Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Readings

Smart move for this Socialist Talk station in replacing Al Frankensten with Broadcaster Thom Hartman. I am sure their will be a place for Al with the next Democratic Party White House resident. By the way this station is owned by Clear Channel and their have a counterpart station which is the home to Michael Savage.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Mike Rosen has his post election comments and says the Dems will be treading water by not forfilling the Hard Left's dreams which if they could put the Dems in the Minority again.

On this date the SS Edmund Fitzgerald would sink

...and a year later This song that was imspired by that event would be released and became a hit for Folk Pop singer Gordon Lightfoot.

Wal-Mart, Macys, and Kohls will say "Merry Christmas instead of "Happy Holiday." I like a mixture of both personally and the British have done that for years. "Happy Christmas!!!"

Plus this Blog will go the way of those three department stores too...No I am not a retailer but it will call a spade a spade. You shall find out by the end of November and what I am planing to do.

One thing David Limbaugh is concerned about this upcomming Democratic Congress is that they will take us back to a pre Septemeber 11, 2001 mindset. I am afraid that is very likely to happen. After all the Islamo-Facists are happy with this outcome.

Charles Krauthammer calls the elections a minor earthquake.

Got YA Faith!!! Your nothing but a PreMadonna who is bitter to losing to an Americna Karaoke winner (Carrie Underwood). However winning that show does not mean you will do well in the real world of recording. You still have to prove yourself.

The Demomcrats are calling in the man who made the Democratic Party the pacists they are today. George McGoven. By June we need to out of Iraq. Let the attacks on America Resume???!!! Maybe that what it takes for people to understand that second to Government; War is a "Necessary Evil."

Brent Bozell has his comments regarding the 1994 and 2006 elections cycles and media's usual tag of rightys and mainstreaming leftys.

Rusty Shackleford credits Jon Stewart for getting the Democratic Majorty in Congress. Stewart is the anchor of the faux news program on Comedy Central "The Daily Show" and is very popular among College Students i.e. YOUTHful Idiots.

"The left can only take power through deception."
Whitaker Chambers

Time will tell if the Dems do cave in to the Socialist Dreams of the Moveon/Daily Kos types.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Readings

Democrat and Bush Supporter Ed Koch predicts that Bush WILL be Impeached.

Possible Minority leaders of the GOP. One from the Reagan School.

Neal Boortz tells us who the big winners are in the election of the Democratic Party and other thoughts.

Just because the Country elected the Dems does not mean they have accepted their Progressive/Socialist agenda. George Will points out three areas in which conservatism/limited government prevailed. Still the former will be forwarded.

Robert Novak points out three reasons why the Republicans lost.

Once again the norm of the siting Prez Party has been forefilled. Ann Coulter tells the Dems not to get THAT exicted.

Herman Cain talks about the Failures of Compassionate Conservatism, and why that is the reasons Republicans lost control.

Liberal Bias at its best. Talk Radio hosts licking the wounds. Even if they are we shall fight in spite of Louise The Ripper's attempts to gag them and Me (my Blog). Too Bad our Founders did not envision a day when electronics would also become an elements of the Media. The Government Took ownership of that.

Joseph Farah talks about how clean this election was. The Dems won and no screams of Vote Fraud. So make sure you keep voting Democratic for the rest of America's Days.

Jane Chastain defends the ideal of a two party system.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Election Aftermath

I wanted to calm down and hear some thoughts for key talkers. I was out and could not hear Darth Fargo's take on whole thing allthough I would say he was happy with a Democratic Victory.

Did the Republicans get what was comming to them...YES big time and thanks to those who sat out and or wanted to punish the party they now have to go on defense. The GOP sadly moved away from the princples of Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich in what got the GOP elected to the majority in the first place.

Yes the Iraq War is a factor but NOT the only one. Illegal Immgration, Compromising with the Dems on certain things which fattned our Government rather than cut the fat. I know that in Government "compromise" is the thing but did the Dems Compromise on keeping the tax rate cuts while rasing the minum wage...NO!!! Now they can raise the wage and raise taxes on EVERY WORKING STIFF. You Mr. and Miss. Working Stiff YOU ARE RICH!!!

Meanwhile the slackers and those who don't work will very lkely be catered by the Dems in order to get votes and make sure they have yet another victim group to keep them in power.

As for the Iraq War I can promise you the left is very likely are going to have a Vietnam Redux. We will very likely to cut and run and that will make Islamo-Facists very happy. We might just spit on our milltary like we did when they came home from Vietnam.

The question is unlike the Vietcong who took over the country and its sourounding nations, will the terrorists live and let live in America. I am afraid that the answer will be no. I can tell that one of my closeest friends hope that major cites come under attack by these people in maybe the Dems will grow somekind of spine like FDR did and fight back. FDR began the Democrats journey towards Marxism but at least would do the right thing in defending this country from those who would domnate and distory if given a chance. One can hope for more FDR and less McGoven in this factor. I am not holding my breath however.

Another concern is the upcoming attack on the new media. You can count on Congresswoman Louise The Ripper out of New York to try once again to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. If our founders knew about an electronic media down the road it would have given the same 1st Amendment Protections as the Newspaper and other print media. However it was the 1930's the Dems were in control and in the name of Scarcity the media would come under the control of the FCC and say that the airwaves belong the public. The reality is the airwaves are owned by the Government and people like Louise think they should be able to control them in their favor. Control the media and hopfuly the people who dumb enough to keep certain people in power and then some. It will not stop with Talk Radio and it will move on to attacks on Cable especially on that dreaded FOX News and Blogs like this one which deal with public policy.

The Dems know that old media is on their side, and because they will be granted an expection. Watch the Dems when it comes to their double standards.

This is not a time to give up fight if you still believe in freedom and liberty and limited government and less taxes. The fight NEVER ENDS and as the old saying goes.

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.

We in the new media will fight...YOU DO THE SAME!!!!

P.S. If you were one of those who vote for the Dems in Protest, Sat out, or voted third party...SHAME!!!

Now I hope you learned your listen about that one...Its the Dems or the GOP. Their are very few fluks allthough they are their.

Wednesday Readings

Neal Boortz says the Republicans get a well earned derseved kicked in gut following the loss of the house. Trouble is that the Dems will do what they can to make Progress towards a Socialist Utopia and Boortz knows it.

This race is Key. It could tilt the Majority rule in the Senate.

Bush disappointed at Republicans' losses.

A guide to the New Democratic House Chairmen.

Fred Barnes tells what the Republicans COULD HAVE done in order to keep power.

Michael Medved has some hard lessons for the Republicans to learn after last night.

Walter Williams has something a little different from the rest...a book about econmics that is simple to read.

Carrie Lukas talks about soon to be House Speaker and wonders if Pelosi is a another victiry for women. Any lefty/socialist woman that accomplishs something big is indeed a victory...and the Media will go wild about it. However you will soon learn that this lady has a Socialist bent and will hurt many women and children and their familes...MUST READ!!!

Pelosi is a member of the Progressive Caucus as this profile on her from points out. Progressive = Socialism

Joseph Farah calls Pelosi a Caviar Commie. This was written BEFORE the Election but still a MUST READ!!! Their are things you better be prepared for cause the Hard Left is running the Democratic Party and if not careful the NEW Soviet Union could be errected HERE!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Final Thoughts Before You Vote

OK I do need to say this to those who have not yet voted.

It is very important for you to get out today and vote Republican across the board especially in the House and Senate. The Democrats will be active in voting the other way.

Granted the Republican party has not done some smart things but the progress they have made will be stopped big time should Dems get BOTH Houses in DC.

It will be back to old 'Class Envy' stick and that will be used to raise taxes on everybody and not just the rich. The reality is the Dems will raise taxes on those who 'produce' and give that to someone who DOES NOT produce in hope that they have buy votes from those people and keep them dependent on the Government Nanny State for the rest of their natual lifes.

The Dems will also do what they can to restrict freedom of speech and not just with some fairness doctine but it will likley start their. After all when Rush Limbaugh came on the scene he pointed out so many of lies and deceats the Democrats and their allies in the Old Media have gotten away over the years. The 'Chain Smoker' (Morrow) came to the defense of those who were accused of being Commies (and their were), Walter Crankenhouse helped Vietcong win (and helped his Global Goverence friends) by conving the American people that Vietnam was a lost cause but we truly did have the upper hand and the Vietcong admited that. Yet they still try to pull the same tricks by using Ted Haggard's Gay Affair, and falseflying Geroge W. Bush Air National Guard records ala Dan Blather. No wonder the Democrats want to regulate us out of the Electronic Media.

The Dems will also do what they can restrict on many other things icluding your right to bare arms. After all they don't want to be murdered should their utopia deam is reality. That would be living in their Ivory Towers looking down on the 'dumb' pesents. The Kerry's, The Kennedy's will still have their Big Houses and lots of money to burn. Make no mistake their was a rich class in the Former Soviet Union and they were will pampared.

They also want to regulate Free Enterprise and Free Market. After all they want an America that is known for its 'caring nanny state government.' Not some evil corporate that might be employing more people than the government itself.

The list goes and on: The bottom line is that the Democratic Party has become more and more Socialistic. Understand the code words these people use especially when they talk about 'The People." Socialists love to talk about the 'people' and use it collectivlly. They have NO RESPECT for the individual, cause if they did they would have to abandon their Socialists plan they currently have in store for us.

Election Day Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Final predictions

Robert Novak: Dems gain 19 House seats and 2 Senate Seats

Larry Saba: Dems take both House and Senate (Help us if they do)

Dick Morris: Dems take the House, GOP keep Senate

Moving On:

When is a 'Third Party' supporting Democrats??? When that Party understands they are best way to forward the Communist Agenda, and our Communist Party is supporting Dems. Their are people out their that are not afraid to call the Democrats communists. Also many Dems are not afraid to show their SOCIALIST Colors.

From Newsmax: Dick Morris: Allen Surging, GOP Has 'Good Week'

When a lefty does not like the agenda of one of their own. This piece from Michael Kingsley. He does however belive that America must return to the ideal of 'fairness.' Hey life is UNfair.

Mike Adams is going Missouri State University. Wish you the best!!!

One thing the Democrats have that Republicans don't have...UNITY!!!! Their collectivist thinking does give them certain advantages. Thomas Sowell talks about the Dems Unity in his piece; 'The New Voter Fraud.'

David Limbaugh warns that Dems WILL pull out of Iraq and Challange America's will to preserve should they win today's Elections...MUST READ!!!

Joel Mowbray talks about the soon to be Congressmen Keith Ellison who is someone who pratices the Muslim Faith and has or had ties to not only the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) but to the Nation of Islam. The former CAIR was founded by two self-identified supporters of Islamic terrorism. I don't quite understand the left's love affair with Islam.

When it comes to the Lawyer count the Democrats have 7,000 while the Republicans have a mesley 1,000. Both parties will use these lawyers to try to tip the scales in their respected favors.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Readings

Comments from Neal Boortz about The Election, Voters who can't Cope, Ted Haggard and Media's love afair with this fallen man, Saddam etc.

Vanity Fair did an article in which it said that supposedly Bush's strongest supporters...the neoconservatives, or so-called "neocons" had turned on the president. The only problem, some of the subjects of the article say they were deceived by Vanity Fair. The wording of this last one came from Neal and not me.

Gas Prices going down still...Still think Bush is behind this???

The Washington Times has a five part series on how the Democrats will run our Goverment.

Thomas Sowell talks about the Media and their support of Democrats and their causes in Part Four of his Cast of Characters series.

If the Democrats do win Tuesday Donald Lambro says 'Good Luck.' The first thing they will do is let the Tax Rate cuts lapse and raise them for Infinity...Got to Buy those votes so YOU will become Dependent on the Nanny State.

EU President says Saddam should not Hang. They don't believe in putting KILLERS to Death and the hate America. Hey the EU and NOT the Alpha Dog...put the Dems in powers and that might just happen. This EU is nothing but a Mega Socialist State.

If your a righty you have to Watch What You Say. If your a lefty you can say whatever you want. Nathan Tabor talks about statements made by John Kerry and the Ditzy Twits and how the Rush and Mel Gibson is taken to the woodshed for statements he made regarding Michael J. Fox and Jewish people respectfuly.

Michael Barone has his take on Kerry's remarks and how people like him are still stuck in a time warp. Can you say late 1960's early 70s??? Sure you can.

Debra Saunders takes a close look at the woman who may become house speaker. Be Afraid...BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Federal Spending Received Per Dollar of Taxes Paid by State, 2004

Dick Cheney: 'Full Speed Ahead' With Iraq Policy. We shall see happen if the Jack@$$'s get in power.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Readings

Saddam is sentence to HANG!!!! Please get it over with as soon as possible.

Ted Haggard has been dismissed and it seems he did have sexual relations with the Mike Jones. Will that mean a win for leftys??? Don't Let Them Fool YOU like they Did With Watergate Fallout back in 1974, and Jimmy Carter back in 1976.

Milltary Times Media says that Rummy must go. Please keep in mind that Milltary Times is run be civilians who don't know better. Its publisher is Gannett who is a major player in the Old Mainline media...THANK YOU!!!

This is Good Republicans are now leading in several states.

Huge march in Venezuela for Chavez opponent. One can hope that this one can defeat him

...cause Castro's Mini-Me is threating to cut off his Oil Supply to us.

We have an ideal what Democratic plan for our Government is. Henry Lamb takes a look at a man by the name of Col. Edward Mendell House who was the campigan manager for Woodrow Wilson. MUST READ!!!