Saturday, November 26, 2005

Today's Holiday Lyric Line

Hark, now hear the angels sing, a king was born today
And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.
Mary's boy child Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day.

"Mary's Boy Child"-Best known versions by Harry Belafonte and Boney M. The later of which is a Euro Pop Group. The formor is a Calypso singer.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Today's Holiday Lyric Line

Beginning Today I will highlight a lyric line for some of world greatest Holiday Songs. Many you know very well, some you might not, and I may have a new song that have the change to join the many songs we know and love. Think of this as my version of an All Holiday Music radio format, but with other issues that need to be delt with

I shall began with a Holiday Song that was born in the 1990's

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas Is you...

Mariah Carey sung this one and now is standard in its own right. Sorry about that one Tommy M.

Then again you have Jessica and Nick.

Now I Shall Talk About The November Sweeps 2005

Say Goodbye to Threshold???

I said I would talk about the sweeps if "Threshold" got the shaft. Not quite their but CBS did pull the show off the air but expect it to vanish.

Its too that bad cause out of the three shows dealing with alien threats, I felt that Threshold stood out among the three as did many critics. It was well written and well acted. I never really got into NBC's Surface (my father did however) and I am losing intrest in ABC's Invasion. Those two got a full season pickup, and I expect both to not go beyond a Freshman year. Sci-Fi has always been a hard sell on broadcast TV.

Close To Home better fit with Numb3rs

"Close To Home" had a hard time on Tuesday nights. Law & Order: SVU and Boston Legal proved too much for the show so it was moved to Friday's sandwiched inbetween Ghost Whisper and Numb3rs. While Treshold could not keep the Whisper audience, Home has proven to be a complement to Numb3rs both to the show and in the ratings Numb3rs :). Here is why?

In Home Annabeth Chase (Jennifer Finnigan) is a Prosecution Lawyer who recently became a new mom, and being that also plays into her profession. In Numb3rs we see the relationship of two brothers Don and Charile Eppes (played respectfuly by Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz) in their professional and everyday family lifes. Father Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch) is also their to lend his support to his sons.

Bottom Line: Home and Numb3rs are both Crime Dramas in which we see the home lifes of the main characters. Fridays nights are NOT dead yet and CBS proves it.

At least it will get a good send off

After five years the Spy-Fi cult fav Alias will come to an end, but will finish off its current season. Alias was never a show to get the numbers like a Desperate Housewives or a Grey's Anatomy but it did have a loyal and "young" following that convinced ABC to run with the show. Now that the cast and crew would given a midseason notice the show will get a closer that this series truly deserves. Make it Good!!! JJ Abrams still has Lost which truly took off.

CBS King of the Hill

CBS really now has bragging rights.

Number 1 show on Monday: CSI: Miami

Number 1 show on Tuesday: NCIS

Number 1 New show on Wednesday: "Criminal Minds"

Number 1 show on Thursdays AND Overall: CSI

Number 1 show on Friday: Numb3rs

Number 1 Comedy: Two and a Half Men

Number 1 Newsmagazine: 60 Minutes

Number 1 Reality Show: Survivor (at least when American Karaoke (Idol) on FOX is not on)

As long as you have many plus you can say your the most watched network. The Tiffany Network got back its crown and is doing well in the 21st Century. Could not say that ten years ago. 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago you could say CBS was the most watched network too. One thing that CBS could do is add a few more series to Sunday nights. That might give them a run for the money with ABC which right now wins the Sunday Night fights. Most of time ABC and NBC overtake CBS during the times CBS has somekind of movie on. It would still be a challange since NBC pulls in decent numbers for Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. Prediction CBS will hold on the TV Movies for a few more years on Sunday nights until they know they can overtake NBC and maybe ABC on that respected night.

Now that Threshold is gone, one can only hope that Still Standing and Yes Dear will end after this season. At least me. Sadly Yes Dear went beyond a point in which it can be stripped for syndcation and Still Standing will gain the honor next year. Please CBS don't add more to the respected "cans." Oh well its least they will not go and on like a Friends, a Senfeld or a Raymond since all three are in the Syndcation top ten, and have proven to be keepers for quite sometime.

Barack Obama stands by KKK Byrd

Yes my dear friends that is a true statement, but it should be no surprise to anyone who knows how the Democratic Party works and operates.

Obama unlike many Black Democrat operatives, is not the bitter and angry person that many of them are but he is still a Democrat and Obama tows the line of the agenda that the Democrats have. That also includes NOT bitting the hands of those who can make an impact and/or have been loyal to cause of the DNC.

In a fund raising letter Obama says:

"In 2006, Senator Byrd will be the target of Republicans because he stands up for what he believes. Will you join me in supporting Senator Byrd's campaign for re-election?"

As I have said before Robert Byrd is first and foremost a Democrat. As long as he is such his friends and supporters will forgive the man for his past deeds. It has nothing with him seeing the errors of ways via an "act of God." Its all about the Democrat Party and their goal of gaining power in our goverment, and Obama is not going to denounce the formor Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Should Byrd switch to the Republican Party the next day then Obama might say something about Byrd being a Klansman.

Byrd in any case has been in the Senate for way too long. Its time for him to retire.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Quick Read

Their are those who want to stifle us when it comes to poltical speech. Their goal to keep holding on to the securty blanket as much as they can and stick to the rest of us. Nevermind it belongs to the "people" and the people deserve "fairness."

Yea but who decides what is fair?

You have to keep the fight up people. Otherwise you will not be as "thankful" in the long run.

This link is a MUST READ!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay tuned to my blog

I will hold off on my comments regarding the sweeps. Its just as I feared. One show and I do like it will not cross the "Threshold." I will hold off on comments until December..or if CBS pulls it this week. If not for sure after the next.

Too Bad. Sometimes the people don't know a good show when they see it. Then again Jennifer Finnigan (Close To Home) may not have to look for a new show for awhile, and its a better fit with "Numb3rs." I shall explain when I do my sweeps post.

This Just In: ABC will end the 5 year Spy-Fi Drama Alias in May. This is what I have hoped for. A good send off for that show which it truly deserves. Its a crying shame when shows end unresolved...The ones I like at least.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Christian Right takes on Target

Last year Target banned the Salvation Army from ringing around their store and now it appears that appears that you can't say "Merry Christmas" in the stores either.

Now Christian Right kook Donald Wildmon via his American Family Assocation is calling on Christians to boycot Target Stores in hopes that they will learn the errors of their "politically correct" ways.

Look I am not one of those people who supports polticial correctness in order to make world such a happy and nice place while the powerlords suck the life out of the rest of us. Freedom of Speech is offence and so is life. However Target is a private company and as such they make the rules and right now they want to encompass the entire hollday season. You Christians keep forgetting about that Holiday with "eight crazy nights." By the way Chanukah starts late this year on December 25 Christmas Day. Also those who have no belief or Neo-Pagan would celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Now I would take issue with Kwanza because its a phoney holliday and its founder had ties to the Black Panthers and also embraces Marxism but I shall save that for another blog. In the meantime you can read about Ron Karenga who created this holiday.

I wish Wildboy Wildom the best in convincing Target to embrace Christmas once again. However not every boycot worked with this group. Maybe this one will.

This blog however will respect anyone who believes in the foundation of this country and limited goverment. Those people may encompass those of the Christian faith but their may be Jewish and of other faiths. To that end I say

Happy Holidays and Keep up the Fight to prevent collective from assimilating us into their "utopia."

Monday, November 21, 2005

CPB Probe: Just Bring It

The radio webtrade site reports that 18 Republican lawmakers asked Ken Konz who is the Inspector General for the Corporation for Public Broadcast to look into the activities of PBS, NPR and its affilates regarding the way they spent money especially when they were trying to save their own skins...or at least try to keep getting OUR money (i.e. taxes)

I wish people would see public broadcasting and and master minds that run the operation for what they are. Gung-Ho Leftys who use "education" as an ends to justify their semi-state networks and broadcast outlets.

These guardians are very hypocritical. While certain leftys in high places demand that the American Forces Network clear Darth Fargo's (Ed Schultz) radio talk program. They block, stonewall, anymeans to have shows with a righty viewpoint on public tv and radio.

AFN, PBS, and NPR all get moneys from the Goverment but when it comes to the left they must be heard no matter what, and when they are heard do you think that the leftys would allow anything but their point of view come out? FAT CHANCE!!!!

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