Saturday, March 04, 2006

Don Gets Another Job

Not in what he likes but it sort of close.

This may affect once again my blog and keeping it updated but I will keep trying to do it someway and somehow.

Starting next Wednesday I shall be working at Cave of The Winds. I popular tourist site and very old one at that too. They shall train me on how to give tours of the caves but I shall be learning their basic tour which is lighted.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Remembering "Starcade"

While I am on the subject of TV Game Shows (yesterday I was talking about Deal or No Deal's strip week); Does anyone remember a Game Show called Starcade???

It was billed as "TV First Video Arcade Game Show." It ran from 1982-1984. The time was short but still remembered by the loyal fans of the show. Anyone regardless of age could try out to be a contestant on the show. The show was taped at CBS affilate KPIX-TV in San Francisco. TBS distributed the show, but was seen in broadcast syndcation.

The object of the game is to score as many points on the arcade games up for play within a given time limit (50 Seconds in the first two rounds and 40 Seconds in the third and final round). Their are 5 games on the show to choose from (unless its special show highlighting one game such as popular Lazer Games like Cliff Hanger or Dragon's Lair which were cutting edge at the time). The game can also end before time runs out should the contestant blow all the games lifes (Q-Bert's Pyramid Fall was the sound effect if that happened). Once a game is played it can't be played again (again unless that is the only game played on the show). Contestants are paired up based on how well they play the given games and then compete on a given program. Their were cheating and they were taken care off. Enough Said.

Before the contestants got to play one of the five games during the front game; a toss up question is asked. All the questions on Starcade are about Arcade Games and are a 50/50 guess. The one who rings in and gets the question correct is able to pick one of the five games and is first to play. If they miss, their opponent gets to pick. Both contestants took turns playing the chosen game. One of the games on the program would be deemed a "Mystery Game" and if a contest picked it during the front game they would win a prize.

After round 2 the contest with the most points in the two games played so far plays "Name The Game." Four games are show to the contestant and is given a 50/50 guess. A prize is won if they get all four right or three out of four.

After three rounds of play the contestant who scored the most points in all three games combined in the front game is the winner and moves on to the Bonus Round to play for the day's Grand Prize which was most of the time was for their own Arcade Game.

Starcade End Game

The producers take a survey of about 20 people regarding the adverage score played on the arcade games within 30 seconds. This will determine the target score in which the winning contest much achieve in the remaining games unplayed in the show. If the contestants can score the target score or better in 30 seconds or less they will take home the grand prize.

Well JM Producations (the producers of Starcade) a few years back started an offical webstite regarding their most popular show. Yesterday, they have put up a episode of a Starcade program. It will be up for a few more days. After you see the program you can take a poll and you go into a drawing for a DVD featuring 5 shows of the Classic Game Show.

Click here to visit JM Productions and their is direct link to Starcade in the front page. It will Bite You Big Time

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good Thing "Deal or No Deal" will run Monday Nights and More

In Its week long sweep this week, DoND took a stumble last night thanks to FOX's ever popular Karaoke program American Idol. Yes the lyrics to most of the songs they perform pop up on a monitor and that's why I can call it a Karaoke program. I don't care if Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood got the deals and the record sales. I like their music even though I have yet to buy their records. They great talents and maybe Idol will do it again this year.

I Predict DoND will get a second place finish tonight thanks to yet another episode of American Karaoke, and the sitcoms on CBS and ABC will be clobbered.

Thursday night another 3rd place finish behind American Karaoke and Survivor on CBS.

Friday it will take 1st cause their is no American Karaoke to be found on that night and Ghost Whisper is not a must watch show based on the Numb3rs (pun intended).

I intend to get my thrill cause next week I shall not. Jack Bauer has two hours next Monday night and that Trumps not only Trump but that night it trumps Howie "Bobby and Howard Generic" Mandel. Likely to do it again come the Finale of 24: Season Five.

Alias will Be Resolved

The final episodes of the Spy-Fi series will began on April 19 and will replace George Lopez and Freddie. However other things are delayed. Syd will download her child :) but will she be rescued??? How will the series end. Better make it good people.

More information at

John Stossel: He has not left any stone unturned

This man has covered every element in his education piece that he did on ABC's 20/20 back in January, and I keep linking these pieces.

Choice and Competition. Click here to read

We need it badly, we know who Kelly Clarkson is, Carrie Underwood is, Ryan Seacrest is, Simon Cowell is, Paula Abdul is, Randy Jackson is, and just about every Cream of the Crop American Idol Contestant. We also know who Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie are.


Click my shouting words above cause its a MUST READ!!!!

Granted I can talk about American Idol and The Simpsons myself but we should know our rights, our freedoms, and our responsibilities are.

The Children of the Kennedy's, the Clinton's, The Boxers, The Kerry's if they had any will become the rullers of us all if we don't stop the dumming down.

Earth to CBS News: You Just Don't Get It.

The mainline media at large is very Democratic. However if any element of the News Media was able to impact the public policy of our Country, it has to be CBS News.

During the 1950's, 60's, 70's and into the early 80's, this news organzation gave America three icons of the news business. Two of them Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite now have awards in their names. It also gave us Dan Rather who lacked the charisma and charm that Murrow and Cronkite had, and because of that CBS News lost the power it had over its audience, and it would be a few more years until Rush Limbaugh would begin the New Media revolution.

Over the years CBS News has shaped the minds of the people in favor of those who would inact communist and socialist ideals, not only in this country but the entire world. Murrow took on loose cannon Joseph McCarthy in spite of documentation that their were communists in high places in the American Goverment. Since Murrow was a chain smoker, Karma (if you believe in that) was able to take care of him with no problems. Yet Karma has not given Walter Cronkite the death blow just yet (maybe it went after his beloved wife who died recently, but I am not that heartless about Cronkite loss) but thanks to his big fat mouth he was able to convince many Americans about how Vietnam was a fight not worth fighting for. Dems got elected and America pulled out and Communists in Vietnam won and to this day they still rule Vietnam with an "Iron Fist." Dan Rather was the next CBS News scumbag to pull off the next great wickedness of the The Eye, only this time the New Media was ready and took him down Big Time when he (and Mary Mapes) tired to smear George W. Bush regarding Air National Guard record.

Now CBS News along with their partner in crime The New York Times are at it again. CBS News has had a long alliance with the Gray Lady when it came to those untrustworthy opinion polls. 34% approval ratings for the President the media loves to hate. 18% approval rating for the Cheney.

Just remember that Opinion Polls are that. They are not winds of trends regarding the public policy fight. They can spin the questions and the polling can be adjusted to meet an outcome that the media wants, and that outcome is that the Democrats are the good guys and need to return to power...and the Dems are anything but Good. They are Socialists and so is the majorty of the Mainline media including Walter Cronkite who advocates a One World Government under the United Nations.

In one of Darth Fargo's (Ed Schultz) online polls, he asked which media outlet does his listeners tune in and trust. Overwhelmly CBS News was the choice among "Ed Heads" or at least the ones that responded to the poll. Surprised anyone???

CBS News have been THE Change Agent (News Media wise cause their are other changes agent) in the left's quest to make America a Socialist Paradise. They have not learned the fact that their done, and washed up. For me the only worth watching from CBS News is their Idiot Sunday show "Face the Nation."


Don't cry for CBS overall. They have a great Sports Department and carry the NFL AFC Games, and NCAA Basketball games to name a few. They have Survivor, the CSI franchise, lots of popular crime dramas outside the CSI fold, a great Daytime Lineup, and crappy Monday Night sitcoms that hang in their. All of these things has allowed the beloved "Tiffany Network" to bounce back. Oh No he comes that four headed monster with that Karaoke show again (American Idol)...Woha that has to hurt quite a bit. Don't worry CBS your not the only one.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

National Education Assocation and the AFL-CIO finally joining forces???

Not quite but still it shows how the they are desperate to maintain their power over America's children. Waiti till this becomes a true Teacher's Union Monopoly.

This is not a good sign.

Story from USA Today

Learn about who John Sweeney (The head of the AFL-CIO) REALLY IS By Clicking Here

Believe me Sweeney is a Very Dangerous Man and Toxic to America's Health.

Wall Street Journal has a Great Editorial on how Meathead is helping to wreck Cally

How do you do that???

Raise a tax here and raise their maybe drive up a righty up the world just like Archie Bunker, and pat yourself on the back and saying your such a caring person by making someone else pay for it. When you hear jerks like Rob "Meathead" Reiner tell you about someone else paying for a "program" watch out when those who can pay leave Cally they will come after YOUR WALLET and not even Capital One will save you.

That's what you get when you are suckered by Progressives who should really be called Socialists, and Meathead is a beyond resonable doubt a Socialist.

Click here for that piece in the Wall Street Journal about Meathead and his elk wrecking Cally.

Monday, February 27, 2006

TV Shows To Watch to see if they can get the Numbers: Part 1

Deal or No Deal (NBC): The show returns tonight

Prison Break (FOX): In a few weeks Season 1.5 starts

FOX has two new sitcoms with the single camera zero laugh track format. They are called "The Loop" and "Free Ride."

Can't think of all the shows right so that is why I am breaking this blog into several parts.

To Be Continued

Hollywood and were their money goes (Public Policy Wise)

Today at the site (yes THAT Variety rag) they did a short article about were Hollywood is spending its money when it comes to shaping our public policy.

To no surprise Norman Lear, Rob "Meathead" Reiner, Haim Saban (who imported the Super Sentai franchise from Japan and renamed it for the west as Power Rangers), Don Henley (The Eagles) and last but not least Barbara Streisand spent their money on Democrats.

I should point out that Lear, Streisand, and Henley have invested their money in Dem candidate that is challanging Tom DeLay. So if you are in his district (Houston), just remember that certian Hollywood types are trying to swing the outcome. They don't really care about Texas, they just care about getting Democrats elected so that they can shape the whole country in THEIR image.

Republicans are not left out in cold however to my surprise Viacom (who recently spun off its Broadcast TV, and TV Producation intrests into a new CBS Inc.) has given 52% to the GOP while 48% went to the Dems. The Walt Disney Company gave 56% to the GOP while the Dems got 44%. Oh and since I mechioned Power Rangers and Saban so that you know Disney now owns the western counterpart of Super Sentai now.

Click here for the story from