Saturday, October 23, 2004

An Anonymous Reply Part 1

I just received an E-mail that had a long reply to my column regarding Amendment 36. If passed it would scrap the winner take all system for our Electoral College votes (We have 9 Electoral votes) and replace it with a system that divides up the vote based on the percentage of the popular vote.

Before we get into the reply I just want to say that all of the daily Colorado newspapers have come against this amendment and even the alternative weekly Colorado Springs Independent also calls for a No vote on 36. Bill Owens and Ken Salazar don't like it either. The point is that a lot of people are ganging up on 36. Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative alike. Here is the piece that I wrote regarding 36 since this is key.

Now let's dig in.

The electoral college has become one of the most hated institutions
among all informed voters. Amendment 36 is the issue you will vote on this
November that will rid us (at least in our own state) of this terrible
system and will make sure that your vote actually counts.

You can see right away that this person wants to get rid of the electoral college system and eventualy replace with a direct popular vote. However it should be noted that 36 would only change how the Electoral College votes are cast in Colorado.

In his online article on Amendment 36, CSU-Pueblo Today staff writer Don
McCullen argues that Amendment 36 is simply a short term solution to get Jon
Kerry in office. This is coming from a man who will desperately believe and
perpetuate any lie necessary to keep his beloved George W. Bush, the man who
is destroying your country, in the White House.

Stay tuned to this Blog and you will see me come aganist Bush if he is advocating and signing into law that infrignes on the America individual, along with his or her life, liberty, and freedom. I don't drink anybody's Kool-Aid. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats. Yes I do want George W. Bush to get a second term. I don't like what John Kerry is proposing regarding his vision on the War or Terror. He is indeed planing more changes and I am NOT just talking about Kerry's global test. Did you know that he wants to revamp our "Terror Alert" system. I heard this from a radio report that the enlightned ones at CBS News did. I wonder what he would come up with. Anyway I am getting off track here so lets get back to the subject at hand.

The point of Amendment 36 is not who gets into office, it is that your
vote should be reflected in your state's electoral vote. Currently, if 49%
of our state voted for a certain candidate, it would mean absolutely
nothing. That's right. Absolutely nothing. You and the 2.2 million other
people who voted for your candidate in Colorado mean nothing. This ludicrous
violation of voter rights must be stopped this November.

Its all about that Popular Vote. That is what is driving the supporters of 36. They can't stand the fact that the majorty of the popular is going to to drive the electoral votes in a certain way. Its all about fairness is it. Also the writer talked about 'voter rights.' I am going to save that one for later.

As a state, we have 9 electoral votes. In the last election, we as
Coloradans were split just slightly in favor of George W. Bush. This means
that just under half of us did not want George W. Bush to be in the White
House. This was not reflected in our electoral vote. Instead, our nine
electoral college representatives all voted for George W. Bush, essentially
saying that they did not care what half of us thought. Our vote did not

In any contest their has to be a winner and a loser. The rules are setup now that whoever gets the majorty of the votes takes it all regardless of the party he or she belongs to. So that you the Democrats did get the popular vote a few times in Colorado. Lyndon B. Johnson won the popular vote in 1964 and Bill Clinton won the popular vote in 1992. Anything is possible. In Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey, if your team is in the playoffs, the way to advance is by winning a certain amount of games. If your team gets the wins before your rivals do, you move on and the loser is gone. What if you changed that to the amount of points that you have accumlated during a playoff rival rather than amount of games that you played or made it a combnation of both? If that was done the Yankees would be in the world series by now because of the number of runs they scored rather than the games they have won. I will let Ari Armstrong explain that in his piece regarding 36.,1299,DRMN_38_3274881,00.html

There are only about 200 people in the electoral college, and in states
across our nation they routinely cast votes contrary to their citizens. This
unfair practice of denying the citizens of our nation a say in who runs
their country must be stopped.

What this person really wants is a pure democracy. Our founders did not want a PURE DEMOCRACY!!! If anything a pure democracy eventually would lead to abusive power and the violation of "Individual Rights." Key word here INDIVIDUAL. That means the rights of one person and not of a "Group." I bring up "Group Rights" because liberals love to talk about Group Rights. As John Samples of the Cato Institute says.

"James Madison said that writing a Constitution is hard work because you have to set up a government that is strong enough to control its citizens and yet limited in scope and powers. Madison and the other Founders feared unchecked power of any kind. They believed elections were the primary control on government. But they also knew that pure democracy the unchecked will of the people was as much a danger to liberty as any autocrat."

It is a system of checks and balances. It does not give favorable treatment to majorty and protects the minorties including those of hispanic and the black. You might bring up the issue of slavary but I will save that for another post. Lets just focus on the issue at hand.

By the way, it also should be noted that plebiscites (someone of the lower class in Rome or the common people in any country) have been used as tools to usher in dictatorships.

Read this piece by Ronald D. Rotunda also from Cato to find out more

Next Time I will began to go into his or hers counterpoints to my piece.

Morning News & Commentary

BREAKING!!!! Suicide Car Blast Kills 16 Iraq Policemen

Deaths Reported in Afghan Grenade Attack

Powell says NO to North Korea

French outcry over mandatory English lessons

Friday, a new Christian-Muslim battle-line. Its not here...YET!!!

Muslims said to practice polygamy in Britain

Vancouver mosque leader preaches killing Jews

Jesus is a 'dirty jew'? Part of a Anti-Semitism campaign in France

The Men with 'Pies'


Kerry trusts United Nations, Bush trusts United States. This by Henry Lamb MUST READ!!!

Les Kinsolving says the major media is bowing to the Kerry camp. MUST READ!!!

Ben Johnson shows us the endorcements from an international level. MUST READ!!!

High Gas Prices? Best thing is to do nothing and let the Free Market do what it does best. Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren make their case

Friday, October 22, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Abducted Aid Worker in Iraq Begs for Life

Israel may strike at Iran

Bush says Kerry will not keep America safe

9-11 panelist saysbin Laden located But Lehman notes sending troopswould provoke 'another Vietnam'

The Pie Attackers in AZ get arrested

Slim Shady does not like Bush

What do Wolves and John Kerry have in common???

Jesse Ventrua supports John Kerry

Iran Considers EU's 'Last Chance' Nuclear Offer

Kerry filmmaker playing games with Sinclair

Bush Signs $136B Corporate Tax Cut Bill


Jerome Corsi talks about oil blackmail and 'John Kerry's Irangate' MUST READ!!!

Joseph Farah says Kerry is sugarcoating his record

Michael Evans tells why the people of Israel loves Bush

The New York Post tells you to judge John Kerry by his record

Bill Press condems the Catholic bishops for their attacks on his man John Kerry. I do agree with Press on this one. Organzied religon should not be telling ANYONE how to act. However the Catholics should be able to vote off Kerry as well.

Jane Chastain likes to call Kerry Big Daddy

Jesse Walker talks about Sinclar and Democrats

Women & Bush: Two pieces from the right and one from the left

Kevin McCullough

Michael Reagan: This is focused on Laura

Now the lefty: John Nichols from The Nation

Morning News & Commentary

World Net Daily's take on Slick Willie becoming King of the World (Read: Head the United Nations)

Bill O is going up not down. His TV show is more popular than ever. I wonder about his radio show.

Israel kills top Hamas terrorist

Children that want to die for the Palestinian cause MUST READ!!!

Filmmaker uncovers shocking Palestinian 'myths' MUST READ!!!

Will we see a lot of red this year? Teenagers that are forced to watch the in-school news program "Channel One" did allow Bush to see Red in a mock vote. Remember Red means GOP and Blue Democrat.

GOP criticizes flier urging blacks to vote. Is this the 21st Century or the 1960's.

Women in Combat at long last. I will say this. The military should never be an equal opportunity employer. This is different than other types of jobs. I am not being sexist here, and in fact I am very supportive of women who do want to work. I also think that there are men who are afraid of women in leadership roles.

New book series challenges 'Left Behind' I am only posting this link due the popularity of the 'Left Behind' series. I am no fan of organized religion.

In case you have not heard Laura Bush is talking the high road and not wronging The Heinz Lady back for wronging her. Wish someone would wrong the Heinz Lady but maybe you have to be lady when your husband wants a second term.

Dowd: Dems Already Looking Past Kerry to Hillary


Be sure to know the issues otherwise don't vote. Wise words from Mona Charen

Charles Krauthammer: You want to appease the ``international community''? Sacrifice Israel.

Joshua Muravchik on 'Terrorism's Silent Partner at the United Nations',filter.all/news_detail.asp

Jonah Goldberg talks about 'The myth of the disenfranchised'

A MUST READ by Thomas Sowell about Tax Cuts for the Rich. This sock it to the rich gets old people.

Paul Greenberg is taking on the news media and their LMB (Liberal Media Bias) . He has the proof

'Big government's threat to free press' MUST READ by Mark Tapscott

"The Florida Lie" This piece by Rich Lowry

David Limbaugh takes on John Kerry and what he is hiding from you, and if you found out his changes of wining the oval office are over.

If you live in Colorado this piece is a MUST READ!!! Mike Rosen will tell you why you should not vote for Amendment 36 and why we have an Electoral College,1299,DRMN_86_3271953,00.html

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Evening News

Does Bush hater George Soros love Michael Moore??? The story may surprise you.

Kerry crowd still not happy with Sinclair

Bush hits Kerry on health care

What if Hillary does become Pres of the U.S. and her husband...well he would not be first man he would be something REALLY DANGEROUS!!! He could get this before his wife gets the oval office.

Are new passports identity-theft risk?

Florida high court refuses Jeb Bush. Say goodbye to the world Terri

Gore goes to bat for Kerry in Florida

Kerry will try to avoid the errors of Gore

Formor CIA director says Iraq war was wrong'

Britain agrees to U.S. troops request

Related to above story

U.N. Secretary General Kerry. Scary thought??? Joesph Farah has a commentary
about this

United Nations-Good. America-Bad

Syndcated radio talk show host Neal Boortz has some great things to say regarding who you fight under and were John Kerry really stands regarding global terror and wars. THIS IS A MUST READ!!!


My God, folks. What has to happen here? Do you have to be hit over the head by an anvil? Do you have to be slapped across the face with a shovel?

Have you heard the latest from The Poodle? John Kerry has a 20-year record in the United States Senate, along with two decades of public statements to go with it, but so far the press has given him a complete pass on his comments regarding the use of American armed forces outside our borders.

The media continues to toe the Democratic company line that The Poodle went to Vietnam, got a few medals, and that means that he's fully qualified to be the Commander in Chief. That liberal record in the Senate and his history of public statements are just small footnotes.

The Washington Post ran a story yesterday about John Kerry's approach to foreign policy. Here's one paragraph from that article:

"Kerry's belief in working with allies runs so deep that he has maintained that the loss of American life can be better justified if it occurs in the course of a mission with international support. In 1994, discussing the possibility of U.S. troops being killed in Bosnia, he said, 'If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no.' "

Read it again, folks. Then read it again after that. This isn't some ancient yammering from Kerry back in the 1970's. This is contemporary Kerry. This is Kerry after having served a decade in the Senate. This is Kerry saying that it OK for Americans to die fighting for a cause ratified by the United Nations, but not OK for American soldiers to sacrifice their lives just fighting for the United States ... fighting for their country. America is not worth dying for. Dying for the United Nations is.

This is a virtual repeat of Kerry's statement in the 1970's that it was his belief that U.S. troops should only be deployed outside of the United States with the permission of the United Nations. Oh, to be sure ... he's tried to back off from that statement during this presidential campaign, but I have this nasty tendency to believe what people tell me when they're not running for office, rather then when they're fishing for my vote. Now we see that Kerry reiterated his feelings just ten years ago!

Put these statements together with some other favorites .. the famous "global test" line for instance. Can it be any more clear? Kerry is, as I have been warning for six months, soft on sovereignty. Kerry, as president, would feel compelled to play a grandiose game of international "Mommy May I?" before he takes steps to protect this country and its citizens. Oh ... and don't forget that Kerry feels that terrorism was just a mere nuisance prior to September 11th.

Tell that to the families of the Marines who died in the Khobar towers, the families of sailors killed on the USS Cole, and the families of those who died in the first attack on the World Trade Towers.

And did you hear Kerry yesterday? He was addressing the question of whether or not he would have removed Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. He says he would have, but only if he had been able to develop the appropriate international coalition.

That means France and Germany. Well, there was no way in hell France and Germany were going to participate in dethroning their Sugar Daddy ... so that means that if it had been Kerry's call, Saddam Hussein would still be running the show in Iraq today. But wait! There's more! Please remember that Kerry also voted against removing Saddam from Kuwait!

The reality is that if the great and wonderful John Kerry had been making the decisions Saddam would today be ruling over both Iraq and Kuwait .. and God only knows what else.
What does it take to make you Democrats understand? What does it take to make those of you with those Kerry / Edwards bumper stickers and yard signs understand the danger that this man presents to our country?

Do you really believe that the American Commander in Chief should seek some sort of global permission, or the blessings of the United Nations before he can act in the defense of our homeland and our neighbors? Do you really believe that it OK for Americans to die in battle, just so long as they're fighting under the flag of the United Nations?

You hate Bush? You hate his swagger? You despise his smirk! You think he stole the election? Fine! Is that hatred strong enough for you to jeopardize the safety of our country just to wipe that silly grin off his face? Is that burning hatred so strong that you can sit back and say "well at least Bush isn't the president" after the next terrorist attack on our homeland?

Look at this man! I used to think that he was just an empty political vessel. Not so. John Kerry is a dangerous politician bent on granting to the majority of Europeans that which they desire so strongly, a weakened United States. He denigrated our servicemen and women when he returned from Vietnam, and he dishonors them and all that they stand for now by saying that while it is OK for them to die for the United Nations, their lives should not be put on the line for their own country. This is a man who truly believes that the United States is little more than a member "state" of the great and exalted UN.

This country's salvation may lie in you having one quick pang of consciousness when you walk into that voting booth on November 2nd. When you stand there ready to cast your vote you'll have the spirit of international Islamic terrorism on one shoulder trying to guide your hand toward a vote for John Kerry. On the other shoulder will be the ghosts of the Khobar Towers, the USS Cole and of 9/11 urging you to set your petty hatreds aside and vote for the only man who you truly know will take the fight to the Islamic terrorists ... regardless of whether or not Kofi Annan approves.

Generations of Americans are depending on you to do the right thing.

Taken from Neal's Nuze October 21, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

Geopolitical expert exposes the CIA

Boston makes history, heads to World Series

Israel boosts security around Sharon

I may have posted this last time but I will do again. Kerry crowd slams Cheney for getting shot

Kerry will always protect their own. Who is it??? BILL CLINTON!!! Oh and Clinton got his flu shot.

If you hate Castro this will put a smile on face, and it might give you hope

Bill O'Reilly stands his ground


The Other part of the story regarding Fallujah. This from the Wall Street Journal

Ann Coulter is slaming the Dems over the way they treat the GOP.

Want to prevent voter faud??? Tort reform would do it. Craige McMillan tells more

The art of stealing elections. This piece by Robert Kuttner does not go after Kerry but Bush

Clifford D. May says that ANGER has overtaken meanful debates in public policy

Elements in the Kerry Campaign turn news into personal threats. This piece by William Safire

Does anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism go hand and hand? Bob Just answers this and more. Intresting Read.

Larry Elder talks about the media giving John Kerry a free pass. He also puts Kerry on the spot for his statements during the Reagan era

Is John Kerry a good man or not. Linda Chavez has some things to say and she gives her answer as well. Take it or Leave it.

Thomas Sowell (If I posted it before I will post it again) about how John Kerry would do things if not allready

The impotence of being earnest: The latest chapter of the contuing drama "The Old and the Restless." :) Mike S. Adams holds on in his battle with left wing professors.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Evening News

OK I have several stories from Newsmax

The Dems have won the money race

One of my favorate Radio Talk show hosts is doing well in his hometown

Kerry: Flu Shot for Clinton OK, But Not Cheney

Voters predict that Kerry will lose and then will try to steal the White House

Jimmy Carter: American Revolution Was 'Unnecessary'. GO TO HELL JIMMY!!! Say hello to King George for me please.

Another Educrat Forces Children to Watch Bush-Hating Movie. This one was the Michael Moore one

Bush Could Double Share of Black Vote

Going to World Net Daily and their hyperlinks

Sinclair: Kerry's attackswaged amid private talks

Kerry won't hesitate to declare victory

Now if the UN is in the mix. Kerry thinks its ok

Heinz Lady Asks if Laura Bush Ever Had 'Real Job.' Being a Stay at home mom does not count

Peter Jennings on the hot seat???

There she goes...Miss America!!!

Morning News & Commentary

Muslim Americans plan to vote for John Kerry. Thanks for nothing you guys,2933,135970,00.html

Did the woman accusing Bill O'Reilly have an axe to grind

Meanwhile O'Reilly is seeking the tapes

The poor and uninsured are filling up the ER's or so says a recent study.

Sinclair won't runall of 'Stolen Honor' can't blame them. John Kerry and the Democrats only believe in Freedom of Speech just as long as you don't question the motives of the left, and just wait till Kerry gets elected.

However Sinclair is still on the hot seat and the Dems are looking for way to take them out.

Well some Newspaper in St. Paul, Minn is doing the right regarding reporters going to a concert that wants to rid the world of Bush. Their is some hope for the news media.

Care International is getting out of Iraq. One of their own might lose their head. YOU STILL WANT TO REASON WITH THESE ANIMALS YOU LEFTIST LUNATICS!!!

Matt Damon would pay $1 Million to get John Kerry into the White House.

Billionares for Bush...NOT!!!

Billy might come to save Kerry after all

Did Kerry make a vet lie???


We need to question everyone's patriotism. This piece is by me. Be sure to check out my Youthful Idiot post here on the blog.

The Wall Street Journal has more things to say about Heinz Lady and her taxes

Kofi Annan tries to explain away the oil and food scandel and France and Russia have blood on their hands. Never mind I am a 'xenophobic racist' because I don't agree with Annan's vision for the world. I bet Claudia Rosett is in the same boat with me. She is the author of this piece.

Joseph Farah now calls for a Bush vote. People like Arafat and OBL convinced him to do so. He will still be critical of Bush in other areas. Hey Neal Boortz did not vote for Bush the first time, but Boortz will this time around.

Hugh Hewitt says Bush is looking good.

Where does Kerry stand regarding the World Court??? Terence Jefferey has something to say about it in this piece.

Why we need to defend the Electoral COllege. This from Jonah Boldberg

Walter Williams has a MUST READ for you this week. Its how those dumbed down in America our fair game to our poltical leaders

Brent Bozell chimes in about the events with Sinclair Broadcasting

Thomas Sowell takes on ABC News and their SPIN!!!

The left can't stand unity in America or so says Ben Shapiro MUST READ!!!

Hysterical women for Kerry: This from Michelle Malkin

Kerry and his brothers: Armstrong Williams has this piece

Katherine Harris and the 'facts on Florida'

'Down 'N Dirty' this from the John Podhoretz

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Youthful Idiots

What is a Youthful Idiot?

It is my way of saying someone in their 20's or even their late teens who are taken in by the promises that the liberals/progressives promote to them.

They are made to believe in all the tolerance and diversity propaganda, government Health Care (they think its FREE), peace before war (ie we should have reasoned with Saddam more), and believe that the Free Market is evil and that government must come in and save us from the evils of capitalism. The list goes on and on and on.

Youthful Idiot is taken from the term "Useful Idiot" that was coined by V. Lenin who lead the Communist revolt in Russia and gave us the USSR and the wonderful utopia that it truly was...NOT!!! In a nut shell Useful Idiot described people that had sympathy for the Soviet Union and what they wanted to do for its people.

For so long the left has been on the wrong side of history, and they are on the wrong side again. With no more USSR who can they turn to? Saddam??? Wait he is in prison, but there is still Castro, and that other guy Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Lights of hope for the Utopians.

I would like to send out this post to my former friends Dick and Jane (Not their real names), both would call themselves progressive/liberal. Sadly Dick is a closed minded youthful idiot and Jane who thinks pretty much like him and is going to marry this guy in the Spring next year. Hope you two enjoy wedded bliss. I really mean that.

Another thing they have in common is that they are truly talented musicians. Should they hit it big in New York or Los Angeles, or some big city, they will likely use their fame and fortune to undermind the values of most Americans and keep us on Uncle Sam's Plantation while they go wine and dine with their rich friends.

Barbara Streisand, Al Franken, Alex Baldwin, Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopi Goldberg etc etc etc etc...You Get The Ideal. They will likely love Dick & Jane to death cause they will all look down upon us average people and feeling sorry that we are not up their with them...or will they???

I will see to that I get big as I can so that yours truly can put these entertainers on the spot whenever they shoot off their mouths about public policy, and that someone like me will be there to question them when they do such a thing. Not just Dick & Jane (should they make it) but others who may join the Entertainment Elite.

The Entertainment Elite do have rights and I will defend them. I also have the right to question them and give a statement that I think you are wrong on the issues of the day.

I will have something about Entertainers and their lack of logic in their thinking in another post.

When will I do that?

Whenever I feel like doing it.

Evening News

Over 1 Million dollars offered to get a pro Kerry film on the air

'Stolen Honor' won't be aired in its entirety

Sinclair fires journalist critical of 'Stolen Honor'

Station airs footage of Spain bombings

U.S. nuke reactors likely China bound

Dick Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities MUST READ!!!,1280,-4561604,00.html

Tommy Franks gover after John Kerry over Bin Laden

The Gas is over $2.00

If you don't like 'Desperate Housewives' then don't watch the show you prudes. Have you forgotten about 'Married...With Children'? Nope you got to try, cause its all about God and Family Values. Oh and Married lasted from 1987-1997, and the attempt to kill that show gave it the ten year run. Other than Football it did help FOX Broadcasting to become the fourth broacast network. Do I watch Housewives??? NO!!!

Bush and Kerry clash on flu jabs

U.S. to Get 2.6 Million Flu Shots in January

Coke for Votes and I am not talking about Coca-Cola. The Toledo Blade's take

'Mary Poppins' Registers to Vote in Ohio...sadly its connect to Coke for Votes

Morning News & Commentary

Yasser Arafat endorses Kerry. I am not surprised at this one. Those PLO guys want the Jews to leave Israel

Coke for votes and we are not talking about Coca-Cola here

Hillary Blasts Bush on Vaccine Shortage.

Attacking Mary C??? BAD MOVE KERRY!!! Looks like Peter Boyles (KHOW-AM Denver) and Dani Newsom (Democrat kiss @$$ in Denver) are the ones with egg on their face. They defended Kerry's statement in the last debate regarding Mary.

Lawsuit Tries to Stop Anti-Kerry Film. Typical of the Dems, reject equal time and sue. No wonder they want a Fairness Doctrine

The Gray Lady speaks about the subject related to the above story...SHAME!!!! Meanwhile CBS News is standing behind their man Dan.

Good News, Bad News for Election Thieves in Colorado

Voters angered by UK paper's meddling. Their got several letters from angry readers

Campaign rhetoric gets bitter

Vladimir Putin is endorsing...

GOP group gets boot for supporting their man. Why??? Read On

Their is a Vet that does not like that anti-Kerry film

Florida Supreme Court Rejects Democrats' Vote Fraud Scheme

New Study Shows Growing Influence of Hip-Hop And Rap

But parents want 'safe' radio stations


Kerry scaring Seniors??? This from the Wall Street Journal

Brendan Miniter talks about Kerry weakness on national security

Formor Democratic mayor Ed Koch calls Kerry on the carpet for using Mary Cheney for poltical gain.

Pat Buchanan also chimes in

Joseph Farah warns about the chaos comming if the vote is close. MUST READ!!!

Donald Rumsfeld: Lessons of Cold War, relearned, promise victory over terror,5744,11102342^7583,00.html

George Will warns us of the Supreme Court desision of four years giving the Bush the victory and how that could impact this years election.

The 'Dangerous' Faith of President Bush: David Limbaugh also shows how John Kerry gets a pass regarding his faith

Left-wing agenda at corporations? This piece by Star Parker

Dennis Prager tells us why he can't vote for John Kerry

Bruce Bartlett talks about who pays the taxes MUST READ!!!

Anti-gay policies hurt blacks more. That is what open lesbian Deb Price says

Monday, October 18, 2004

Evening News

Kerry Iranian fund-raiserrepudiates him on Tehran. Under oath, warns Islamic regimecan't be trusted with nuke material

Bush says Kerry policies are dangerous

Muslim peacekeepers for Iraq nixed,0,4438294.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

Gore Says Bush Governs from 'Love of Power'


John Fund talks about Provisional ballots and how they can be a Electoral time bomb. Great interview with Matt Drudge last night

Who will Pat B. vote for, since he was questioning Bush? He will tell you and more.

Bruce Bartlett says this years election is about freedom.

Diana West is afraid of a Kerry victory

Phyllis Schlafly has somethings to say about the 2nd Bush/Kerry debate

Jack Kemp talks about the current state of our deficit

Why marriage can't be left to the states? Jeff Jacoby explains

News & Commentary

Kerry manual instructs campaign workers to collect, deliver early ballots...IN FLORIDA!!! Matt Drudge is looking into this.

Secretary of State and county clerks try to remedy voter problems

KUSA-TV Denver/9News I-Team talks with Voter Registration Drives that have submitted fraudulent forms. Matt Drudge played the story on his show and I can say just one word...SICK!!! Voter beware.

Kerry goes to the Middle Class warning them about Bush

Kerry is also sending 1,000 lawyers from NY to make sure things go his way???

Zarqawi Movement Vows al-Qaida Allegiance and allegiance to its leader Osama bin Laden.

The Hamburgler still runs free and may be coming to a college near you.

WND has a different take regarding the Hamburgler

Terror-harboring group is recruiting students at Duke

Iran rejects Kerry plan to defuse nuke crisis

Kids get martyr message in music video. Jewish People of the world beware

Crude Oil Price Surges Past $55


FOX will so be releasing the movie "Kinsey." Joesph Farah take on the namesake for his sex research and the 'sexual revolution' that followed. He also takes on the people behind this movie too.

Vox Day goes for another shot against Bill O'Reily, and takes on the righties that protect him. Hey at least Matt Drudge and Neal Boortz hate Billy O

Can men respect women if they're trained to be perverts? Rabbi Shmuley Boteach answers that question

The Goverement will protect you??? Barbara Simpson has this piece.

Doug Powers talks about Kerry/Edwards and using the Cheney's as their Trump Card

Could the 3rd debate be 'remembered as a milestone in the struggle for gay equality and acceptance'? this from Zev Chafets

More Cheney talk. This from Kevin McCullough

Bush's plan for America a Kiting Scheme. John Kerry supporter Ellen Rather has this piece

Is Kerry backward thinking??? This piece by Mark Steyn

George Will talks about the NRA and their support for Bush

Cast your vote and be damned. Is the Kerry crowd siding with the forces of evil??? Maureen Dowd thinks people like myself are. :)

Are you living in Cally??? Then this piece by Adam Sparks is a MUST READ!!!

A John Kerry a Square Peg??? This from David Limbaugh

Steven Moore says the Kerry's pay lower taxes than the rest of us. MUST READ!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Evening News

Satellite smashes Chinese house

Canada deals blow to cheap US drug imports

Election to Be Scrutinized for Irregularities

Broad Use of Harsh Tactics Is Described at Cuba Base

Who are the Newspapers endorseing? WBBM-TV aka CBS 2 Chicago has this.

49 Hurt As Storm Triggers Maryland Accidents

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is shooting his big fat mouth again about Iraq

What those Pop Polls are saying. This is a great list. Still the important one will be in November.

Mary Cheney's Sister Demands Kerry Apology

Kerry Warns of Social Security 'Surprise'

More ballots to be available in Milwaukee

Could Colorado be the next Florida??? Stay Tuned!!!

AOL's electoral mapback after 'vanishing'

The Election Issues in Colorado

Their are several issues in the State of Colorado that you should be aware of and should be voting on. Cause what you don't know will hurt you. Colorado is one of the few state in which things can be voted upon.

Amendment 34

What does it do: Remove caps on damages for construction defect lawsuits and eliminate a mandatory 75 to 90 say resolution period between property owners and builders after which the owner can sue. It may increase the amount a homeowner can collect in damages for construction defects.

I Say: Sounds good but it looks that Tort Lawyers would LOVE THIS TO DEATH!!! Vote No on 34

Amendment 35

What does it do: This would increase the tax on a pack of cigarettes to 84 cents from 20 cents. It would also double the tax on other tobacco products to 40 percent from 20 percent of the price. The tax money out of this would go to health care programs/services and tobacco-education programs. If passed the taxes would go up on January 1.

I Say: Its a sin tax, imposed on by people who want to save us from ourselves. What is next? A Fast Food Tax. A Tax on Potato Chips, a Cola tax etc etc. The sky is the limit on these Health Nuts. Sure we may be hurting their bodies but that is our choice? No on 35

Amendment 36

What does it do: It would eliminate the current winner take all system for allocating Colorado's nine Electoral College votes in the races for the oval office (President of the United States). In its place would be a system that divvies up Electoral College votes between candidates based on the percentages they earn statewide. If passed and unless the state courts get in the way this would go into effect right away.

I Say: Most of the Newspapers of Colorado are coming against this amendment, and that includes the alternative and far left wing paper, the Colorado Springs Independent. Next time, try to do something like this in Cally or any state that has more Electoral College votes, and not on some state that has less Electoral College votes. VOTE NO ON THIS AT ALL COSTS!!!

Side Note: To you Democrats out their you better work hard to make sure John Kerry wins the popular vote in Colorado. You can do it. Dems won Colorado before and it can happen again.

Amendment 37

What does it do: Require utilities that serve more than 40,000 customers to generate 3 percent of their electrical power from renewable energy sources by 2007, 6% by 2011, and 10% by 2015. 4 percent of renewable must be solar. Other renewable sources are wind, small hydro, geothermal, and biomass facilities.

I Say: I am for renewable energy, I am not for imposing government mandates requiring that you must switch to these sources. In the end its the little guy that gets hurt. You energy bill will go up and its going to be lots and lots of money. Let the free market do what it does best. NO on 37

Referendum A

What does it do: Make changes to Colorado civil service system. How long has it been since Colorado had any changes? 35 years. This measure would add prohibitions against sex and age discrimination in the hiring and promotion process and allow the General Assembly to make exceptions to a rule that requires state employees to live in Colorado. It would create a new process for disciplining and firing state workers and streamline the grievance process, and change the testing and hiring procedures to expand the number of finalists that can be selected for an open job just to name a few things

I Say: Unions and Bureaucrats hate it from what I have been told. That's all I need to know. What they hate I love. YES on A all the way.

Referendum B

I Say: Yes its housecleaning it removes 'Obsolete constitutional provisions.' Only a fool would vote no on this one.

Other thoughts

I not going into any of the Kerry's Bush's, Coors, and the Salazar's of the world since I plan to vote Republican anyway. In our current system with very RARE exceptions only the Republicans and Democrats will win the offices at the State and Federal levels of government. Party will always win over personality, and believe me should a John Kerry or a Ken Salazar win. The interest groups that worked hard to put them in office will make sure their demands will be meet. The Democrats have a lot of people that have a love affair with socialism that nine times out of ten a Kerry or Salazar will promote something that will likely hurt the free market and will help empower government. Plus the Democrats and liberals tend to be sympathize towards our swore enemies of the United States.

Until 'We the People' can change the way our government operates, the Elephants and Donkeys will have it pretty much to themselves.

News & Commentary

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