Saturday, July 01, 2006

Is The News Media WITH the Terrorists????

Days after we were attacked our President George W. Bush said in no uncertain terms regarding the sides that people would take.

"Your either with us or with the Terrorists."

What Bush really ment is that you are with the United States collectivlly and not nesscarly with him all the way. Sure their are things I disagree with Bush about regarding certain issues of the day but when it comes to the War on Terror, the War on ISLAMIC Terror, I support him big time.

Now we can debate on how Bush is handling this war and what he should and should not do especially with the recent desision handed down by the Supreme Court and this thing called "Checks and Balances" all day long, and I can respectfuly disagree with the likes of Neal Boortz regarding this.

Look I can accept the fact that news media is liberal in general, and does not understand the principles of basic economics while embracing a Socialist Utopia. We have a Free Press and with such a thing, they can hold a left leaning to Left Wing Bias all they want.

However when a News Media that is passionatly Democrat, passionatly hates Bush goes over the line big time when they publish National Security Secrets that are ment to track down the movement of terrorists. This is the part were Free Speech because UNabsoute.

Yea, Yea don't give me the Civil Liberties speech, go to the FISA Court and wait 72 Hours (thats 3 FULL DAYS for those who can't do the math) crap.

I am really starting to belive that these people in the media are wanting to pull off yet another Vietnam and then brag how they stop the war in Iraq like they did in Vietnam. However this time if they do pull this off, the killing fields will not be in Communist Asian countries but these fields might be here in our backyard. All because they want to screw George W. Bush and the Republican Party in General, empower the Democrats, and believe that the terrorists can be "reasoned" with.

Bush may not say this but I WILL!!!


Make all the excuses you want you losers, but you are on their side regardless if you truly know it or not.

Saturday Readings

Cheney Goes after the Gray Lady and calls them s threat.

Gray Lady fires back.

Media at large defends the actions of the Gray Lady

"Druggy Limbaugh could finally have the book throwen at him...Leftys Hope

This next one is a MUST READ!!! A Caller to Keith McCullough talk radio programs told him that needs to remind people that the left will Kill Us...No Foolin. McCullough Agrees.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday Readings

A have alot now that I am back in CS.

Their is a difference between 'giving back' and 'giving' PERIOD!!! Neal Boortz explains in his piece for

Thursday's Nuze from Neal Boortz

Some of Hugh Hewitt's friends are journalists.

Did Campaign finance reform stop Corruptution??? George Will says that Campaign Finance Reform IS Corruption.

Ann Coulter takes the Gray Lady to task for their Treason.

Year by Year our Congress become more and more powerful. Herman Cain says that is what our founders dispised.

91 Years Old and Indy till he dies. A Piece by Larry Elder.

All of the above was REALLY yesterday now here is THE Friday Readings.

Friday's Nuze from Neal Boortz

Mona Charen talks about the Voting Rights Act being up for renewal and shows it had NOTHING to do with the right of minorites but certain amounts of tape.

UN Gun Grab Meeting (I said I would link those)

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

"McCarthy Era." Liberals sure love to bring that up and recently Howard Dean talked about it. David Limbaugh reminds you that hate Bush with a passion.

Oliver North shows how dangerous of the actions taken by the Gray Lady.

Pat Buchanan shows that Bush has done nothing in challaning the Gray Lady.

If Bush does nothing maybe Melanie Morgan. She is calling for a LARGE Prison Cell for those in paper who dared LEAK the stuff.

When Terrorists Win, America Loses. Hal Lindsey has his thoughts on what the Gray Lady did, PLUS Yesterday's Supreme Court desision.

Ronald Cass also has his thoughts on the Court desision.

Charles Krauthammer says the Iraqi government has proposed amnesty for the insurgency. Not going to work.

Jonah Goldberg shows us the changes in both poltical parties and how they are both 'progressive.'

The Swift Boat Veterans evetually helped the left coin a new term. Mike Rosen introduces us to the term now used by the leftys to try to shut us up when we give after Cindy Sunshine, The Kerry and Turncoat Murtha. However it will not be limited to those three.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador could be the next President of Mexico. The Marxist Revoultion continues in Latin America and this time they are taking over without blood shead. David Pyne talks about the dangers of Obrador and how he is close to Hugh Chavez who is Casto's Min-Me. By the way Obrador will use the Mexican Invasion to his advanage in DISTORYING US!!!

Mark Engler is the token lefty piece for a counterpoint to David Pyne.

One more Token Lefty. Its audio bite Going back to Yesterday's Court Desision Darth Fargo says that is a victory for "democracy" and a blow to Bush's attempt to move us towards a "dictatorship."

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Readings

NOTE: This time I am going out of town. Thursday Readings late or not at all.

Today Comments from Neal Boortz

Believe it or not FDR thought about trying a publisher of a major newspaper for disclosing secrets during war time. Jack Kelly says that Bush should welcome a fight with the media. I tend to agree. They will stop at nothing to distory him at all costs includeing the distruction of our Country.

Al Gore says Bush broke the law and the GOP congress is not holding him accountable. Warning people...Liberals LOVE to use euphuisms, and Gore is no expection.

Ralph Peters says the Dems and their alies in the media have allready declared the the Marines involved in the Haditha incident GUILTY!!! Hey as long as the Dems get that Security Blanket of Power Back and then hobnob with the Authortarians of the world, that is what really matters.
George Bush should read the farewell speech of General Douglas MacArthur. The one calling him to do that is Tony Blankley.

According to a survey of 34 countries, America is the most patriotic. Beware!!! Venezuela is second and that should make Castro's Minie-Me very Happy.

The Dragon Lady really goes lays it on the New York Times.

Howard Dean says raising the wage will NOT hurt jobs. Even if it does the real winners are Dean, Kennedy, Democrats and The Borg (Unions).

The above article menions Jim Wallis and his group Sojourners. Their are things you should know about this and has done a great job at informing people about the left.

Profile on Jim Wallis

Profile on Sojourners

If you go to Hooters do you want to see Male Waiters??? NO!!! you their to see the women with the short shorts and then some Here is a piece about a Hooters flap from the Real World Mallard Filmore.

A MUST READ from Jonathan Alter about the demise of multiculturalism. Lets hope so, cause it is not helping when it comes to the War on Terror.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Cam Edwards is covering the UN's Gun Grabbing Summit. As long as he publishes them I will link them. These Links are MUST READS!!!! Show you the true nature of the left and why they want you Mr. and Miss. Joe DISARMED!!!

Ryan Sager talks about the GOP going after the 'Wal-Mart' voter since many of them are women that want Government to run with our lives on Social Grounds, and they have the 'Give Me's.' A libertarian conservative's worst nightmare??? You Bet.

Ed Meese on Paul W. Smith hosted Rush Limbaugh show says the Gray Lady commited Treason, and giving confort to our enemies.

Tresuary Sec. John Snow also takes a swing at the Gray Lady.

Could the left be hurting their own cause regarding Rape and Torture??? Dennis Prager compares their causes with the War on Terror.

Would The Gray Lady publish our OWN Nuclear Launch Codes??? David Limbaugh wonders about this and warns the Gray Lady that blood will be on their hands if spelled by the Enemy.

Walter E. Williams is not buying this Foreign Aid to Africa.

Katie Cookie Cutter's "Listening Tour." I wonder who she is listening too??? Not to me for sure, and she paying vists to such cites as Denver and San Fran (so-called 'Progressive' cites). Cal Thomas has his thoughts about it.

Its been awhile since a linked a 'token lefty.' It is Similer to World Net Daily's "Out In Left Field" link on their commentary page at their website. Taken from his talk show Darth Fargo the Sith Lord of Socialist Talk defends the actions of the Gray Lady and blames it all on Bush calling the GL just the messanger.

Besides he interviewed Helen Thomas just a few days ago.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

John Fund calls Murtha the Male Cindy 'Sunshine' Sheehan

What the Clinton's FBI Guy have to say about the Khobar Towers??? Click here to find out and you might be suprised in what he says.

Michael Barone has one question for the 'Gray Lady.' Why does she hate America so much???? Maybe because the NYT wants to be more like EUROPE...and they hate Bush.

You heard from Drudge and FOX News reports on this. Saddam says we will ask for HIS HELP on Iraq. Elect the Dems and that might just happen since they loved him so much.

Just Talk to North Korea and everything will be allright. So says RINO Chuck Hagel. I don't think a disruptive child we will have to cause some pain.

American Troops turned into targets??? That is what the Savior of the Dems says and Deanacts go wild. Dean is using our troops to convince us to Cut and Run, and afterwards our ennmies gain a victory.

While it might be a centerpiece of the Voting Rights Movement Star Parker says its no panacea.

Mike Adams keeps the presuere on his work place called University of North Carolina. Did you know they lied to a preacher? Big Deal unless UNC is bringing in people they agree with and at the same time they claim that they don't bring people that say well loaded statements.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Readings

300,000,000 This will be the population number in America this year or it will be

Drudge says that Saddam will be President of the United States cause America would elect him. Maybe that Gun Totten Meat Eating Lefty named Ed Schultz would...NOT ME!!!

MUST READ fro Debra Saunders. If they want to make Pot legal (for Medicial Use) then let the states do it.

DC wants to mandate HIV Testing for 18-34 year old's. Don't know about that one but I do ask you get tested before you have sex with someone you "think" you love.