Saturday, November 05, 2005

Warren Beatty takes on Arnold regarding some things to voted upon in Cally

He is in favor of the staus quo when it comes to the way Goverment Unions spend their money.

Beatty by the way will be on Darth Fargo's radio talk program on Monday.

Bill Handel's take on the whole mess.

That Prop 75 ordeal. Just remeber that Unions are a best friend to the Democrat Party. I am not anti-worker but I am Anti-Union mentailty. I am not ones of those people that think and act like the Borg. I will not be assimilated into the Union Collective should I ever be required to join those things.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Democracy Radio folds as founder joins Air America

The formor is best known for launching Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller into the world of syndicated talk radio. However the group shall fold because its leader feels he needs to save the much publicized Air America Radio. What I can I say? I agree with Neal Boortz that we need to support Air America Radio as much as possible.

From the horse's mouth

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you know, for the past three years Democracy Radio has been at the forefront of the effort to change the talk radio airwaves that have been so overwhelmingly one-sided in America. For nearly two decades Americans only heard one political perspective on their airwaves - the conservative perspective. It had clearly reached a point where diversity of opinion was truly suffering and American democracy was being undermined because of a proliferation of only one political perspective being broadcast. I'm so very proud to say that with your help and support, that's no longer the case.

Through your unyielding support, Progressive Talk Radio is now a reality. I'm proud to report that Democracy Radio's first program, The Ed Schultz Show, is now heard on more than 100 stations nationwide. The Stephanie Miller Show is heard on more than 40 stations. Combined, both shows reach nine of the top ten markets in the United States and have played an impactful role in the astounding success of Progressive Talk Radio.

Great credit, however, also belongs to Air America. Air America has been an integral part of the successful birth and growth of Progressive Talk as a legitimate radio format. Because Air America offered a full day of programming, radio stations were able to completely reformat to a progressive talk lineup. Clear Channel alone reformatted 28 of its stations to a 24/7 Progressive Talk format in major cities throughout the U.S.

Without question, as two separate entities, Democracy Radio and Air America have made a significant impact on the talk radio landscape. Democracy Radio has achieved what it set out to do - it changed the face of talk radio in America. Through all our efforts, Progressive Talk is now a commercially viable format which it was not just 2 years ago. I am very proud of that. However, I believe that now is the time to move this important cause forward in as one unified effort.

Therefore, I am pleased to let you know that I have decided to join the management team at Air America. This will mean the end of Democracy Radio as an organization, but certainly not its work and purpose which I will carry on at Air America. There's no question that unified as one, we will achieve so much more than we ever could as competitors.

As you may know, Air America had a few struggles during its first year. However, in recent months the company has been reorganized, its business model and strategy has been revised, and a dynamic new management team has been assembled with music industry titan Danny Goldberg leading the company as CEO. Air America is poised to expand and grow Progressive Talk like never before imagined - and they will need your continued support. To learn more about how you can support Air America, go to

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your tremendous support of Democracy Radio. Your support created the success of Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller and made Progressive Talk Radio a reality for all Americans. I encourage you to stay engaged in the effort. There's still much to do and with your support we will achieve the diversity of opinion on our airwaves that is reflective of all of America.

Best wishes,

Tom Athans
CEO, Democracy Radio

Yes Athans their truly is much to do to keep your kind of talk radio alive.

However when it comes to left only their voice can be heard. Just look at what is going on at the CPB. Yet another reason why PBS and NPR should no longer be Semi-State Networks. Funny how I hear how NPR news stories are balanced than the commerical networks and CNN.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

How The Left wants to stifle the Blogs

I have a few reading on this that you need to check out. It shows how much contempt that the left has for us bloggers. Hey they can blog too, and they really need to get on the ball on this. We righties still outnumber them.

Campigan Finance reform??? Its all about protecting the incumbent big time. John Stossel perfers to call it the "The incumbent protection act."

Poor Danny Boy, the pipes called a long time ago, but still speaks out on the evil of the blogs. Sadly he told that to a group of young people at the University of Maine. The man is still bitter at us for his downfall.

Nice to see Neal Boortz write a piece for Townhall.Com. Sets the record straight regarding the term "fascism" REALLY MEANS!!! Remember the only reason the left condems the actions of the Hitler is not because he sent many people to their deaths, especially the Jewish people (and YES what Hitler did was evil and and I do condemn his actions), but because he broke the pact he made with Joseph Stalin, who was the head of the Soviet Union at the time.

I have not be blogger as much. I have taken an overnight job recently, but I will not go down without a fight in finding a better job...if their is one. At least a job in which I don't have to stay up in the wee hours of the day.

Please kept visting my blog. I will keep it fresh as possible.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Battle for the Court Begins

With a man like Samuel Alito who may sit on our court replacing Sandra Day O'Connor. The left is afraid that the one place in which the "progressive" agenda can be carried out will finally be put to an end. That would be our Supreme Court.

Can the left put up a good case to make sure that Alito does not get confirmed? Never mind they will fillbuster until their demands are meet. If they do win and should the Dems get the majorty and should Hillary become President, will the Dems call for a nuke option just to make sure their favorate judges sit on the court?

Don't be surprised if they do just that. The left is nothing but polticial gangsters, and they have been for quite sometime.

It is time to for the Supreme Court to go back to its intent of what the Constitution says originally rather than a judge's spin on it.

Oh and your supporters of abortion...Neal Boortz says don't panic, abortion shall remain legal, but Roe Vs. Wade being overturned will turn the issue back to the states.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Samuel Alito could be next High Court Judge

The Democrats are running scared. Sorry about the fact that they don't fill their "quota."

Expect a fillbuster since he is too right for the Democrats.

Story from FOX News