Friday, June 17, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I have a few

Dems and Lynching. Mona Charen says it best, especialy the final paragraph. That final parapgraph makes this piece a MUST READ!!!

The leftys just want to give the enemy a "Time Out." David Limbaugh has thoughts on how the left wants us to treat the bad guys and has a few words about idiot Senator Dick Durbin.

Oliver North talks about Time Magazine's tell all on Guantanamo Bay and asks what the movtives are.

Man how the left is two faced. Mike Rosen talks about a left group called The Community Rights Counsel , and how they don't want a judge to speak of an enviromental group that is Pro-Free Market. Guess who funds the CRC??? Non other than that Deep Pockets lefty George Soros.,1299,DRMN_86_3861292,00.html

Ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations??? You know those One World Gov types??? Devvy Kidd is naming names regarding who is part of the CFR.

Want to learn about the man behind the attack on Guantanamo??? It appears that Michael Ratner is a commie or so says Rocco DiPippo

The Dems are all Far Leftys...just about. Great piece from the Wall Street Journal

Could William Romney be the GOP's hope in keeping the HILLdabeast from winning the oval office. Two pieces about this starting with William Rusher.

Robert Novak brings up Romeny faith in the LDS Church

Token Lefty tonight is Bill Press who calls on Gitmo to be shut down.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I am late with this, so I think will focus on the PBS stuff cause their are great insights I want to share.

Craige McMillan has a new name for PBS. Progressive Broadcast Service

Peggy Noonan thinks taxes should funding public broadcasting but offer more entertainment and Science programing. Dream On Peggy, but I do like the ideal.

Token Lefty on this is Molly Ivins. What the matter baby, so worried that you will lose this fine public institution that mostly presents your leftist dogma.

Other Topics

Henry Lamb warns of a bill that Henry Hyde has regarding the UN. Read it understand it, and DON'T SUPPORT IT!!! Hyde is a good guy more/less

Larry Elder and his thoughts on Michael Jackson and racism

George Will give us some facts and figure on the present day war on drugs. Want to know that cost??? $35 Billion. Do you want this to continue???? It time to make drugs legal.

Neal Boortz sets the record regarding Terri Schavio and the never ending attempt to make Michael Schavio "The Boogie Man." Plus thoughts on Jennifer Wilbanks, and Senator Dick Durbin

ABC Denounces "Illegal Interrogation Techniques" at Guantanamo. This and more in Today's Cyberalert from the Media Research Center.

Token Lefty was in the PBS links, and I don't feel like putting up another cause right now their is nothing good and I want to go to bed...Good Night.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

"Please don't bother trying to find her. She's not there." The famous words to the classic recorded by The Zombies. Now that statement can be made for Terri Schiavo now that her autopsy is public. Plus Schiavo was NOT abused.,2933,159606,00.html

Oh how the media LOVES Kofi Annan and FOX News has to put the man on the hot seat, CBS pushes regulation for Amusment Park rides and ABC admits America bashing by North Korean translators. This and more in today's Cyberalert from the Media Research Center

Speaking of Amusment Parks ride being regulated, Neal Boortz talks about this and more in his Nuze Today.

You heard about the ever famous "Click it or Ticket" mission that law enforcement does. Walter Williams spoke about this when he subed for Rush Limbaugh last Friday. He shows why he has issues with seat belt laws regarding those that can funcation in society.

Should the Government be helping out men to get 'Hot to Trot???' John Stossel has a MUST READ!!!

Brent Bozell looks at FOX News regarding if it plays softball

Dems runing like chickens with their heads cut off. Ann Coulter talks about the type, over a certain place in Cuba. Don't what I am talking about???? Then you don't know Jack. G.D. I hate that Christian Aguilera. Great for 'those' guys however

Jonah Goldberg backs Coulter up

Burt Prelutsky has his thoughts on Deep Throat

Did the courts undermine the 10th Amedment??? Thomas Sowell talks about it(Just in Case I missed this).

Ronald Bailey looks at the great benfits of Government Run Health Care...NOT!!!

EJ Dionne JR. gets the honor of token lefty again as he talks about a McCain-Bush ticket in 08. Could that keep the Hildabest out of office??? One can Hope.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Man Al Franken, do you have to overstay your welcome? Love Talkers Magazine, but maybe you should have given the award to Ed Schultz

Michael Jackson aftermath, Racism, GOP sells out our troops, Dick Chenny strikes back, Senate is sorrying for lynching but the media makes sure that the Democrats were never guilty of it and THEY WERE!!! This and more from Neal Boortz

A new form of bigoty is keeping kids in failling schools. George Will talks about the carring Teachers via their bloddy Unions fighting aganist Schools Choice

CBS Runs with GOPers turning on the war, Could ObL be caught if we let Cilnton do his job, and more dirty laundry at that News orgranzation called CBS. Todays Cyberalert from the Media Research Center.

Speaking of CBS it shall be its own company once again. Viacom which was birthed out of a CBS spinoff in the 1970's and much later ate up CBS is spitting it out. Is that a good thing business wise???

It's The Best of Times and the Worst of Times. Jack Kemp presents a piece titled "A Tale of Two Tax Cuts."

Oh how the left wants to be loved by the America hatting world out their. This from David Limbaugh

Speaking of the world Greg Scoblete has some thoughts regarding John Bolton and YOU KNOW WHAT??!!!

Tonights Token Lefty is EJ Dionne Jr. Says the Democrats need to get over Kerry, Dean and focus on the problems that the party has.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The Full Story about MJJ verdict

Today's Cyberalerts from Media Research Center

Today's thoughts from Neal Boortz

Separating school and state. Eventually I want to see the government get out of education. Jeff Jacoby wants to see that happen sooner.

Thomas Sowell debunks this ideal of a 'Dead End Job' as he contuines his series on "Liberals and Class."

When Bilingual can become Double Speak. Debra Saunders shows us how

"Can you name a single honorable whistle-blower in all history whose target was a Democrat? " Jay Bryant asks that question in this piece, and shows that those who target any Dems are forced to go to the pig pen...sort of speak.

Diana West asks the question; "What's being desecrated here?"

Coming to Cally Govenment Health Care. How long will it take for the United States to adapt? Michael Ackely has his take.

Nat Hentoff puts Charlie Rangel to task for his lack of support of Casto's black prisoner. Just remember that Rangel supports Uncle Fidel.,hentoff,64873,6.html

Even if the EU never becomes a single nation, neverless it is in danger. Patrick J. Buchanan has the scoop.

The Spice Girls were nothing but a flash in a pan, but the term that made this pop vocal group famous lives on. Tonights token lefty Ellen Ratner, shows what girls can do for their country.

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The Fate of Michael Jackson

The verdict is in and Michael Joe Jackson is NOT GULITY on all counts.

Here are those counts for the record

2--Lewd Act
3--Lewd Act
4--Lewd Act
7--Alcohol to minor/molestation
8--Alcohol to minor
9--Alcohol to minor
10--Alcohol to minor

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

With our highest court handing down a desision regarding medical marijuana. Paul Jacob asks who is for limited government and see a light of hope with recently confirmed D.C. Circuit Court Judge Janice Rodgers Brown

Les Kinsolving points out the double standard when it comes to the way "Deep Throat' (Nixon) and Linda Tripp (Clinton) were treated.

The Old Gray Lady takes Chris Cox to task, and even if he does and or does not read Ayn Rand she was great advocate of the Free Market. George Will comes to Cox's aid and says the Gray Lady is wrong again.

It seems that this Florida 2000 thing will never go away regarding how Bush "stole" the election. Rich Tucker shows that the Dems demand recounts until their Man/Woman win then it's over. Case in point, the recent Governors race in Washington State.

I am not only one who thinks Dean is good for the Republicans and those who believe in what this country has stood far. Kathleen Parker share her thoughts

Dean said the Republicans are racist, but Peter Kirsanow turns the tables on Dean

Kyle Williams has his thoughts on Dean but also has some unkind words for the GOP as well.

Ted Byfield from the Great White North tells us about his country's attempt outlaw certain ways to displine children...Someone needs to tell their leaders to TAKE OFF!!!

Dietary supplements under attack again???? You bet says Henry Lamb

Cliff Kincaid says Bill Moyers makes a point regarding the Wall Street Journal having a program on PBS, but for Kincaid its about someone who sold out, while Moyers is trying to protect the lefty slant of the program service he left behind.

Token Leftys

I like Brent Bozell when it comes to his Media Research Center and tracking liberal bias in the mainstream news media, but his Parents Television Council was were I part company with him, and I bet ya Neal Boortz does too. Sadly it takes a lefty like Bill Berkowitz to stand up to the PTC.

Middle Class shrinks and super rich get richer. Paul Krugman throws a fit once again. I guess its better off to be poor and depended on the Government than being able to get wealthy.

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