Friday, March 17, 2006

Russ Feingold, Democrats and The Right To Power

If you have listened to the Godfather of Talk Radio, (Rush Limbuagh, or Druggy Limbaugh as the Sith Lord of Socialist Talk likes to call him) you know that he believes that the Democrats feel that Power to run our Government is a "Birth Right."

Sometimes you wonder if you should bring back the Monarchy. Well Christian Zealot Bob Enyart (and he is proud to be a Zealot) would sure love that.

I have not said anything about Russ Feingold's attempt to censure resolution. When I don't have all the information or my thoughts assembled on an issue, I don't make comments on The Blog According to Don. I can tell you beyond reasonable doubt that I hate Feingold with a purple passion. This man yet another left wing socialist that has become the norm of the Democrat Party.

You can thank this SOB (along with John McCain) for that Campaign Finance Reform law. You speech gets stifled, incumbents are protected from special interest groups (thus the needs for those 401's or whatever number it is.), and he also tried to regulated the media so that is impossible to run like any other business. The airwaves belong to the "People."

Beware when you hear that term "The People" used by our leaders in Government.

The People = Collective

Guess who wants to make the decisions? Feingold and rest of the Democrat fold. Certain Republicans are not out of the question either becuase of their minds or no minds at all.

Feingold is no voice of the middle no matter what these leftys tell you. As Mike Rosen said on his talk program he sounds like another Howard Dean.

The Democrats really believe they are entitled to power. Whenever you see or hear people that believe that, these are the people that you need to keep out of power. They would use and abuse that power above and beyond and you will be broken as they boost their fame.

A profile on Russ Feingold at Discover The Network

Thursday, March 16, 2006

CBS faces $3.6 Million Dollar Fine

...and even the affiliates may have to chip in.

The reason for the fine is not Janet and Justin, but the fine is for a "sexual orgy" involving teenagers on the popular CBS series "Without a Trace."

I do not care for most TV Crime Dramas and "Without a Trace" is no exception. It's funny but there is so much violence on TV these days. Watch any of the CSI's and you see graphic violence and/or depictions and language is not prude friendly. Yet the groups like the Parents Television Council don't go after that as passionately as they do with the "Sex."

I have checked the scene for myself and yes it does push it a bit, but please don't close your eyes and deny that stuff like this never happens. Oh and believe me these same prudes want to clap on cable and pay TV regarding shows far worse than Trace. Shows like South Park, The Shield, and just about anything on HBO. Yes the prude police must cleanse us all so that we will be pure and white as snow...Just like them...more/less.

The days of "Leave It to Beaver" are soooooo gone. It is now on DVD however you know. If you notice I don't go after Ozzie and Harriet since that was a REAL couple (and it was their children on the show). Oh its True, Its Darn True to coin Kurt Angle's ever famous term.

Want to see this Orgy for yourself? Click Here!!! WARNING THIS IS NOT TO BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN!!!

See I put disclaimers on so parents, be a parent for once and Focus on YOUR OWN Family for once (pun intended). Also is their a V-Chip in any of your TV's? If their is USE THE DARN CHIP!!!!

One thing I do agree with these prudes is that the CBS affiliates don't not need to be punished for this. Most CBS affiliates are owned by other companies that have no ties to the network other than their affiliation. What will be next, banning orgasmic sounds? I remember a scene in Alias in which the lead character Sydney Bristow was in a porn theater doing other things and encountering a dead man while you hear the movie going. Is that bad???

I doubt Shakespeare was a prude when he had his two famous star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet marry and yes they were children and I think we know that had sex (in wedlock) before they killed themselves. The 1968 and 96 movies of that famous play show it well...well maybe not visually well but come on people THINK!!!

You are so surprised when Hollywood cranks out shows like "The Book of Daniel" and movies like "The Last Temptation of Christ." It is their personal beliefs and their religion that drives most of these people. Lets us hope they never get a chance to go on Witch Hunts like our decendents did.

Click here for the Story from the AP

Still think I am wrong??? Well You can Click Here and help the PTC with their cause

Mark Twain had the war prayer, maybe someone needs to write a another war prayer. I am not like most "Freethinker Vampires" (the ones who want to ban cross or any thing related so they do have to worry of being offended and then prey on those who have religion and turn them into Freethinker Vampires too). My war prayer would mock people like Brent Bozell (I support him on regarding the big News Media and his Media Research Center) and other who wished for TV of the 50's and 60's.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some recommended Readings

Neal Boortz talks about the actions of Russ Fingold and Debbie Stabenow, while the Republicans do nothing to really counter them. Plus other thoughts including Boortz's concern about the Goverment going after Google so they can go after child perverts.

What kind of car does the caring and loving Charles Rangel drive? Click here to find out and I can tell you right now it is no Clunker nor Junker. Just one of those "perks" for serving the People.

Walter Williams updates us on that jerk Jay Bennish. If you don't know allready HE LIVES to teach your children once again.

John Stossel is going to talk about Education in America until he is blue in the face. Now the Teachers Unions and certain Teachers within the system want him to take time to accually go into the classroom and teach. Stossel says he accepts the challange. Click here to read his thoughts this week.

Monday, March 13, 2006

If You Were a Fan of the original Press Your Luck (The one with the Whammy!) Read This :-(

The MC of that show Peter Tomarken has tragically died in a Beechcraft airplane.

He was no Bob Barker, Monty Hall, Gene Rayburn, Allen Ludden, Alex Trebek, Chuck Woolery, Peter Marshall, Pat Sajak, Bob Eubanks or even Dick Clark but hey being associated a red cartoon figure who loves to take money from the contestants who "Pressed their Luck" and lost is not a bad thing. In the words of Diamond Dallas Page; "Its a Good Thing."

Most of the other shows he hosted did not last as long as PYL did. "Hit Man" and "Bargain Hunters" both lasted half a year and the later Tomarken admited sucked.

BH was a poor attempt at copying The (New) Price is Right anyway. Three "Bargain Games" were played (Bargain Quiz, Bargain Trap, and Bargain Busters in that order and everyshow), with two different contestants in each game. The winners of each of those Bargain Games would move on a final round in which they contestants had to buy three items and one who had saved the most money would be the big winner of the day and won a Grand Prize.

Hit Man took advantage of the Space Invaders type video games and used it as a backdrop for a Pop Quiz question/answer competition (meaning talk about a subject then ask questions about it), that attacted a cult following. In round one only the challangers played in a trvia race and the object was to get their "Hit Man" to reach the finish line. Just remember everything that was discribe to you before the game about a certain subject. The two challangers who did that face off with the champion in round two. In round two the game is a trivia Space Invaders type game. The challanger who reach the finish line in round one would receive Four "Hit Men" and the second only got Three. The Champ got Seven Hit Men. It object is for the Champ to knock out all of the challangers men (seven total) before one of the challangers did that to the champ. Also only one of the challangers could be in play at a time. They lost a turn if one of their Hit Men were lost. How do you knock out the rival Hit Men? Simple retain as much as you could from the second topic talked about (Two subjects given in each show), ring in, get a question correct and one of your rival Hit Men die. Get it wrong and its one of your own that gets killed. Winner gets to play a Connect Four type game called "Triple Crown" for $10,000. Here their are columns that range from having one slot to nine slots. Fill three of them complete with "Money Men" and you win $10,000 (you did won a lesser amount if you got one or two column's completed). You are asked questions on both subjects that were talked about are the show. Miss or Pass on a question and the column were your were working on is dead and you need to start a new one. Game ends in a loss after 60 seconds or if you killed all your columns and it did happen once.

"Wipeout" lasted for one year in the United States but versions outside of America had better runs. In Wipeout contestants were given a subject and had to find the correct answers and avoid the incorrect answers or "Wipeout's." Finding a Wipeout means you lost your money and your turn in the first round, or giving your rival a chance to steal the game in the second round. End Game is similer to TPIR's race game in which a contestant runs back and forth from the gameboard to find 6 correct answers among 12 possible answers (the other six are wrong, but the term Wipeout is not used here) in order to win a new car.

Sorry about your hard life Peter T. Hope the next one is better.

Click here for the story at FOX News/AP

USA Today's Robert Bianco says the curse is broken for Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The Senifeld curse that is.

The reviews help, the other thing is the numbers. Can she get those to prove to CBS she is a keeper as Old Christine.

Being sandwitched between two of CBS's strongest links in the Monday night lineup (Two and Half Men, CSI: Miami) also helps.

If that happens then that dreaded Senifeld shall be broken, and CBS can have yet another Canned Laughter hit.

Click here for the review from Robert Bianco

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Caver, Don Shall Not Be

Well after two tries on a mostly short answer essay test, it seems your fellowing blogger Don can't make it as a Cave Tour Guide. Thus my job at Cave of Winds in Colorado was cut very short.

Now if only someone in the journalism or radio business would just take notice of me and lend me a hand.

Thank You Very Much.

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