Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bunny Heads, Lesbians, Oh My

Our new education secretary Margaret Spelling denounced an episode of the PBS Kids show "Postcards from Buster" in which the cartoon Buster meets up with real live people and travels coast to coast with his father who is a pilot. The show in question is when Buster meets a child living with two lesbian mothers. They don't talk about the lifestyle of the mothers but the pictures make a statement loud and clear to us "grown-up's."

While some PBS affliates may back peddle, others will air this episode. My local PBS affiliate will air the show tonight during the late night hour so if you want your kids to watch this you better tape it.

"Postcards from Buster," is a spin off from the popular TV and Book series Arthur. In that show all the characters have some kind of animal head, but see each other as human beings. Even famous people that made appearances on the show from Backstreet Boys to the late Fred Rogers were given animal heads. The title character by the way has an aardvark head, while his friend Buster has a rabbit head.

The spin off works the same way for the animated characters having animal heads but for the live action scenes we do see normal humans in day to day life.

I explain these shows enough so let make my points regarding that one that making people touchy.

PBS being the "educational" network that it is can comply with no problem with the 3 hour "educate the kids" rule that all TV stations must for fill every week, so Spelling saying that this show is "not educational" is a straw man argument...Sorry I forgot straw WOMEN. PBS goes and above and beyond the call when it comes to educating the kids.

I don't have a problem with lesbians raising children. I do have a problem with PBS (NPR on the radio side) and its use of tax money period. Why is it that we need a government subsidized radio and television stations. Oh it is about EDUCATION right?

I don't really think so. Since the rest of the world has some kind of government run TV and radio networks, we just get something that gets money from the government. A public/private partnership of some kind right??? We hide behind the word education, we say were about education, and that will justify our existence and access to the taxpayers. We still need to beg for more money so we shall have "membership drives."

You complain about a left wing bias on PBS and NPR? What do you expect for leftys? Leftys have and always will enjoy spending "OTHER PEOPLES money.

We must not give up the fight to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It has nothing to do with liberalism and homosexuality. It has all to do with principle and what the intent our founders of the country wanted.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Janeane Garofalo: "Fingers with ink comparable to Nazi salute." Shows you how Red Diaper Doper she is. Also said those fingers were disgusting. So are you B#$%!!!!

The Media Research's take on this

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit over governor's election. As Nick Jr's Dora & Boots would say "SWIPER NO SWIPING!!!" Oh, Man.

This weeks audio commentary from Bob Parks takes on Ward Churchhill and how that professor had it coming. Also shows the double standard i.e. that coach who said that female football kicker was bad, and her being raped. MP3 software requried. If you have Windows Media player, you have MP3

Mike Rosen says Churchill must get the shaft,1299,DRMN_86_3521446,00.html

A few days ago I bought you up on Eason Jordan (CNN) who cracked about journalists being threated and maybe killed by our troops. Many bloggers are on this and Kevin McCullough is on this as well. MUST READING if you are not heard allready

If Mexico wants to take over America, maybe we should try to take over THEM!!! Joseph Farah explains.

Charles Krauthammer has his thoughts on the Iraq election

Jeff Jacoby says let "The Scream" get the DNC chair.

Mark Alexander spins what the Nancy & Harry said after Bush's address

Devvy Kidd talks about 17th Amendment showdown. Remember 17th Amendment gives us the right to vote for our Senators. Something our founders DID NOT WANT!!! MUST READ!!!

This is were I take a topic and present two different views on the topic

Topic: Social Securty

Dick Morris says the key to reform is to offer choices to not only the congress but to the people as a whole.

Bill Press says the President is getting rid of the safety net.

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Token Lefty Pieces on Ward Churchill

Hey I give them a place on my blog. Don't have to agree with these people who support a loser like Churchill. Most of these come from the Denver Post.

Diane Carmen,1413,36%7E115%7E2688722,00.html

Reggie Rivers,1002,36~155~,00.html

Jim Spencer,1413,36%7E27772%7E2691269,00.html

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Trying to make an Ownership Society a reality. This from the Editors

Cliff May talks about the double standards of the UN. It mechions Rwanda, and if that movie "Hotel Rwanda" is playing in your city GO SEE THE MOVIE DAMIT!!! I did today. Will be in more theaters tomorrow, so if your city did not have it then maybe they will now.

While we are on the subject of the United Nations, Hal Lindsey add his two cents about that dreaded UN.

Cliff Kincaid exposes Linda Fasulo of NBC News who wrote a PRO UN book and was on their payroll.

Suzanne Fields talks about Michael Crichton's new novel "State of Fear." This book debunks many environmental myths that are reallys ways to get this country to embrace socialism. If Crichton wants to have movie made about this novel he better go the way of Robert Duvall and Mel Gibson who made "The Apostle" and "The Passion of the Christ" respectfuly. The Indy way got these movie into theaters and people came to see without Hollywood screwing them up.

Larry Elder looks back it what the leftys in the old media were saying about the Iraqi Elections.

Ann Coulter has her post Iraq Elections thoughts

Cal Thomas talks with Bush in this piece

Because you ask government to regulate business of anykind, read this piece from Alan Reynolds as he shows how the regulations in the airline business did not help.

Joseph Farah contiunes his attack (and HE SHOULD) on Ward Churchill and says he can't hide behind the 1st Amendment.

With Hip-Hop music popular among the white kids (A Hip-Hop station that signed on in my city recently went to number one across the board) Ben Shapiro puts that music in its place, and says that we need to take on this kind of music due to its negative themes.

The token lefty piece this time comes from the ever famous Norm Chomsky talking about the U.S. overthrow Governments and then some. Yep its tied it to Iraq.

Since Gun toten, meat eating, taking money from certain Dems (not the party itself) lefty Ed Schultz is trying to save FDR's pet program along with many other Dems. Here is and open letter from some guy named David Kelly...I doubt he is related to the TV producer David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Picket Fences, Boston Legal). Notice the spelling of the last name people.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Walter Williams warns of new dark ages if leftys in higher learning have it their way.

Life in Jacko's and Snoop Dog's America. Michelle Malkin shows that the Jacksons are losing their meal ticket and are playing the racist card. Meanwhile Snoop Dog is making money by being family friendly

Brent Bozell says that the media pessimism lost regarding Iraq

Another great piece from Mike Adams taking on those college elite types

Joel Mowbray says that the media is turing a blind eye when it comes to the Islamo-Facisism in New Jersey. The murder of Egyptian immigrants is only part of it. MUST READ!!!

Linda Chavez says when it comes to human rights, the UN simply does nothing to forward the cause MUST READ!!!

Kathleen Parker talks about Kerry apperence on Meet The Press

Joseph Farah has his say about Ward Churchill

Token Lefty Piece this time around is from Mark Brown. He wonders if Bush was right about going to war in Iraq...No Fooling People.

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Is the U.S. Military Killing Journalists???

According to Eason Jordan who is the chief executive at CNN says yes.

Jordan says that he knew of 12 journalists had not only been killed by our troops but were targeted by our troops.

Is this going to be next scandal in the old media???

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt who is a big supporter of us bloggers has brought this to the attention to his radio listeners, and has a series of links on his blog/website.

Anyway Hewitt has several links to blogs that are on this and I will link stories regarding this on my recomended readings and other posts on my blog.

In the mean time check out the links at HughHewitt's web site

CU Professor Must Get the Shaft

This week has been an interesting week for college professor and Native American activist Ward Churchill. Regardless if he truly has Indian blood or not, this man is not afraid to use his mouth (or typewriter or pen), and does not think twice about using that pause button.

It took some time but the chickens are coming home to roost. You see a few years ago after the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks, Churchill felt that the attacks were somekind of payback to us Americans. After all we killed the Indians in the name of progress. Everyone else in the world other than Americans including the Native Americans are so peaceful right? Wrong!!!

While we can’t justify what our predecessors did to the Indians so many years ago, we can’t also let people like Churchill call the victims of the 9/11 attacks "little Eichmanns.”

What Churchill did in his piece is call the victims of 9/11 little Nazis. You see Eichmann first name Adolf was the one who organized plans to exterminate the Jews in Europe during the 1930’s and 40’s. When Churchill was invited to speak at Hamilton College which is 40 miles east of Syracuse, NY; it was time for Churchill to face the music. He is still going to speak at that college...Shame.

He did the right thing by stepping down as chairman of the Ethnic Studies department at Colorado University in Boulder, but to me and lot of other people that is not good enough. He should quit and get out of town. Since he will not do that (at least not yet) hopefully the powers that be at CU give him the shaft.

Now before you wave that 1st Amendment around in my face, let me remind that the 1st Amendment is a statement to our U.S. Congress. Our U.S. Congress can not pass laws that can censor people like Churchill and then some. Now if Churchill was speaking on behalf of some Native America group calling 9/11 victims Nazis that is one thing, but speaking on behalf on a place of higher learning? That is something different. CU is not the U.S. Congress, and their well within their best interests to remove certain people from their teaching positions.

If Churchill said that the 9/11 got “Bad Karma” that might still be an offence but maybe just maybe he might get a pass. But he did not and mentioned a Nazi leader instead. Now bad karma is coming towards Churchill 1,000 M.P.H. Yet this man has no shame when he went on the local Denver talk radio shows. Peter Boyles on KHOW lets Churchill says what he wants, but later on sister station KOA, Mike Rosen eats him alive. Again Churchill has no shame.

CU should cause a car wreck (Not a Real Car Wreck people) for this guy once and for all. As far as I am concerned Churchill should be reincarnated as a Jewish person and hopefully suffer for his statement from this current. If we have one life to live, it is good to know that Hell has reserved a place for Churchill.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Hollywood Bananas Over Bush Billboards, and may they are thanking the lefty clebs for four more years of Bush

A CU Professor hopfuly will get fired over his statements regarding 9/11 victims and comparing them to Nazi Adof Eichmann

Survey Finds First Amendment Is Being Left Behind in U.S. High Schools...MUST READ, cause the amendment might be an danger bit time

Gorbachev Calls Iraqi Elections “Fake.” What do expect from a communist which he was and allways will be

Victory and Defeat. Thomas Sowell says the those on the side of Defeat regarding the Iraq Election have been defeated...Hope we can still prove them wrong.

Cal Thomas also has his two cents on the Iraq Election. Says it offers hope for freedom

We The People...of Iraq. Jack Kemp has his two cents as well.

Scott Hodge says the spending is creating deficts NOT TAX CUTS!!!

Could same-sex marriage save this country some money??? Gay & Lesbian columm writer and activist Deb Price says it can. Intresting Read

Deb Price was not really good this time to be tagged Token Lefty Piece. I am not a social conservtitve allthough I am not ready to accept same-sex marriage just yet. However Robert Scheer makes the cut. He says the United States must get out of Iraq's way,0,3870444.column?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Bush's statement on the Iraq elections

When it comes to the family courts...Men are usally the losers. Phyllis Schlafly explains.

How the left does not understand the free market and GDP. Larry Kudlow sets the record straight.

The left says we must exit Iraq. Frank Gaffney Jr. puts them in their place.

Diana West says the Boxer type women should not be admired by anyone in the world

Larry Kudlow asks leftys to reread Bush's second inaugural speech

Do Arabs want democracy??? The Wall Street Journal says YES!!!

Washington Times says ditto

Neal Boortz also Dittos and more

Speak of Ditto, Rush Limbaugh has done something right for a change. John Fund explains

Doug Powers talks about Lawyers and the fast food business...Personal Responibilty people, remember that.

Could Howard "The Scream" Dean spell doom for the Dems??? Dick Morris says yes and why it could???

Token lefty piece from Ellen Ratner as she sets the record straight about what the Democrats really want to do for our country.

Another Token Lefty Piece. Harley Sorensen says Rice and Gonzales are the wrong minorites. Hey that is what you get for leaving the Democrat Plantation. Oh yea its about the war on terror and then some. Why don't why just pipe in the AJ noise machine to their prisoners instead of getting important imformation from them instead.

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ending Propaganda at Taxpayers expense

With the exposure of several conservative commentators (Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher taking tax payer money to promote certain causes of the Bush administration), two U.S. Senate Democrats Frank Lautenburg of New Jersey along with the ever famous Edward “Ted” Kennedy have proposed a bill that would put an end to such practices.

The bill is called “The Stop Government Propaganda Act.” The intent of this bill states that; “Funds appropriated to an Executive branch agency may not be used for publicity or propaganda purposes within the United States unless authorized by law."

Lautenburg says that congress must shut down the Bush administration’s “propaganda mill,” and that such mill has no place in government. His spokesperson Alex Formuzis says; "This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is an issue about an independent press, and I think that's something that will cross party lines."

Sounds great, however I would ask the Dems to start cleaning up their own backyard as well. They can start with cutting off funding for public television and radio, and its ever famous outlets PBS and NPR. Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media (a conservative media watchdog group) says what Williams and Gallagher took was peanuts compared to what the ever famous Corporation for Public Broadcasting take in every years. Combined, Williams and Gallagher got $281,000. According to the AIR website the CPB get $400 Million a year.

PBS and NPR have been giving a liberal spin on the issues for many years, in spite of a law that demands that they give both sides to an issue. While they had token conservatives like William F. Buckley, George Will, and Louis Rukeyser over the years, these outlets are still in favor of left-wing spin. No different if not worse regarding the journalists that dark the hall of CBS, ABC, and NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

Bill Moyers, an icon on PBS for many years as shown his true colors from the very beginning. He was the man who created the “girl picking flowers/end of the world” television ad for Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidential campaign against Barry Goldwater back in the 1960’s. In fact, he also worked in LBJ’s administration, and plans to write a book about LBJ.

Before he retired from PBS he took a swing at the “right-wing” media. Attacking everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity, Clear Channel Communications to Sinclair Broadcasting. Anyone involved in the “right-wing conspiracy was fair game. Moyers did not say anything about Walter “Crankenhouse” Cronkite, Dan Rather, Katie “Cookie-Cutter” Couric, or any other big time news readers in the media…no surprise.

Jim Lehrer of the News Hour program on PBS came under fire regarding the questions he asked in the 1st presidential debate last year. Certain people were complaining that the questions were in John Kerry’s favor. In fact Clinton stooge George Stephanopoulos admitted that Lehrer was the moderator in the pocket of the Bill Clinton’s administration.

NPR’s darling Nina Totenberg was the woman that tried to take out Clarence Thomas by putting Anita Hill in a positive light, and more recently wished death on the children of Jesse Helms because he does not support increased funding for AIDS. Just one of many things she has done to attack the right.

The expose of WGBH-TV Boston and 53 other PBS affiliates back in late 1990’s should have been end of government subsidized broadcasting. It was found out that these stations were sharing donor names with Democratic National Committee. After all it was the Democrats that give us the CPB that funds public broadcasting. In fact it was Moyers’s boss LBJ that made it all possible.

The list goes on and on, but if the Democrats were really sincere they would clean up their own stuff while trying to clean someone else’s yard. By the way does that ant-propaganda bill say anything regarding individual Democrats using their money to help commercial liberal talk radio get off the ground (Air America Radio, Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller)? I guess not.

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