Saturday, March 25, 2006

Liberals Losing It Again

Walter Crankenhouse says not enough "Hard News." Yea you just can't brainwash the people to accept global socialism like you used too Uncle Walt????

A commentary by former Clinton Lakey and someone who just does not learn about the dangers of Socialism and the Joys of Freedom: I Give You Madeleine "HalfBright" Albright.

FOX Early Renewals Part 2

The freshman crime drama "Bones" will be back for a second season this fall.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Never Mind Bush, Its Jimmy Carter that Needs to be Censure

Since the unofficial Democrat Party PR machine (a.k.a the Old Establishment Media) will continue the praise the efforts of man who has never saw a Marxist/Socialist and/or Islamic Dictator that he has despised, and do all they can to destroy a man who is trying to fight terrorism a few freedom loving people have taken a stand and called for a Censuring of their own.

Radio talk show host Melanie Morgan from KSFO-AM (San Francisco) has called for the censuring of former President Jimmy Carter and for a good reason. Anyone who has followed Carter knows that this man has given aid, comfort, and above all SUPPORT to America's enemies. On top that Carter continues to undermine American's International Policy which puts American in greater danger.

This man did so many things that George McGoven only dreamed of doing. If you can't see the fact that many Democrats are in bed with Marxist/Socialist-Communist then nothing will.

Meanwhile Russ Finegold is doing things only someone with strong socialist tendencies would do. Try to get rid of man who defend us from enemies, and on top of that regulate the media and help 'Louise the Ripper' from New York get that rotten "Fairness Doctrine" so that no one will question the intentions of the caring and compassionate Democrats (which they are neither). I wish the whole Democrat Party got censured...but anyway.

Click here to read Melanie Morgan's piece regarding her Censure Jimmy Carter Campaign

Agree with Censuring Carter but don't want to read Morgan's piece??? Click here to go directly to the Censure Carter website via my Blog

Colorado Lawmakers going after the Fred Phelps Cult

This Cult called Westboro Baptist Church seems to keep going after our departed troops when their loved ones come to their funerals. Here in Colorado two state lawmakers have come up with bill that if passed and signed by Governor Bill Owens would create a buffer zone for jerks like the Westboro cult and give the grieving famlies and friends some breathing space between this cult members.

I will be honest with you. As much as I can't stand Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church clan, I do oppose this bill. As long as they don't block roadways or entrances to the funerals or make too much noise then fine the 1st Amendment applies. It is sad that it has to come to this. I wonder if this law would apply to Anti-War/Anti-American activists like Cindy 'Sunshine' Sheehan if like minded people like her take their antics too far? Best thing is not to give this Westboro cult any publicity as much as possible, and that is what they want. I do want to tip my hat to a group of Bikers (who served in our Armed Forces) that are stepping up to the plate and to the fallen soliders for shielding the friends and familes they have left behind when the Phelps family come to make their stink at their funerals

Whatever you do, don't and I repeat DON'T get physical with the Phelps family clan. Phelps was a lawyer and because of that he is very likely to use the law in his favor to suck you dry i.e. sue find a judge that will be in their favor and take you to Court.

You say "God Hates Fags," and all of us and our tears Rev. Phelps. Well I will not speak for God, but I can say this.

"The Blog according to Don" HATES YOU REV. PHELPS!!!! You are sick and a freak, and you need to just go away and rot. I am glad that Gunny Bob Newman ran you out on his radio talk show on KOA-AM in Denver. He was going to ask you a lot of "loaded questions" and you Phelps knew that you were going to get a beating from the Gunny.

God have mercy on the children your family has produced.

Story from 9News KUSA-TV Denver/AP

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Overnight Results from Last Night

I said either CBS or FOX would win, and FOX won overall. Don't have to tell tell you why but I will anyway. "Bones" helps but its the results show of American Karaoke is what puts FOX over the top. I only watch a few seconds of it but "Unan1mous" was around the same overnight numbers as ABC's "Lost" and also proved that this Real Game of Survivor along with its Sci-Fi/Fantasy elements is going to be around for awhile and a ratings getter unlike its sister show Alias.

CBS's Freshmen sitcoms are unable to get the numbers without "Two and Half Men" watching their back. "Out of Practice" and "Courting Alex" even got beat by ABC's George Lopez and Freddie. I wonder if CBS has second thoughts on renewing "How I Met Your Mother?" One has to ask what CBS sees in Mother. "Courting Alex" proved to be the better show of the two that moved. Could we have one more going around with "Still Standing" and/or "Yes Dear?" I say not likely but I would not count it out now if the numbers for Practice and Alex remain flat or trend down. "Still Standing" needs a 100+ episode package to make that show really sell in the syndication strip fold, and "Yes, Dear" has cleared that mark. Their is still some milk in the "Deal or No Deal" cow but NBC must make sure that the cow does not windup dry. One more Midweek airing next week and in two weeks a "Tim McGraw" special.

The midseason newcommers "The Evidence" and "Heist" neither came out strong, and NBC's old war horse "Law & Order" really took a hit when put alongside "American Karaoke," Lost, and even CBS's Freshmen Crime Drama "Criminal Minds." Well NBC you might want to put L&O back where it belongs and fast. (9/10). L&O still gives CSI: NY a run for the numbers.

Complete results via

Dems Support Amnesty, Easter Becomes Offensive, AP Gets Caught, and Fighting "Hate Speech"

By the way Hate Speech is anything that is "Right Wing" including those like myself that is Right of Center. Beware people these are not open minded AT ALL as they clam to be. They are truly showing their Communist/Socialist Colors

Now Click Here for some great comments as stated in the Headline by Talkmaster Neal Boortz

FOX May have kept their King, but NBC Dethones their 'Four'

As I said in a previous post FOX renewed "King of the Hill" for an 11th season, but NBC is not impressed with "Four Kings" which they got from the "Will & Grace" creators. What did I tell ya guys, just because a group of creators and writings gave you a hit show does not mean a darn thing. Repeats of "My Name is Earl" for the rest of the season from what I have heard.

Story from

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Bloggers on the Left and Right have in Common

According to a story in the Washington Times (the righty DC newspaper), bloggers in both camps do agree on the dangers imposed by the McCain-Feingold law. The bloggers may very well be stifled by goverment bureaucrats and their accomplices and sympathizers.

If the FCC is bad enough, we not have to deal with a Federal Election Commission or FEC for short to make sure we bloggers don't say anything bad about someone who wants to maintain a life long career in Congress and State Bodies as well. The only ones excempt from all of this mess is the mainline press who we know can't be trusted in maintaning the greatness of America while they continue to advocate and dream and long for a Socialist Paradise in this Nation.

At least the Lefty Bloggers see the dangers of the DC elite and their attempts to silence their critics. Hey, Ho, McCain-Feingold must Go. I hope lovers of Freedom and Liberty see want kind of Danger Russ Feingold can be with his "Get Bush" ideals. It is only the tip of the iceberg.

Click here for the Related story from the Washington Times

Some Recommended Readings Today

Goverment Schools loves to talk about accountability. Meaning as long as they are running the show. John Stossel continues to take on the establishment and educates YOU the reader on REAL accountaility. Want to take a guess on what that might be? MUST READ!!!

Matt Drudge says Gallup is dropping CNN is an outlet for their polls. I wonder why???

Don't cry over spilled milk CNN. You only have yourself's to blame

Who wears the pants in Clinton Family? We always knew, and now its offical. Hillary all the way, and this lady want to be the first Female President of the United States

John Podhoretz has his take on the Russ Finegold Censure flap

TV Shows To Watch to see if they can get the Numbers: Part 3

NOTE: I have just posted my predictions for tonight prime time TV race. You can read those after this posting.

In these posts I focus on new shows that make their debut midseason. Their is a BUT in this so before we got to the BUT lets go to the newcomers tonight.

Three shows debut tonight.

The Evidence ABC 9/10: I talked about this show in Part 2, and want to play the Police Detective game??? This crime drama lets you figure out the crime before the main characters do. You get the clues before the cops get the case, or so the story goes. Meanwhile "Invasion" takes a break but will wrap up the season in May. Can this get better numbers than Invasion??? It just might.

Click here for the story about The Evidence at


Heist NBC 9/10: This is that HOWEVER. This show goes into direct competition with The Evidence along with CSI: NY on CBS. The second CSI spinoff truly improved in its second season I just don't both of these shows making it. Heck none of them might make it. Heist is about a Professional Thief by the name of Mickey O'Neil and his band of career criminals. One of them a is a cop and Mickey is falling for HER.

Click here to visit the website to this program

Unanimous or should I say Unan1mous FOX 8:30/9:30: In this game show nine contestants with nothing in common must decide who gets the prize money. Their can only be one winner the decision must be as the title says "Unanimous." If that is not the case some dough is blown. The jackpot starts at $1.5 Million. By the way did I tell you these people are locked up in a bunker in the middle of nowhere? If FOX thinks American Karaoke will make this Game Show a hit, you might want think again...but we shall see. I am not watching this and I don't watch American Karaoke. I still am sticking with ABC's Lost and I rather watch someone win a Penny on "Deal or No Deal."

By the way DoND gets a Wednesday airing starting tonight.

Note to NBC: Drop the Friday airing when you get a chance. Overkill may kill The Deal (Remember "Millionare" when it was on ABC and hosted by Regis???), and I know you will get better numbers on Wendnesday now that American Karaoke is NOT in your line of fire, and Friday's numbers are not as good as Mondays.

Here is an exception to the rule of these "Watch" posts. It has to do with CBS.

Two CBS sitcoms that got some time between "Two and Half Men" and "CSI: Miami" now have only each other to lean on starting tonight. "Out of Practice" and "Courting Alex" now have to prove they can do better than "Still Standing" and "Yes, Dear" which are getting displaced in favor of these Freshmen sitcoms. Their are in the 7/8 hour.

Predictions on Who Wins The Prime Time Race Wed's

Hour 1: CBS will have a competitive hour with its Freshmen sitcoms "Out of Practice" and "Courting Alex," they might have a shot at taking first over NBC's "Deal or No Deal" which now gets a midweek airing in hopes that the numbers are better than Fridays (at least I think so). It gained viewers with "Two and Half Men" as a lead in and should be able to do well and maintain those same number on their own. First place is very likely. Say goodbye to "Still Standing" and "Yes, Dear." FOX gets a third place win with Bones.

Hour 2: This one will be tight but FOX wil win overall here because of the American Karaoke ensemble/results show. Meanwhile NBC also hope to nip at ABC and CBS heels with their old War Horse "Law & Order" (TOS). CBS has allready renewed "Criminal Minds" for a second season, and could ABC's "Lost" be squeezed out? Could L&O be wearing thin? This hour is truly one to watch.

Hour 3: CBS will win with CSI: NY. However its the new shows and ABC and NBC that will be contested(The Evidence & Heist respectfuly).

Winner Overall: Either CBS or FOX

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Other Side of the "Fire The French Kids" law

Nobody does showing the other side better than the High Priest of The Church of the Painful Truth, The Talkmaster himself Neal Boortz. So click these words so you can get angry at Neal and me for posting this link

ABC has some LONG Season Finales in May

If your a fan of Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Boston Legal, America's Funniest Home Videos, and the outgoing Alias... they are all going to have two hour finale. Get ready for some TV Viewing.

Is ABC going out a winner? Maybe not they are not laying down.

Click here for the story from

Prison Break not quite the comeback Numbers Wise

As expected CBS won last Monday night, with its lineup of sitcoms and CSI: Miami."Prison Break" might have taken second if their was no established sitcom in the hour but "King Of Queens" (an established sitcom) was in play and that helped CBS if anything. Two episodes of "How I Meet Your Mother" and the hour would likely be up for grabs. Overall NBC won that hour with DoND, and thought that maybe Prison Break would over taken the Howie Mandel hosted show. At least for Prison Break the numbers are better than the two sitcoms FOX tried in that 7/8 slot.

Indeed!!! Click here for the story "Prison Break' Survives Time in Solitary" from

Old Christine seems to be stable as the numbers remain flat from last weeks overnight results. The final results from last week should come out this afternoon. If this keeps up then you can say that Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been able to overcome her Senifeld curse. The elite media critics say she has, but the audience must and will have the final say.

Click here for the overnight results as reported by

Could Russ Feingold's Censure Attempt Hurt the Dems???

Mort Kondracke says Yes and tells the Dems to call Feingold 'Irresponsible.' Sorry Mort but I can't see the GOP and the Dems finding common ground. Maybe on growing Goverment allthough the Dems want to see it grow more than the Republicans.

Click here to read Mort's Piece

Cable Outlet TV Land says 'Grey's Anatomy' is a Future Classic

Unlike I expect TV Land to be on for years to come. After all there are some great TV memories being shown on that channel, and Viacom looks commited to taking us to TV Land. You also have to enjoy the TV Land crew watching some important show such as the series finale of "Friends." :-)

This thing called the "Future Classic" is part of the annual TV Land Awards which has been done for four years now. Last year Grey's lead in "Desperate Housewives" got the Future Classic honor.

Other shows that were awarded the "Future Classic" title include "Malcom in the Middle," "Arrested Development," and "Scrubs."

Notice that most of the shows are some kind of Comedy. Can't wait for TV Land to pick a 'Serious drama' as a Future Classic.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Three Years, One Day

That is how long the United States has been in Iraq. Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and still the left still wants us to cut and run.

Nobody likes war but when it comes to left they just seems to me that the left just does not the rest of the world to taste the greatness of the Freedom. They have always supported the dictators and socialist thugs that want to take over certain countries.

We are truly in a No Win position. The best thing to do is to continue to pay the price and stay in Iraq and do what needs to be done. If we leave now or before the mission is done things will not get better and the terrorists will only see America as a bunch of wimps.

No matter what evidence is given regarding the WMD's or elements to make them, the leftys still want to tell us that Saddam never ever had them. Wonder why the AlienMediaNationDriveByMediaLiberalSocialistMedia is having a hard time? You know what I think I should call the Old Media the Unofficial PR of the Democrat Party. Pure and simple.

That reminds me; Susan Sarandon is going to portray Cindy 'Sunshine' Sheehan in a upcomming movie about this so-called Peace Mom. Somehow the Democrat-Leftist media sees this Moonbat as the new Jane Fonda or something. If she goes to the other side and make a stink, then will truly be a New Jane Fonda...and a Traitor All The Way. Not only to our country but to her own son.

Oh well she has a place in the hearts of many in the Entertainment Business as we know allready. Will their ever be a movie in which is based on real life families and people who lost their children, husbands, and wifes in this war but continue to truly support the mission in Iraq and the War on Terror in general? Unless we can get more Freedom Loving people in that respected business I Doubt It. Cindy Sunshine is a loon and so is Hollywood.

Story from the San Fran Chronicle regarding this movie

Stay the course America. We Must win the war on Terror.

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Story from USA Today

Bush's Radio Address Transcript from Last Saturday regarding the Three Year Anniversary in Iraq

Neal Boortz on the Cindy Sunshine movie and the Three Year Anniversary, Plus the dangers of Islam

Way to Go Newsmax. Keep showing the people that ObL and Saddam slept in the same Bed if you know what I mean. The Enemy of my Enemy IS MY Friend. NEVER FORGET IT!!!!

Newsmax also points out Turbin Durbin's remarks on FOX News Sunday. Could not answer Chris Wallace's question directly

Dick Cheney puts Bob Schieffer in his place regarding Uncle Ted. By the way Uncle Ted will be on the Face The Nation next week. Expect kid glove treatment from Bobby S.

Will never watch the Evening Newscasts from from the National Players (CBSNBCABC), but man I try to catch all of the Broadcast Sunday Morning Idiot Talk Shows (CBS's Face The Nation, ABC's This Week, NBC's Meet The Press, and FOX News Sunday) . If you listen carefuly you can hear what your leaders REALLY Believe. Remember Kerry's recent visit to Face The Nation? Called OUR Troops "Terrorists." To that end I say your a disgrace to our Nation Kerry and I am glad your not OUR President.

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Hank Still "King", Simpsons to pass 400-Episode Mark

A.K.A FOX Early Renewals

Everyone thought that the days of Hank Hill being "King" would soon end. Well not this year, FOX has renwed "King of the Hill" for an 11th season. The new episodes however will not start until January 2007, which by that time the 2006 NFL season is just about over with. The numbers for King were up slightly this season. The show right now has around 6 million viewers.

No surprise regarding the The Simpsons being renewed for another two seasons and that will keep the antics of the Simpsons and their friends, neighbors, enemies, bosses, and everything that did not list but you get the ideal going on just a little bit longer. Oh I almost forgot; it also means Two More installments of their ever famous "Treehouse of Horror" that comes around the Halloween season but they have been on after the holiday due to NFL Football (the NFC teams) coverage that FOX does very well. As the headline states The Simpsons will go over the 400 episode mark but that will not officially happen until May 2007.

Story of the FOX early renewalsat

Prison Break Season 1.5 Starts Tonight and Other TV Thoughts

TV Guide says some great things about the Monday Night lineup on FOX with two action-dramas that are sure to perk the numbers up a bit. 24 is the other one by the way. Prison Break was really a break out hit this season for FOX and unlike the other recent hit dramas on the network such as 24, House, or Bones. Prison Break did not need any help from American Karaoke. It truly stood on its own two feet. At the last People Choice Awards show it won for Best New Drama, and that says alot.

I say this One Two Punch is going to be making FOX a force to be dealt with on Monday Nights. I think ABC might feel the blow more so than NBC, although I expect The Peacock to sweat too. Meanwhile at the Eye (CBS); "King of Queens" and "How I Met Your Mother" have been weaker links in the Monday lineup in spite of Mother getting renewed for a second season. Both shows hold up but they have taken a few hits. Strongest Links on CBS Monday nights is the sitcom "Two and Half Men" and the crime drama CSI: Miami. I don't expect Prison Break to overtake Queens and Mother, but it should over take Wife Swap on ABC and it might just overtake "Deal or No Deal" on NBC.

That might be one reason why NBC is trying a Wednesday Night airing of DoND now that FOX's American Karaoke is not in direct competition in the 7/8 hour (its in the 8/9 hour and we shall see how ABC's Lost can hold up against the Ensemble/Results show which is the first half of the 8/9 hour week after week). Fridays are fine for DoND but the numbers a tad smaller than they are on Mondays. Tuesday airings are out of the question (Hello??? American Karaoke contestants performing ya know??? CBS's NCIS does not help either).

As Jim "JR" Ross of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) likes to say; "Business is about to Pick Up."

Click here for story about Prison Break Season 1.5 (my term by the way) and beyond from