Saturday, August 20, 2005

When the Left has to Intimidate the...You Know they might be in trouble

Last night Sean Rima was filling in for one of the KOA (Denver) Radio regulars, and the topic was Cindy Sheehan and Freedom of Speech.

One thing that the left says is that the right is doing all they can smear this poor woman's loss, and the fact she was a caring mother who loved her son Casey, and all she wants to do is talk with President Bush (and likely she is going to ask him to pull out of Iraq). What I think the left is trying to do, is intimidate us into silence. They want us to say nothing about Sheehan, and let only their noise machine tell us what we need to know about Cindy Sheehan, her 'Camp Casey', and how bad this war with Iraq is. They hate the fact that unlike during the Vietnam War they now have to compeate with a very vocal group of decenters.

Their is good news out of Iraq, but you will not get from the old standbys in the media.

Back then you had few outlets and that included a man who used his wit, and his grandfatherly approach to mislead many Americans into believing that Vietnam was a lost cause. That man was none other than Walter Cronkite. In spite of Watergate, Nixon proved to be a fighter and would not back down from a fight, but Cronkite and company hated it, and had the Watergate fall out happened sooner this country would have likely voted in pacifist George McGovern. Neverless Cronkite was able to call Nixon's bluff(thanks to the Deep Throat), and the latter had to step down.

Meanwhile Democrats got elected in the House and Senate and they were able to end the war. Afterwards North Vietnam and the Vietcong were able to overtake the South and to this day Vietnam has remained a Communist Paradise, and lets not forget people that their was never a communist or global socialist that the left never ever hated.

Today the media is trying so hard to pull it off again, only this time we are in Iraq. They think they found their girl to accomplish this goal. That girl being Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan is the left's last great hope to crush Bush once and for all, and to give the Democrats a majorty in our government once again. Only this time they have lost their beloved monopoly on the media which they had more/less in the 1960's.

We are not smearing this woman for her loss at all, and nor do we want her to be censored no matter how misguided Sheehan is. We are pointing out the facts about who is backing her up and some of the actions Sheehan did prior to her Camp Casey setup in Crawford, Texas.

You wonder why the left wants to impose a 'Fairness Doctrine' on the media once again? It has nothing to do with fairness, it really has to do the left's goal to control people.

Body, Mind, and Soul...PERIOD!!!!

P.S. Let me remind you that after many years of retirement, Cronkite advocated a end to the United States and call for in its place and everywere else, a World Government under the United Nations. World Government so that you know, was the means to an end for the Communists.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sheehan Leaves Camp Cindy

For the record Michael Savage speaks on Cindy. Defends her right to speak which she does have under our 1st Amdendment, but like many others on the right does not agree with her. Let me say to anyone who takes issues with me or anyone else regarding this woman.

As long as she is not breaking any laws, she can speak out along with like minded people and rally on public ground. That does not mean that we can't question her regarding the outcome she wants. She has her 1st Amendement right, but does not give her or anyone else a pass NOT to be questioned. Anyone who does not agree with Cindy and would do what they can to set her up on war crimes should be put in their places. This woman not gone to Iraq to hang out with the enemy. Until she does that, then she can do what she wants WITHIN REASON!!!

However her trip to Crawford, Texas has to end for the time being. She must come to the aid of her mother who just had stroke.

Also Cindy in the future, you might want to zip up your potty mouth. Look we all have one, but Drudge has caught a serveral bad words on a colllege campus, at a anti-war rally, saying that Bush must be impeached and then some.

Gas Pieces SKY HIGH but don't blame the mean ole Bushies...just yet

Well the gas keeps going up and up, and it seems that is going to be way things are, but before you blame Bush, Delay, etc etc etc, and believe me I don't give cover to the GOP when they need to get a spanking, but at the same time I need to point some things out to ya.

Supply & Demand: Our free market system is based on those two basic words. If you have a lot of supply and enough of it to meet the demand then prices will be reasonable. When their is a lack of supply but more demand for that supply, then you have to raise prices.

Breaking Records: Not quite, in spite of what the media says. However those people never studied business in school or so it seems. Why is it that artists, writers, musicans and journalists are liberal, and those who go into the business side are...well can we use the word RIGHTYS??!! That's Another post however.

Their is something called "Inflation" and if you put on the 'Inflation Glasses' you will see that with the current pricing scale the cost of gas back in 1981 was around $3.00. So how do we solve this...Oh Yes, we need to elect Democrats, but here is a reality check. If you elect Dems, then get ready for prices around seven to three dollars. Just ask the Euro's about this. The feds here would love to tax the gas, but that is OK cause the Democrats are for the 'little people.' No they are just about one thing...CONTROLING PEOPLE in the same of serving the people.

Read this bit from Neal Boortz

Environmentalist Wackos: Rush Limbaugh warned about these people, but did we REALLY listen? Nope. For so many years, we had to go to other countires especially those in the Middle East, and meanwhile we can't drill our own oil, and nor can we build new refinery's. Also the attemps to save certain artifacts are also causing headaches for the oil business. NBC's Andrea Mitchell got it right when it comes to the gas prices ..."It's not because the world has too little oil, but production is stretched thin." Thank You Miss Mitchell; you understand for a change, unlike Katie Cookie-Cutter.

While Envior's support things like "renewable energy" (which I have no problem supporting), we just can't make the change overnight. Things like this take time, and until we can perfect these sources we are stuck with good old fashioned oil. What is with you guys? You want renewable energy but you want to stick to the oil companies who may invest in this, and they will when they can make it work. Yea I think your true feelings are showing, and I don't like it. Stick it to the oil companies, and you stick to America. Well I am right about this you leftys?

It is time to realize that renfinery's are very good things, and don't complain when one wants to come to your town. Want lower prices, let the companies do what need to be done to make them lower, cause if you make them work harder the costs rise and that gets passed on to the customers.

Well I hope this makes you feel better, but if not maybe you see what the real problems and it is being caused by these utopians.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The 'Rightees' are ripping Cindy Sheehan to shreds????

The anti-war left is doing all they can to keep this woman alive, and in the top stories on the national news broadcasts.

Ed Schultz can't stand to see this woman do it alone and this is what makes him decide to come down and cuddle Cindy Sheehan. Don't worry Stacy Taylor (another lefty talker) will come after Darth Fargo leaves.

We "rightees" as you like to call us Darth Fargo are attacking Sheehan NOT BECAUSE of her loss. We totalty understand that part, and that she wishes that her son Casey is still alive. However we are NOT going into our so called 'playbook' to find out how to discredit Sheehan. All you need you do is some research, and find out who is backing her up.

First of all the Mainline Media, but that is only the surface. has a great profile on Cindy Sheehan and who she really is. Nobody knows the Modern Left like DavidHorowitz, and has done a great service with his 'discoverthenetwork' project.

As you will see Sheehan has ties to many socialist and Anti-American groups. She is also hob-knobing with those who call themselves Communists. I don't use the word Communist lightly, but the the facts are right their for anyone who wants to see them. You can start with the above links I just gave. No playbook; just take them through your 'personal filiter' as Mike Rosen from KOA-AM in Denver tells his audience. Jerry Doyle still sticks to his opinion that Bush should have taken five minutes to meet with Sheehan. He says that maybe the media freak show would have ended. Sometimes I wonder if Doyle was right. Maybe Cal Thomas was right too, about Bush meeting with Cindy and making it public.

Meanwhile the story 9/11 affair regarding Jamie Gorelick (Pronouced Gore-Relic) wall between the FBI and CIA, and Able Danger's warning regarding the 9/11 attacks is in danger of being buried away, and letting Mohammed Atta and company go just because of certain "cards" they held in their wallets. Michael Savage has not talked about Cindy Sheehan (to my ears at least) on his show allthough their is a link to a story on his website.

Leftys want to keep Sheehan alfloat. OK Rightys lets bite back in showing how Clinton's pals allowed 9/11 to happen.

A commentary from Jack Kelly

A commentary from Jacob Goodwin

Linda Chavez held back on any comments on Cindy, but now that is over.

To Darth Fargo: Hope you enjoy yourself at Camp CINDY...I Really mean that. One more thing , Fargo. I hear your not good friends with Randi Rhodes, but you might want to tell her not to send this kind of nasty E-Mail to Gunny Bob Newman

"You are a sick man. Do you kiss your President with that mouth?"

Don't believe me? Click here to go to Gunny Bob's E-Mail page.

Nobody loves war, but these so-called 'Anti-War' people have done everything to help out with the cause of Socialism and enable certain Communist Revolutions all over the world.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Progressive Radio Talkers come to Camp Casey

I do think that Cindy should name it after HERSELF rather than her son. This woman is not impressing me one bit. Its hard to lose someone in war, but now its getting to be too much and its overkill, but hey the media loves her so the overkill will go on.

But anyway Cindy Sheehan's husband is decided that being married to her is not worth it anymore.

The good news is that the left is still with her in her protest in front of Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX and now several progressive radio talkers are going to hang out with Cindy. Darth Fargo will be taking his national program to Crawford and will do the show tomorrow and Thursday. Another lefty talker, Stacy Taylor who does a local program in San Diego will be in Crawford Friday to spead the love to Cindy.

Cindy Sheehan is the Michael Newdow of the moment. Rather than using someone's offspring to make us religion free, Sheehan is using her son's memory to try to make Iraq another Vietnam. Bottom line, the goal is to make Bush look bad regarding Iraq, and the left thinks they have found their person to accomplish this goal. Time will tell if they can score a touchtown.

Cal Thomas says that Bush should meet with Cindy but...NOT ALONE!!! Click Here to find out the rest

Monday, August 15, 2005

There Was a Counterprotest against Cindy Sheehan...AND for the RIGHT REASONS!!!

Nationaly syndicated radio talk show host Mike Gallagher was the the one who took a leap of faith and went down to Crawford, Texas to conduct a counterprotest against Cindy Sheehan which was peaceful and at the same time respected the Sheehan side of the fence.

Now I don't know if my call to action via my blog, someone else, or somewere in Gallagher's mind told him to go down there made this counterprotest happen. All I can say is good work.

Thank You, Mike Gallagher and those who were able to join him on this mission, and allthough you could be around as long as Cindy is. At least the message got out someway and somehow.

Gallagher did his part but hey not a bad ideal if someone can do again.

Thoughts on the Counterprotest from Mike Gallagher himself.

Gallagher has gotten some E-Mail for this but its not favorable. Click here to read them.

Nobody Loves War, but we need to remember why our troops are fighting for.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fidel Castro: Dictator For Life

Recently Fidel Castro turned 79 of age, and man he is like an ox. He just keeps on going and going and...wait a minute maybe he is like that Pink Bunny selling a certain battery, and ripping off a one shot commercial featuring a plain old pink elephant toy.

No surprise to me that Castro does not want to retire. The man is going to finish what he more/less started. No to mechion he really enjoys his power trip. Neverless he needs to prepare to keep his legacy alive, after all he can't live forever allthough he wishes for that.

Well he had some good things come his way including a court victory and someone that thinks like him running Venezuela.

One thing to keep in mind regarding our beloved leftys here in America and everywhere else. Their has NEVER BEEN a Communist, a Marxist that they ever hated, and believe me when I tell you that the left in general are members of the Fidel Castro Fan Club in good standing.

Castro Turns 79, Celebrating Spy Victory

Discoverthenetwork.Org Profile on Cindy Sheehen

According to them she was always lefty.

If you don't think that Cindy Sheehen is tied to Michael Moore...You Better Think Again!!!

Well this Cindy Sheehen is truly a heaven sent for the left in general, and only we rightys got nothing to prove.

A few quotes from Darth Fargo:

The Right has spent the last 24 hours hammering a mother who lost her son.This is what they are saying:

1. Her family doesn’t agree with her

2. She has changed her story

3. She is tied to Michael Moore

4. She is being used by anti war groups

5. She is capitalizing on the death of her son

This is right out of the Rightie playbook. If you can’t destroy the story, destroy the story teller.

No Mr. Schultz their is no playbook only the FACTS. I shall point one the one regarding Michael Moore in this post. On Friday's The O'Reilly Factor subtitute host John Gibson pointed out that Sheehen HERSELF posted or someone else did a message at Michael Moore's website.

Read the transcript for yourself

As of this posting Michael Moore himself is using Camp Crawford to his advantage via His Website. Come and see if he is still doing so. Yes statement from Cindy we I blogged this post.

Now lets go back to Darth Fargo's piece on Cindy, with a few comments in between

The right wing talkers will do there best to drown this story in the tub. Don’t let them!

She is drowing herself, we are just punching a few holes. Overlooks the blogs, and Lars Larson got down on a bit for leaving them out. Well I will try not do that in the future.

Cindy Sheehan has become one of the most important stories of this entire war. She gave the ultimate gift a mother could give to her country. Don’t let the Rightie sound machine talk her down. Don’t let them turn her into a page 6 story.

That's right, we are just the righite sound machine.

Talk to your friends, call radios shows, E-mail the media, your Congressman, your Senator, and write your paper.

I know many of you want to stand arm and arm with Cindy and you just can’t afford to do it. What you can do is keep the pressure on, keep Cindy’s story alive, it’s the least we can do.

What Cindy Sheehen is REALLY doing along with many others on the left doing is making Iraq another Vietnam. These people have nothing better to do than blame America, just for being a beacon of Freedom and Liberty. Euros and everyone else just don't want to adapt to our kind of government, but they want us to be more like them.

Complete piece from Ed "Darth Fargo" Schultz