Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thoughts on the Upcomming Electons/GLBT Victim Group

If one thing the Homosexual Community (or GLBT) did acomplish is that it was able to make itself another "victim group." The Democrats could not be any more happier about that.

With that said I just want to say I don't have problem with people who can't fit in as hetrosexuals. However their are things that do concern me politically.

Two cases:

1. John DePetro no longer has a job with WRKO in Boston. He called Grace Ross who was running for Governor a fat lesbian. She had no chance because she was running on a third party ticket anyway so why DePetro have too shoot off his mouth??? Did Ross really provoke the guy? Who knows.

Now Entercom (who is the parent company of WRKO) is a private company and as such can make such decisions regarding who they hire and who they fire. The way this was handled just shows how the "victimzation" thinking has once again been used by leftys to take out those who do not conform to their utopian image.

Well at least Rosie O'Donald can call Christians mor e extreme than Muslims. Other than Bob Enyart and his followers (they believe in a Death Penelty for Gays/Lesbians) who is likey going to kill you and your partner Rosie???

2. This one is more important cause the Major Media is making it so, and its happening in my back yard. This is to do with the Ted Haggard/Mike Jones flap, and this goes beyond Colorado politics now. Their are two ballot questions in my State regarding Domestic Parterships and making Marriage ONLY between One Man and One Woman. I voted no on both because the DP would mean more goverment intrusveness into the affairs of private business and and No on the Marriage question beacuse I really don't believe that Gay Marriage is going to distory Traditional Marriage. Hollywood is doing a better job with that one, and not a commited same sex couple...YES Same Sex relationships break up too but I rest my case.

Getting back to my point about the scandel going beyond Colorado politics, the writing on the wall is Very Clear. The major media is been making this a very big story and knowing that the media is very supportive of the Democratic Parity they are hoping that the Social Conservatives will sit out and let the Dems supporters vote and Shazam! the Dems take back our country with Nancy P as the first Woman House Speaker and the cast of other Dems (Rangel, Conyers etc etc) that will restore America by making it a greater socialist state.

Keep your eye on the ball, this is yet another atempt by the Old Media to get the Democrats elected. They are pulling every trick out of the book to convince you to either sit out or vote Democratic.

They Democrats have trived over the years because they find people to place into certain groups and make them "victims." If your black, hispanic/latino, GLBT, disabled anything but a perfect white man...DON'T let the Democrats make you into a victim. All they want to do is suck the life blood out if you.

As one classic Yes song said:

Be yourself Give your free will a chance You've got to want to succeed.

How true that is. Much different than FDR's 'Free From Want.'

You have to "Work" at as well I might add along with the "want."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Readings

Thomas Sowell says not to discount the media and their role in the election. Remember they love the Democrats and hate the Republicans and are show their passions for the respected sides. Sowell also has somethings to say about the media defense of The Kerry regarding his College/Iraq remarks.

MUST READ Comments from Neal Boortz. Why a must read, becuase he has things to say about hiding Nancy Pelosi (very likey to be House Speaker should the Dems get power), Pastor Ted Haggard and his "Gay Lover?" Also the Dems are trying to stifle the Milltary Vote...Again. If they can do that then maybe Just Maybe the Dems get the Security Blanket of Power and will be able to suck us all dry while their expolit the poor in getting to vote for them.

Burt Prelustsky looks at the Double Standard that the Liberals hold dear to. Just remember that intentions of the Left are 'always good' and that is good enough for them. Don't Get Fooled...they only thing the left wants to do is CONTROL!!!

Stanley Crouch is no fan of Barack Obama and explains that people may get the wrong ideal of the guy. Bottom line: He not one of the Community.

Mike Rosen has his final piece before Election Day and reminds disgruntled conservatives that the Democrat coalition will be out in force to elect their people and they are dreaming of their Socialist Visions...and tells Republicans and conservative-leaning independents to' Grow Up Get Over it' and Vote Republican.

British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il. Too Bad the UK is becoming more like the EU. Remember the EU will never be the top dog unless someone in the United States cuts Us down so many knotches. The EU at its core is a Wannabe Mega Socialist State. However the British fear Obl More than Bush or Jong-il.

Rich Lowry says that Kerry's recent remarks revile the true colors of the Dems.

FOX News story about Kerry Flub and how the Republicans are reacting to it.

You have a right to be heard, but you don't have the right to get in front in just anyone face. Tell that to the "Scientists" who wanted to get in Bush's Face regarding 'global warming.'

Charles Kruathammer says that if the Dems win next week it will be normal and nothing historic.

Larry Kudlow says the Tax Climate should be OK regardless of which party is controling The House. I Will Not Hold my Breath. The Dems these days have embrased hard line Socialism they will try when our guard is down.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Readings

I hope you have been readings Nealz Nuze this week. He has been warning you what the Democrats have in store should they gain power. It somewere in that link??? Party of the People??? How about Party for the Limo Leftys/Rich Liberals/Rich ELITE (Better Than YOU!!!) Liberals. Party of George Soros.

Don't want to read all his notes??? Here is just his comments on the Social Security plan.

Hugh Hewitt talks about John Kerry's remarks and what the MSN does not care about finding out regarding this. Does this finally prove to you that the media hold water for Democrats in General???

Thomas Sowell talks about several more Democrats that will be in power should we the people are foolish to empower them. Even if their are level headed Dems, keep in mind of Nancy in Cally and Rangel in New York. These people and more are Hazardous to America's Health.

Cal Thomas has a message for conservative Republicans and give them very good reason to NOT SIT OUT!!!

Robert Novak says that Conrad Burns might still have his Senate seat. Reason Montanna is afraid of higher TAXES!!!!

Victor Davis Hanson translates Kerry's statements.

They watch so YOU don't have too. Yesterday's Cyberalert from the Media Research Center.

Herman Cain talks about Armchair presidents and how they should be treated like ArmChair QB's

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Neal Boortz has comments about John Kerry recanting (Not Really) and more on what the Dems have in plan should they take control. MUST READ!!!

Others thoughts about John Kerry's Remarks.

Michelle Malkin

Joseph Farah

Michael Medved

Other Issues

Ben Shapiro says that the GOP is closer to the political center while the Dems moved Hard Left. He also says that today's GOP is closer to the Dems of the early 1960's.

Old Europe will one day face Civil War. Why??? One Word...MUSLIMS!!! Gregory M. Davis

Walter Williams talks about this thing called Diversity and how the left defines it. Belive me when I say that don't want Diversity of Ideals.

Stare at Dead Chickens: Get your Government...SHAME!!! John Stossel talks about this.

Tony Blankely gives us a sneak peak at the 2007 Congress with the Dems in the control. OK its a bit exagerated but neverless Don't make it a reality...these poltical gangsters will have a ball.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Great comments today from Neal Boortz

Thomas Sowell takes a closer look at Barack Obama and how that only elevates the Democratic Agenda.

Support the War but back away from Bush??? David Limbaugh says you just can't do that.

Dennis Hastert's Post in Jeopardy

Charles Rangel: Cheney Is 'S.O.B.'. Hey Rangel is a Socialist what do you expect.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Readings

Well I have my computer back but I still need to reslove my anti-virus issues

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Boortz talks about Barney Frank wanting a global financial regulator. Click those last words to find out what that is about.

Hundreds march in French suburb one year after riots. However the report does NOT tell that the Hundreds are MUSLIMS!!! What is about the left and Islam??? Why do they give so much cover to that religion.

Here are two TV stations that will not stay on the global warming bus. Way to the Go. At least their is some jounnalist scruples out their.

Is this the best you can do lefty media??? Talk about Lynne Cheney's Hot Lesbian novel??? John Kerry tried to use her daughter and FAILED!!!

She also Blitzed the Wolfman. I am not talking about Jack by the way.

Cuba dissident movement is going stronger as Castro weakens and eventually Castro will have to Buy the Farm. Stefania Lapenna has her thoughts about this.

Michael Barone has a great piece about this thing called "polls."

ObL might have his say again before Election Day. If he wants the Dems to win it would be in his best intrest to stay quiet.

Lieberman Puts Focus on Seniority.

Mike Rosen talks about the term "Swiftboating" and says its become another buzzword for the left to use.