Friday, February 03, 2006

No Last Laugh for NBC, American Family Assocation Gets them AGAIN!!!!

This time it might be the best, if you have a dumb pop star playing a dumb founded Christian who has a cooking show that is "Christian" in nature.

Its one thing for Will & Grace to eleveate Gays and Lesbians, but its another to trip up Christians, and AFA was not going to let happen. I still could, but The Peacock is backing off right now.

Maybe their taking hints from another hit sitcom with a guy named Earl. Do good things and good things happen. Do bad things and well you know.

Maybe NBC has to deal with Karma :)

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"Dancing With the Stars" nips "Survivor" allthough CBS won overall

As I have said Survivor is strong but a week link in CBS's Thursday Night lineup. Only the right show can give it a challange. That right show is "Dancing With the Stars" which has lifited ABC's ratings numbers on Thursday night, and beat the Game Opera slightly household wise. When it comes to the beloved 18-49 demo Stars could spend a day at this "Exile Island" of sorts" i.e. Survivor still has plently milk in their cash cow.

However the crime dramas that follow Survivor; "CSI" and "Without a Trace" still keep The Eye on top on the night before Friday.

I just wonder how the race would be if you put My Name is Earl in the 7/8 slot. Earl has proven to have an audience but The Office has numbers closer to Will & Grace, and looks like Four Kings may be Four Duds. However NBC does say The Office has some gains on Thursdays.

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The Left Plot to Shush Rush and O’Reilly (and everyone else more/less like them)

From McCain-Feingold to talks about reviving the "Fairness Doctrine" that is spearheaded by Louise 'The Ripper' Slaughter, and David 'Turn Coat' Brock in which the left at large is doing what they can to stifle freedom of speech in the media (include "new media" like this blog, and cable such as FOX News Channel, and yes Talk Radio) in hope of getting their security blanket of power and sucks us dry in the process as they take us to their beloved Socialist Utopia.

Click here for a MUST READ from Brian C. Anderson about the left's attack on the New Media, and how they want to stop it in it's tracks

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Some Recomend Readings

Springtime For Hitler...In Tel Aviv??? Yes Israel loves "The Producers."

Alec Baldwin is pitching a fit about Alito and the Dems not FILLBUSTERING THE GUY. I say GOOD!!!!

Ben "Win His Money" Stein sets the record straight regarding the oil companies and their "Profits." He says they earned every penny.

Want cheep oil??? Tell Teddy Kennedy, The Poodle, along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed (the later two who Stein names in this story) to stop kill bills that would allow US the U.S.of A to drill our OWN OIL, cause the Dems never power a car with their B.S

George Will has a great piece reminds us that at one time we did not look to DC to solve our problems.

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Does NBC Get the Last Laugh regarding their "Christian Bashing?"

If they can't use The Book of Daniel to get the job done, hire Will & Grace and get Pop Star Britney Spears to play the Christian Fool least for one episode.

Look I never really watched nor did I care for W&G. Best thing to do is this.

1. Tell yourself that the entertainment people HATES Conservatives, Christians that are Conservatives, Jews that are Conservatives rather than using the hertiage as a cruch to justify their liberal/socialist convictions (and W&G love to point out that Grace is "Jewish"), and they would hate Libertarians like ME Jewish, Christian or neither of the above.

2. Don't watch this stupid show. I'll take Earl and The Office least right now. It was never as good as Seinfeld.

3. Don't need to pitch a fit over this one. Rather take up the Citgo cause which the American Family Assocation rightfuly did call for a call to action. Hurting Citgo is a better cause than hurting W&G. It ran for eight years, it will be put on DVD and reran for awhile...but not like Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and Seinfeld ha, ha, ha.

One more thing "Deal...or No Deal?" I have to admit, I like watching that game show, and by the end of the month it shall return on The Peacock.

Story from Cybercast News Services

Some TV Talk

OK maybe I overstated Bones ratings with American Idol as a lead in. The numbers looks better than might have had in the past, but still not as big as House or 24. Make no mistake Idol is still a cashcow for FOX. It only got hurt last Tuesday because of The State of The Union Address. Bones last week got an 3rd place finish with an 11.4 (6.1 18-49) behind ABC's Lost and CBS's Criminal Minds respectfuly.

The overnight results from last night have Bones in second place behind Criminal Minds. It should be noted however that last night's Lost was a repeat.

Meanwhile ABC is leaving Alias out in the cold, and I can't blame them. As much as I want to see the series resolved the name of the game is ratings, and right now the second season of Dancing With The Stars has help ABC get better numbers on Thursdays. We shall see how that affects Survivor as it returns tonight along with the Exile Island rule. Alias was always a cult show and never was a big ratings getter but because it attrated the demos that the advertisers wanted it lasted as long as it did. Will they be able to resolve the show??? That has yet to be seen. However ABC has four midseason newcommers up on deck. You find about them by going to

NBC has been able to hold its own with My Name Is Earl and to a lesser extent The Office on Thursday nights. Both shows however still get better numbers than Scrubs which is in the Tuesday 8/9 slot that the Earl/Office vacated.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


That statement is yet another old hat trick used by the close minded, bigoted, intolerant left in order to convice the black community into forever voting Democrats. This is the most disgusting way the Democrats are trying to buy votes.

Look the days when Norman Lear used his sitcoms to promote his liberal dogma are over. The days when Walter Cronkite slanted the news to promote his liberal dogma are over. Sure the Jesse Jackson's of the world may still have a grip on the black community regarding public policy but one of these days it will not be a given.

Just remember that before the enlightned 1960's the Democrats were the party of racism and history proves it.

Click here to read Rick Roberts take on the Conservatives=Racist tatic used by lefties.

Learning to read

John Stossel Continues to highlight his (ABC News) 20/20 program from weeks ago in his weekly commentary pieces. Click here to read about a 12th grader named Dorian Cain. He wants to read but is his government school helping him??? The answer is a Big Fat NO!!! Guess who does help him? A well known private tutoring chain.

And you want to tell me that competition is NOT FOR CHILDREN???!!!

These teachers unions will cause the distruction of this country if their are not stopped once and for all.

They take in lots of money only to crank our YOUTHful "Useful idiots." V. Lenin, Karl Marx, and other dead socialists would be proud

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Its The State of The Union and Guess Who got a Pass...

Cindy Sunshine.

Wanted to make another statement with a protest banner, and rightfuly KICKED OUT!!!

I think that was her plan to begin with anyway was to make a statement and not sit it on Bush's Union address.

Story from AP/FOX News

Poor Teddy; He is losing it

The Godfather of Talk Radio (Rush Limbaugh) aired these quotes on his show today

Our Founding Fathers failed the test when they wrote slavery into the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln pointed the way, and we passed the 13th, 14th, 15th amendment, and had a Civil War but we didn't resolve this issue. It was only 'til we had the courage of those members of what branch of government? Not the United States Congress, not the United States Senate, not the executive, the judiciary, the Fifth Circuit. We're talking now about the Supreme Court. But they are the ones that changed this country inevitably with what we call the march toward progress.

The '65 act for volting -- voting rights, '68 act for public accommodations, the 1973 act to say that women are going to be treated equally, the Americans with Disability Act that said the disabled are going to be part of the American family. All of that is the march to progress, and, my friends, the one organization, the one institution that protects it is the Supreme Court of the United States!

Question does it conflict with the Constitution???? Does it conflict with what our founders wanted??? If answer is NO to both of these questions then Teddy you have nothing to worry about. What he is a afraid of is that the "progress" towards socialism is going to be blocked now that their judges are replaced by judges that do not comply with the left's agenda.

Don't Believe the Hype from the Left about the filibuster

It is ALL ABOUT Obstruction.

I was listening to one of clips at Darth Fargo's website ( and made his comment about how the fillibuster prevents our government from making big mistakes, a full airing of "all views" and preventing the "minority thought process" is not stonewalled.

OK if that is the case why is that we now have Ruth Bader Gingsburg on the bench? Why do we have Steven Breyer on the court. The Republicans could have fillbustered these people but they did not and they choose to vote up or down on these people and both got to sit on highest court in the land. They were chosen by Bill Clinton who many leftys consider to be the best President of the United States of all time.

Listening to Rush's show, he and his crack staff got some audio sound bite from Teddy Kennedy who made a statement proving why the Dems do what they do regarding their beloved fillibuster. They admited that the Courts were the area of government in which their agenda got made into law. I don't have to tell you what the courts ruled, but it was the only way that the left wing agenda got through. Blocking School Choice (trapping poor children in Government Schools), upholding Campigan Finance reform (which is a spit in the face of the First Amedment) are classic examples of laws that the courts have made up, upheld, or overrulled.

The left knows that if their lefty judges are replaced by judges that will respect our Consitution and the laws of the land, their FINISHED!!!

Saying that activist judges are not limited to just the left. Their are those on the right as well. Classic example was Roy Moore , who used his post to shove the Ten Commandments down the throats of the people of Alabama. In fact he answed YES to all of these questions.

Was your purpose in putting the Ten Commandments monument in the Supreme Court rotunda to acknowledge GOD’s law and GOD’s sovereignty?

Do you agree that the monument, the Ten Commandments monument, reflects the sovereignty of GOD over the affairs of men?

And the monument is also intended to acknowledge God’s overruling power over the affairs of men, would that be correct?

When you say “GOD” you mean GOD of the Holy Scripture?

Wonder why our founders did not want a "state church." Look I don't use the term "Seperate of Church and State" as many freethinkers like to use cause unlike them I don't advocate banning cross and other religious symbols from government. What concerns me is when those in government try to "impose" their religious beliefs on the people. Unlike Bob Enyart I don't want a theonomy impossed on us.

I think if you teach people to respect each other and encorage people to work hard think people will state to have an understanding about what this country. I don't think you need a God of somekind of be moral. Now if you need to relie on a higher power, I don't have a problem with it. Just be respectful and don't inflict your beliefs on strangers unless they allow you to do so.

Again I am glad that Alito is in, at least it makes the left nash their teeth. Let us hope it stays that way. Alito could turn left anytime. As long as he respects our laws and our Constitution that is what matters. If their are flaws let our leglatures and all levels of government correct those.

Note regarding the AFA Boycott Citgo

If you use the E-Mail service though the American Family Assocation, you will be placed on their E-Mail list. Unless you support their cause or want to to remain on the list, be sure to click Unsubscripe the next time you get their E-Mailings.

I only used their template cause I do support them regarding Citgo. Hugo Chavez is the new Castro and we need to inflict as much pain on him as possible.

Now read the next post on how you can do the same. It is part of my "Recomended Readings."

Some Recomeded Readings

Daniel Pipes makes predictions regarding Hamas and Israel.

Dennis Prager talks about the Hams election landslide and how that reveals more about the leftys than Hams.

FINALLY Don Wildmon takes up a Boycott that I support whole heartly. That would be the boycott of Citgo Oil Company. It is run by Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela headed by Hugo Chavez.

See and read for yourself via Citgo's website.

Don't have time to write to Citgo and Hugo Chavez? Click here, but you can add to what they have given ya. PLEASE DO THIS AND BOYCOTT CITGO!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006


This time the Counsel of American Islamic Relations have made Bill Handel of KFI-AM Los Angeles their next target. You can't mock any "minority" without getting flack, and yes this religion and the people who pratice it are seen by the left as a "minority."

Well Bill Handel is willing to recant but only if...

1. CAIR denounces all bombings, attacks, where the intended victims were innocent civilians. Such as all bus, market, restaurant bombings in Israel, the 2004 train bombing in Madrid, and the 2005 subway and bus bombings in London.

2. Israel is a sovereign nation. Recognized by the world community, has a right to exist with defensible borders. Dream On and Handel knows it.

3. CAIR, and its associates have no ties, nor have they ever had any ties with individuals or known terrorist organizations, whatsoever, financially or otherwise, including but not limited to, Hamas, Islamic jihad, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, or Al Qaeda. I doubt they will renouce them either.

Click Here to READ his statement regarding CAIR

Click Here to HEAR his statement regarding CAIR

Sometimes I wonder if we had the kind of media now back in World War II that we would go and save the Jews that were being killed by the Nazis in Germany. Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) says we would, but I wonder otherwise. The only reason why the left has denouced Hitler (and make no mistake he should be) is because he broke the pact with their guy Joe Stallin. You know that cold blooded killer who rulled the Soviet Union at one time.

Today the American Jews who are liberal in nature along with the left at large have turned their backs on their fellow Jewish brothers and sisters and have showen their support of Palestine. History has proven that their was never a nation of such. So why call yourself Jewish??? Only to use that just in case the right wing noise machine comes after you when your promoting socialist causes or whatever stifles liberty and freedom in this country??? I guess so.

All I can say to you liberal Jews you are disgracing the people that were killed by Hitler by supporting people who WOULD DO THE SAME THING!!!!

Thats not being Anti-Semitic, That's A Fact. Just wait and see when these Islamo-Facists get the upper hand over you.

Chavez: 'Down With the U.S. Empire'

Sometimes I wonder if Pat Robertson had the right ideal. Sadly we have to wait for either him or his minons to attack us before we go down south and take on Castro's Mini-Me

Click here to read the piece.

Other Readings

Steve Emerson: Hillary Clinton and Hamas. Click here to read it

Click here to find out why Jimmy says we should fund the Palestinians.

Can't anyone remind the people that it was Jimmy that allowed Iran to fall into the hands of people that HATE OUR GUTS and now they may soon have the weapons that may blow us and Israel away.

The Education Borg

The Wall Street Journal put out a great piece yesterday. Click here to read it.

These socialists never give up on making sure that the poor children are stuck in Government Schools. Their are the future hope making the United States the NEW Soviet Union.

You worry about Castro's kids??? You should worry about your own as well, cause some of his tatics rub off on the teachers unions.

Socialism is much like the Borg. Its all about collective thought, and Education is only part of the big picture. So next time you hear leftys pitch a fit about schools choice, vouchers, and competition; just keep telling yourself...

"Its all about Socialism, Its all about Socialism, Its all about Socialism."

...and the children suffer.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh how Hugo Chavez (Castro's Mini-Me) Loves Cindy "Sunshine" Sheehan

Story from AP/Newsmax

This woman should be put in the same boat as Jane Fonda.