Saturday, November 20, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

Insurgents Hit Police Station in Baghdad

Bush Meeting With Allies on North Korea

Pacers-Pistons Scuffle Turns Into a Riot

Congress Poised to Vote on Spending Bill

Creditors to Write Off Most of Iraq's Debt

Hugo Chavez Vows to Find Prosecutor's Killers. This guy by the way is the media's newest favorite cause he is just like Castro but ruling a different country.

Arafat successor al-Qaida sympathizer

Dutch Lawmaker Urges Halting Immigration U.S. TAKE NOTE!!!!

Iraqi archbishop: Media misinforming

Vladimir Putin adviser says Kyoto 'smoke screen'

Weakened UN resolution 'betrays' victims in Darfur

Bill Cosby says the black kids are angry and that we are not listening to them


I call myself a libertarian and I along with radio talker Neal Boortz (also a libertarian) have been very supportive of the war on terror including Iraq. Ryan Sager says the libertarians need a reality check on international policy and offers some suggestions on how the libertarians can help forward their cause in the middle east.

Henry Lamb calls on our Congress to get out of the UN

Fallujah Marine not a war criminal by Mackubin Owens. Says its a said act but not an act of a war crime

Friday, November 19, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

U.S., Iraqi Troops Raid Baghdad Mosque

U.S. Says Al Qaeda, Iraq Rebel Trying to Communicate

Congress Finishing Up $338B Spending Bill

UN staff raps management, backs Annan

This related story from FOX News

Thousands protest Bush before summit

Lefty Senator Barbara Boxer 3rd biggest voter getter

Update your virus programs an E-mail worm is speading fast. It is called Sober J.

Did the ObL or UbL tape cost Kerry the oval office???

Albright backs foreigners for presidency


Mark Alexander talks about how out troops can never win. They are Dammned by our media if they do but they are killed if they Don't. MUST READ!!!

Oliver North has a similer piece regarding the above piece

Edwin J. Feulner talks about tax reform and why its a good ideal

Bob Parks talks about how Condi Rice is being treated by our media

Here is Park's audio commentary of the week in which he puts the white Democrats in their place and how they treat the black community in recent years. Mp3 player required. If you have Window Media Player you can download the commentary

Sher Zieve talks about the media's attack on Rice as well

What are the moral values of a 'progressive'? Takes one to explain it and George Lakoff is willing to do just that.

Morning News & Commentary

U.S., Iraqi Troops Storm Baghdad Mosque

Bush to Take Security Plan to Asia Meeting

Sudan, Rebels Agree to End Civil War

Secret Iranian nuke site under civilian homes

Report: Scientist gave Iran nuke material

Tehran nukes targeted in 1st U.S. protest

Black slaves freed from Arab masters

Bin Laden unable to run operations

Saddam loyalists hire Arabs to fight U.S.

Greenspan Warns About Trade Deficit Impact

Washington Post drops 'stridently liberal' cartoonist

Liberal cartoonists accused of racism. What is OK if their going after people like Condi Rice

Radio host dismisses Rice as 'Aunt Jemima.' Man how I much want lefty talk radio to work.

North Korea hope for enviro activists?

Fewer same-sex couples seek marriage licenses in Massachusetts


Neal Boortz talks about how the left is trashing Condi Rice and how race is a double standard for Republicans.

Lets hear from the other side about Rice. Here comes Bill Press

No surprise that the media is rooting for "them" in the war on terror. Michael Reagan has that and other things the media is mute on.

While Wal-Mart does wrong by convincing city governments to take personal property from people on the flip side I get sick of the lefty attacking it because they don't its workers to form a UNION. Remember the company does not pay for the benefits in a Union shop...the consumer does. Bruce Bartlett now talks about a hit piece on Wal-Mart that was shown on the PBS's news program Frontline.

It is so sad how the left plays dead when it comes to our global rivals. Thomas Sowell talks about something along those lines

Jeff Jacoby shows how the left hated John Ashcroft and how we level headed Americans should be thankful of his service as attorney general.

A MUST READ from Mona Charen about the death of Theo van Gogh and how our media still doesn't get it.

Mike Rosen take to task high school teachers in Boulder, Colorado and their attempts to use their students to forward their socialist causes.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Evening News

Terrorist base in Fallujah found?

Report: Scientist gave Iran nuke material

Arlen Specter wins colleagues' support. And Hugh Hewitt and other Kiss @$$ Republicans think Michael Savage is a phoney??? The Republicans are letting me down again.

Senate OKs $800 billion debt-limit hike

House GOP changes rule to protect Tom DeLay

Anti-Arnold movement kicks off. One thing for sure keep the Terminator out of the oval office

Former presidents honor Clinton

Bush won't scrap tax system No surprise here. We are still stuck with a "progressive" income tax.

Fox News gets OK in Canada

Morning News & Commentary

Palestinians to Host Western Diplomats

Powell Says Iran Is Pursuing Bomb

Iran Said Trying to Fit Missiles for Nukes

Iraq Assessments: Insurgents Not Giving Up

Lawmaker tries to block mental-health screening

Vets blast Pentagon for giving in to ACLU

French nation is U.S. enemy?

Chirac Blasts Bush, America, and 'I've Forgotten His Name' Rumsfeld

Chirac Misses Saddam, Still Hates America

Now look who the racists are when the black community is not drinking the Dems Kool-Aid. Racist Attacks on Rice

Shut up and sing Linda...oh uh here comes Dick & Jane to defend her because they think just like her. I shall do the next best thing. I never buy her records ever again. Accualy I never did, and I will not start


Hal Lindsey talks about the hate America crowd and recalls when happned in many of our colleges during the Vietnam era. MUST READ!!!

The one reason I like World Net Daily is because they go after anyone who endangers freedom in America. Don't agree with them on every issue but their hearts are in the right places. Joseph Farah has this piece regarding the dangers of Bush

Susan Estrich deals with issue of Hillary and the Dems

Paul Craig Roberts warns of the Dollar's value

Emmett Tyrrell wrote a book in 1984 about the liberal crack up. Today he looks at it again and explains the results.

Larry Elder has an Araft piece. I can never post these pieces enough Araft was a bad man

Our troops should NOT bow or bend to political correctness when they fight a war. Thomas Sowell has a MUST READ regarding this.

Last night on KTSC-FM's Talk The Talk program we did something on adoption. Marvin Olasky however says this subject is underreported by our press.

I wish Dick and Jane or any left wing musican that does not use the left brain would read this piece regarding Carnegie Hall

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hugh Hewitt attacks Michael Savage

I just a call from my friend Ron telling me that Hugh Hewitt attack Michael Savage on Hewitt's own talk show.

Ron has been telling me that Savage is just doing it for the money. Well I could say the same thing about Rush, Sean, and Dr. Laura as well, and to a lesser degree Hewitt. Go to Rush's site and you see that you can buy Rush products other than his publication "The Limbaugh Letter." Savage has some stuff too but his website is still second rate unlike the Godfather of Talk Radio, and I do respect the Godfather. Even I listen to him once in awhile.

Hewitt wrote a book this year called "If Its Not Close They Can't Cheat" in which he tells his readers why its important to make sure the Republican party wins time and again. Yes Hewitt is one of those "Stepford" talk shows as WOR Radio's Lionel likes to call them. I will continue to share Hewitt's pieces here on my blog and I will listen to what he has to say, but hey I will continue to listen to Savage over Hewitt.

Maybe Hewitt is mad that Savage gets more stations than he does and how his own distributor Salem clears Savage live over Hewitt on their own stations when the company is able to. Savage is heard live on Salem stations in San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth. He is also heard on Salem stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Los Angeles, and Denver although he is tape delayed in these respected markets in favor of Hewitt.

I don't agree with everything Savage says. I do agree with his main points regarding what his Paul Revere Society believes in. Until proven otherwise I will side with Savage regarding his stands and being critical of what the Republican party does. We need talk show hosts that do not drink the Kool-Aid of either political party. Who else links the video's of those beheading anyway??? Yes Savage has to guts to guide you to these sites.

I will say this one of these days the Republicans will one day become so weak that it can't fight no more. It needs to put its foot down when it comes to standing up to the Democrats. The GOP has been giving the Dems an olive branch for so long. The Dems keeps stabbing them in the back. The Dems will not back down from what they believe in and they are much meaner than the GOP.

Lionel says he is tried of talk radio. I wonder why. Oh well at least you still have other talkers that do their own thinking more less. Neal Boortz out of Atlanta (Right leaning but has a libertarian bent), Mike Rosen from Denver (He admits he is a Republican but still does his own thinking), also doing local talk in Denver and I like Gunny Bob Newman (believes God is a female), and John Caldara (another libertarian).

We truly do need talkers right and left that call it how they see it and not what the Republicans and Democrats say.

Evening News & Commentary

Iraqi Man's Slaying Dominates Arab Media

Beware The Kerry...AGAIN!!!

NBC cameraman an anti-war activist???

Howard Dean: News agencies fail America...YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA!!!!

FCC chief slams ABC over raunchy TV

Cardinal whacks press for stirring dissension

Cops: Unborn baby killed with baseball bat

Bush taps new education secretary

District bans instrumental Christmas carols. PLEASE GET OVER IT!!!


Bert Prelutsky talks about our education system

Mortimer B. Zuckerman reminds us not attack the drug companies regarding the high costs of health carem, and to focus on getting healthy.

Their is more to life than just Iraq regarding the U.S. and U.N. Senator Jon Kyl R-Arizona explains.

Joseph Farah tells us the support the Boy Scouts and put the ACLU in their place

Morning News & Commentary

Car Bomber Rams U.S. Convoy Near Baghdad

Apparent Slaying of Aid Worker Condemned

Marines Kill 10 Militants in Fallujah

Russia will develop missile

Sears, Roebuck, and KMART??? You bet

Hatch predicts Specter victory

Report revealed al-Qaida plans in '98

Media-watchdog pioneer Reed Irvine dies

Scalia: Constitution not living document


Ben Shapiro takes on the double standard of Kofi Annan and International Law

Claudia Rosett backs Shapiro up with this piece

Economic lunacy by Walter Williams

Kathleen Parker debunks the Christian-jihadist myth

The death of Bradley McGee. A must read by Michelle Malkin

Little Willy will not go home. How true that is and to prove the point here is Paul Greenberg

'Creeping Totalitarianism' by Edwin J. Feulner. It happening in Europe and not here in the States

Daniel Pipes talks about radical Islam and murder of Theo van Gogh

Cliff Kincaid tips his hat to Reed Irvine

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

ABC apologizes for raunchy football opener

Oil-for-food funded terror. Did Saddam use use the UN to aid the suicide bombers

Powell vs. Hillary in '06 Senate race?

Stephen Hadley to replace Condi Rice

Bush not going to bat for D.C. taxpayers?

Specter makes headway toward chairmanship

Rabbis, gun owners oppose Specter

Fatah names rocket after Arafat

Rush Limbaugh blasted for mocking troubled voters

Troops launch Mosul offensive

New video shows slaying of woman

Did Marine shoot unarmed, injured man?


Why to the Dems keep losing??? Brendan Miniter has some answers

Larry Pratt gives you GOOD reason why to keep Arlen Specter at bay. Defending the 2nd Amendement

Dems think Bush voters are idiots. George Will has more

"The Working Poor" Steven Malanga takes on this issue the Dems love to harp on. LONG BUT A MUST READ!!!

Dennis Prager defends the Cross (LA is in the city of the angels)

Larry Kudlow says we should not compare the U.S. dollar to the Euro Dollar

The Pre-empting of "Private Ryan" and Donald Wildmon

As expected Donald Wildmon and his group the American Family Assocation made a stink about the airing of Private Ryan on Broadcast TV. I plan to write on something myself but for now here Neal Boortz's take on this

Donald Wildmon, the leader of some group called "The American Family Association" has decided that he is going to file complaints with the FCC over the showing of "Saving Private Ryan" on Veteran's Day. In doing so Wildmon is showing a complete lack of appreciation for the sacrifices of the men who waded ashore at Normandy on D-Day.

Stephen Spielberg produced a movie that most veterans say was the most accurate depiction ever made of what these men went through. As such, it was a much-needed reminder to Americans, especially young Americans, of the horrors of war.

Donald Wildmon might be surprised to learn that our soldiers wading through withering German machine gunfire didn't yell "Golly!" or "Gosh darn it!" when they saw their friends fall. They didn't exclaim "Nuts!" when caught in a German ambush. Theirs was not a world of etiquette or political correctness. Survival was the goal, not cultural niceties.

Wildmon sent an email to his followers saying that ABC had the technology to bleep the bad words. ABC also had the technology to edit out all scenes of American soldiers getting killed. This didn't seem to bother Wildmon. An American soldier getting killed on film is not quite so upsetting to Wildmon as is the "F" word. Sorry .. but I just don't understand that frame of reference.

If Wildmon had bothered to research the issue he would have known that ABC's contract with Spielberg forbade any editing of the movie. Wildmon wasn't interested in facts. He was interested in self-promotion and control of public discourse.

No doubt Wildmon was prompted to take this action by the pathetic TV executives who decided that their stations wouldn't carry the showing of "Saving Private Ryan" last week. When it came to defending the concept of free speech and standing up for the veterans of World War II, these men and women were AWOL. They are in the same league with Donald Wildmon.

Morning News & Commentary

It's official Bush chooses Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell

U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Mosul Offensive Probe Shooting of Wounded Iraqi

Who will be the Dems leader in the U.S. Senate???

...and who will be the RNC chair

Jacques Chirac says Bush has won the U.K. Nothing. I try to be professional but all I can say the French are WIMPS!!!

Birth Rate for Young Teens Lowest Since 1946

U.S. bases warned not to sponsor Boy Scouts. I am not fan of the ACLU

ACLU takes a blow regarding religous displays

Conference to push separation of school and state. Great ideal for the Elementary and Secondary levels.


David Limbaugh talks about the Clinton factor and how that help the mondern Democrat party

Bruce Bartlett talks about tax cuts here in the states and in Europe

Jack Kemp deals with the issue of Filibustering and encorages a REAL filibuster

The Dems say that privatizing Social Secutry is bad and threatens the system, but Phyllis Schlafly warns that illegals from Mexico are a REAL threat to S.S.

With Araft gone will things change in the PLO. Cal Thomas says that Araft's possible replacement are of the same cloth and promoted terror in the past. Israel must keep their guard up.

Star Parker talks about the Gospel according the the Democrats

John Hawkins give us the top 11 reason why Kerry lost

Hans Zeiger takes a stand for the Boy Scouts and their belief in God is not limited to just one or two faiths.

Melanie Kirkpatrick talks about who might have a chance to sit on the high court

Joseph Farah talks about several things that are likely to get barried by the media.

Mychal Massie talks about dark dealing of Barack Obama D-Ill

William Safire talks about the UN oil-for-food scandel and how the UN is stonewalling investigations.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Ohio recount all but certain

Garrison Keillor of the radio program "A Prairie Home Companion" says Christians should not have the right to vote and that their citizenship is actually in heaven. Personally I would not go that far, but man Keillor is one of the Dems that needs to have their head checked.

Condoleezza Rice next secretary of state?

Al-Qaida plans to smuggle nukes into U.S.?

New border security technology faces test

Man sets himself on fire near White House


Vox Day has his take on the Dems and their post election blues in this piece called "Outside the Asylum."

Steve Moore warns that Arlen Specter would hurt the GOP

The New York Post has some thing to say about Specter as well.

Steven Malanga explains why the Dems lost the heartland and its more that just morals

Why Can’t Voters Be as Diligent as they are Sports Fans? Ralph Nader is the token lefty piece this time around.

Morning News & Commentary

Colin Powell and three others are steping down

New Border Security Technology Faces Test

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada security plan would virtually eliminate national borders

Amber Frey: Don't execute Scott Peterson

Tiny antennas to keep tabs on drugs

Body of blonde woman found in Fallujah

Bush Faces Early Test on Immigration Policy

This woman needs to be watched. She is moving to the "Center" for now.


Is the Dutch going to fight for once???

Barbara Simpson's take on what happened in The Netherlands

Yasser Arafat The Father of Modern Terrorism. Andrew C. McCarthy tells you about it MUST READ!!!

Charles Krauthamer has his piece on Araftat

Gunny Bob Newman's tribute to the Marines.

The Left Refuses to Believe.... by Geoff Metcalf

Is Keith Olbermann pulling off a Dan Rather??? Bill Steigerwald answers that question.

Bush voters strike FEAR in the Bush hatas. Diane West has more

Michael Barone says this years election was bad for the old media

Joseph Farah takes Bush to task on illegals

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Radio ID Jingles/Imaging Part 2

In part 1 of this series here on my blog I highlighted a company called PAMS and how its founder Bill Meeks made music and broadcast station identification an art form.

I also told you that PAMS still lives on but since 1978 nothing new came out of the company and never will. PAMS is still a company in its own right but the person who runs it today, Jonathan Wolfert has his hands full with his own company that he and his wife Mary Lyn founded in 1970's.

That company is called JAM Creative Productions and JAM is an acronym for its founders Jon And Mary Lyn.

As stated in my first installment of this series, Wolfert got hooked on to radio jingles while growing up in New York City and listen to WABC back in its days as a Top 40 radio station. He soon learned that most of the jingles were created by a handful of firms that specialized in creating musical station ID's.

In 1971 Wolfert came to Dallas to work for PAMS who created many jingle packages for WABC during the 1960's and early 70's. By 1974 Wolfert with help from his wife began to work on a jingle project of their own. That project would be known as "Dimension Two" which was a jingle package intended for mellow pop rock stations. Dimension Two would be the very first jingle package under the JAM name which officially came into existence in November of that same year.

The first world headquarters for JAM Creative would be located in an apartment complex located on 604 Steven Village Drive in Dallas, Texas. A spare bedroom in the space where the Wolferts resided in was used as an office, and the they rented studio time when need be. The one thing that about JAM that they wanted to get across to potential clients was that it a company run by production people.

That ideal came across in their first ad that was published in Billboard magazine in February 1975, and their first demo tape. Their sound, production quality caught on quickly and by 1976 WABC and England's BBC signed on board as stations as clients of JAM. That very same year JAM moved into a small suite of offices on Hines Place, but still was renting studio time. However JAM was growing quickly and needed to move again.

In 1977 JAM Creative Productions bought a studio in Dallas called Sundance that was located at 4631 Insurance Lane. In fact Sundance was the studio that JAM called upon when they needed to do production work. They rebuilt the studio and remodeled the space. One year later WABC's sister station WLS/Chicago became a client and created the Pro/Mod and Class Action packages for WLS that very same year.

Class Action featured the voice of then WLS personality John "Records" Landecker and since he did a 'boogie check' in which Landecker interacted with his listeners on WLS, Landecker did a something similar for the demo with several radio and production people as the callers. Most called up wanting to know about the jingle package and Landecker was ready, willing, and able to sell the package to them. Because of that Class Action is seen as a must have for jingle collectors. For the record Class Action was used by over 130 stations internationally.

The 1980's would be prime time for JAM Creative Productions. In August of 1983 Top 40 radio made a comeback in New York City with sign on of WHTZ-FM a.k.a Z100. New York City had been missing a mainstream Top 40 station since WABC dropped the format in 1982. Z100 turned to JAM to create a package, and in fact Scott Shannon who was the program director of Z100 at the time wanted JAM to produce an ad announcing the premiere of Z100's new jingle package. The ad appeared in the Radio & Records tradepaper and on Feb 24, 1984, Z100 put "The Flame Thrower" jingle package on the air. Z100 would follow up Flame Thrower with "Warp Factor" in 1985. To this day Warp Factor has been JAM's best selling package of all time (330 stations) and a jingle package is counted regardless if a station uses one or more cuts from a specific package. JAM would produce six more custom jingle packages for Z100.

Also in the early 1980's, KIIS-FM Los Angeles was becoming the number one Top 40 outlet in the market and also came to JAM to create jingles for their station. KIIS purchased cuts from a package that was created for WLS in 1980 called "Outstanding." However it was KIIS that made the Outstanding package popular. Outstanding would be followed up with the "Hot KIIS" and "Fresh Kiss" packages that came out in 1984 and 85 respectfully.

JAM was on top of world when it came to CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) jingles in 1985. JAM took out an ad in Radio & Records telling its reading that 82% of its reporting CHR stations have JAM jingles on the air.

In 1986 JAM leased a building next door in order to accommodate more office space but the demand was high and needed to move into a larger facility. They were unable to find that kind of space so they did the next best thing which is construct their own. They choose some open land on Parkdale Drive and in 1986 began to build their new location. In June of 1987 the facilities were complete and JAM has been their even since. Although it has two studios, the second studio would not be fully completed until around 1989.

If anything JAM has been under the same owners since the very beginning. It has not been brought out, re-named, or mergred into a rival company. JAM also is still a company run by production people, and Jon Wolfert for sure is looking for new challenges when it comes to marketing radio stations.

However their are others in the game, and I will look at one of the newcomers next time.

For more on JAM Creative Productions visit their web site

This will go to the About JAM page

This next link will take you right to their Photo Album

This goes direct to the JAM Fan Page

In 1985 JAM also did promotional song simply titled The JAM Song which not only threw out radio stations but used the actual vocal groups and musical logos of the stations featured. Includes a download.

Morning News & Commentary

GIs Occupy Fallujah but the Fighting Continues

Aid Convoy Reaches Falluja, Gunmen Stay in Mosul

Cheney Visits Hospital for Tests, Heart is Fine

Bush Warns of Growing Violence in Iraq

Alleged Radical Chief Vanished, Dutch Say. 13 muslims were arrested on terriorism charges

Panama Assures Rumsfeld on Canal Security

Teen Charged With Trying to Aid Militants in El Paso, Texas

Conference Studies Blogs' Impact on News


Doug Giles talks our vets and the dangers of Michael Moore and the Metrosexual

James Q Wilson gives his insight on why Kerry lost but also warns not to beleive the moral values hype.