Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Mel Gibson comes to the aid of Terri Schiavo. OK we know you got lots of money Mel, but here is some food for thought. Terri's hubby was offered losts of money if only he would back down and let his wife live. He rejected the money. Could it be that Terri REALLY wants to die???

Here is those $1 stories from

$1 Million stories from World Net Daily

A Tax on the paper you use to wipe you Candy... OK I will not go their but read this anyway. Lefty sure love to tax everything they can get their hands on.

Al Rantel (of KABC-AM) shows us how the left somehow is on the wrong side of history when it comes to fighting socialists and the like around the world.

Somebody is snuggling up to Uncle Fidel again. More reason to keep that damm embargoing up untill that jerk kicks the bucket and hopeful someone that believes in freedom will rise in Cuba.

Muslims muzzle a college prof.

Last Sunday NBC News took Benny Hinn to task on the Dateline program. As much as I hate the mainline media's lefty bias this man needs to be taken out, but hey as the UFO poster in Fox Moulder's office says "I Want to Believe," and man they are people that want to believe that Hinn has "The Touch." (Think Peter Gabrel) Remember X-Files??? Great piece from Kyle Williams about Hinn.

David Limbaugh puts several GOPers for not standing up to Bush's agenda...and this is the good stuff they are rejecting.

Neal Boortz was not kidding about Hillary and her "Mighty Morphin" ways. This piece by George Neumayr of the American Spectator only proves the point more. Parents beware of this clone of Rita Repulsa. Somebody really needs to give Hillary a really bad "headache."

Bob Parks explains why women should not be in certain roles when it comes to law enforcement. Case in point Atlanta and that court shooting.

Molly Ivins hates the fact that John Bolton will be the ambassador to the UN. Token Lefty piece ahead.

Bonus: Ellen Goodman thinks the children are being used by Bush when it comes to Social Securty.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I'll shall start off with this weeks audio commentary from Bob Parks. He takes on the Dems for wanting to allow convected fellons to vote. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have bought up the "Count Every Vote" act and allow fellons to vote must have slipped in.

So long Dan, Thomas Sowell is NOT going to miss you...and neither will I

Cliff Kincaid talks about how George Soros could use his money to fund public broadcasting, and even the WWE's Vince McMahon sees the good thing happening in Iraq. Remember that he and his outfit WWE did present wrestling shows to our troops during the holidays.

The only reality shows I like are Amazing Race and The Apprentice. I also like shows in which people are caught acting like jerks on home video (AFV however is TOO tame for me). Cheryl Felicia Rhoads points out who really started modern day reality TV and its not the four major broadcast networks. Hint: Read Kincaid's piece above to find out who it is.

ER will be on NBC at least until 2008.

What is wrong with Private Accounts, Jacko in his PJ's, and Hillary 'Rita Repulsa' Clinton. Neal Boortz hits on Power Rangers with Hillary but rather takes on the title of show rather than the villanness. Plus Nuze on SS and Jako.

Speaking of Jacko. Rebecca Hagelin has a few words about him but deals with more important. Internet Safety. MUST READ for parent of young children

Do we need some new commandments. Maybe when it comes to human cloning. Charles Krauthammer talks about the issue.

Ward Churchill is not getting the money just yet. Mike Rosen shows how lefty love to use the tag "new McCarthyism" to protect losers like Churchill,1299,DRMN_86_3612009,00.html

Several token lefty pieces: First Robert Byrd contuines to defend the fillbusters in the Senate and uses Ronald Reagan to make his case.

Got to share a piece from Norm C. Who all the young lefty idiots look up to.

David Corn says Dan Rather was also Bush accountable.

Bill Press will miss Dan Rather too

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CS overtakes Fred Phelps Clan

Today the Fred Phelps clan from Westboro Baptist Church made their protest at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs. However those on the other side were ready.

They came early and but 7:30 AM those protesting Phelps and his clan had more supporters and won based on the number of those who turned out.

Normally I would not stand with most of these people. I am someone that believes in limited government; support the free market and the ideal of free enterprise. Most of these people are Democrats, and likely supporters of big government and believe that the government is the arm of social justice. However I am not social conservative and don't have a problem with homosexuals. I just don't believe in same sex marriage or our government special rights for gays (or anybody else).

However anyone that has done research on Phelps and the Westboro Church can see that he and his clan are nothing more but a bunch of idiots. It seems that their "God Hates Fags" cause is the only thing that they preach.

What you don't know however is that Phelps is dammed people like James Dobson and Focus on the Family (They did protest by their headquarters a few years), and also says that people like Ronald Reagan are in "Hell." They really truly believe that Reagan is burning in hell. Jerry Falwell famous for his Moral Majority back in the 1980's and has recently revived it calls Phelps a nut. In fact most churches left and right are denouncing his man

I don't really like to use the word homophobe, and I don't use the word loosely, but if your Phelps or his followers, or even someone that supports what he does, then I can truly call you a homophobe.

Check out the Wesboro Bapitst Church website (and their releated websites) to find out what an idiot Phelps is.

Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too
Highway to Hell--AC/DC

P.S. Fred Phelps was nowhere to be found in CS today.

Where's Don

Well here I am. Did not say anything last night. I do have some things to say later. Here are some readings from yesterday that I should have put up.

Thomas Sowell's final part of his judges piece

Larry Elder puts Lou Dobbs in his place and explains what Outsourcing is all about.

Come Back Liberals We LOVE YOU...maybe. Here's Ann

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Uncle Walter has a reason why CBS News put up with Dan

Lefty talker Ed Schultz attacked Uncle Walter for his attack on Dan Rather on his show today this guy slamed Walter as well. Click the link to find out who.

University of Colorado: Seditionist 1, Christian 0

Story related to above piece from World Net Daily

Government Plans To Crackdown On Bloggers MUST READING by Frederick Meekins

Bob Parks writes about why America does not to ask premission

Cliff Kincaid talks about an NBC News reporter and that bloody UN

Is Gunny Bob Newman a Nazi???

More Social Security deceit??? This from Walter Williams

High Noon for Judges??? Thomas Sowell has a long piece about that. Spilt into two parts


Part 2

The Dragon Lady takes on the Commie Reporter from Italy

Pat B. Talks about Larry Summers and that higher learning enlightment folk.

Feminists ignore Muslim women??? You bet. Kay Hymowitz talks about the sisters they are ignoring since 9/11/2001,5744,12469965%5E7583,00.html

Token Lefty is David Corn who says that Bush is giving the bird to lefty's favorate church (if you want to call it that), the United Nations.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Readings Tonight

Their was some turmoil in the McCullen household, and that had to come first people.

I shall direct you to some websites when this happens

Monday, March 07, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Does Europe really need America??? Peter Brookes says Yes

George Will says the high court is wrong on all counts.

What if America changes its mind on captial punishment for minors??? Way too late people. Jeff Jacoby has this and other insights.

1933, 1861 and 1789 were all turning points in our nation. Michael Barone explains

John Fund tells you why people like Hillary wants to allow felons to vote. So she can win.

Bill Gates (Yes Mr. Microsoft) talks about what is wrong with American High Schools and says that every kid can graduate ready of College. He could really do more however, such as promote and use his money to promote choice and competition, but his ideals are a good start.,0,6675841.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

Do all Indians hate America??? David Yeagley tries to shatter that myth

Cliff Kincaid has his two cents about Dan Rather

Was Robert Byrd correct to equate Bush with Hitler??? Harvey Wasserman has the first of two token lefty pieces.

The second comes Lenoard Pitts Jr. Regarding the Courts desision regarding the death for minors and our courts.

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Bon Vouage Dan Rather...and don't come back

This week Dan Rather will step down from the anchor desk at the beloved CBS News. I can't see why CBS News loved this guy??? Just another enlightned one I guess.

Rather never had that kind and grandfatherly personality that Walter Cronkite had. These days people that have the talent of deserning the news media now know that Cronkite is just another enlightned one who does not give a "you know what" about those who have "real jobs" in America.

Cronkite had the charm to misslead people on the days news. Rather did not have that charm, and the people knew it.Funny that Cronkite hated the man. Maybe it was because Cronkite was pushed out, and Dan took place, and outlasted Cronkite in the anchor chair.

That and more in this piece.

Still CBS News has let Rather get away with for such a long time.

Dan should be glad that Donald Trump never had the chance to run CBS or Viacom. He would have sent Rather to the street below and into a taxi cab (OK I am overblowing it bit for those who watch The Apprentice, but Trump would tell Dan "You're Fired" in any case). Good For you Donald.

Rather should have not had the life span that he did, and this Philip Chauk has a good reason why. Just remember this Elementary School is like confinement for many children. They were not happy about JFK getting killed.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Few Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Fighting for CU. Mike Rosen has written another great piece,1299,DRMN_86_3592594,00.html

David John Marotta has the second part of piece regarding Social Securty

James Bowden give us ten reason why SS must go private

The token lefty is Reggie Rivers. He is happy that we don't put kids to death anymore. You know that kids that commit certain crimes.,1002,36~155~,00.html

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