Saturday, October 01, 2005

Elian Gonzalez: Five Years Later

As you recall Elian Gonzalez was a Cuban refuge not nesscary by choice. His mother wanted to leave Fidel Castro's Socialist Paradise but died in the process. Elian however survived.

Their was family in Miami which included Elian's aunt Angela, but Elian's father who was loyal to Castro wanted Elian returned to his custody. With the help of Janet Reno who is not afraid to use milltary force for her own gain Elian was taken from the relatives, given over to his father (AND Castro) and was returned to Cuba.

Today Elian is 11 years, and has graduated from Cuba's brand of Elementary School. This week on CBS's 60 Minutes, there will be an interview with Elian. The interview was done by Bob Simon...whoever this riff-raff is. CBS News is best known of several activist journalists (Murrow, Cronkite, and Rather).

We already know what would happen to Elian. It should be no surprise to anyone when he says that Castro is his father and friend. It should also be no surprise that Elian believes that what his mother did was wrong regarding her rebellion toward the mother land of Cuba. Elian said that he always wanted to go back to Cuba.

I find that hard to believe. Most if not all of the children in Cuba are truly indoctrinated into the cult of Communism, and Castro himself makes sure of this. They are told if they prayed to Castro and I do mean PRAY; they are rewarded by these propagandists and did give them Ice Cream, candy or whatever. They really truly did this kind of brainwashing with the kids.

Don't be suprised if Elian was given physical beatings to cast out all the great things about America. We can't prove that but I degress.

Ramon Sanchez who is a Cuban-American led demonstrations in Miami supporting Elian stay in America. He said; "When you see a child talking the same way that the dictator has talked for 46 years, you know he has been indoctrinated." Father Castro must be very proud of his once prodigal son.

Angela still loves her nephew, but I am afraid that if the Communist Goverment of Cuba remains in place after Castro's death, Elian is very likely to become a threat to lovers of freedom. I have a feeling that he will be groomed to become part of the regime, and I do mean the inner circle or very close to it.

Story by Matt Drudge

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thoughts on Tom Delay, Bill Bennett and More

If its one thing about Tom Delay, the Democrats see him as a threat to their agenda. Now if your the Democrats you would do what you can to find some great dirt on this guy. That way you can bring this up to the American people to prove that he is a bad guy and needs to be taken out.

The mainline media which has poven beyond resonable doubt to be an unoffical extension of the Democratic Party sees this story that as truly "newsworthy." Doing what they can to help the Democrats regain power in our goverment they will hammer "The Hammer" until he is weaken or destroyed, and in the process create a week spot in the Republican Party so that finally the people will see the error in these ways and vote Democrat cause the Dems are all about "the working folk."

Even if the Dems score a victory on this, it may not give them the outcome they want.

Ronnie Earl who is the Plaintive in this case regarding Tom Delay, has proven to be a hack for the Democrats. Awhile back Earl made an attempt to take out Kay Bailey Hutcheson before she ran for the U.S. Senate, and even after she won Earl wanted to stick it to her or so the story goes. His indictments did not hold water, Earl lost this battle, and Hutcheson gets to serve our country as a U.S. Senator.

One little thing the boys and girls at CBS News don't want to know about Earl is that their main guy (or used to be) Dan Rather along with his daughter Robin made constant appearences at fund raisers for the Texas Democrats. Its also known that Robin Rather is an advocate for the Dems in the Lone Star state and also has been reported that she is very close to Earl. On top of that Robin funded Earl's reelection campaigns.

Bryon York of National Review also reports that Earl has this knack to trying to stick it to certain corporations. However the corporations bow down to Earl and settle out of court. These corporations promise to give a certain amount of money to projects and groups that Earl is supportive of. One of those groups is the Deliberative Democracy which is based on the campus of Stanford University. Corporations raised concerns about how Deliberative Democracy spends its money to promote an anti-corporate agenda while giving trial lawyers and Labor Unions a pass acting like those two can't do no wrong.

If Tom Delay is truly guily then he should be removed and rightfuly so. If any member of congress regardless of party is truly guilty of a crime then they need to go too. Sadly these days the Democrats have committed so many crimes aganist the American people but because the Democrats and their loyalists control so much, the crimes are sweeped under the rug and its business as usual. Unless they can trick the American People someway somehow, they will continue to lose support. They are going to have to do more than try to get a photograph of Delay hand cuffed...MUCH MORE!!!

One more thing; Austin, Texas not only the state captial but is also the liberal Mecca of Texas.

Now Bill Bennett made a statement that has made liberals go crazy. Using statics and a bestselling book titled "Freakonomics" Bennett said; "I do know that it’s true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." Now according to those statics it is the black male who is the perpetrator in many crimes today.

Bennett by all means is anti-abortion, and would not advocate that black women abort their children if they happen to be male. If anyone was advocating abortion it was the author of Freakonomics and not Bennett. The Democrat thought police has been working overtime to force Bennett to appolgize for his remarks. Bennett would do better in clarifying in what he said, but other than that he does not need appolgize to anyone nor does he need The Red Nosed Senator to teach him about being sensitivity.

If anyone need to clean house its the race hustlers who for years have been telling the black men (and then some) that they are victims and that the white race is keeping them down. John Conyers a race hustler in Congress has called but Bennett to be suspended from his talk show. Conyers is very dangerous however as this profile shows at

Speaking of race hustlers, Jim Kouri has a piece on Charlie Rangel and how he defended a young drug pusher. For the record he came from a family that was financially well off, and the detective who arrested this man was one of the first African-American detectives in New York City. Keep the above two links in mind when you hear Rangel and Conyers snuggle up to Darth Fargo and the rest of the media leftys.


Another Reminder for YOU to Support Air America Radio

Liberals only believe in Free Speech as long as they are the only ones to say it. That is the main reason why I want AAR to stay alive so they leave us righys alone more/less. Besides their is place for Progressive Talk in the world.

A statement from AAR's CEO Danny Goldberg. He says they are doing fine and chews the right for their fund raising.

Neal Boortz reminds you of what CAN HAPPEN if AAR dies. I don't think its that bleak but neverless.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Americanized Office still has a chance,1002,271977781,00.html

This is the above link to the story. If it Does Not work go here

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: "Head Cases" ratings in case you want to know

First airing Wednesday Sept. 14: 6.2 Viewers and Ranked at 48

Second airing Wed Sept. 21: 3.1 Viewers and Ranked at 101


Please Support Air America Radio

Only because the left wants to be heard no matter what, and its death would only drive the left insane and would be driven to bring back "fairness" even more.

Neal Boortz says it best.

Click here to AAR's donation site. Should be secure.

P.S. The death of AAR would not be the end of Progressive/Socialist Talk.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: Geena Davis can play the President of the United States...So Far

I only say that because its just the first show, and I just don't cork the bottle just yet. However the family version of the Amazing Race on CBS seems to be losing intrest, and that may not help "Close to Home" which premieres next week. Boston Legal benefited from "Commander in Chief." Chief got a 10.9 share while Legal got 8.5 behind NBC's Law & Order: SVU. This are just the overnight numbers the final numbers will be out next week.

Meanwhile FOX's "House" tends to be a good show for the numbers for the network, and My Name is Earl has a chance of being a keeper for NBC. The americanzed Office is soon to be shut down. The Office was orignally a Britcom and as with Fawlty Towers the writers (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) of that show knew when to quit and they did.

If the Amazing Race is truly losing intrest than I would suggest that CBS give the show Numb3rs a trial run on Tuesdays inbetween NCIS and Closer To Home. Numb3rs has proved it call hold an audience on Fridays, and a night of Crime Dramas would not be such a bad thing to stay in the ratings game.

I lied about not saying anything until shows got the shaft.

Careful who you Shun and Snub..They may turn on you

Well I am going to talk about why I am longer calling myself a Christian. Now that does not mean I have turned on God nesscary or even Jesus Christ who have might have overcame death...or not.

Listeners were warned by one Christian Talk Show Host that Christian's have been known to leave their own people behind. Well one day that Christians stuck it to him big time, but he did land on his feet. To this day I continue to support this person.

Click here to visit the offical website of Steel on Steel with John Loeffler

I for one know how the Christian Church and organized Religion in general hurts people. In recent years I have delt with a political zealot, a so-called friend who has become so "busy" with his family that he chucks others like paper cups, and Christian Women in general who just find me different which makes them nervous. In other words they avoid me like the plague. You know my so-called friend's loving wife talks about the "church" being a "family" of sorts. Yea right. I am just the Black Sheep. When they say they miss you, they don't really. They move on with their lives and familes as they should.

It seems that "God" takes pleasure in making certain people unhappy. You could say that this is just a test, so that you look forward to the afterlife. One question; what if their is NO afterlife? What if happiness is what you make here on earth, even that comes in small doses?

All of this just drove me to the libertarian philosophy, and its been even easier for me to defend what the founders of this country really wanted. To me it does not matter that they have been Christians, Deists, Freethinkers or whatever. Unlike many Freethinkers today, our founders understood how a Goverment can be overpowering in our daily lives.

Back then they had to deal with the Monarchy of England, and man King George just wanted to extend his power. Today the Monarchy is gone but thanks to Karl Marx a repacked system called socialism came on the scene. Too many Freethinkers or at least the outspoken ones embrace this system that claims to help the working people but really oppress them.

Even since I stopped attending church, I have had more peace of mind than I had when I was attending church.

Let this be a lesson to you Republicans, cause one Republican became a Democrat because you shuned him. He wrote a book about how Kansas is crazy just because they are NOT voting for the Dems. Kimberly Shankman talks about Thomas Frank and his recent book regarding this.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who was behind Cindy Sheehan's recent protest

You know the one in which she got cuffed and smiling to the police officer's station.

The is answer is International A.N.S.W.E.R, a communist front group with ties to the Workers World Party.

Discoverthenetwork's profile on International A.N.S.W.E.R.

Neal Boortz also has his thoughts about what Cindy has done. To read it Click Here

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: Commander In Chief premieres tonight and thoughts on "Hating Chris"

Geena Davis is not the first woman to play President of the United States on TV. That honor goes to Patty Duke in a short lived sitcom "Hail to the Chief."

A woman have also been portrayed as the head leader in the revived Battlestar Galactica series as well.

I still have my doubts about this show, but right now they are trying to play to both sides of the political coin. We shall find out which way this character goes. I say she will be left of center, since that is were must of the entertainment business is.

Related story from FOX News

Louis Wittig has a negative of Commander In Chief. Hey the media elites (TV Guide, Time, Rolling Stone etc) loves the show like crazy just because their mostly on the left, so any counterreview is great to have.

The prediction I made regarding UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris" is that it would be a hit for the UPN netlet. I did not expect that show to beat out NBC and FOX which it did for its first airing. Every other show on UPN that night went back to usual numbers. Now we can say that "Joey" is just not the same without his "Friends." This week can Chris Rock hold up the numbers once again.

The fifth season of Alias begins this week on ABC and up until American Idol's "Ensemble" number and elimination program that was done on Wenesday nights it got the biggest numbers that it did on Sundays. I can promise you that Survivor will beat the program, but can it pull the numbers to convince ABC to kept it on the "island" with or without Jennifer Gardner?

Reruns of Alias can now be seen on weekends, but you need to check your listings to find out when its on. It is likely on a station that is NOT affliate with ABC as with many off network programs. You can now catch up about the early years and this thing called SD-6.

Also premiering on ABC on Thursday nights is the new Night Stalker. I said that Kolchak would hear the words your fired. That prediction is up in the air, but we shall find out how good or bad this remake is. Also the Donald is hurting a bit after the first show which had lower ratings than in the past. Joey for sure will be "fired," but will The Donald be joining him in the TV graveyard?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Peace Mom crosses the line and gets Cuffed

Finally this woman falls on her face.

Story from AP

Guess who also protested this weekend in DC?

None other than Darth Fargo. His socialist lefty pals will surely love him now.

See for yourself

The protesters may be able to make a living but they are still enabling our enemies. I agree with Darth Fargo's stable mate The Talkmaster when he says "Islamic Terrorists Got a Boost This Weekend".

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Funny Girl is at it again

The world does not need "People" like her. Well I don't!!!!

Even if she did 'shut up and sing,' it is far too late.

Just remeber to do what she says and not what she does.

Thanks to Matt Drudge on how and cold and heartless this "Funny Girl" can be

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It never stops, so I have to remind people of the rules again.

1. You can let me know about your blog and how you love (or hate) my blog, but please comment on the topic that I have presented in my post. If your just buttering me up trying to sell me something or just want me to visit your blog which I may or may not care for, your comments are likely to be removed and I am the only one who does "The Blog according to Don.”

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4. Should I get any death threats, I may come to your blog and flag it. Make no mistake I will do what I can to make sure you are punished.

Now on to todays thoughts by yours truly.

Belafonte, Rangel, and Lady MacBeth spead their brand of love to the Congressional Black Caucus

In case you have not heard Rush Limbuagh's radio show on Friday, during the second hour of the program he played clips of the two Democrats and one hack who spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus.

Calypso singer Harry Belafonte piched a fit over U.S. "foreign policy" and says that he says their is"oppression everywhere" in the places our policy is inacted. If that is true then maybe we should stop sending OUR hard earned money to these places, and let the European Union make the rules for these oppressed nations. Let's find out if they can do a better job. I really mean what I just said. If these nations are ungrateful towards the United States, then we should make a statement by telling these nations that we are not giving our money anymore. We as a people work really hard for it, and to see go to waste is a terrible thing.

Hillary Clinton aka Lady MacBeth backed Belafonte up saying that we have to be concered with "public morality" as much as "private morality." This thing called public morality should send chills up your spine, and I have a very good ideal at what Hillary is talking about.

Charles Rangel; sadly one of the few race hustlers in the congress, has called Bush a racist with no regrets. It seems that Hip-Hop star Kayne West made it easy for the race hustlers to place the race card with a mean streak once again. Rangel went even further by saying Bush is today's 'Bull' Connor.

Theophilus Eugene Connor, was a hard line segregationist that was not afraid to say what was on him mind regarding the issue of segreation. Connor in a attempt to end growing demonstrations in the city of Birmingham, Alabama; resorted to using police dogs and fire hoses. His passion and his use of dogs and fire hoses would earn Connor his unfamous middle name 'Bull.'

Bush is a wimp compared to Bull Connor, and by no means a racist. Oh never mind Condi Rice is an Oero Cookie...right? Has anyone forgotten the past of Robert Byrd, who was part of the Klu Klux Klan? You know those jerks that yell "White Power." Byrd's sins are forgiven not because he became a Christian (as HE claims) but because he is a Democrat working hard for the "working folk of America." Join the Democrats and all your sins are forgiven. I get a scary feeling that the Democrats are becoming a Organized Religion...GOD FORBID!!! Then we really would need Church/State seperation.

Lest we forget that the Democrats at one time SUPPORTED segeration and slavery? You know what? They still do but a different way. They tell the black community that the whites are keeping them down and that they will never make it life. This allows the White Leftys, and the Quota Blacks to demand that the Goverment subsidized these "oppressed citzens." Does it help them get out of poverty? More often than not NO!!!!

Rather than a hand out, why don't well tell them to get a better outlook and work hard and better themselves. We all need to displine ourselves for a change.

Newsmax: Hillary Clinton Praises Belafonte's Anti-US Rant

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