Saturday, October 30, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Bush and Kerry are seeking that edge from the OBL tape

Car Bomb Near Fallujah Kills 8 Marines

Bin Laden tape seen as bid to sway vote

U.S. Warns on Terror; Alert Stays Orange

Tom Ridge Says U.S. Has No Specific Election Threats

Is Karl Rove behind the OBL tape? That is what Walter Crankenhouse believes

Want to know what the polls say?


Renegade lesbian Tammy Bruce has a piece on the why the Democrats should vote for Bush. MUST READ!!! Especilay if your a Dem.

Some thoughts from "Gunny" Bob Newman about what he saw on Hannity & Colmes and then some.

Barbara Stock talks about the death of the Dems and their party

Bob Parks audio commentary about why he does not vote Democrat. Mp3 player of somekind required.

Morning News & Commentary

Bin Laden: Security Key to Peace for U.S. In other words be nice to the Muslim people no matter what.

OBL is really shaking things up regarding those who want the oval office for the next four years.

What did OBL say??? Click this link to find out

Did Hanoi wanted their activist to run for spots in our Goverment?

Soros comes under fire in D.C.

Arafat May Be Suffering From Leukemia


Jack Wheeler takes on CIA regarding AQgate

Les Kinsolving shows how two faced the media is regarding Sinclair Broadcasting and their own reporting

Kyle Williams says we need to support Bush but at the same time be critical of him as well.

Chris Edwards shows us how Kerry is lukewarm regarding coporate welfare

The Boss comments at a Kerry rally

The Guardian who wanted to see Bush gunned down makes their stand for John Kerry,3604,1339597,00.html

Michael Evans warns of a bleek future for Israel

Jacob Sullum says the Surpreme Court should reject land grabs that boost tax revenue

Henry Lamb has this piece about land grabs and its victim

Charles Krauthammer takes on Kerry about faces

Friday, October 29, 2004

Evening News & Commentary Part 2

I posted the evening news earlier which comes after this post. Their is a lot of it and I needed to get it published right away. OBL has returned and it looks like this man has come out days before the election. If Kerry gets elected Be Afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Speaking of Kerry, Joseph Farah is speaking my language. We need to question Kerry's patriotism.

Here is my piece about patriotism and questioning it, and allthough the focus is not entirely on Kerry I do bring up a person who may have been a partiot but would be a monster that needed to be taken on.

Jeromie Corsi says Iran could be the next Vietnam if Kerry is not careful

Don McCullen to Corsi: Forget me and the choir. You need to convince Bill Press about that one. No matter what you tell Press is going to stand by Kerry like any Democrat kool-aid drinker would. Let's just get back to the domsectic and soak it to rich crap.

Michael Reagan talks about the media latest attempt to smear Bush

David Limbaugh talks about the left and their hate for the sitting president

For Colorado Readers only. Mike Rosen tells you why Pete Coors should be our Senator.,1299,DRMN_86_3288652,00.html

Evening News & Commentary

...and there is a lot of it.

OBL says he ordered the 9/11 attacks

Bin Laden Condemns Bush, Says New Attacks Possible

If Kerry was president would Saddam be gone???

Al-Jazeera airs bin Laden tape

WND says their might have been a connection between Saddam and OBL. It all has to do with a jewel

Terrorist alludes to Bush voters

U.S. team took Iraqi explosives,2933,137017,00.html

European leaders sign EU constitution

I will put up several commentary pieces later. I needed to get this news up.

I went to bed late and got up late

This is the reason why you don't see any newslinks this morning. I will have some evening news and commentary however. I am off to see "Ray" which stars Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles. Look for a review on the Today @ CSU-Pueblo website soon.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

More Evening News

These is a few more news and commentary links after this post

O'Reilly Harassment Case Settled Out of Court

Terror tapes go after Bush Cheney conquence. In short don't re-elect them. Matt Drudge has the scoop.

'American' voice on new terror video

Alleged American Al Qaeda Warns of U.S. Attacks

FBI Investigating Halliburton Contracts

Arafat to Be Taken to Paris for Treatment

France says they will be on the side of Araft

Evening News & Commentary

Source: Yasser Arafatcould be faking illness

Did ABC News withold some parts of the AQ video?


Jane Chastain on Bill Clinton's return to the limelight

What drives the left and people to vote of them? Craige McMillan says it all about one word...FREE!!!

Larry Elder talks about a day with Air Force Reserves

Will the "October Surprise" Explosives Blow Up In Kerry's Face? This from Joe Mariani

William Edelen takes on the U.S.A. Not quite but a very good piece about church-state sepearation. Not saying that I agree with him on everything but this is guy is very good at making his case.

Morning News & Commentary

Boston Redsox break the 86 year old curse. Hey I need you people to stick with my blog, and people do need their sports.

Another document ties Kerry to Hanoi

See swiftvets' new film on Kerry but it will not be up for long.

German Goverment arrest 7 fathers for homeschooling. This is a MUST READ because our Goverment would like to do the same thing. Goverement Schools = Goverment Lemings

Eastern Europeans consider homeschooling. Beslan's terrorist attack did play a role

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor & International Law

Terri Schiavo saved again. Can Jeb Bush be able to rescue her again?

Russia tied to Iraq's missing arms?


Joseph Farah tells who is supporting John Kerry

James Zogby tells Arab-Americas to vote for Kerry and gives his reasons why they should

The Jews and the Election

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

William Safire

Dr. Sally St. John warns not to 'grudge vote' for Dem nominee

Ann Coulter talks about the black vote

Awhile back Joseph Farah talked about Kerry bring the draft. Now Bruce Chapman now seconds that.

New definitions: 'Liberal' vs. 'conservative' Hal Lindsey tells what the mean in this day and age.

It's a few weeks old but here is a from Mike Rosen that renforces what Lindsey said in above piece.,1299,DRMN_86_3187795,00.html
William Rusher warns of a Islamic theocracy and this is tied in to the upcomming election

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. says 'The White House Wasn't Always God's House.' Makes some very good points regarding religion and our Goverment. Allthough the liberal/progressive site Common Dreams posted this and its linked to that page, this does not make me a liberal. I just don't like Organized Religion. It did nothing for me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Does ABC News have a terriorist treat tape? Matt Drudge is on it

ABC News Gives Attack Threat Tape to FBI, CIA

CIA can’t authenticate taped threat to U.S.

Study: News companies favor Kerry in October MUST READ!!!

Katherine Harris a Florida Congresswoman is nearly run down. Man who tired to run her down gets charged. Not good for the Dems,2933,136798,00.html

Iran threatens to end nuke talks

CIA can't authenticate 'al-Qaida' tape

CBS, NY Times Appear to Plan 'October Surprise' Regarding Missing Iraqi Explosives

Arafat's health worsens, and he is off to the hosptial.,2933,136749,00.html

Yasser Arafat loses consciousness: Israeli public radio

Signs Point to Imminent Showdown in Iraq

What to know what the polls are saying???


"Gunny" Bob Newman talks about Kerry acting like a GOD!!! No fooling

Armstrong Williams talks about Bush's policy here in the States

Ben Shapiro has this weeks piece talking about "The 21st Century President"

Gary Aldrich has an open letter to John Kerry

Carol Taber reminding us that the terriorist will not stop and we (The United States) should not stop either

Early voting and then some. Matt Towery warns about the lawyers who are going to enjoy the aftermath.

Walter Williams tells us how why people vote of people that would benfit THEM and the area they live at the expense of others.

Six days left and more from Boortz

Why I can be so outraged towards those who not only want Kerry to win, but would rather try "REASON" with the "insurgents." Come on you people. How many more 'heads' will it take to see that these people are murders. Go on you Youthful Idiots, go on you Useful Idiots, go on you people that dream of a utopia of love and kindness. You will not only wish self-destruction on us but on YOURSELVES!!!

Now that I got that off my chest I will turn this over to Neal Boortz

It's official. The Islamic bastards killing our men and women in Iraq are pulling for John Kerry. Most of us aren't surprised.

The Islamic murderers in Iraq ("insurgents," as the media calls them) have now removed all doubt as to their objective. Is it just to kill Americans? Prevent democracy from taking hold in Iraq? Avenge the overthrow of Saddam Hussein? None of the above. They have now said their #1 objective is to elect John Kerry president of the United States next Tuesday.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. A lot of people, including myself, have been telling you this for months.Listen to the words of Mohammad Amin Bashar of the Muslim Scholars Association, a pro-insurgency group: "If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people," Another of The Poodle's supporters among the Iraqi resistance is Abu Jalal. He had this to say: "American elections and Iraq are linked tightly together. We've got to work to change the election, and we've done so. With our strikes, we've dragged Bush into the mud."

Now you have to ask yourself just why would these America-hating Islamic terrorists be against George Bush?Easy. Because they fear him, that's why. Because he has vowed to destroy them, and they believe him, that's why. Terrorists like to be appeased, not destroyed.

They like to be given numerous chances to clean up their behavior, then slapped on the wrist when they keep chopping off innocent people's heads. They know that they will get their way, that America will cower in fear, when John Kerry is elected president of the United States. Complicit in all of this is the mainstream media, the Islamic jihadists' public relations arm.

The media in this country plays right into their hands, supporting their agenda and blowing their accomplishments out of proportion whenever possible. The left shares the goal with the Islamic terrorists in Iraq: defeat Bush and elect Kerry. So the attacks get over-reported, Iraq is made to look like it is a disaster, videotapes showing hostage-taking and demands are show on TV, and so on. So the burning question is this: will John Kerry accept their endorsement? Probably so, and then he'll blame Bush for making him do it.

Just remember, when you walk into that voting booth next Tuesday Mohammad Amin Bashar and Abu Jalal, along with a bunch of their friends, want you to vote for John Kerry.

Morning News & Commentary

The the Dems have filed NINE ELECTION LAWSUITS!!! Yep Florida will go to John Kerry no matter what.

One in ten if the people have just voted, and I am one them. 51% voted for Bush. The absentee vote however must be watched.

Most decorated U.S. vet: Kerry a 'Benedict Arnold'

Libertarian pioneer endorses Bush. Says their is a lot at stake.

Top Israeli rabbi: Jews should vote for Bush

Terrorists hope to beat Bush with violence

Terrorists to attack Americans in Israel?

Missing Israel pilot taken to Iran?

Judge spares Terri Schiavo for now

Murdoch's News Corp. secures historic vote,4057,11198124^462,00.html

BP making $1.8 million an hour

This is make the Wal-Mart haters angry even more


The illegal alien swing vote. This from a woman who has been called by lefty talk show host Sandy Taylor (KLSD-AM San Diego and used to be on News/Talk powerhouse KOGO) the Dragon Lady, Michelle Malkin. She also warns that this swing could cost the right the election.

Mark Steyn takes on the arm chair left wing Euros

9-10 vs. 9-12 on 11-2 this by Daniel Pipes

The media plays 'trick or treat'. This from Linda Chavez

Joseph Farah explains how far the Dems will go to win the oval office

Thomas Sowell talks about the black community and how they get the shortest straw when it comes to the Teachers Unions, the Envio's, and liberal judges.

Mike S. Adams has this piece about the GLBT, restrooms, and a little stealth warfare at the end.

Brent Bozell says the media are not referees, but liberal advocates.

Lefty Laura Flanders his this monologue from her weekend talk show regarding the "21 Century America"

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

See deposition of Kerry's Iranian fund-raiser

Kerry accused of plagiarism

Bush breaks with GOP on same-sex unions. See nothing wrong with States granting such Unions

Bush Says Kerry Tax Plan Would Hit Small Business

Kerry: Bush Won't Own Up to Bad Decisions

Kerry taking Bush to task on Missing Explosives. Matt Drudge has the script to an Kerry ad regarding this.

Thousands Of Lawyers Prepare For Battle In Florida

Howard Stern vs. Michaell Powell

Wal-Mart Makes Half-Million Dollar Contribution to Oppose California Proposition 72 'Health Tax' Initiative


Thomas Sowell has a must read regarding John Kerry

Why Johnny’s sociology professor is a Marxist?: Mike Adams tells you

Democrats gearing up in advance to challenge Florida poll results: This from Phyllis Schlafly and man she tears into voter fraud as well.

Jack Kemp lets you in on the new weapons the liberals are using this time around

Larry Kudlow calls Kerry to task on what he said in Pueblo regarding the Vetcong and the current war on terror.

Sick and tired of stealth??? Diane Carman is. Something from the left,1413,36%7E115%7E,00.html

Neal Boortz's stand on the Fair Tax and why it would be a great ideal

I had to present this from Neal Boortz regarding the Fair Tax. Keep in mind that the ideal is to do away with the other taxes.

Perhaps you noticed that in quite a few congressional races around the country Democratic candidates have been attempting to frighten voters into believing that the evil Republican candidate is going to burden them with a horrible new tax. More specifically, the wicked Republican is going to add a 23% federal retail sales tax on everything they buy .. and this is in addition to all the other taxes they're already paying!

Effective politics? You bet! Can you imagine how frightened some middle or lower income American would be at the prospect of paying another 23 cents on the dollar for everything they bought? If I believed that a Republican was going to do such a thing ... hell, I"D vote for the Democrat. And there aren't many things that could cause me to vote for a Democrat. A threatened beheading might do it, but I'm not even sure about that.

The big problem with this particular Democratic campaign charge is that it is simply not true. It's a lie. Not only is it a lie, but every single Democrat who has made this charge against their Republican opponent knows it to be a lie. In the Boortz book, that makes these Democratic candidates, and that includes Congresswoman Denise Majette running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, and Inez Tenenbaum who is running against Republican Jim DeMint in South Carolina, bold, intentional, premeditated liars.

I've been studying the Fair Tax proposal in its various forms for 20 years. I am convinced that this plan to replace virtually all personal and corporate taxes with a national retail sales tax would bring a period of transformation and economic growth to America such as has never been seen before. On top of that, it would be a financial boon to the poor and the middle class.

First ... A Brief Overview
You can learn all of the details of the Fair Tax play
by clicking on this link. In case you don't have the time, here's your brief overview.

The Fair Tax (HR-25) would eliminate all personal corporate and personal federal income taxes. It would eliminate all federal payroll taxes, including Social Security and Medicare. The Death Tax ... gone. Capital gains taxes ... gone. Gift taxes ... gone. Excise taxes .. gone. In the place of all of those taxes we would have one national retail sales tax on all purchase at the retail level. This means you would get 100% of your paycheck. The amount you place into an investment .. not taxed. The amount you put into a savings account .. not taxes. Money you give to your kids ... not taxed, neither to you nor to them. You make a consumer purchase, you pay the federal sales tax.

One more thing. The Fair Tax plan calls for the repeal of the 16th Amendment. That's the Amendment that brought us the federal income tax.

When the Fair Tax plan was first being developed it was believed that in order to be revenue neutral ... that is, to make sure that there is no decrease or interruption in the flow of tax revenue ... the national sales tax would be around 23%. I'm led to understand that soon-to-be-released research will show that the actual tax would be around 20% or slightly less. Since I've already run the numbers, we'll stick to the 23% figure for the purpose of this essay. Call me lazy.

So ... let's get on to the Democrat's charges that these evil, wicked, mean and nasty Republicans are plotting a financial Armageddon for poor and middle income Americans.

What Happens to Poor and Middle Income Americans?
OK ... let's put on our sensitivity hats for a few minutes here and think of the consequences of the Fair Tax Act on our nation's poor, poor, pitiful poor. After all, they can hardly afford a 23% sales tax when they're living paycheck-to-paycheck in the first place, right?
Remember ... right now, for the most part, those whom we define as "poor" aren't paying any income tax anyway. In fact, many of them are getting checks from the government. The absurdly-named Earned Income Tax Credit, for example. So, how can these people survive if suddenly they're paying a 23% retail sales tax?

There's no doubt that any implementation of the Fair Tax would fail in short order if nothing were to change except that the poor would be paying today's prices for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, plus a 23% sales tax. But ... that would be far from the reality under the Fair Tax. Under the Fair Tax the poor won't only survive, they'll positively thrive! The Fair Tax could turn out to be the best poverty-fighting tool devised in this country since the concept of hard work.

Let's begin by considering two realities.

First, remember, please, that the poor, along with everybody else, will no longer have Social Security taxes or Medicare taxes withheld from their paychecks. Whatever they earn, they get on payday. For most of them this means an immediate 10 to 15% increase in their earnings.

Second. There's that 22% in imbedded taxes buried in the cost of all consumer goods. This isn't my figure; it comes from respected economists. That 22% is sitting there in virtually everything Americans have to buy.. and that includes poor Americans. As soon as the competitive forces of the free market work their magic, and they always do, consumers, including the poor, will be paying at least 20% less for virtually everything they buy, including the basics of food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Yes .. they'll have to pay the new national sales tax, but when you factor in the lower prices caused by the disappearance of the embedded taxes you'll see that the total price paid for consumer goods will remain very nearly the same.

So ... just considering these factors, the Fair Tax delivers a winning hand to people living in or near to what we call poverty. They get every penny they earn on payday, and when you factor in the Fair Tax and the lower prices, they're actually spending less of their money for a retail purchase than before.

A practical example: Let's pull out the calculators. Let's say that a single mother with two children spends $45 a week on groceries. The removal of the 22% embedded tax would bring the price of those groceries down to $35.10. The sales tax would be $8.07. This brings the total price to $43.17. That's less than our poor mother would have paid under today's tax system. This single mother, whom we'll consider "poor," has just received a 10% to 15% increase in her weekly paychecks, and she's paying less at the grocery story for her basic necessities! Does that sound like such a rotten deal to you?

At this point you should be thoroughly convinced that the Fair Tax would actually benefit, rather than harm the poor. But, then again, maybe not. Perhaps you were educated in government schools, or you're just hard to convince. Sit down. Here's where I close the sale.

The Rebate
The folks who wrote the Fair Tax plan knew that burdening the poor with a 23% retail sales tax would doom the plan from the outset. They decided to devise a way were nobody, rich or poor, would ever have to pay the sales tax on the basic necessities of life. So, under the Fair Tax plan every consumer will receive a credit to their checking account or to a debit card equal to the sales tax that person would be expected to pay on the purchase of the basic necessities of life for that month. The size of the monthly payment will be based on the government's published poverty levels for various sized households. Considering the number of checks and financial transactions of this type the feds undertake every single month, this is entirely "doable."
Here's an example of how the rebate payments would have worked in 2003.
You are now a married couple with two children. The Fair Tax Act sets forth a formula for computing the poverty level, based on government figures, which negates any marriage penalty. Under the Fair Tax Act in 2003 you would have been granted an annual consumption allowance of $24,240. This is what the government would assume you would have to spend during that one year to buy the basic necessities of life for your family. The sales tax on this amount would equal $5,575. The government will rebate this amount to you in 12 equal monthly installments of $465. It's clear .. you're better off, MUCH better off, under the fair tax plan.

But what about a single woman with one child? Her monthly rebate in 2003 would have been $232. The lowest rebate payment would be to a single person with no dependents. That person would receive $172 per month.

Now ... bear in mind, this rebate isn't only paid to the poor. It is paid to everyone, rich and poor alike. The purpose here is to make sure that no American has to pay the Fair Tax sales tax on the basic necessities of life. Unlike the present income tax system, the Fair Tax treats each and every person in this country exactly the same. This, of course, presents somewhat of a problem to politicians who like to use the tax code to foment class distrust or outright warfare.

OK ... let's add it up for America's lower income citizens:
They get their entire paycheck.
Even with the sales tax, and considering the drop in prices, they'll be paying essentially the same for everything they buy.
They get a check from the federal government every month to rebate any sales taxes they had to pay.

Though their tax returns aren't that complex, let's also include the time these the poor (all of us, really) will save by not having to keep tax records or file tax returns.
If you're looking for some reason to oppose the Fair Tax plan, you're going to have to find a better excuse than its effect on the poor.

The Democrats who are using sponsorship of the Fair Tax proposal against their Republican opponents know the real story. They also know that for the most part the media doesn't understand the plan and will make no effort to learn the truth. Print this, copy it, spread it among your friends. Expose the lies of Denise Majette and Inez Tennenbaum and other like them. This tax reform idea is simply too good to allow it to be destroyed by desperate campaign lies.

Morning News & Commentary

BREAKING NEWS!!! Karzai Wins Afghan Election, Official Says

Dems want the House badly

Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry

Americans burn the UN flag

Puppet calls for massacre. Never mind the Power Rangers or the Six Foot Purple Thing (Barney) this kind of Children's TV scares me a lot. Its in Palestinian so that you know.

Palestinian kids raised for war: Classic Story from WND and related somewhat to the above story

Explosives 'gone before U.S. arrival' Here is a take from Matt Drudge

Who has BBC brought on for their media coverage? Moore, Soros, Allbright. No surprise here.

Walter Crankenhouse is doing it again. Trying to help the enemy win. Yes we got the Arabs excited but you can't sit on your hands forever. Never mind Uncle Walt you want a World Goverment. Allways have and allways will


If you saw the The Matrix trilogy you should be able to understand this piece by David Kupelian. It is a long piece but A MUST READ!!! Are You ready to take the RED PILL and go down the rabbit hole even more? I sure hope so. We have a lot of people that want to undermine this country. Keep in mind I don't agree with everything he says especially when it comes to Abortion. He still calls the media's bluff.

Joseph Farah warns of John Kerry's appeasement of Iran

Liberals and National Security: David Limbaugh says the two don't mix

World Net Daily loves her pieces. WHY??? she is an open lesbian and they love to focus on Gay issues. I went though it and once again I shall link Deb Price since its such a good read.

Why more blacks support Bush this year. This from Star Parker

Can Bubba save Kerry??? This piece by Dick Morris

The Jews and the Vote

Dennis Prager

Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Michael Evans

Jeffrey Epstein

Monday, October 25, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

I also have some random thoughts for you this morning so scroll down after Morning News and Commentary. I also finished that letter from that coward who wants to change the electoral college in Colorado. I will not be talking about Ashlee Simpson here cause their more important things than screwing up on SNL.

Some Communist Museum is running scared regarding Kerry.

Suspected terror fund-raiserattended event for Kerry

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq

Another newspaper can not endorce either Bush or Kerry

If the Dems win, NO RIOTS??!!! Matt Drudge has the scoop

Person to person with President Bush

Bush exploits suffering of 9/11, says Carter,,1335313,00.html


Jeff Jacoby deals with voters that don't know what is going on. MUST READ!!!

You want to punish Bush??? You will have to punish America or so says Patrick Buchanan

OK how about sometime from World Net Daily's token liberal (one of them) Ellan Rather. Yea let get back to the Goverment doing what does best. Taking from the producers and giving it to the dependents right Miss Rather? She is burned out.

Barabra Simpson is burned out too. Put she is on the right.

Joseph Farah talks about Jimmy Carter and his years in the oval office

Was Kerry forced out of the Milltary??? This piece from Mark Alexander

The president's brain: This piece from Mark Steyn

Score one for School Choice. Linda Seebach explains

Vox Day says FOX News is betraying conservatives

Southern California's grocery strike couldn't change the anti-union culture. San Francisco's hotel strike can. So says David Bacon

Edward Prescott tells us that the Euro's are not lazy...just overtaxed

Eight Days of Hell

Certain youthful idiots shoot off their mouths, and my 36 year old Soprano friend does not want to speak with me for the next eight days until its over just because these she is friends with these youthful idiots. However if this is going to stop me from speaking out you better think again. I may have to risk my friendship with the Soprano friend. The best thing I can do now is vote early, and get out of the way. So I have to say thanks to the Soprano and her youthful idiot friends for motivating me to do this.

However Neal Boortz is not optimistic about what could happen after eight days. Now read this from the Talkmaster.

And the polls are still showing this election as a dead heat. At this point I still think that the race will go to Kerry.

Two reasons. First, the intensity of the white-hot hatred for George Bush coming from Kerry supporters and the left is something to behold. Facts mean nothing to them. They believe that Bush stole the election.

Let me cut in: They never got over it and Al Gore is still a bitter an angry man. What matters is that the Dems get back into power. I tell you they remind of Linus from Peanuts. They don't have their security blanket and need back fast. You do that by

1. Electing Kerry
2. Get a majority in the House and Senate
3. Make sure that never lose power

Now they can take from those who don't have tax shelters, redistributed the money so its 'fair' and create more Government jobs so that everyone will have a job for life. Now lets get back to Boortz's remarks

Don't tell them that every single recount in Florida showed Bush to be the winner. Don't tell them that Bush lost as many as 18,000 votes when people turned around and went home in the Florida panhandle when the networks called the state for Bush an hour before the polls closed there. Never mind that all Gore had to do was to carry his own home state. And whatever you do don't try to convince them that the so-called "popular vote" has no legal meaning whatsoever in a presidential election.

They believe that Bush stole the election, and that, by God, is that.
Secondly .. this election is going to hinge on voter turnout, and the left is much better at herding people to the polls than the right.

This is due to a basic personality difference between liberals and normal people. The nature of the left is one of collectivism. The dynamics of the left is one of group dynamics. The war on individuality has been waged by the left for well over 100 years, and the success is astounding. Liberals seldom think in terms of individuality. It's "the blacks" and "the children" and "the poor," and so on. They think in terms of majority rule -- the rule of the mob -- rather than individual rights.

Cutting in again: Read the last paragraph several more times. I am understand the mind of a leftist lunatic. I can see why the left wants to do away with the Electoral College. Group Rights = The Rule of the Mob.

The common good is always foremost in their minds. People with this sort of "follow the crowd" collectivist mindset are much easier to stir to collective action, such as getting out there on November 2nd to vote, than are people who celebrate their individuality and independence.

On election day you will see unions, the bastions of group mentality, sending vans and busses around to pick up voters and take them to the polls. You won't see that many right-leaning organizations rounding up voters in this manner. When Democrats yell "stampede!" liberals start running mindlessly. Conservatives and (especially) libertarians start looking around trying to figure out where the noise is coming from.

When it comes to getting out the vote ... the left has the edge. If conservatives were as good at spurring their followers to action this election wouldn't even be close.

When will we adopt the same tactics that left has used for years? Maybe we should start throwing pies at leftist Janeane Garofalo the next time she wants to speak to a group Youthful Idiots, older Useful Idiots, and their professors at some place of higher learning. That would be some payback for what was done to Ann Coulter last week.

Eight more days, eight more days, eight more days.

I hate to tell you this but you better prepare for a Kerry administration.

An Anonymous Reply Part 3

This is Part 3 of yours truly trying to go over a letter that someone wrote regarding their stand for amendment 36 and countering what I said in an online piece from the CSU-Pueblo Today website. This amendment would do away with a winner take all in Colorado in regards to the electoral college votes. To refer to it click this link.

Now as Han Solo said to Luke Skywalker "Your all clear kid now lets blow this thing and go home."

McCullen then claims that if we did away with the electoral college,
populous areas such as New York City and Los Angeles would determine who
heads our country "time and time again". What he fails to mention is the
fact that the 3.7 million people in the city of Los Angeles (2000 Census)
and the 8.1 million people who live in the five boroughs of New York City
(2000 Census) equal the population of West Virginia, Rhode Island, Wyoming,
South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Delaware, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine
and New Hampshire combined (2000 Census). Is McCullen suggesting that the
vote of these two cities should not matter? Their combined populations equal
that of 12 states, to suggest that there vote should not have at least some
pull in the popular vote is confusing to say the least.

Great argument, the writer consolidates several states to match the population of NYC and LA. That does not mean a thing. The candidacy will to have to make to make NYC, LA and heavily populated areas top priority. These rural states 'alone' will likely be left out in the cold. The candidates are not going to waste time going to these states under a popular vote system. You have to treat Alaska, Idaho, Maine as different areas.

Next McCullen claims that New York City and Los Angeles are considered to
be meccas of liberalism, adding that those in the entertainment industry
generally support the Democratic party. The 2000 census places the
employment of those in the arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation
and food service industries at just under 177,000. The actors and film
makers so feared by McCullen and similar writers aren't even populous enough
to have their own employment category. They are forced to share it with
artists, musicians, theme park employees, boat tour operators, and waiters.
By no stretch of the imagination could a logical person make the claim that
the portion of the 177,000 persons working in the arts, entertainment,
recreation, accommodation or food service industries in the city of Los
Angeles in any way swing the vote of the entire 3.7 million person community
of Los Angeles, thus manipulating the vote of the entire nation. This
doesn't even take in to consideration McCullen's illogical claim that most
or all person in entertainment vote Democratically. Instead of researching
this point he is assuming that because the detractors of Bush in the
entertainment industry are more vocal, they must be more populous.

It is still a different culture than the heartland. Sure they maybe more to life than the entertainment machine and all that jazz (give my regards to Chicago). People that grow up in city life have a different viewpoint about how life is like in rural America. In fact in the movie "Mean Girls" kids that are homeschooled in the heartland are seen as gun tort'n, uneducated kids. It was meant to be an insult to a culture that the elite can't and likely will not understand. Once again people that live in these major metropolitan will have the upper hand in choosing our President.

McCullen then laments the "poor liberals" saying that the sparsely
populated states such as Colorado were given a say in the vote, despite
their wishes otherwise. Half of Coloradans weren't given a say. Over 2
million of us voted for Gore but that wasn't reflected in our state's
electoral vote. Colorado, at 4.3 million people (2000 Census) is not a
"sparsely populated" state. But it does only have one third of the
population of New York City and Los Angeles combined. Yes, Colorado should
have a say, but only as much as it has people.

McCullen then admits that had an Amendment like 36 been passed four years
ago, Al Gore would have been our president. Yes, once again, if more people
select a certain candidate, he should be awarded the office. This seems to
be a very obvious idea.

...and that is what is driving this push for this Amendment. They think they it might give Kerry the leverage he needs. But that is not a given. In part 2 I linked a piece from the Boulder Daily Camera that says that Bush could win under this new system.

The next point made in the article is that Nebraska and Maine, all though
they have dropped the "winner takes all" approach to the electoral college,
they still hand out electoral votes based on who wins each congressional
district and then two additional votes to the overall winner. This is still
not a democratic system. The minority voters in each congressional district
are still lost and their voices are not heard. Someday, we can hope that
these states will listen to their citizens and vote accordingly, eventually
it would be nice to do away with the electoral college. Until then, we can
vote for a true democratic system here in Colorado and hope that states will

What will be good for this writer is to do away with the Electoral College system altogether. Even this writer is not happy with the new system in Nebraska and Maine. The 'minorty' is not being heard after all.

McCullen finally ends his article with his main point. If the electoral
system were to become more fair in the state of Colorado, candidates would
stop campaigning here. What a powerhouse argument. Sure your vote means
absolutely nothing and was a complete waste of your time and energy, and you
were lied to that every vote counts, but at least candidates still come and
campaign here, even though it doesn't matter what you think about them or
their policies.
The point cannot be stressed enough. Your vote currently does not count.
But go ahead and vote with good faith this November, if you choose the
candidate you want for president and vote yes on Amendment 36, your voice
just may be strong enough to force the electoral college to listen to you.
It doesn't matter if we choose one candidate or the other, what matters is
that we stop letting the electoral college choose for us.

Overall I am not a big expect in the Electoral College system but I do have faith that the founders knew what they were doing when they developed this way of electing our President. They see the results of Pure Democratic system and felt that it would not work. As Alexander Taylor says in his book from 1770 book "Cycle of Democracy."

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a louse fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world's great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back again to bondage."

It is like the old children's game of Buck Buck. The more kids you have on the 'horse' the likely chance that the 'horse' will break. When you have people that know they can vote for more money from the treasury they will do it, and eventually the government will break. When that happens that will open the doors for someone that will be their 'savior' and the people will follow that person, and very likely this person will rule with an iron fist.

Again Democrats and Republicans alike call for a no vote on 36. If you advocates want to rid us of the electoral college than you need to go to the national level and debated their, and next time if you want another 36. Please do it in Cally, Texas, New York or anyplace that has a lot of electoral votes thank you very much.

Also if this writer is a Youthful Idiot or an older Useful Idiot...take course in America government and American History. Don't want to do that then find some good books about our government.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Afternoon & Evening News

Election tatics gone bad...In Colorado,1413,36%257E64%257E2488266,00.html

Who wants to see Rosie O'Donnell...not a lot of people. Matt Drudge has the scoop.

Cher gets her kicks as well. Also from Drudge

From A whistle-blower objected to the government's Halliburton deals—and says now she's paying for it,9171,1101041101-733760,00.html

50 Iraq Soldiers Apparent Ambush Victims

Morning News & Commentary

Be sure to scroll down to see my posts as someone rebukes yours truly over Amendment 36 which is up for a vote in Colorado. This writer also does not want to be known. Wanted to get published in the Today @ Colorado State University-Pueblo but no chance in hell. However it will get published here but there is a catch.

Along with the writers comments I WILL make mine as well. The first two parts are up, and part 3 will be up tomorrow.

Iran's nuclear decision tied to Nov. 2 outcome

Bush: Kerry Suffers 'Election Amnesia'

Kerry: Bush Allowed Bin Laden to Escape

Ohio Provisional Ballot Ruling Reversed

Early voting brings cries of bullying,0,3825651,print.story?coll=sfla-news-palm

Record Numbers Use Early or Absentee Ballots. You know what I am casting mine tomorrow


Mary Cheney Outs John Kerry. The renegade lesbian Tammy Bruce tells us why Kerry did what he did, and why Mary Cheney is hated by the 'gay community.' I say its a MUST READ!!!

"Gunny" Bob Newman: The time is nearly upon us to decide if it would serve our nation well to have an admitted traitor, arsonist and war criminal as our president.

John Caldara puts Bush in his place regarding domestic issues, but still says he is the best thing regarding foreign issues.,1713,BDC_2490_3257904,00.html

Burt Prelutsky tells us why the left hates Bush and takes the left to task for being two faced regarding who is in office.

The Gray Lady (New York Times) would like us to forget about 9/11. A MUST READ by Isaiah Z. Sterrett

Wall Street Journal talks about Sinclair Broadcasting and Watergate???

An Anonymous Reply Part 2

This is Part 2 of yours truly trying to go over a letter that someone wrote regarding their stand for Amendement 36 and countering what I said in an online piece from the CSU-Pueblo Today website. This amendment would do away with a winner take all in Colorado in regards to the electoral college votes. To refer to it click this link.

And Now Part 2 of "As The World Turns" or "Guiding Light" take your pick. Too bad they say that anymore in those shows :)

The first point McCullen makes is that if a candidate only wins by "a
close shave" as has happened in the past, this will no longer be reflected
as a landslide victory in the electoral college. Well of course, that is the
whole point. The people of Colorado who are in a minority are just as
important as those in the majority, to deny this is to deny basic voter

OK the writer brings up 'voters rights' once again, and I will get to this in a bit. But why should we split the vote to make the minority voters happy? In life their will be those who win and those who will lose. You vote for who gets the Electoral College votes and whoever gets the most popular votes wins the Electoral College votes.

Now the part about 'voters rights.' Last Friday national syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz brought up a column by Mona Charen which told its readers that if you don't know the issues and/or who is running for office than don't vote. This piece is worth reading, because this begans to chip away at the ideal of 'voters rights.'

I think it should be said that voting is NOT a RIGHT but a previllage, and I heard Neal Boortz talk about this. Like Boortz I am also in favor in limiting who can vote. Who should not vote? Well for starters those who are unemployed and are taking handouts from our goverment for granted for starters. You are taking money from those who produce and are giving it to those that are not produce and making a living. All right enough of that lets move on.

He then suggests that because of Amendment 36, presidential candidates
will no longer campaign in Colorado. On the contrary, a true democratic
system would force candidates to make more of an effort to win individual
voters in our state instead of relying on the fact that Colorado will most
likely always vote slightly Republican. It is important to note that
Republican candidates seldom visit heavily Democratic areas such as Pueblo
knowing that they will win the state through the more traditionally
Republican areas anyway.

Where you have Republican strongholds you will get visits from the Republican candidates, and those that are home to mostly Democrats you will get the Democrat candidates. John Kerry paid a visit to Pueblo yesterday and Pueblo is a stronghold for Democrats along with Denver and Boulder. Few weeks ago Bush visited Colorado Springs which is a stronghold for Republicans and most of the other areas of Colorado. Old Hat.

However it is interesting that the writer thinks that the candidates will work harder for the votes under 36 but the warnings of Colorado being a one vote state should be taken into account. It has been argued that 36 would give some leverage for the 3rd parties (ie Ralph Nader). Would Nader or some other party get an electoral vote too should they get a good percentage? If the 3rd party does become a factor then the electoral vote is split even more. If that does happen then Colorado will truly be seen as a state with one electoral vote. I would like to see the 3rd parties given a chance but Amendment 36 is not the best way to do it. Their are also other issues at stake in Colorado. Will Colorado be heard on a national level regarding military base closings, water, highways you name it. Could Colorado really lose power if this become law. Bill Owens believes this, and could very well be possible.

Now what if 36 gives Bush a win. Here is a story from the Boulder Daily Camera regarding this.,1713,BDC_16316_3259236,00.html

Another question to ask is, what is the point of presidential
campaigning? A presidential candidate can set up shop on the steps of any
community and lie through his teeth promising anything he wants, but the
truth is the track record for a candidate speaks far louder to informed
voters than empty speeches.

Yes and you have to your homework regarding the records of ANY CANDIDATE. You get the ideals you take them into accord, and based on what you think public policy should be like you take action. You have to watch what they do and not just want they say. Their is no one perfect in the world of public policy. You look and the pros and cons of each candidate and you vote accordingly. For me party trumps person until further notice.

Next, McCullen informs us that Amendment 36 is being financially backed
by J. Jorge Klor de Alva, who he claims is a wealthy California resident.
Instead of doing some research on the issue, McCullen immediately assumes de
Alva is a wealthy liberal democrat whose only intent is a Democratic win at
all costs. What he doesn't mention, (or perhaps doesn't know) is that de
Alva pushed for this same sort of Amendment in his own state (despite
McCullen and Bill Owens claims to the contrary) and in several others. It
just happens that Colorado is one of the first to really listen to these
ideas, and that California is too expensive for a college professor to
attempt to change by himself.

Yes lets talk about Alva a bit. Yes this man does have lots of money and according to a report in the Denver Post he is running a university in the country of Brazil. He used to run the private for-profit Universty of Phoenix here in the United States.,1413,36~64~2453449,00.html

KCNC-TV Denver also says the Alva has the money

I am not only one who says that Alva is liberal read this piece by Owen Loftus

As far as trying this in Cally. Alva should have tried harder. They got the most electoral votes their. 55 of them at the moment. Just remember that those who petitioned Amendment 36 were the ones who got on the ballot in the first place. Were the voters listening to new ideals or just falling for the 'its just letting the voters decide this' from the petition carriers? If you don't want to see a Amendment voted on don't sign the thing. Pure and simple. Now their were some that did sign it that want to see it changed don't get me wrong. All I am saying is that I have been approached by petitioners many times. So I know that they like to say let voters decided the issue.

Next, McCullen reminds us that in 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote but
lost the electoral vote. Is it too much to ask that the man who the American
people chose to be president be awarded the office? Apparently so.
McCullen claims that our founding fathers established the electoral
college to create a system of "checks and balances" so that no one group of
people could have control over who leads our country. But this is exactly
what is happening, 200 people determine who enters the White House, not the
American people. It is far easier to get into the pockets of the 200 in
charge than the 260 million who think they have a say in who's in charge.

If the founders wanted a 'pure democratic' government that would have establishment that type of system. But they did not set up a system like that. It was a system of checks and balances so that no one could tilt the scales. We have 3 branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), and with have a system of checks and balances regarding the election of the President of the United States. This would be in the form of the Electoral College system. We are a constitutional republic and not a pure democracy. If you have taken any courses in American Government you would be told this. The Electoral College makes sure that everyone is heard and not just the Cally, the Northeast or Midwest in which their is high populous. In other nations such as India, Russia, and China their been plagued by 'regional conflicts' because of what the high populous areas imposed on the less populous. With the Electoral College system the Bush and Kerry have to come out to Colorado and make their stand.

I will refer to Cato once again so click the link at the bottom.

The problem is that the founding fathers had very little faith in the
illiterate, ignorant settlers who made up America during the years when the
electoral college was established. Now that we have swelled to a population
that the founding fathers could never have imagined and exist as a quarter
of a billion fully literate, intelligent human beings, isn't it time that we
as a people are allowed to choose our own president? McCullen thinks not.

Our founders were not able to envision what is going on now, but somehow now that were are bigger and have more technology or whatever maybe we should evolve and try a 'pure democracy' now. What makes you think it will work today unlike attempts at pure democary in the past? It will still drift away from the orginal intent of our goverment which has worked for such a long time and we would no longer be a constitutional republic.

To Be Continued