Saturday, October 16, 2004

News & Commentary

Crucial Florida Vote May Hinge On Burgeoning Latino Population

Bush Lawyer Anticipates Delay in Tally

CIA advsior Charles Duelfer: 'A lot of material left Iraq and went to Syria.' Don't rule out the WMD's just yet.

Saddam provided aerial drones to terrorists. Attempted to kill Sharon MUST READ!!!

Muslim group launches 'action plan' for Nov. 2 This is one good thing about Seperation of Church of State, but sadly those who advocate it are doing nothing on this one this. Maybe its because certain elements are open regarding the fact they want to see John Kerry elected.

The Heniz Lady pitches health care in Reno, Nevada

Shows us the money Heniz Lady

David Freddoso talks with Col. George E. "Bud" Day about John Kerry. Day calls Kerry 'a Man of Benedict Arnold Qualities' MUST READ!!!

Target ans non-profits from soliciting at stores


Kyle Williams talks about Voting and says if you have not decided on what you want to vote for then don't

Joe Kaufman and Larry Klayman talk about John Kerry and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) MUST READ!!!

Roger Banks talks about Kerry's false securty

Michael Cudahy is counting on moderate Republicans to vote for Kerry

Chaelan MacTavish says that Oregon should leave the Union...or try if Bush gets second term

Nicole Brodeur praises Mikhail Gorbachev

Henry Lamb talks about eminent domain and the Goverment using that to take PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! MUST READ!!!

Lowell Ponte talks about the 'ABCs' of media bias. Key word or should I say letters ABC

The Not-So-Great Communicator this piece by Pat Boone

Friday, October 15, 2004

Evening News

Reject your equal time and then get a lawyer to force equal time. Still want John Kerry to be your President???

ABC News will provide some equal time for The Kerry. Now this is OK because unlike the anti-Kerry flick this is "news"

Kerry says Bush could still bring back the draft

'Fahrenheit 9/11' To Be Shown At Cleveland Polling Site...

Did the Black Community cheer when the 'towers' got knocked down. Jadakiss says Bush did it, but another Hip-Hop artist of the past believes that the 'community' truly indeed cheered. Find out by going to these links

Democrat playbook opened to criticism,1299,DRMN_36_3256347,00.html

The making of the terror myth. This is what a documentry is going to show and it will air on the BBC,12780,1327904,00.html

The Current Zoby poll

The Word is getting out about 'Fairness'

While I may or may not have done anything alone, the important thing is that people in the radio business are getting informed.

Joel Denver and crew of the radio webtrade All Access Music Group ( did report yesterday that former FCC commissioner Gloria Tristani and a handful of liberal interest groups advocated that it was high time that the dreaded 'Fairness Doctrine' be revived. It should be reported thought that Sinclair Broadcasting did offer time to the Kerry side but it seems that respected Camp turned them down. Meanwhile the FCC is not going to do a thing to stop Sinclair for airing this anti-Kerry movie on their stations.

Yet the left still want to use this event as a weapon against the broadcasting business. They would rather go in with the FORCE of GOVERNMENT to back them up...Shame, Shame, Shame. A damn crying shame.

The letter I sent out to talk shows a few days ago, I don't know if they are taking it into accord but I hope it is kept at the front burner. One of my favorite talkers Neal Boortz did bring up in his Neal Nuze (his blog that is his program notes), although I did sent him a personal letter regarding this topic. Here is what he had to say about Sinclair and the possible return of the Fairness Doctrine


Finally, somebody at the FCC seems to recognize the concept of free speech. Federal Censorship Commission Chairman Michael Powell said yesterday that the documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group plans to air will not be blocked. Powell says that the federal government should not get into the business of telling broadcasters what they should and should not air.

Said Powell: "There is no FCC rule of prior restraint of a program being aired on television. I think that would be an absolute disservice to the First Amendment and I think it would be unconstitutional if we attempted to do so. So don't look to us to block the airing of a program." Good.

Eighteen Democratic Senators and a couple of House members had complained to the FCC to no avail. They had argued that the documentary about The Poodle violated the equal time rules. But since Sinclair is providing Kerry the opportunity to respond to the claims in the broadcast, the FCC won't do anything there either. Score one for free speech. It's too bad the FCC isn't this consistent when it comes to other broadcasts...but I suppose we'll take what we can get.


Well, the liberals aren't going to take this defeat at the hands of the FCC lightly. Now it's time for the threats. Threats ... that's what any good politician would do when they feel slighted by some element of the private sector ... they threaten retaliation, usually through government action. Remember, government is the only entity in our society authorized to use force to accomplish its goals, whatever those goals may be.

One official with the Kerry campaign actually said that the owners of Sinclair Broadcasting, the television group running the "Stolen Valor" program, had better hope that the Democrats don't win the election. Now what can that mean? Think it through. What happens if Democrats win? They control government, that's what. And if they control government they will be in a position to use that government to punish Sinclair Broadcasting.

This, my friends, is why I have been rooting for Air America, the liberal talk radio network. If Democrats were to gain control, and if they did try to reinstate the absurdly-named "Fairness Doctrine," then Air America would have to air conservative talk show hosts to counter the likes of Franken. Liberals aren't likely to destroy their favorite radio network that way. Pray that Air America survives the election.


Now that would be nice if liberals had to bring in people they did not agree with on Air America. Right now it seems that is a lot of interest in investing or working with Air America. Jones Radio Networks has signed on liberal talker Ed Schultz and their sister company Jones MediaAmerica is signed an agreement with Air America to help sell advertising for the liberal network which is been financed by deep pocket limousine liberals. Ron Hartenbaum who is the CEO of Jones Radio Networks sits on the board of Democracy Radio. A group that is not only trying to develop Progressive/Liberal talkers but want to bring back the fairness Doctrine back. Funny thing is that Boortz is also syndicated by Jones Radio Networks

As of today another radio station owned by Clear Channel has picked up programming from Air America. This time its heritage talker WHJJ in Providence, RI.

What is driving the Left so crazy about Fairness? I don't think they want fairness at all but they do want government to use its power to stifle opinion that the government does NOT AGREE WITH !!! Anyway you can read why Democracy Radio thinks why we should have a fairness doctrine by clicking here

What they really want is for us to go back to a time when (I have said this many times and I will say it again) when we would trust Walter Cronkite and other 'objective reporters' in giving us fair and balanced news. The truth is Cronkite was not fair and balanced and is an open advocate of world government these days. Why do you think he wanted us to leave Vietnam? HE WANTED THE VIETCONG TO WIN!!!

That way it would only strengthen his goals (and many others) for worldwide socialism, and their side could have won.

Talk radio back then was boring as hell, and although Neal Boortz was doing talk radio long before the Fairness doctrine was repealed it still stifled what could be said on air. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of using the Fairness Doctrine to stifle their political rivals and agendas.

If FOX News is all about Yellow Journalism then so be it. CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, PBS, The New York Times, CNN etc etc etc are just as guilty of Yellow Journalism too. Let their be slanted news, let their be slanted ideals, you can turn to many sources to get ideals from. This year its happening. Liberals are getting their foot in the door on the talk radio side.

Sadly its those who claim to be 'liberal' and 'progressive' who want government empowered to force broadcasters to give equal time. Looks like Laura Ingraham is right when she calls most liberals 'elites.' They talk about the airwaves belong to 'us.' You know what maybe we should really look into the ideals that Karl Marx and others of socialist thought promoted. They talk about the 'people' so much and how things belonged to the workers, farmers, and then some. This airwaves owned by the 'people' is a joke. Its all about the government owning everything it can including the People and in the process, doing away with Private Ownership.

The liberals these days are anything BUT about people who want to 'Free People', promote new ideals and freedom. I'll save that for another time.

I will leave with this. Liberals will destroy talk radio with or without Air America. I wish that was not true. I wished they would at least back off on that and allow the right wing to have our talk shows their while they make inroads with their programs.

I just hope they destroy their brand of talk radio in the process, cause I would try to help out if I can. Cause I will scream 'unfairness' whenever I can...just like Richard Nixon did when he was president.

News & Commentary

Should a TV station group holds its ground???

Did this TV station group give equal time

FCC is not going to stop the anti-Kerry film

Now Cheney's Angry About Lesbian-Obsessed Kerry. That would Dick Cheney by the way, and yes John Kerry should mind his own business, and John and Liz Edwards

Democratic Party's Election Terrorism?

Duke conference speakers endorse terrorism. Now who really hates the Jews...NOT ME!!!

The final two ads from the Swift Vets...Thank goodness for 'loopholes.' campaign Finance Reform sucks!!!

Is Matt Drudge misleading us on the Dems. From the 'Donkey's' mouth

Bill O'Reilly fights back


Hanoi John Kerry And The Son Of Satan Tactic. This from Gunny Bob Newman

Mike Rosen tells Colorado voters how to vote on several issues in Colorado and Denver,1299,DRMN_86_3255057,00.html

Joseph Farah takes on Kerry regarding his stance on Iran and giving them 'fuel' MUST READ!!!

Michael Reagan says liberals are nuts another MUST READ!!!

Charles Krauthammer says Kerry will do what it takes to get elected

One thing the next president will do is nomnate some judges to the highest court in the country
George Will has this and more.

Thomas Sowell continues with The tyranny of visions

Jay Bryant: "You're a liberal. And you are, truly, unfit for command."

The Professor strikes back at Mike Adams. I did have a link to that piece in previous post and their is link to that piece at THIS LINK!!!

David Limbaugh calls Kerry a square peg

Mona Charen talks about Mary Cheney and more

Joel Mowbray checks Kerry's statements

This will tell you what Kerry and Bush mislead us on

Ramesh Ponnuru has this to says about the final debate

Kerry makes clean sweep of debates or so says Bill Press

Bush's 'gotcha' moment: Antonia Zerbisias on Kerry regarding OBL

Dick Morris calls the debate a draw

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Afternoon News

Dems urge 'pre-emptive strike' on voter intimidation

Lynne Cheney: Kerry 'not a good man' World Net Daily's Take on this story

Michael Moore Says 'We Are Doomed' Unless Kerry Wins. "We have allowed the wealthy to take control now of all our democratic process." Oh and your poor and on street right Michael Moore??? What is George Soros doing today. Yes the wealthy have taken control, but please take you finger and point to your face please...THANK YOU!!! Now the news link.\Politics\archive\200410\POL20041014a.html

IRS Asked To Probe Kerry Appearance At Church. Finaly the liberals with religion will get just much as the religious losers on the right. Noticed that I have problem with organzied religion left and right.

The essential Mr. Bush, 2004 Commentary from another Democrat voting for Bush Bob Just

AP: Report Finds Lavish Spending at TSA. Got to love goverment working hard


The Smoking Gun's take on Bill O'Reily: (Contains Strong Adult Language)

News & Commentary

London paper meddling in U.S. campaign? MUST READ!!!

Never Mind Hanoi Jane Fonda how about Tehara John Kerry???

Did Kerry change is mind on Same Sex Marriage???

The FOX News spin on the last debate,2933,135373,00.html

The Transcript of the last debate,3566,135380,00.html

Could a Pro Kerry film = Equal Time

Iran cracks down in Internet Jounalists

Mass grave of women and children uncovered in Iraq MUST READ!!!

Firestorm Erupts over Kerry's Lesbian attack

Lynne says Kerry is no good. As much to do with the above link

FOX News panel says Bush landed the KO

Somebody on the 'Press' went to see Springsteen. Key word ON. Hint: MEET Second Hint: THE


'By whatever means necessary.' Could the tatics of todays Democrats remind you of 1930's Germany??? If your Hal Lindsey the answer is yes...MUST READ!!!

Craige McMillan is piece that is similer to Lindsey's piece

A Pro-Kerry Piece by Robert Kuttner

Kerry commits ... but only if he's not obligated

Larry Elder: The War on Terror involves more than military or intelligence, it involves winning the ideological struggle. Not there, but here. This is a very good read

VP wanna be a Snake-Oil salesman??? Joseph Farah has a MUST READ!!!

Fall fashion preview: Cowboy boots in, flip-flops out. I hope so, and here is Ann Coulter's piece

The tyranny of visions. A must read by Thomas Sowell

George Will talks about the National Rifle Assocation on the eve of the election

Armstrong Williams has this piece about being president in 90 minutes

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

MUST READ FOR ALL TALK SHOW HOSTS!!! Your career is on the line

I have sent this E-mail to several well known talk show across the country. Most of them are syndcated and think its important to know what is going on. I am now posting this letter on my blog.

MUST READ FOR ALL TALK SHOW HOSTS!!! Your career is on the line

Liberals are planning to BRING BACK THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE!!!

I am a broadcaster and a listener to talk radio.

I am also been listening to several of the liberal talkers that have come on scene this year and one of them Ed Schultz who is heard via the Jones Radio Networks is advocating the return of the fairness doctrine, and this incident with Sinclair Broadcast and their requirement of the stations they own to carry an anti-Kerry documentary is energizing the left to bring back this dreaded document which will likely crush talk radio and it seems that even the liberal talkers don’t care, and actually what this doctrine to return.

On his recent show Schultz had Congresswoman Louise Slaughter of New York and from what I heard from the exchange on the program, she is planning to introduce a bill next year that could bring back to life the Fairness Doctrine. As may or may not know this doctrine was used to silence critics of both Republican and Democratic administrations. JFK used it and so did Richard Nixon. Schultz and company are using the Sinclair mandate to their advantage. They are hoping that Sinclair will go though with airing the anti-Kerry documentary and the liberals hope to use this as a weapon in their attempt to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. As a broadcaster and someone who cares deeply about this issue, I can tell you honestly that this exchange did take place on The Ed Schultz Show.

They say that the Fairness Doctrine is about letting viewers and listeners find out the truth about public policy issues and the politicians that are suppose to represent us. What it really does is empower government to tell radio stations what they can and can’t air regarding these issues. More likely this will stifle any debate regarding policy issues on radio and even TV.

Please alert your listeners about Slaughter’s attempt to revive the Fairness Doctrine and forward this E-mail to as many local talk shows as you can. I have sent this to several local talkers in my home state of Colorado and most of the key syndicated radio talk shows host that have a conservative bent and believe in Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. The future of talk radio is on the line.

Don McCullen
Colorado Springs, CO

The "Liberal" Hate Campaign

David Horowitz has a great piece about how the leftist lunatics are going to great lengths to get rid of Bush and elect Kerry. He goes on to say that if Kerry is elected the only people to blame will not only be the enlightned ones in the media but OURSELVES!!!

Horowitz was one of the founders of today's Progressive/Liberal movement. This link will tell you a bit about his past.

News & Commentary

'Stolen Honor' producer predicts Kerry apology

The AP's take on the fine FOX has to pay. (I have stories from Zap2it and Radio & Records in my previous Evening News post

Germany in rethink on Iraq force deployment

'Sen. Kerry, you're no Ronald Reagan'

Kerry takes off the gloves. He must if he should win and give the Democrats the Blue Security Blanket back

Christopher Reeve doubted embryonic stem-cell research. Take that John Edwards!!! We don't need a big government trial lawyer version of so-called faith healer/stealer Benny Hinn. One is quite ENOUGH!!!

Voter-registration forms shredded in Vegas

Chechen terrorists probed

Yearbook picture gets banned. For Gun Owners this is a MUST READ!!!

Tony Blair is not apologizing for Iraq

The Gray Lady is misleaded by Duke Students letters,0,163908,print.story?coll=nyc-bizhome-headlines


Dick Morris who was an advisor to Bill Clinton takes Kerry to takes for treating terriorism as a law enforcment issue. I agree with Morris, we should just kill the SOB's

Kerry ingorance on the war on terrior dooms his chances to win the office. This from kiss @$$ Republican Hugh Hewitt

Michelle Malkin calls them problem child, they spend their lives on trial, they walk an endless mile. They are the Democrats Gone Wild. They stand and hope they don't fall, their one and one for all, and the WRITING IS NO DOUBT ON THE WALL!!! They are the Democrats GONE WILD!!! (Appolgies to Skid Row and their famous tune "Youth Gone Wild")

Joseph Farah has this piece about how Right to Die can become Duty to Die. DISCLAMER: This does not mean I am aganist euthanasia but I am againist the Goverment telling people what to do. If you want your life terrmated because your quality of life is not high it should be YOUR CHOICE AND YOUR CHOICE ALONE!!! Same goes for the parent it should be up to the parent to deside to termate their child's life if they know they will not live for long.

Will Americans rejected utopia nation building??? Patrick Buchanan says yes

Mike Adams has an Open Letter to Professor Snider at California State University

Walter E. Williams: Today's school violence occurs because it's tolerated. MUST READ!!!

Brent Bozell talks about the Rather Gate delay

Bruce Bartlett gives the other side of the story regarding 'outsourcing'

Linda Chavez wonders what make John Kerry Tick

Did young Ben Shapiro become a beliver in John Kerry? I doubt it but its a fun piece

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Evening News

Michael Copps speaks out aganist Sinclair Broadcasting. I told you this man is no good. He is standing by his man Kerry

The Democrat Senators Who Want to Censor Sinclair

Sinclair Critics Not Upset Over Rathergate Forgery Felony

Kerry Campaign: Sinclair 'Better Hope We Don't Win'

Bob Schieffer's Debate Test

FCC Sends Fox $1.2 Million Indecency Fine: Two spins,1002,271911821,00.html

Intel report prompts senator to close office

6,000 felons on Colorado election lists,1413,36~64~2457832,00.html#

2nd break-in hits Washington state Bush office

Activists ask U.N. for election observers

Citrus crop in peril after hurricanes

Supreme Court to review Commandments case

...and Tuna Can case

Germany softens stance on Iraq troops

David Brock & Sinclair Broadcast Group

David Brock righty turned lefty is now going after the Sinclair Broadcast Group which is planning to air an anti-Kerry movie on all of their stations. The title of the movie "Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal." The movie is 42 minutes long and the Democrats are up in arms about this and are demanding that Sinclair back off and not air this movie, and Brock is leading the charge

I have heard that Sinclair has even offered equal time to Kerry camp but they turned the TV owner down.

The Dems are going to the Federal Election Commission and see if they have any legal recourse regarding this movie. I am listening to liberal talker Ed Schultz and he says that they should be allowed to run this movie. Then he complains about media companies having too much power. In other words it should be ran like a boutique business so that diversity of opinions can thrive.

I can only say this to Schultz and other leftists lunatics out their. If it were not for Clear Channel your Air America and other liberal talkers would be likely dead in the water. So what if the Mays family is supporting Bush? Clear Channel has been from the beginning about making money and when it came to radio broadcasting (and later TV), Clear Channel is done a very good job at making money over the years. They just can make more money now that now that radio is allowed to be a 'real' business rather than a boutique business that was the norm prior to the 1996 telecommunications bill. By the way half of the radio stations before 96 were not making money, and were losing the cash.

You have plenty of voices with different ideals if not in radio but in other forms of Mass communications such as print, cable, and lets not forget the INTERNET. You have plenty of descent out their. If one doors closes it opens another. Ideals are not being censored

This is biggest danger of the ideal of the concept of 'public airwaves.' This ideal of 'public airwaves' is a way for the government to get in and tell those in broadcasting what they can and can not air on the 'public airwaves.' Social conservatives will use this to make sure the 'seven dirty words' never make it on the air or they do then the FCC makes the broadcasters shell out the money. The Democrats at the same time will use this to censor speech that they don't agree with. If they can stop Sinclair will they be able to finally hush Rush, Sean 'Vanity' Hannity, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, and anyone else who will not drink the Democrats Kool-Aid.

On a side note their is something called 'News Partnerships' in which an established station produces a newscast for a station that can't or will not startup a newscast. More likely its the former since it takes a lot of money to start up and maintain a newscast. In the Colorado Springs market CBS affiliate KKTV produces a newscast for FOX affiliate KXRM. Now the KXRM newscast has different imaging and stationalty from KKTV they still have the same reporters and share most of the same stories that KKTV does. At least when it comes to the local stories. The national stories are much likely FOX News feeds. Anyway the I question I have to ask is; Where is your 'diversity' of ideals their??? Thought So.

Diversity is nothing more but a buzzword used by our government to justify their excuse to regulate the media to death.

The bottom line is that government should not control the media regarding anything political, and sometimes it can deal with issues that are not for young children. Let the viewers decide regarding the content. If the people don't like what a certain station does turn it off. Don't like a print publication don't buy it. Don't like a website for what it believes then don't visit it. We do need an FCC only for the regulation of the power of the airwaves and maybe they should continue to oversee transaction of stations.

News & Commentary

Rights group lists Al-Qaeda suspects in secret CIA custody

Retired Gen. Franks criticizes Kerry

Oil Prices Close Above $53 a Barrel Again

Israeli PM Survives Two No-Confidence Votes,2933,135123,00.html

Violence Hinders Iraq Reconstruction,2933,135111,00.html

Electoral Votes Lean Toward Bush,2933,135116,00.html

California's Pension System Backing Puffy(P-Diddy), Gore, Liberal Causes

Democrats Oppose Sinclair's Plan to Air Anti-Kerry Film. This is a good reason why we should have never supported campaign Finance Reform. The big losers is us

Is the French doing something right for a change??? Two different spins on this story

Italian Denied EU Post After Gay Remark

Bill Cosby talks tuff with Richmond teens


Ask Kerry 1 question: What would Zarqawi be doing if he weren't in Iraq? Dennis Prager has this piece

David Dolan shares Ariel Sharon's concerns about the U.S. election

Victor Davis Hanson says that things are coming to a head in the middle east

Star Parker has a MUST READ piece as she hammers on the Black vote and what the Dems are doing to help Kerry win the Black vote

Mychal S. Massie shows us how the liberals and the black leadership encourage racism

David Limbaugh has this piece regarding Kerry and the direction out highest court could go

The Kerry style won't overcome the Bush substance or so says William Weld former governor of Massachusetts

Bruce Fein has a piece about Eminent Domain MUST READ!!!

Phyllis Schlafly also talks about Eminent Domain

Bush's big-government conservatism may be a political winner or so says Brendan Miniter. I will tell you this. If we were not on a war on terror I would not vote for Bush but we are and we need someone that will show them who's boss.

Charles Krauthammer talks about fearmongering,8816,1101041018-713226,00.html

Thomas Sowell takes on the media in this piece

Jack Kemp talks about spreading Freedom and he talks about Afghanistan and land from down under.

Monday, October 11, 2004

How Do You Like Me So Far???

I hope you find my blog informative and entertaining.

One thing about my blog is that I deal with the current issues of the day.

I do that be provide you links from the internet news media sites and without those sites the enlightened media would just pass on those and you would be kept in the dark. Look how we lost Vietnam. Uncle Walter Cronkite who was the predecessor to Dan Rather at CBS News who convinced Americans that Vietnam could not be. We pulled out and the Vietcong won and Cronkite...well thanks to his pieces and books that he wrote after his 'retirement' we know that he was never to be 'trusted.' He was a global internationalist and someone who would allow our sovereignty to be dissolved while his global elite friends take over and control us all.

If the world wide web came on the scene sooner Uncle Walt would be running scared, and would do anything to discredit people like myself who don't toe the line. So that you know I did go to 'school' to learn to be a journalist. That does not matter does not. I am not liberal and enlightened enough for you people...right???

OK I got into a rave and rant a bit so let get back to what I want to say. If you love what I do here what you can do to support this blog.

1.Let your friends know about this blog. I work hard to update my blog everyday.

2. Please feel free to comment about the remarks that I make good or bad. If you have some insight on the issues that I talk about please make a comment about that as well.

Thanks for visiting and come back often.

What People think about You

Today I ran into someone who I went to school with while taking my father to a doctors appointment. When I got to know her we did not like each other that much. Eventually we had respect for each other by the time we got to high school.

We had a nice talk and she is now married and is a step mom.

Their are people I still run into that get the impression of me of someone that should be avoid like the plague.

I still run into people who think I should go to hell. However if anyone deserves to go to HELL it is THEM!!! It is really their loss and not mine. However anyone that acquires an open mind can be redeemed in my book. It really takes an open mind to understand yours truly.

Who Died and Made Me God???

I could say the same thing about you, and as far as this blog is concerned I AM KING OF THE WORLD!!!!

Eat your heart out DeCRAPio!!!! :)

Afternoon News

Kerry Opens Three-Point Lead on Bush according to Zogby

Oil Hit New High

Dems oppose plan for Anti-Kerry Flim

Saudi Women Can't Vote, Run in Elections

The Heinz Lady Says Husband Would Be Cautious

Swift Vets Plan one last push

Where does CBS and NBC give their money too??? Click this link to find out

News & Commentary

'Superman' Christopher Reeve Dies at 52

U.S. military seesgood news in Iraq. World Net Daily will tell. This is a MUST READ cause you may not get this anywere else.

Libya gives human rights prize to Venezuela's Chavez. Dicators really care about human rights...don't they???

Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is screened in an high school English class

Hollywood takes P2P/Internet File Sharing battle to high court

John Edwards is going to get hit in some ads. Don't worry Bush did not 'aprove' of these messages,8816,713157,00.html

Sunday night's Poll of the Washigton Post

ABC News Memo is turning heads according to Matt Drudge

New movie supports Iraq invasion, and it looks that the people behind got footage of Saddam doing what he did best...rule Iraq with an iron hand.

David Brock protests flim that attacks John Kerry...Never mind lets just give him the oval office right Mr. Brock? How much money are the Democrats paying you??? If not the party officaly then some leftist luntic out their. Oh yea I forgot its going to be on TV...Read on people.


Elections in Afghanistan and Australia turn out to be nothing like Spain. This from the Wall Street Jounal

Barbara Simpson talks about out kids, the schools they go, and the possible terriorist attacks

History Channel blows holes in feds story regarding TWA 800. This from Jack Cashill. You may want to scroll down at the end of this piece. He is plently of pieces about TWA 800 including "Silenced: Flight 800 and the subversion of justice" a piece in five parts.

Today's Columbus Day and Joseph Farah has some things to say about this holiday. Nothing about killing Native Americans but a lot regarding the religion of ISLAM!!! MUST READ!!!

Speaking of Islam Pavel Kohout warns that al-Qaida will dominate the European Union. Another MUST READ!!!

Corporations are not capitalism: Intresting read from Vox Day and how the Corporations use 'socalisim' to their advantage.

Ellen Rather one of World Net Daily's token liberal's says Kerry will be in the oval office soon.

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham takes on the Dems regarding forigan policy.

CBS News still does not get it...No suprise for me. Michael Goodwin has this piece. CBS News has and always will be a mouth piece for liberals and enimies of the U.S.

Jack Kelly says Kerry is living in fantasy world regarding our 'allies'

Vote for Me or I will Sue You!!!

Radio talk show Phil Hendrie has a great talent. A talent that is lacking in radio these days and that is allowing radio to be the 'theater of the mind.'

One thing about Hendire is that the guests that come on his show are really characters that Hendire himself created. Most of these 'guests' are truly morons and should be avoided at all costs. One of his characters that stand out in my mind right now is Steve Bosell who is running for President this year. You may want to forget Bush, Kerry and others on 3rd party tickets and vote for Bosell cause if you don't, he plans to 'sue you.' You can even buy the shirt at Hendire's e-store. Don't worry, should Bosell lose he should find some way to sue somebody's pants off, if not about losing the oval office than some other stupid reason.

The Steve Bosell for Pres Shirt. See for yourself. Just click on these words

On a serious note however is the state of Florida. The Democrats are mad like hell and they want to win. They want to see Kerry sitting in that oval office 'helping' the middle class and forwarding their agenda. The question is if Florida does not vote the right way will Florida be sued by the Democrats???

The 3rd and final debate is coming up and Bush really needs to KO Kerry here. Radio/TV talk show host and author Hugh Hewitt had the right title for his current close. "If Its Not Close, They Can't Cheat" is the title of the book and how true the statement is. If the vote is close the Dems will do what they can to fix the outcome in their favor. Most of the time when stats do come close those stats go through a comb, to find out how close someone or something won/lost. Oh if someone did winner did lose and loser won. You get the ideal.

This year's campaign should be for the Democrats "Vote for Kerry/Edwards, or we will shall sue Florida or anyone that gets in our way."

Maybe we should vote for Steve Bosell after all. Better not to be sued by his guy rather than the whole Democratic Party.

To Hendire keep up the great work you do on your radio show.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

31 Years of Life

My blog is only a few weeks old, but I am not. Today I turn 31 years. It has been a long climb for me. If it were not for these battles in my life I would have been out of school sooner. Maybe it was a good thing that things happened the way they did. I got this blog now, and who knows maybe I would have not done such as thing.

Hey things play out a certain way because they have too. You know what? I am happy that they did. I got to work under several good professors at CSU-Pueblo, and got to show that I have the skills.

All Good Things Must Come To An End...I just hope that at age 31 I will be able to start a Brand New Day :)

News & Commentary

Iran likes Kerry deal to supply nuke fuel

Muslim group attempts late Florida vote dump

Arab American PAC endorses Kerry,2933,134895,00.html

'Fahrenheit 9/11' on pay-TV before vote? Yep and it will have 'stars' in it too. How wonderful the entertainment business is to the common folk...NOT!!!!

Soros to spend $2 million on anti-Bush ads. This man has money to burn and shows that he is a carring man...All Together Now NOT!!!

Afghan Opposition Alleges Election Fraud

U.S. Iraq ally wins big in Australia,4057,11019497%255E36596,00.html

Muslim cleric wants 'women of mass destruction'

Iranian intel: Tehran harboring bin Laden. Yes all you lefty's out their, we have not forgotton OBL.


Kyle Williams ponders what to write about in his piece this week...He really does :)

Henry Lamb focus on John Kerry and his flip floping on global warming MUST READ!!!

Michael P. Tremoglie has some things to say about Halliburton MUST READ!!!

What if Bush is able to pick judtices for the highest court in the land? Liberals are running scared including the writer of this piece Katha Pollitt

Robert Spencer puts the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in their place