Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Readings

Lawrence Kudlow presents The Big-Bang Story of us Private Business, and how the tax "Rate" cuts are a benefit to our economy.

Robert Novak has his take on Rudy Giuliani for President.

Don't blame the Goverment but rather the voters who put people in office that intend to still certain Freedoms. Henry Lamb explains why.

Superman and the Culture War. Billy O makes some good points regarding the "secular-progressives" as he likes to to call them.

Bob Mulholland, senior advisor to Democratic nominee Phil Angelides Compares Schwarzenegger To Kim Jong-Il.... Do you guys ever look in the mirror lately??? Never mind your truly think your serving the "The People." You are not fooling me.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Being Popular or Being Right????

That is a question to ponder when it comes to the War in Iraq. When your a Republican President and going on Larry King's ever famous talk program, you know you will be challanged.

Transcript of the Interview King did with President and First Lady Bush

Friday Readings

Media Covers for Biden, North Korea targeted a U.S. State, London Bombings. Comments on the above and more today from Neal Boortz. Next Week he takes a Vacation...Maybe he shall post some thing throughout the week.

David Limbaugh talks about Hillary and her problem with the "Democrats."

Is that Court saying that the President Bush must work under "Peace Time" Rules??? Charles Krauthammer looks into this.

Could the Rudy Giuliani be the Front Runner in the 2008 Race for the White House. Mark Davis says don't count him out.

Daniel Henninger talks about a PR Counteroffensive that our Milltary needs badley.

Convict Correct but never say your sorry.

Mike Rosen looks at the and how the Socialists use that to achive their goals of thier Utopia.

Melanie Morgan looks into Leftist Leadership and how that Endangers our Country, especially when the left cheers for our Sworn Enemies.

I Can't Drive 55. How true that is and not just Sammy Hagar. Wall Street Journal has a Good Read.

Rich Galen Looks at the History of Appeasment include the Current events in North Korea.

Joe Lieberman defends his stance regarding the Iraq War.

Lynn Swann: Welfare Recipients Must Work. Will the Uncle Tom chants work this time. The Black Community is still in the pocket of the Dems. They just keep telling them their "victims" of the Whites.

CU's Nutty Professor aka the Phoney Indian is not giving up just yet.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Late Thursday Readings

Jeff Jacoby has some things to say about our dictator by the name of Bush. Funny how these Lefty support REAL dictators like Castro and Chavez. Never mind they really CARE about "The People." God only knows what goes on in the mind of a lefty.

Mona Charen talks about the recent election in Mexico and how Mexico lean to the right might benfit us north. One can hope that this might curb the Mexican Invasion a bit.

What is worse. Our economy or how its being reported in the media??? They say the economy is bad you know. I think we know the answer as Larry Elder explains. If we elected John Kerry this would have not been happening. Remember the media is the unoffical PR arm of the Democrats.

What is so important about getting taxes from prostitutes??? Herman Cain wonders about this as well when it comes to thinking in the U.S. Senate.

Thursday Readings

Jeffrey Mazzella points out the double standards Russ Finegold has when it comes to Free Speech. Finegold wants you to be able to burn the American Flag (and so do I as long its your own, and I would still call you a scum bag) but when it comes to political speech well that is another story.

Ann Coulter first went after the Gray Lady. This week she goes after the New York Post Click here for the Top Secret Interview that the Post did with Coulter.

Someone has to defend Resturant Owners that don't want to embrace Language Diversity. Plesssse. That "someone" by the way is World Net Daily's Joseph Farah

Does the Gray Lady does what it does for the Public Intrest??? Brent Bozell looks into the PRIVATE Intrests of the Mainline Press.

Michelle "Dragon Lady" Malkin has another name for the Gray Lady. 'The Newspaper of Wreckage' as they make excuse to prove they still need your hard earned money.

For years the Black Community have been voting Democrat in spite of the poor results. Thomas Sowell says that the Republicans don't do a good job in their message that could benfit the Black Community.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Boortz has linked a commentary from John Lott regarding the UN Gun Grabbing Conference. MUST READ!!! Cause the ;'Drive By Media' (as Rush Limbaugh like to call them) is NOT GOING TO SHOW YOU THIS!!!!

Boortz also has crafted a 50 Question Citzenship Quiz that ALL OF US should take.

The Premier of Alberta, Canada Ralph Klein slams Al Gore interview on oil sands. "I don't know what he proposes the world run on, maybe hot air." Now that was the Best Line to AlGore. Remember Gore is using the enviormental movement to move us towards Socialism.

From FOX News: Iraq How-to Manual Directed Arab Military Operatives In Afghanistan

U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney's foes come out in force. One can hope they can oust her AGAIN!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz...Plus it includes the 4th of July Quiz I posted Yesterday so that you know he is speaking and not me.

John Stossel takes on Al Gore's convenient lies

Who is to blame for the lack of Educated Black/African Americans??? Walter Williams presents this MUST READ about this issue.
Racial discrimination???? Only if you believe the lies of the left.

Because the Gray Lady says so. Yep they think their Gods. Jonah Goldberg talks about how low they go to Social Engineer this country. As with Goldberg I do believe in a Free Press but these dogs who run these news group need to be on a Choke Chain.

Want to know how to by a Semi Automatic Handgun??? Mike S. Adams tells us How!!!

Two articles regarding a story that the "Boy Crisis" is a Myth, and its nothing more but to favor the Girls and the left's attempt to make Men more like them, but stilling giving them the big screw.

John Leo

Kathleen Parker

Star Parker makes some very good points as she takes on "Progressive Christian" in her piece this week.

Remember that Progressive = Socialism

A Token Lefty Piece from Alec Baldwin as he shares one of his...never mind I shall let him say it.
Thomas Sowell wonders if there is any such thing as patriotism anymore.

Thomas Sowell also has a piece about Teddy Rosevelt and his Quest aganist the Free Market. Hey that is why Time Magazine likes him.

Hollywood leftists are going to conduct a "rolling fast". Oh well at least Cindy Sunshine is making friends with Susan Surandon and Danny Glover and thensome.

Meanwhile see what Castro's Mini-Me is up two.

Chavez Hosts Anti-Free Trade Summit

Hugo Chavez's 'Oil Diplomacy' Criticized

NEA to Challenge 'No Child Left Behind'. Hey Tests sucks but if we are going to have Government Schools then lets make sure that are Taxes are not waisted...Yea Right.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July Readings

Be sure to read my next post on why I am NOT celebrating this Holiday. I share a piece by Neal Boortz who celebrates on his own way.

David Limbaugh says he need ONE MORE Apointee on our Highest Court that is NOT a member of the "International Brotherhood."

Pat Buchanan makes so very good points in his 4th of July Piece.

Cal Thomas compares New Jersey Governor John "I promise not to raise your taxes" Corzine to Tony Soprano. Bill Clinton would be Proud.

Michael Medved points how today's lefty are betraying our Heritage. Something that even Socialists of the past Did not do.

Why I am Not Celebrating the 4th of July

Cause for two reasons:

One: I am working tonight.

Second (and this is more important) : Most people do not really understand what Independence really means, and you know what??? I am handing over the next lines in this blog to the Talkmaster Neal Boortz. It can be found at


Last Friday I took a call on the air from someone who was very upset with me because, in his words, "You don't celebrate the 4th of July." Well ... perhaps it's time to set the record straight here.

The fact is that I most certainly DO celebrate the 4th of July. I revere this holiday. I know of no other symbol of freedom and independence that stands out stronger than this day.

The 4th celebrates not only freedom, but independence from an oppressive government. For seven long years following July 4, 1776, an unbelievably courageous and determined minority of colonists fought to achieve our independence from England. That's right ... a minority. At no time during our Revolutionary War did the majority of colonists support the cause of independence. If CNN, ABC, The New York Times, and other agencies had been around to do their polling back then we would undoubtedly have been faced with a barrage of weekly poll results showing a lack of public support for the war. Loyalists would be demanding an exit strategy. Newspapers would be editorializing for negotiations and troop withdrawals. There would be feature stories on the news every night about families left behind to take care of the family farms while husbands and brothers were off fighting this unwinnable war.

Thank God we didn't have television during the Revolutionary War. It certainly wouldn't have ended the way it did in 1883.

But ... back to this independence thing. July 4th is known as Independence Day. Independence from what? Independence from the government of Great Britain, that's what.

Now, in 2006, Americans are far more dependent on and oppressed by the Imperial Federal Government of the United States than they ever were by Great Britain. The level of taxation is higher, and the level of government interference in our daily life exceeds anything the colonists ever saw. In spite of all this, Americans will be waving flags, watching parades, going on picnics, and gawking at fireworks today, all in celebration of their love of freedom.

Love of freedom, my left big toe. This isn't a celebration of freedom, this is a celebration of hypocrites.

So .. you love freedom, do you? You're out there waving your flag and watching fireworks with the rest of the freedom lovers? Do you mind very much taking the time off to handle a little quiz? Just go through the following scenarios and answer a few questions:


Planning for your retirement.

1. I want my employer to provide me with a pension plan.
2. I want the government to take something out of every one of my paychecks and then pay it back to me in monthly payments after I reach retirement age.
3. I'm perfectly willing to save some money toward my retirement years out of each and every paycheck and I want my employer and the government to butt out. If I fail to finance my retirement years adequately I'll have nobody to blame but myself.

Desecrating the American Flag

1. I believe the Bill of Rights was written by men to tell government what it can and cannot do. Even though I strongly disapprove of anyone desecrating our Flag, I realize the First Amendment was written to protect unpopular expressions, not ones that everyone is going to agree with.
2. I believe that our Flag is the symbol of our country, and anyone who desecrates it ought to be punished harshly. To that end I approve of a new Constitutional amendment, the first one since prohibition that would tell us what we can and cannot do, instead of the government.

Medical Care

1. My employer should provide me with a health insurance plan covering me and my immediate family.
2. The government should provide taxpayer funded health care for everyone.
3. I should be responsible for providing my own health care and health insurance in a competitive medical marketplace unhindered by government mandates and regulations.

Having No Health Insurance

1. If I have no health insurance the government should provide me emergency health care paid for by the taxpayers.
2. If I have no health insurance and the taxpayers are compelled to pay for any of my health care the taxpayers should be reimbursed through the seizure and sale of all of my assets. I have no claim on the property of others for the purpose of paying for my medical needs.

Choosing a doctor

1. I'm perfectly willing to rely on private accreditation organizations to tell me who is properly trained in the delivery of medical services. After conferring with those accreditation organizations, like the American Medical Association, I want to be free to chose any person I want for any medical purpose I see fit.
2. I want the government to tell me who I can seek medical services from.

Wages and Employment

1. I realize that in the free enterprise marketplace I have something to sell just as to all other individuals and businesses do. My product is my physical and intellectual labor. I should be left absolutely free to negotiate a price for my physical and intellectual labor with any prospective employer free of government interference. The only role for the government in my relationship with my employer would be to provide a means to enforce contracts between us.
2. I want the government to set a minimum wage below which I would not be free to work. I also want the government to set my working hours, how I am to be paid for overtime, family leave options and my vacation periods,

I recognize that the most important task I shall have as a human being will be to nurture and raise my child. With that in mind:

1. I want the government to seize my money through taxes and to use those taxes to set up a system of government schools to which I shall be compelled to send my child. I will be free, if I wish, to send my child to a private school, but the government will not let me have any of my money back to pay for it.
2. I want the government to back out of the picture and allow me to accept the responsibility for the education of my child free of government interference and mandates.

Knowing that the more despotic a government becomes the more that government tries to control the dissemination of information. I also know that most American rely on the broadcast media for their news. Therefore:

1. I want the government to continue to license the operation of all radio and television stations and to regulate their conduct so that they don't broadcast against the common interest.
2. I want the broadcast media in this country to have the full First Amendment rights granted to the printed media.

I am a devoutly religious person and my religious feelings include strongly felt opinions on what other people should and should not do in their private lives.

1. I want the government to regulate the sexual conduct between consenting adults so that said conduct will be in keeping with my personal sense of what is right and what is wrong.
2. I may be disgusted by what some people do to and with each other in the privacy of their own homes, but I do not wish for the government to prevent those perverts from doing whatever perverted things they like to do to each other.

Even though I drink alcohol and smoke nicotine:

1. I want the government to make sure that nobody uses any substance that I find personally offensive. Marijuana, for instance.
2. I do not believe that the government should be involved in what people do, and that includes what people smoke, in privacy of their own homes. I just don't want to have to pay for it when they screw themselves up good.

You need some legal advice.

1. You want the government to tell you who you can go to for legal advice. If you go to someone for legal advice who is not approved by the government, and that person charges you to prepare a will or to draw up a lawsuit for you, you want the government to punish that person with a heavy fine, or perhaps some jail time, even though you freely entered into an agreement with him for that advice and legal help.
2. You are willing to use your own common sense in choosing someone to represent you before a court, either someone who is recommended by a private accreditation agency such as the American Bar Association, or someone who is otherwise known to you to be informed and capable as to legal affairs, and you are willing to abide by the choice you made.

You're going to have a child. You understand that having a child will be physically, emotionally and financially challenging. So .....

1. You want the government to used money seized from taxpayers to pay for child care for your child.
2. You want the government to force your employer to give you 12 weeks off from the job in order to care for your new child, and you want your job to be waiting for you when you return.
3. You know that you had the child, not the taxpayers and not your employer, and you are willing to bear the responsibility for raising that child without the government imposing any cost, burden or duty on anyone else on your behalf.

You want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet.

1. You're willing to take full responsibility for your decision, including the possibility that you might die if you crack your head open and you don't have enough money to pay for the medical care you'll need and there's no private charity willing to step up and cover your costs because they consider your injuries to be essentially self-inflicted.
2. You want to be free to ride without a helmet, but if you do happen to sustain a horrible injury you want the government to force the taxpayers to be responsible for your health care.

I could make expand those questions to 10 pages or more, but the point is made. I doubt many of you actually chose the response that eliminated government interference and left you to be free to make your choices and suffer the consequences. If you did, congratulations. If not ... have fun waving your flag today.

I love you anyway.

The Following Lines Belong to Don

Never mind my dad think Walter Cronkite was and still a good American Journalist (in reality he is a Global Socialist and ADMITS IT!!!), and thinks that we need to pay for HIS and everyone elses Social Security thanks to FDR who pulled off his Grand Illusion of how Goverment can help the people...Just make sure you keep FDR in the oval office. He is the reason why we have term limits today, and the Democrats Hate it so much. My Dad and many others will be like the Sheeple and wave their flags...well for Daddyo he will likely watch PBS's "Captiol Fourth" once again. The other networks have their specials too.

Thank Goodness I Am Shoving Carts Around Tonight.

And I can use once again.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Readings

Watch this one down in Mexico. It is in Deadlock and I am hoping that Marxist Revoution stops their.

We need fewer secrets so that Socialists and Terrorists can Win. That is what Jimmy Carter is really saying. Call this my Token Lefty Piece.

Man why can't Salem just let be itself until the new website begins. Its like they think the world is standing still because its a four day weekend. I am NOT celebrating America's Birthday so that you know.

Why???? Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Readings

Well is now part of Salem Communications. I hope they find a place for Neal Boortz their in spite of their own Michael Gallagher, and their love affair of sorts with Laura Ingraham...meaning they have cleared her show on their own stations. Still I press on and July 4th I can use them again....I Hope.

Never Fear I always find something good to read.

A Right to a Jjihad??? That is what Mark Steyn thinks about the Court's rulling last Thursday.

George Will thinks the Judges should not "split the differences."

Ann Coulter would not mind seeing the NYT getting Bombed. You know what...I would not mind either, They ruined so many American Lifes and ate all of our Steak and or Veggies for those who don't eat meat. They would help the Daleks and Cybermen from Doctor Who if they could. Oh yet BBC is not so great either.

V.P. Cheney Rips N.Y. Times for Publishing Leaks. Cheney is right...The Gray Lady is a Threat to National Security, but please do more than speak. Bring them up on charges and throw some of these overgrown hippies in Jail. Better yet FLOG THEM!!!! Lash them for every person that has died in a terrorist attack.

ObL is shooting his mouth off again...Be VERY AFRAID!!!