Thursday, February 09, 2006

Politicized Funerals: Expect MORE OF IT!!!

I did not talk about this yesterday cause I wanted to gather as much information on this as possible. Talk Radio was all over this, and man they pointed out what some of these people were saying.

George W. Bush had suck it up, cause when it comes to the black community they are still enslaved by the Mother of Slave Owners. That my friend would be the Democratic Party.

You know I had to find out what Darth Fargo was saying but I did not download that clip in which he proves that the Republicans were the polititcize this. Don't lie to us Fargo, Bush said nothing but he had to suck it up

I listened to Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman out of Denver's KHOW-AM. Dan is on the right and Craig is on the left. Craig defended the freedom of speech of what was said by Joseph Lowery and Communist sympathizer Jimmy Carter and pointed out that Coretta Scott King did support several modern liberal causes, he did however admit that some of their words were uncalled for at such a form. After hearing this from Silverman I don't think I need to hear the Sith Lord of Talk Radio defend this, cause Darth Fargo is nothing but a puppet of his wife Darth Pysic.

Roger Hitchcock of San Diego News/Talk Powerhouse KOGO and Sub Host Number 1 for The Godfather (Rush Limbaugh) filled in today, and told us that Barack Obama was moving slightly away from the "Democrat Plantation" that "Dingy" Harry Reed had to step in and make sure that he was kept in line.

Want to know more about this guy with the Cool Name but Bad Politics??? Click here for a profile from Discover The Network. They show that Barack Obama might be the happy guy but no different than Jackson, Sharpton, or Lowery.

Being Black and Right does not make you White, not does being White and Left Makes you Black. NO Bill Clinton is NOT THE FRIST BLACK PRESIDENT!!!! Just another power hungry Dems exploting minorties just to get their votes.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some TV Talk

Daytime Emmys Tally

CBS: 59 total nomations

Syndcation: 46 nomations

ABC: 37 Nomations

PBS: 31 Nomations

NBC: 20

In the Talk Catagory: The View, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Regis and Kelly, Dr. Phill, and Soap Talk ( Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway)

The Young and The Restless leads with 18 nominations. Guiding Light has 14. But they will have deal with General Hospital and As The World Turns in hopes of getting that Emmy.

CBS Tries to Build on Tuesday

The 9/10 slot has not be good to CBS since canceling "Judging Amy." Close To Home got the slot but they found that the Friday 8/9 slot was better. Threshold which had the slot that Close To Home has now bombed on Tuesday night. "Love Monkey" is turning out to be a monkey, and it is going to be put to sleep. Now Amazing Race is going to get the slot, and why give it to the reality game show? Simple; a new show CBS that has a milltary theme and since NCIS has a milltary theme as well, The Eye hopes its a One-Two Punch. This new show is called "The Unit" and its about special forces soldiers.

Now NCIS has been called "CSI Light", due to the fact that the main characters all have their quarks. You have a tough and serious leader who keeps his agents in line, his boss who keep him line, and the agents? Well you have a guy who thinks he is a chick magnet, a woman who knows that he is not and reminds him of it, the computer nerd, a Goth Forensic, and a older guy who does not mind dealing with the dead. Of course it still has clear milltary themes (Navy), and is a spinoff of JAG which got a lot of respect from the real live Navy during its run.

Will this Unit be on a darker side, not as light as NCIS, or even lighter, but most importantly, will the NCIS viewers stick around the watch The Unit. CBS hopes that will happen, and I think this move will payoff. NBC putting Scrubs in the Tuesday 8/9 slot proved that NBC can be kicked around. ABC's Commander In Chief is losing grip but ABC has a dramety card to play but we shall see if it pays off for them. The concern for CBS is overtaking ABC, and if they can do that then it should be OK.

The King of Tuesday Nights...FOX

FOX is right now the top dog on Tuesday thanks to American Idol and House. House however needs to thank Idol for his good ratings. It looks like Idol will carry Bones along too allthough it may not be as strong as 24 or House.

FOX however does not always need Idol as a piggy back. Prison Break proven to be an out of the gate hit last fall and it will return to give viewers another trill ride next month, and will be a lead in to 24 on Mondays.

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Handel Recants...But The problem remains

These guys still want to rule the world.

Story from Radio & Records

Some Recomended Readings

John Stossel is doing a great job of highlighting experts from his 20/20 program from weeks ago, and he is not leaving any rocks unturned. His weekly pieces highlight something from that TV program one week at a time.

This week A Governor in South Carolina wanted to intro choice and competition. NO says the teachers unions. Stossel reminds you that AT&T was a monopoly once.

Do you have a right to Housing, Health Care, and Food. Well the answer is No (Nothing in our Constitution about these rights) but the leftys being who their are say otherwise. However Walter Williams says that "a right is something that exists simultaneously among people and imposes no obligation on another."

Again when it comes to the left, they believe that the "people" have a obligation to "help" those people down on their luck. Is someone seeing how these leftys work yet.

Thomas Sowell continues his never ending quest to debunk Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Pooer statement.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

See The Cartoons for yourself...and SUPPORT Denmark

Click here to see those cartoons that Michelle Malkin posted

Thanks Michelle, don't let Stacy Taylor (A socialist talk radio host in San Diego) get your goat.

A Tale of Two Religions

One religion is hated by the media and the other gets a pass.

Compare these two stories from CNN. Just click on the words below

Story about a Coffee book that features The Virgin Mary in Elephant Poo.

Story about a recent cartoon about a cartoon depicting putting the founder of Islam in a negative light, and certain Muslims are ragging mad.

It seems CNN went out of way NOT to offended the Muslims by putting a disclaimer at the end of story that read; "CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam." Now did they show that same respect for the Catholics???

The Answer is a BIG FAT NO!!!!

Is CNN afraid of the Muslims going after them???? Who knows, but one thing for sure the leftys at large has showed its sympathies towards the Arabs in many areas, including their attempts to drive the Jews out of Israel and towards their religion.

Who says the media hates religious people? Just the Judeo-Christian one.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The United Nations: They never stop in their quest to rule the world

Click here to read the latest piece by Henry Lamb about what these big wig socialists and their never ending attempt at global taxes.