Friday, April 14, 2006

Some Readings Tonight

Three Years and nobody came for here, and when they did she was nothing but BONES!!!

I am for Corporal Punishment but sentancing a bus driver to one year in jail just because he tried to CONTROL unrully children??? What can you do.

Why I am Happy Not to Be a Roman Catholic

You thought John Paul II was bad, well this Benedict XVI really want to take us back to the dark ages. You want to go with him, that is fine with me but I don't want to come and I don't you nor him to impose your religious beliefs on me. I am not talking about laws regarding criminals or parents having control over children etc etc. We have a secular government that may respect religious beliefs, but does NOT give any of them "State Autonomy."

In short I don't want a State Religion for the United States.

Be Ye Glad that Benedict XVI can only shoot off his mouth rather than advocate shooting people who don't play his game.

If you call this Catholic Bashing then so Be It. I will not respond to you if you choose to wine about this.

Related Story from Times

The Left still Lives in the 1960's and Bush Stands By Rummy

Neal Young is the next "artist" to write an Anti-Bush song.

The left will never get over the loses of Albert Gore, and John 'The Kerry.'

No Darth Fargo the LEFT thinks we are Stupid (and I am convinced he stole that from Laura Ingraham who said it first) and they do everything to win (including STEALING Elections!!!!).

Why does George W. Bush stand by Donald Rumsfeld??? It has nothing to do wil my full name but Here is the AP Story

Here is the statement regarding keep Rummy from the horse's mouth.

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'Madam President' Stuggles on New Night

One of things I tried to post yestersday was a story from Matt Drudge regarding ABC and their threat of canceling "Commander in Chief" if the numbers were not around a 15 share. Based on the overnight results it not going to be a 15 when the final results come out next week, in spite of beating a ER repeat on NBC.

The Hillary lovers however hope that art does not become reality meaning keep the hopes of making Hillary Rodham Clinton the first Woman President of the United States. Don't mind a Woman President. I do mind if she has a socialist bent, and Hillary beyond reasonable doubt is a socialist.

Overnight results report from

Tax Day is Comming!!!!

First of all I wanted to put some readings up yesterday but it failled to publish. Being on dial up is not easy and I was the one that 'crashed' (sort of speak) but I am OK. Plus once again I have to download a lot of stuff from Mircosoft and that takes lots of time on dial up.

Want to know were your TAX Money is going??? Read todays comments from Neal Boortz. Plus comments on Rummy, The UN, and Gas Prices

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Few Recommended Readings I Overlooked

For once Oprah Winfrey said something right She said that "Wealth is a Good Thing." Say want you want about her personal beliefs public policy and spritual but yes she earn her money and deserves every dollar and cent she was able to keep for herself. Hey Oprah if your lefty pals get on your case, get Neal Boortz to back you up, cause he will. So will Rush Limbaugh if you have the guts to have him on your show.

Bill Clinton said he was not able to do enough to help bridge the racial gap between blacks and whites Do you regeret your little sexual adventures now, or just full of hot air as always

Some Recommended Readings

Brent Bozell shows what kind of person Meredith Vieira is. From the sound of it she is worse than Perky Kate Cookie Cutter Koran Couric.

What is the 'winning message' that the Republicans should show to the voters this year??? Ben Shapiro calls the GOP to arms and shows in nutshell what the Democrats will do if they get the 'security blanket' of power back.

Tony Blankley backs up Shapiro with this piece.

Government School teachers gone wild...what else is new? Michelle Malkin introduces us to Steve White. An eighth-grade science teacher in Alabama.

One thing that certain 'scientists' love is Tax Money. YES, YOUR Money. John Stossel talks about this.

Walter Williams present his piece On the immgration issue, and says we should be allowed to control who does come in to our country.

Here is a good ideal. FIX Mexico!!!! Jonah Goldberg shows us the way

Here is my piece from a few weeks ago that backs up what Goldberg is saying.

Glad to see Uncle Ted on the Hot Seat with 'Civil Rights' activists.

Cindy 'Sunshine' Sheehan does not want us to nuke Iran. Fine Cindy Sunshine, tell them to give up THEIR NUKES!!!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Immigration Rallys

Glenn Beck had the right ideal about three countries becoming MEXmerica-Canada. A caller or one of Beck's Back Watches (Call Screener, Producer etc etc) had even a better ideal. MexiCanada, since socialists HATE America So So much and love a countries that embraces socialist ideals, and make no mistake Mexico and Canada still embrace socialism.

However my favorate talker and Beck's direct rival Neal Boortz (due to the fact he does his show live at the same time Beck does) had some great commentary in his Nealz Nuze about the immigration rallys, and in spite of missing a few episodes of this season's '24' he is still warning you about what the Illegal Immigration rallys are all about; and man our beloved nation is truly in danger. Never mind the living things that might be in the water's of Florida. The real alien "Invasion" is happening NOW, and its coming from south of the border.

Oh and guess who made apperances at some of the major ones. Major Democrats who want to stay in power.

Here is Neal's comments about the Invasion and then some...

No problem with Mexicans looking for work here in the States. JUST DO IT LEGALLY!!!!

If only more people could figure out that socialism is killing Mexico, Europe and then some. If the limo leftys of Mexico would accually let the free market do its job in Mexico then WE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!

OK now you enjoy the next round of 'American Karaoke.' Tonight we shall find out how the wanabee pop stars handle the songs of the Rock-Opera band 'Queen.' I shall check out the recap at thank you very much...maybe not but I do like Funniest Moments since NCIS is a repeat tonight. Dad might still watch that one.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

We might see Eight Seasons, 192 Episodes of '24'

Its lead star Kiefer Sutherland has signed a new deal with 20th Century Fox TV (producer of '24'), and part of that deal is seed money for Sutherland to start up his own producation company. He will be one of the highest paid actors on TV.

There will be a sixth season of '24' for sure, and so far season five of 24 is slightly outperforming its fourth season.

Story from

911 Operator Doesn't Believe Eight Year Old Boy and Mother Pays the Ultimate Price

Meanwhile the local head of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) says she shall slap this operator on the wrist but she will still have a job cause she is such a good operator. Parents be sure to teach your children about taking 911 seriously. May this never happen again.

Story from WDIV-TV 'Local 4' Detroit. This features some of the transcript of the call

Shorter version of the story via WDIV-TV Local 4

Some Recommended Readings

Jacques Chirac is going to replace Fire The Youth Law. The biggest winners will be old fogies who know they can get away with slacking on the job. The losers will be the young people trying to get work. Sorry kids but if want to keep a job you have to work hard at it, but not in France so it seems.

Hugo Chavez is off his rocker again. Thanks for nothing Jimmy Carter...but you love Commies and I understand that. Wish someone would put Jimmy in a padded cell.

From the 'Get Over It Department.' About 200+ Gay Famlies are expected to come for the White House Easter Egg Roll, even if Social Righies pitch a fit.

Two stories regarding The Kerry's interview on NBC's Meet The Press

Don't Strike Iran. Lets just Talk it Over...Yet another Reason why I am Glad this is man is not our President.

Does Kerry feel guilty of accepting money??? He says so but He is who he IS!!!

Ben Alflack aka Mr. Jennifer Gardner says Bush needs to be Hung aka The Noose.. Can't wait to see if the two can get any 'New' work soon. The final episodes of Miss Gardner's cult series "Alias" began next week.

Time for Cynthia McKinney to go home??? You Wish, I Wish, and so does Star Parker. Will that happen.....Nooooooooo!!!!

Brain Phillips recaps yesterdsay's 'Sunday Morning Idiot TV News Talk Shows.'

Token Lefty Piece by Ellen Ranter. Bush to go down as the GOP Jimmy Carter??? Not if W Bush starts enabling Commies like Jimmy Carter does

Sunday, April 09, 2006

'Godless' The New Book from Ann Coulter

If they keep the cover that Matt Drudge is showing on his website maybe the publishers should retitle the book; 'Ann Coutler; Conservative Goddess.'

Now if only she can quit smoking. Hey that's what I heard from Neal Boortz awhile and he kind of got punked by Coulter. Still Boortz links her pieces on his 'Nealz Nuze.'

Story at Drudge Report

The New President of the United States in the Fictional Utopia of The West (or Left ) Wing

I Shall Let THE Sunday Night Talk Show Host Tell All.