Saturday, October 09, 2004

I am in Denver today

The Colorado Press Association will be having some seminars and I will be up their to see if I can learn anything that I can apply for myself.

If you are coming here for the News this I will I usually go. Please keep coming back to see what I think you should be aware of but for now here is were I go.

World Net Daily: They are not the largest indy news group out their for nothing. It's founder Joseph Farah calls a spade a spade and plays few favorites.

Drudge Report: Matt Drudge is King of all Bloggers. Keeps on the pulse on what is going on in the world and does a good job of calling the media bluff and then some Popular site if your a Kool-Aid drinking Republican, but still they give a side to the story that the enlightened Media will likely never give

More likely the internet will be my future as a writer. I don't mind learning Spanish but that is another post.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Aftermath of Round 2

Well it looks like Bush as come out fighting. Did Bush come out a winner? I can tell us this. It was NOT a KNOCK OUT!!!

But Bush needed to do what he needed to do, and that was to come out like he wanted to fight for his job and win his second term.

John Kerry stood firm on his principles (if he has any), and one thing he can do is talk well. His talk makes him look good, and because he could connect with people as radio talk show host Dennis Prager pointed out in his opinion piece this week. He continued that in debate number two. Kerry continued to talk about being loved in the world and trying to regain the respect of our allies. You still want to reconcile with the French and Germans Kerry? They may love YOU Kerry but they may NOT HELP YOU!!!

Also he talk about providing health care by rolling back the Bush tax cuts and those earring more than $200,000 a year will be taxed. I not a math expert but $200,000 is chump change. I agree with Bush saying that most people will have to pay more taxes under John Kerry. The middle class will get hit.

Bush stood firm on his principles regarding his 1st term of being the President of the United States. He stood firm regarding the world on terror, and concepts of how our government should operate. Bush admits that he would take responsibility for any mistakes made but still stood by his decision regarding Iraq. As Michael Savage said on his talk show Bush could not act like Fred Rogers and he did not. He treated Kerry like someone who would take away Bush's job (and he does) and not his 'neighbor.'

The story from the that ultra-right wing FOX News,2933,134934,00.html

The transcript of the debate,2933,134937,00.html

Bush vs. Kerry Round 2

Tonight will be the second of the three debates that Bush and Kerry agreed to.

It will be a Town Hall style meeting, and they will take questions from 'undecided voters.' The moderator is Charles Gibson from ABC's Good Morning America.

One thing for sure, Bush needs to WIN THIS DEBATE!!!

Listening to radio talkers Ed Schultz and Michael Savage, the writing is on the wall. Democrat Kool-Aid drinker Schultz is confident that Bush will fall on his face and that the people will see that John Kerry is deserving of the oval office, especially with the evidence that their were no WMD's.

The emphasis on WMD is what the Dems are using for their best shot of removing Bush from office. Could Saddam have created them in future??? No doubt he could have. Let's us not forget the UN food for Oil program or the fact that France and Germany made money via Saddam. Oh and Jacques Chirac decided to do a America bashing speech...IN VIETNAM!!! Yes that's right Vietnam, were Communist Socialism is alive and well. One Socialist nation to another.

Michael Savage who does not drink anyone's Kool-Aid also says that Bush must come out fighting and must not come across like Fred Rogers. He must attack John Kerry regarding his record both in Vietnam and in the Senate. Bush must overcome the slanted questions if any (cause I believe there will be Democratic moles with questions to ask) and take the ball and score the touchdown. He must not take the advice of his advisers and call the terrorists what they are and most be a stronger word than militants. How about ANIMALS or MURDERERS or KILLERS. If Bush does not remove the PC noose, Ed Schultz (since he loves football) will go on his show and say that Kerry is going to win the football game.

Bush's weakness may give the Democrats the 'security blanket' back and the ability to suck our money and freedoms away.

This thing about UNIONS

I was wondering when Denver radio talk show host Mike Rosen would get around to talking about the Grocery store strike. I will have that link at the end of my post.

There maybe a strike coming up and it will affect the major Grocery stores along the Colorado Front Range. The stores are Albertsons, King Soopers (the front range imprint for the Kroger chain) and Safeway.

Their was a time when the Unions were a must. Their were truly indeed employers that did abuse their workers, and there needed to be something that would make the employer accountable, especially when it comes to reasonable salaries for the workers. Sadly these days the Unions have gained too much power, and if it hurts anyone its the free enterprise system, and in the end it will hurt the workers and the rest of us. Oh well you still have the government workers Unions. You can always raise taxes on the rest of us since the government can only take wealth and can't create it. The government is not bound by the Free Market trends so its easy to comply with the demands of the government unions.

For all you Wal-Mart hatters out their (and believe me I have certain issues with Wally-Mart, but not allowing Unions in their shop isn't one of them) they have become the major retailer in the United States. They are truly a monster cause the consumer will always look for the best price and see if they can get the goods for the lowest price. That was always the way the customer thought, unless you can afford a Sacks Fifth Avenue or their rival stores. Meanwhile the Targets, Kmarts, JCPenney's, of the world have to do their best they can to equal or better Wal-Mart.

At times like these I wish I had to brain power to do math. If I did I would work hard to join the Thomas Sowells of the world who understand how the free market works.

Another thing that a Union does is keep jobs that have outlived their usefulness. I have been told that because of a Printers Union, the printers that work with inkwells are able to hold on to their jobs inspite of the use of computers. Guess what? These inkwells are not being put to good use. The ink is being wasted just because these workers can't adapt to the changing times. Would you call this a waste of money too? I would.

One thing that the union leaders do (along with the government) is that THEY do the thinking for the workers. Take the case of Social Security. The union leaders DON'T want their members to take that money and put them into individually owned privately invested accounts. According to Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute a free market/libertarian think tank, the ones that would benefit would be the WORKERS.

It seems that workers must put their faith in the hands of the ruling bosses of their labor union and trust they THEY will make the best decisions for them. Is it no wonder that these Union bosses don't want 'right to work' laws and the fact they give so much to the Democratic Party? Both groups are working hard to promote collectivism and play down the concept of the individual.

They want to condition people to become depended rather than someone who can be a productive in society and rely on the Union or the government to give you what you need. They have to attack Wall Street and their selfishness to justify the means. Can you at least give your workers the CHOICE??? Guess not.

The more dependents you have the more power the union bosses and government leaders have. In the end it everyone else will LOSE.

Now as promised that link to the opinion piece by Mike Rosen,1299,DRMN_86_3238979,00.html

News & Commentary

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Report: British Hostage Killed in Iraq

Bush, Cheney Left Off Mo. County Ballots

Blasts Kill 30 Near Egypt-Israel Border

Pentagon Sets Steps to Retake Iraq Rebel Sites

Bush, Cheney Concede Saddam Had No WMDs

U.S. Inquiry in Price Rises for Flu Shots

Schools being watch for terriorist attacks

Abercrombie & Fitch in Hot Water Again this time its all about 'Losers.'

Chirac lashes out against US cultural domination...IN VIETNAM!!! Get over it, and we know who you are in BED WITH!!! With the COMMIES!!!!

U.S. getting lectured on election practices by Ethiopia, Tajikistan. Jimmy Carter is in the mix and when he is in the mix I SCREAM ON THE INSIDE!!! Carter is a man that loves 'GodMen' such as Castro

France, Russia, and the UN??? Did they get caught with their hands in jar.

The Election News helps growth in New Media

Michael J. Fox appears in a John Kerry ad regarding stem cell research. Trouble is it the reseach and statements are flawed


FOX News is eight years old and Neal Cavuto could not be any happier,2933,134807,00.html

No WMD's. John Gibson says we got in Iraq just in time before it could become reality,2933,134811,00.html

Terriorists and the Establshment Media agree. No Bush. This from Charles Krauthamer

David Limbaugh say current WMD report is not effecting Bush

Their is more than just WMD's. Jonah Boldberg has a MUST READ!!!

David Horowitz says we need to ask the right questions regarding Iraq MUST READ!!!

George Will says the Dems fear Bush's domestic agenda Interesting Read

Iraq/al-Qaida:The connection ABC News reported that years ago, but they backpeddle on that now. MUST READ from Michael Reagan!!!

John Kerry's secret meeting with the enemy??? This by Jerome Corsi MUST READ!!!

World Net Daily's token liberal Bill Press has his take on Bush and the current WMD report.

Ellen Goodman is afraid of future judges that do not share her poltical beliefs. Goodman is a lefty.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Afternoon News

Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush... in Newspaper Endorsements. One newspaper that is endorsing Bush is a suprise to me. Hint its a Colorado Newspaper, and it is not in Denver or in Colorado Springs (that paper as long as it was owned by Freedom Communcations never endorsed any person for an poltical office) . Also go South, and better yet just read this story.

Bush defends Iraq in spite of the 'reports'

German Spy Chief Says Bin Laden Is Alive

Mount St. Helens' Crater Floor Rising

FBI to get help on Election Day plots

U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror Threat

The Elections in Afghanistan

They are coming and media does not give a darn. Sadly my dear.

Oh well that is where your fellow blogger Don McCullen comes in. To present the views that you will not get from the establishment media. Well not quite.

The Gray Lady (as the King of Bloggers Matt Drudge likes to call The New York Times) did publish this piece by William Safire.

Let's not be taken in when defeatists try to pooh-pooh the promise of this week's election in Afghanistan.

Already the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - more insecure and uncooperative than usual - has announced that it will refuse to declare this coming election to be free and fair. European nit-picking about "irregularities" will be fierce from high-minded bureaucrats who do not realize that the most irregular thing in that part of the world is anything approximating a free election.

Too much world media coverage will focus on pictures of violence at polling places, not on the big news: lines of courageous Afghans patiently waiting to vote. Tinhorn despots are passing out leaflets in refugee camps promising divine rewards to anyone who kills a poll worker.
Such terrorist acts by die-hard Taliban insurgents may be excitingly pictorial, but images of Muslims, especially women, voting for the first time - and of candidates for office literally taking their lives in their hands to campaign - are deemed not sufficiently mesmerizing.

Another reason to downplay or dismiss Election Day in Afghanistan is that it is clearly good news for America and its allies, who are directly responsible for this outbreak of freedom in a Muslim land.

If the mountain people of this war-ravaged nation, whose cash crop is poppies for illegal opium, can stand up to their tormentors and grasp the powers of democracy, their example will offer hope to the better-educated Iraqis sitting on their nation's sea of oil. Afghanistan would be the first good domino to tip over.

When the Afghan president Hamid Karzai visited here a few months ago, he told us of his hopes to persuade some 7 million of the 10 million eligible Afghan voters to register. He underestimated his people's hunger for representative government: despite threats to registration centers, and in the face of assassination attempts on the lives of candidates, over 10 million Afghans have registered, plus 2 million more in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran.

That's a political miracle. It also does not add up; some people are apparently registering more than once. ("Vote early and often" is supposed to be a joke. U.S. pollsters have never measured an electorate in which likely voters outnumber registered voters.)

But the indisputable fact of the enthusiasm for voting is what is so heartening. Afghans look with wonderment at their secret ballot, and take real risks for the freedom Americans take for granted.

Who's ahead? Karzai is the front-runner in a field of 18, but will face a runoff if he falls short of 50 percent of the vote. Yunus Qanooni is the dark horse. That's the beauty of an election, even one with vote-buying and other "imperfections": it's rarely a sure thing.

I asked Karzai during his visit here about his country's warlord problem; would these local satraps with their private militas, and corrupted by opium profits, take direction from the elected central government in Kabul?
"Warlord is a hard word," he replied mildly, trying to be a good politician. "I prefer to call them 'regional leaders.' "

But what about the likes of Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, the Uzbek strongman who has been exercising his newfound right of free speech to blaze away at the government for not ensuring security or getting money for reconstruction? Karzai smiled. "You could call him a warlord."
Welcome, then, to the world's interrelated four-month, four-nation election cycle:
Afghans, fighting their unaccustomed way to the polls through feudal fundamentalists and Arab terrorists, will be the most closely watched. But Australians also vote this weekend.

Prime Minister John Howard has reaffirmed the traditional Australian-American alliance; he is opposed in the elections by Labor's Mark Latham, the bring-the-boys-home-from-Iraq-by-Christmas candidate.

Then come the U.S. elections, about which you heard plenty last night.
Finally, Iraqi elections are scheduled for January. These will be influenced by the Afghan electoral example, and by the Australian decision signaling the breadth of future coalition support. Most of all, the U.S. election outcome will tell Iraqi voters to expect U.S. help in building a new life in a federal system - or to worry about helicopters hurriedly leaving the roof of the U.S. embassy.

News & Commentary

Saddam Told Interrogators of Iran Fixation

Report links U.N. to Iraq bribes

U.S. Inspector Says Iraq Had No Banned Weapons

Concerns About Winter Push Oil to Record

Corporate Tax Bill Heads to Senate, House

Lawmakers consider 'smart' driver's license

Feds plan to track every car

'Man tax' to pay for abuse of women? Socialist Women attack


Heart patient outrunsambulance chaser! This from Ann Coulter

No more Mr. Nice Guy Jane Chastain warns Bush that he has 4 weeks left

History unrevised ... again

Debater vs. leader: Larry Elder asks and answers sevearl questions

David Winston says that Edwards is outmatched

VP DEBATE: Cheney KO'ed...By GOP: John Nichols has something 'out in left field'

Responsible voting: MUST READ from Thomas Sowell

Joseph Farah talks about a movie about Ronald Reagan and puts Reagan in the light.

Old Europe thinks it know the U.S. -- It doesn't: This piece from Suzanne Fields

Linda Chavez talks about Edwards' job interview

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

News & Commentary

The transcript of last nights VP debate,3566,134579,00.html

Debate Fact Check,3566,134580,00.html

Cheney, Edwards Trade Barbs at VP Debate,2933,134573,00.html

Cheney refers to He really means this site

Go to And this is by far a different website and I will tell you this. This website and the person behind it HATES BUSH!!!

My Comments regarding the debate:
Overall Cheney in spite of his mistakes that he made in the debate won. Now his boss really needs to ride on that, and not let anyone and I MEAN ANYONE bring him down including the moderators. I have to say that Gwen Ifill was a better moderator than Jim L. but I did not catch a set up question from her. Maybe Michael Savage did. I may not be able to catch him tonight since I going to be stuck in Pueblo all day and preparing my prep as part KTSC-FM's talk program Talk The Talk. A story from NBC News uses a clip from the debate has Edwards telling us that Cheney was oposed to several Goverement programs (Head Start, Meals on Wheels etc) but he could not really corner Cheney. It was not a great debate, allthough Edwards spit out the name of Kerry when he was not allowed too two or three times. This debate should help Bush but its not a big win. Bush should use this to his advantage and prepare to battle Kerry on Friday. This time the audience will be throwing the candiates the questions.

Other Stories

Oil prices all time high

State GOP says Michael Moore illegally offered underwear in exchange for voting

Is this next story going to justfiy the Dems stand on Gun Control??? However its those that hate Bush that are doing the shooting. The second story

Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando

The CBS probe results will not be known until the election is over. At least Dan Rather can relax for awhile regarding his job. More likely he will go out gracefuly

US confronts sudden flu vaccine shortage MUST READ!!!

Update on St. Helens

No Draft for awhile people. House votes it down

Kerry admits that France and Germany will not help us regarding Iraq


Michelle Malkin: Our immigration laws are being broken en masse because America is unwilling to enforce them

Hugh Hewitt and VP debates

Walter Williams has a MUST READ!!! This is in regards to higher learning and grades

Burt Prelutsky says its time to evict the United Nations

Today's piece by Joseph Farah Takes on our Goverement and the money they take in from us. He also calls for a return to what the founding fathers wanted

Terence Jeffrey has a piece regarding Kerry and the future of the Supreme Court

Jonah Goldberg talks about Kerry's 'Global Test'

The Draft Card: This piece by Kathleen Parker

Tony Blakley on Iran and North Korea and the year 2005

An Open letter to Dan Rather by Mike S. Adams

Jack Kemp on Kerry's class warfare...and the Dems in general

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

News & Commentary

Have we learned anything after 9-11??? The powers that be have not

Muslim group endorses Kerry. I guess its about the VOTES after all regarding the caring Dems

Petition urges Kerry to come clean

Sharon: Iran using Arabs to spy on Israel

Wanted: Iraq politician who visited Israel

If you live in Madison, WI and call yourself anything but a liberal Democrat, be prepared to labeled...and your property demaned.

Special Report
Britons secretly kept in postwar French camps,14058,1318972,00.html


Dennis Prager shows us how John Kerry won the debate. This is a MUST READ!!!

Joseph Farah talks about gays and the military

David Limbaugh says Bush must take the gloves off

Col. David Hackworth has a MUST READ regarding the return of the draft

Star Parker says the Black leaders should think outside the box'

Armstrong Williams backs up Star with this piece

Jeff Jacoby has a MUST READ regarding Property Rights

John Kerry and The Senate: This piece from Bruce Bartlett

Fred Barnes says Bush has a chance of a comeback on Friday

The current Cyberalert from MRC

Monday, October 04, 2004

Evening News Links

Chemical weapons discovered in Iraq

Did Saddam have ties to WMD and terriorists?\SpecialReports\archive\200410\SPE20041004a.html

Kerry: Criticism of 'global test' remark 'pathetic'

Mount St. Helens erupts again

Teacher in trouble over Bush photo?

Teacher in trouble over Bookmark? This one is a MUST READ!!! Its Short but it shows that our screeners at our airports are going after the WRONG PEOPLE!!!!

News & Commentary

The Hamburglar (Sandy Berger) is still under investigation

The Money is talking regarding Kerry's stance on Iran and giving them nukes

Iran is rejecting Kerry's Proposel

World Net Daily's take on Kerry Cheating???


Viacom is only looking out for themselves. This piece by me. It should be noted that the FCC commisioner that wants to punish Viacom badly for its sins aganist the pruds of this country is a Democrat, now read on.

Wall Street Jounal debunks lies about Health Care for Vets

If you like the draft Joesph Farah says vote for Kerry

Dick Morris take on the debate

Ellen Rather says Bush is the master of mixed messages

Joel Mowbray says that Kerry has no vision

Cal Thomas says that is no knockout punch regarding the first debates

Debra Saunders says Bush won the debate on the grounds of the arguments made

The Muslim "debate" on hostage-taking and beheading: A MUST READ by Amir Taheri

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has on opinion piece on CBS News producer Mary Mapes

Iraq another Vietnam??? The Weekly Standard says otherwise

Paul Crespo: Kerry demeans our allies and helps our enemies MUST READ!!!!

Homeschool or Die: Vox Day explains

Michael Ackley talks about DUI checkpoints and illegals (This is satire but based on current events. Check out the new lyrics for Danny Boy at the end)

If the United States was a diamond. Would we care??? Barbara Simpson has this piece

Robert Levy says that the gun ban must be lifted by the Supreme Court and not the Congress

Ralph Nader: Time for fundamental changes in the way we derive, use energy

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Donald Trump on Dan Rather

The Don pulls no punches on this one. This was featured on his daily short commentary program on the radio

After strongly defending the validity of documents he used in a “60 Minutes” report attacking President Bush’s National Guard service, CBS newsman Dan Rather admitted that the network could no longer vouch for their legitimacy. Rather apologized for the mistake on the CBS Evening News. But, really, is that enough?
In an editorial The Detroit News wrote, “When one media outlet hollers ‘Gotcha!’…it had better know exactly what it’s got.”
CBS named an independent panel of experts to scrutinize its reports and to assign blame where it should go. The question is whether or not Dan Rather made a sloppy reporting mistake or whether there was some sort of bias on his part as some conservative groups might have you believe.
What I really don’t understand about Dan Rather and CBS is that he’s been number three in news for years. What does Dan have on the executives at CBS that would allow him to go for years as the anchor of the lowest-rated network news program? From the standpoint of business and ratings, why aren’t they getting somebody to replace Dan in the first place? Maybe this would give them a good excuse.
Dan Rather did a piece on me for “60 Minutes” which I felt was just as dishonest as what he did with these reports. It’s time for Dan Rather to go. He talks about integrity, but he just doesn’t have it.

Now if only someone at Viacom would tell Dan "You're Fired." Hell would freeze over before that would happen.

Clear Channel and Progressive/Liberal Talk

I am doing a follow up on my piece here on the blog according to yours truly about Progressive/Liberal talk. The October 1, 2004 issue of Radio & Records features an interview with Clear Channel Vice President for the News, Talk, and Sports formats Gabe Hobbs. Al Peterson who is the editor for the News/Talk/Sports section for R&R did a great interview and Hobbs gave some good answers to the questions that Peterson asked.

I will highlight some of comments that Hobbs said.

Hobbs said that a few years ago their was not any good product out their regarding Progressive Talk. Today he says its now possible to do it now that the costs are not as expensive. He does admit however that if any liberal talker that wants to be heard on Clear Channel's in house syndicator Premiere Radio Networks, that person needs to have more clearances than just 15 or 20 markets. Currently Air America is heard on over 30 stations. Jones Radio Network's Ed Schultz is heard on over 50 stations

Hobbs also believes that Progressive Talk can work in any market but he does caution that CC is early in the production curve. He also says that he is not aware of a market with 90% of the population that is Republican.

He does bring up the college towns and state capitals were their is a strong National Public Radio station in the market and were a commercial Progressive talker would likely first sign on. It seems that the gut feelings might be right in creating a radio station with nothing but liberal talkers, and the fact that liberals can't share the station with the Rush Limbaugh's of the world.

It seems that you just can't have a token liberal talker for a News/Talk staiton, although San Diego News/Talk powerhouse KOGO had left wing talker Sandy Taylor for sometime until they signed on their Progressive talker KLSD in the market. Hobbs admits that a station with mostly conservative talkers and listeners that were conservative were not the best places to try a liberal talker. KOGO might have been an exception to the rule, but Hobbs has in interesting quote about putting product on a radio station.

"We wouldn't test out a new rap and hip-hop group on one of our Country stations; we'd probably want to develop a rap and hip-hop station to put them on so they would have a chance to succeed with an audience that wanted to hear them." Gotta love 'narrowcasting,' key word here NARROW.

Hobbs also says the word 'Liberal' has become very negative and would love to see moderates tune in to the station. Personally to do that you would need to bring more people like Lionel who does a syndicated talk show from New York city. AAR and Jones Radio Network's Ed Schultz are admitting they are backing John Kerry 100%. However those on the left and many times than not does put the 'Conservative' label on such stations like KOGO and WFLA (the later of which is mentioned by Hobbs in the piece). Overall Clear Channel themselves did not label their News/Talkers KOGO and WFLA 'conservative Talk,' its critics did.

In a nutshell he says its all about the listener and getting them to tune in and listen to the programs offered, and in return Clear Channel hopes to make money. Even with 200 progressive talkers they would be outnumbered by the clearance of Rush who is heard on 600 stations Hobbs admits.

He thinks that progressive talk will open new doors in News/Talk/Sports format and more local hosts giving their spins on the issues. "Most of the formats listeners are going to come from a pool of people who mostly didn't sample spoken-word formats in the past and, quite frankly, from NPR."

NPR along with its news magazine shows Morning Edition and All Things Considered does have two of its own talk programs, Talk of the Nation, and Diane Rehm. Rehm also made the top 100 Radio Talkers list from Talkers Magazine. TOTN and Rehm appeal to an audience that likely calls themselves liberal although the shows themselves may not be as open regarding their beliefs if any. It also should be noted that liberal talkers Schultz, Lionel are also on this list, and a few other liberals have made the list as well, including Neal Rogers who has done well in the Miami market for years.

As mentioned earlier local San Diego talker Sandy Taylor does a local talk show now of KLSD which is Clear Channel's progressive talker in the market. Clear Channel's also has a local talk show on their station in Madison, WI. So far those those are only stations at least in the Clear Channel fold that have local talk from someone that has a liberal worldview.

You always had liberals doing talk radio and few have did well. Long before Rush you had the late Alan Burg from Denver, Larry King, and KABC's Michael Jackson (nothing to do with the ever famous Jackson family).

The key to doing well is not to create people that will vote for your man or woman but to attract listeners. Hobbs says that Rush admits that his show was to create listeners and not more conservatives and that politics don't matter and that the personality must be interesting to listen to, period.

The Progressive/Liberal talk format will be the radio format to watch in the coming years.

News & Commentary

Kerry would still supply Iran with nuclear fuel: It appears that this is no joke, the Kerry Campaign is backing this up.

The EU wants us to back Kerry's plan

Hamas holds 1st-ever press conference

Top US official slams Germany over trade with Iran

Fox News may be put on the spot by the media elites and their supports (such as liberal talk show hosts) for this one.

Condi says that Saddam might have restarted nuke program.

Pro-Democrat Vote Fraud Probed in Florida