for it, he thinks the UN is the cat's meow.

Anyway getting back to Bill Moyers who did have flings at NBC and CBS was a darling at the government subsided PBS, and in his final years he did show off his true colors and Brent Bozell and his gang the Media Research Center show him for the man he is.

Moyers Ends With a Silly Whimper, Not a Bang

No liberal bias says Bill Moyers only "Conservative" bias.

As Tom (from the old Tom & Jerry) would say after an white mouse explodes or corners Jerry and the mouse fights back big time;

"Don't You Believe It."

Love the reverb when its said.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Bomb at Shiite Shrine Kills 7 in Karbala

Bush talks about Strong-Dollar policy

U.S. Embassy Sees Possible Kuwait Attacks

Libya Withdraws $1 Billion Assets Frozen in U.S.

The boys and girls in San Francisco want to ban guns...hey it a socialist utopia their and Michael Savage survives their for some reason.

Screeners spot – then lose – fake bomb

Pentagon: 130 troops punished for abuse

Sprint will merge with Nextel

For conservatives the term 'Merry Christmas' has become a cause. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Say No to Happy Holidays :)

Schools prohibit Christmas colors

Federal judge rules for Nativity display

The leftys are still going after Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Its a one way street for the REgressives

Liberal Bias Quantified in Media Study

I might have said that Hillary would win over any GOP rival. Well I could be wrong. I may not be well known as Matt Drudge but I try to do better.

Donald Runmsfeld defends himself by going after William Jefferson Clinton. Ed Schultz is going to have a ball with you Rummy. Clinton shares the blame but so do you.

More from King Country in the north


Michelle Malkin urges President Bush to fireDirector Thomas Quinn for brazen stupidity

John Rutherford on diseases that are crossing U.S. borders

Daniel Pipes talks about those who use the Koran to terrorize

The Wall Street Journal comes to the defense of the NAACP. MUST READ it deals with Freedom of SPEECH!!!

I support a woman's right to choose regarding if she wants or does NOT want to be a mother i.e. abortion. I personally feel that forcing Pregnant Woman to carry children (I don't support late term abortion) is attempt by certain men to maintain their control on women. However I also support a doctor's freedom of conscience. I don't agree with her on certain things but Jill Stanek talks about how certain Pro-Choicers don't give a darn about those doctors.

R.J. Rummel has a great piece on the marxist killing machine. MUST READ!!!

Joseph Farah warns that your children are NOT your children. It is not a pardox and this piece is a MUST READ!!!

Today I talked about a site called My token lefty piece of the night is from Karen Landers who talks about that site and more.

Any news links or commentary piece you want to see on the blog please E-mail them to

Choose The Blue

In the game of politics the color Blue means Democrat.

A pro-Democrat site called "Choose The Blue" shows which corporations are giving to the Democrat party but at the same time it highlights the "RED" corporations as well. Meaning those who give money to that dreaded Grand Ole Party (GOP).

although it sides with the Dems it is still a great tool for those who believe in the free market and limited government too. We just look at who is in the Red and shop their. We work against their intent.

Looks like I might have to stop eating at Arby's and Sonic. They are PURE BLUE!!!

Check the site out.

Morning News & Commentary

Iran, Syria Said Backed Terrorists in Iraq

Two Armed Men Hijack Bus Outside Athens

Navy Documents Detail Iraqi Abuse Claims

U.S. Muslim event hails Ayatollah Khomeini. You know the one who took over Iran in 1979, thanks to our communist sympathizing president at the time Jimmy Carter.

World Net Daily shuts down several Hamas websites

Kojo Anna says the probe on him is a 'witchhunt'

U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos says their will be some housecleaning at the UN

Halfbright says we should not judge U.S. by Bush's action

More Border Patrol, but no money

AIDS Research Chief Rewrote Safety Report

A formor member of Greenpeace says to 'Ignore Global Warming'

Rapid Arctic ice melt refuted

A Lancaster, PA city councilman wants a pic of Bush taken down. Says it offends the Democrats

Danish Kids Drunkest in Europe, Turks Most Sober

Alabama Judge Wears Ten Commandments on Robe

Cuba Warns U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Take Down Christmas Decorations or Face Consequences, American Diplomat Says.

Holiday Tree removed from a courthouse

Christmas Day deadliest of the year???

French Religious Symbols Ban Cuts Two Ways


Walter Williams continues to talk about higher education and its decline

Kathleen Parker talks about the American Sprit in Iraq. Gives a tip to us bloggers and those who visit us.

Jonah Goldberg recalls an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which Captain Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) talked about European Hegemony in the 21st Century. Goldberg talks about that and how it could happen but not the way Star Trek protrays it...One Word ISLAM!!!

Terence Jeffrey says NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe would rather make more money for his kids education (higher learning) than promote socialism in outer space.

Brent Bozell says Donald Rumsfeld got pranked last week. Regardless were you stand on the issues regarding our troops the fact is our media pulled the strings and like most lefty's they HATE THE MILLTARY!!! Bozell has some other things to say so this piece is a MUST READ!!!

Stephen Moore warns of FCC re-regulation and how that could threaten advancment if Mass Com tech.

Thomas Sowell has his say on the Scott Peterson case and ask if its Law or Soap Opera.

Lefty Robert Scheer talks about Bernard Kerik and how Bush making him the choice to head Homeland Securty is 'crony capitalism at work'

Holiday Lyric Line

It's that time of year
When the world falls in love
Every song you hear Seems to say Merry Christmas
May your New Year dreams come true
The Christmas Waltz written by Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne. Best known recordings by Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, and Johnny Mathis.

...and this blog of mine in three quarter time (uh!?)
wishes you and yours the same thing too.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Next week the Iraq war crime trials shall begin. By the way its been one year since Saddam was found and cuffed.

This link is the same story but the take is from CBS News.

U.S. Expands Cargo Flights Over Iraq

Central America Wants to Open Borders

Leak of Secret U.S. Spy Program to Be Investigated

Scott Peterson may never get the kiss of death...well at least when the Devil is ready to take him. Maybe St. Peter.

Justice Rehnquist further reduces workload

Robber Gets A Surprise From Potential Victim. Nice when the media reports on stories like this.
The GOP says that the Dems are trying to steal the Governship in Washington State. Meanwhile a county discovers MORE VOTES!!! King Country that is, and its a place that REgressives reside in.

However according to Newsmax Washington Supreme Court Rejects Democrat Election Thieves
School district backs down and will allow Christmas cards

MUST READ another E-Mail WORM is on the loose. Don't get humbuged

A black conservative group wants incoming senate minorty leader Harry Reid to apologize.

New Controversy for Kojo Annan


How about a Pro-Kyoto piece for a token lefty piece.? Nigel Purvis defends Kyoto

Jeffery Chester is going to miss Bill Moyers from what I get from this piece. He would like to see PBS as an outlet for Indy producers. Yea if your a far far lefty you do what to see that. Yet another token lefty piece.

No righty pieces tonight, but any commentary you want to see linked on the blog, plus news stories I overlooked sock'em to me via E-Mail

Morning News & Commentary

The Jury in the Scott Peterson case says he deserves death

Car Bomb Kills 7 in Baghdad's Green Zone

Trial of Saddam Aides to Begin Next Week says Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi

Interim Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is calling for an End of Armed Uprising

Is the U.S. forced to abandon hunt for ObL???

Fed to Boost Rate by a Quarter-Point

Opposition Supporters to Expand in Ukraine

Would the new HHS secretary cut programs???

Just any old GOP candidate will not keep Hilltialla out of the White House as THE President or so says a poll

Illegal immigration is going to be in Hilltialla's Trump Card (no pun indended towards The Donald)

Target boycotted for banning bell ringers

It is going to be awhile until Dan Blather gets the book throwen at him. One can only hope for that to happen.


Diana West takes a look at the Intelligence Reform Act

Star Parker calls for an end to Social Securty and back her statement up with some personal experience trying to start up her own business MUST READ!!!

How would you like to spend eight years behind bars without a trial. Phyllis Schlafly tells us about a person that has indeed spent eight years behind bars and MORE!!!! Lovers of Freedom and Liberty and everyone else MUST READING!!!

Bernard Kerik and lax immigration. Rich Lowry has his peace about this

Jack Kemp has a great piece about empowerment and how people that think like Kemp are empowering the Black Community to be the best they can be when it comes to Entrepreneurship.

Mychal Massie slams Sen. Harry Reid for his statement about Clarence Thomas. Reid will get a pass because Reid is a Democrat. I hope you people are learning who the REAL RACISTS are.

Les Kinsolving shares a letter from a mother of a female cadet regarding the events at the Air Force Academy regarding the way the women cadets are being treated and how all this can be solved...Hint: Keep the sexes away from each other.

"Don't ask don't tell." Its discriminatory towards Gay Soldiers or so says open lesbian and Gay Right advocate Deb Price who calls for an end to this policy

Holiday Lyric Line

Jingle bell time is a swell time
To go gliding in a one-horse sleigh
Giddy-up jingle horse pick up your feet
Jingle around the clock
Written by two guys who have a J in their first name. Beal & Boothe are the last names and funny how they start with the letter B. Best known versions of Jingle Bell Rock were done by Bobby Helms, and Daryl Hall & John Oates.

The Hall & Oates version has done well because they kept the song in the 1950's mood while puting their own spin on the song, and its my favorate version of Jingle Bell Rock. Well H&O did two versions, one with Daryl on lead and the other has John singing lead (I know of one station the mixed both versions into one song). Out of THOSE two I always enjoyed the Daryl lead better than his partner but I can put up with John.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Jurors recommend death for Scott Peterson

Iraqi President Ghazi Yawar warns of a "Iraqi Hitler"

Johnny McCain has no confidence on Donald Rumsfeld

Do we care about Kerik's personal life??? I guess so.

Joseph Lieberman to be the next head of Homeland Security??? Lawmakers from both parties are backing him up.

Who does Bush pick to head the Health and Human Services???

A Bush spokesman says that our President has 'impoved' border security

Swift vets leader sees likely war with Iran

High court sides with cops Bad news for the bad guys

Will the Dems turn on each other just to win???

Howard "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Dean has his take on 'values'

Fritz Hollings: Dems Had 'Sweetheart' Segregation Deal

Lefty says that Rehnquist Resignation 'Imminent'

Did Oil-For-Food bankroll the Clinton Library???


Robert Flores talks about way to achieve lawful and safe ways for immigrants

Victor David Hanson talks about what could happned in Europe if the immigrants are not assimilated

Barbara Simpson has her piece on Scott Peterson and the the way this was written before the jury made their desision.

Michael Moore is winning about being 'hit' by those who disagree with him. This from horse's mouth.

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The FCC wants the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics

Why cause their was content that might considered DIRTY!!!!

Here in America if a woman flashes her chest she might got hand cuffed and hauled off to the police officers station. Got to protect her from men who might get "turned on" I guess.

Has anyone took a course in world history (or even Art History)??? If that course included something on the ancient Greeks they would tell you that these Greeks were not ashamed of their bodies, nor was not uncommon for them to be in the nude. Look at the art for crying out loud.

Look just because Adam and Eve (if they did exist) were embarresed of their nakedness after eating the "forbidden fruit" does not mean their decendents (that would be all of us) were. We are just not able to overcome our Purtain past, and yes those who called themselves Purtains did shape the way our country's customs for better or worse. We just can't put witches to death. Thank goodness because someone that claims to be into Wicca did more for me than most people that call themselves put of the "religious right." Plus I am proud to call her a friend. Yes friends its a she.

Anyway Neal Boortz has lots to say about the Greeks and those who want to punish NBC because Greek culture might be PORN!!! He also show that one group is truly getting the grease because its members are the ones complaining.

It is called "Here Comes The Federal Censorship Commission Again"

This time the FCC is snooping around the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics. They're investigating complaints of indecency and they want tapes from NBC. And just what was the indecency? It seems that two opening ceremony actors depicted two lovers dancing in the sea. One was the goddess of fertility and the other was a pregnant woman with a glowing stomach.

My guess is that the indecency complaints were filed by the Parent's Television Council. If you visit the Parent's Television Council website you will see a headline which reads "News Stories Try to Downplay Outrage over TV Indecency Even While FCC Complaints Soar." What the story doesn't explicitly mention is that about 99% of the complaints are being filed by Parent's Television Council members. I think it's safe to assume that these members are being encouraged to file those complaints. There's a link on the Parent's Television Council website for you to "File an FCC Complaint." The Parent's Television Council also seems to be targeting South Park.

How about a Parent's Responsibility Council? How about parents getting together to share ways that they can control television use in their own homes? Maybe one parent can share stories with another parent about how to use the built in controls most televisions have that won't permit the children to access certain channels! Who knows, maybe parents can even share stories about how they control the number of hours their children can use the "plug-in-drug" every week. If these parents are really concerned maybe they need to remove televisions from every room in their home except the parent's bedroom. There's something to be said for getting the TV out of the parent's bedroom too. I wonder how many marriages out there would improve immediately if all TVs were removed from bedrooms.

I'm not supporting the Parent's Television Council's position here, but I can make the case that insofar as children are concerned, the television has been one of the most negative technological improvements of the last 100 years. Simply put, televisions rob children of their minds. When a child reads he uses his powers of imagination. With every page, with every scene presented in the book the child involuntarily creates a mental image and puts that image into real-time motion. We put faces and voices with characters and create elaborate mental images of the interaction between them. The same can be said about radio. You listen with your ears, and create the moving images in your mind to fill in the rest. Years ago old Stan Freeberg created a promotional radio spot featuring a helicopter dropping a giant cherry onto the top of a mountain-sized ice cream sundae. Any child -- any parent listening to that created the mental image of the cherry under the helicopter and the drop.

Man cannot accomplish that which he does not first imagine, and when we rob our children of their powers of imagination we limit their potential for achievement. Television uses the visual as well as the aural senses. The person watching a television show has no need to crank up the imagination for anything. The scene is presented to you in its entirety. You just sit there like a lump and soak it up. Not much mind-stretching there.

But back to the Parent's Television Council and its campaign. We Americans are prudes. We need to get over it. We can watch movie after show after movie on television showing graphic violence. We can watch women being raped, people getting murdered, and nobody seems to get all that upset. But show two people making love and the world is about to come to an end. Show a gaping, sucking chest gunshot wound and all is fine. Show a breast and its the end of human civilization. If you read the story on the Parent's Television Council website you'll see L. Brent Bozell (whom I generally admire, by the way) compare the baring of Janet Jackson's breast to the Exxon Valdez disaster. Tell me again, how many waterfowl were killed by Janet's breast?

If it were not for hetrosexual love making you would not be here reading this. Never mind its just one of those things we can never talk about RIGHT??!!

Let us pray

Dear God save me from these purtians that wear their religion WAY TOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! They might make love in their bedrooms but are so asahmed to talk about in any shape or form. Even if its from a religious point of view.


Gosh you idiots read "Song of Solomon" one of these days...IT'S IN YOUR HOLY BIBLE FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!!!

Check out the pics in question

Morning News & Commentary

Suicide Attack Kills 13 in Baghdad

Viktor Yushchenko's Poisoning Probe to Be Re-Opened

Washington sours on Putin after Ukraine vote

Russians Denounce Putin's Reforms

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says that peace depends on the Palestinians

Jihadists plan Christmas terror Intelligence sources say motivation highfor holiday attacks through mid-January MUST READ!!!!

Terror wave if EU rejects Turkey?

U.S. action vs. Iran 'can't be ruled out'

Iran refuses to give up nuclear research

Anti-U.N. campaign picks up steam. 50,000 sign petition to chase it from U.S.

Marc Rich at center of oil-for-food Under investigation for brokering deals for politicians, Saddam

Critics lash out at U.N., but Kofi Annan lives...and Bush is backing that man up

Europe is not happy with the re-election of W. Bush that is.

A School disturbted Calendar is making parents see red

George Carlin attacks gambling in Vegas

Kerik scrambled over skeletons in closet

Cafe chain puts the late great Ray Charles at the top

With same sex marriage comes same sex divorce


Armstrong Williams takes on Harry Reid (the Dems new Senate minorty leader) for his statements on Justice Thomas

John Leo talks about the Christmas censors but the other holidays of the season...they get a pass
Mike S. Adams talks about Wythe Holt and yet another person who wants to ban free speech, and proves that Holt has two faces

William G. Shipman of the Cato Institute talks about how a market based system can save Social Securty

The left is down but not out. They also got great stories for us to hear. Colin McNickle has great piece on how the left tells us these Fish Stories. MUST READ!!!

Michael Barone talks about change through non-violent means

Harley Sorensen calls the 5,500 servicemen that refuse to fight HEROES!!! Yep its my token lefty piece.

Holiday Lyric Line

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy
When they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie
It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things We remember all through our lives
Taken from the bridge of Sleigh Ride it was always my favorate part of the song. Leroy Anderson wrote the music from 1947-48 and Mitchell Parish give Sleigh Ride its ever famous lyrics two years later. By the way it ment be just a winter piece and not something to play around Christmas...that and lot of other pieces Leroy.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

Viktor Yushchenko Goes Home Following Treatment

Bush Seeks Security Chief

Around 13 Killed in Philippines Blast. Looks like the terriorist are not going to leave them alone.

Iranians Convicted for al-Qaida Ties

Bush is Fit for duty

Islam makes inroads in education. This is from the Christian Broadcasting Network, but it is still A MUST READ!!!

10 Year old girl is handcuffed. That's ZERO tolerance for ya.

Do Burglars have rights??? Maybe in the U.K.

Also in the UK 'Take your rifle to work' law passes

Colleges Tell Applicants Fate on the Spot

Dem Terry McAuliffe says we have to learn from the Grand Ole Party

The Heniz Lady is back again...hopfuly we never hear from her again but The Kerry wants the Oval Office bad. How bad does he want it...We Shall See!!!

Don't you dare to Criticize Putin says a Russian college professor


Paul Jacob tells us in spite of the left controling the News Media, academia, the entertainment industry, the people were still able to read between the lines of what the Dems were promising.

George Will talks about the liberalism of 1947 and why the Dems should embrace it.

Helen Thomas is not happy that Donald Rumsfeld is still working for Bush

Holiday Lyric Line

"For known a blessed mother thou shalt be,
All generations laud and honor thee,
Thy Son shall be Emanuel,
By seers foretold Most highly favoured maid," Gloria!
Gabriel's Message--Lyrics by Sabine Baring Gould