Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's About Time Hugh Hewitt

I have showed him my blog awhile back. I never got on his blogroll.

However he did something in which he would have to refer people to my blog. I shall let Hugh explain himself.

The O'Reilly Factor and the Reiner Scandal
by Hugh Hewitt

With one contest underway, I think I'll run a second: A Crosley Solo Radio to the best e-mail to the O'Reilly Factor making the case for Bill O going after the Reiner story. CC me on your e-mail to Bill, who can be written at A Crosley goes to the correspondent that makes the best case for focusing on the Reiner scandal to Bill.

More at RightfromLeft.

And thanks to The Blog According to Don for pointing to the brief on where the Hollywood donations (including Reiner's) are going.

It took me awhile to notice this Hugh, but now that I did now I now say thank you Hugh for pointing out my actions taken on my blog and promoting it. I hope I can do something again that will bring your audience to my blog again.

The above can be found at link. Its in their somewere I promice you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

"Joey's" Return not really noticed

By no surprise NBC pulled the show not saying its canceled but it might as well be.

Their is room for TV's Outrageous Moments after all. That show got displaced by an Friday airing of the hit game show "Deal or No Deal."

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Recomended Reading

Unlike the Iraq War, Vietnam was starting by the Democrats and eventually ended by the Democrats after the George McGovern thinking crept in to the party.

Click to read thoughts about the possible loss of the Iraq War from William Rusher

The Congress and their stand against Dubai

Rush Limbaugh can apologize for Bush all he wants or try to show that the Dubai deal is blow out of proportion, but the Republican Congress is standing firm against this deal.

Some say they are worried about being re-elected, while others say they are trying to protect our people. I say its a combination of both.

Bush is making a veto threat on this. OK Mr. President what you need to do right now (as soon as possible) is to come out and in your own words say why this deal with Dubai is a good ideal. Tell us why we should do business with a company that is owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates. Be a leader Mr. President, and guide us and enlighten us. Tell us why we need not fear this UAE's company operating our ports.

Otherwise you might have a Democratic Congress ploting revenge for Al Gore not being the President, and the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton (who for some reason is the New God of the Dems). Rush is right about these leftys thinking that power over the rest of us is a Birth Right. Sounds like a Communist/Socialist to me.

Two Pieces by Joseph Farah

He says NO DEAL!!!

Think Bush may not be impeached??? Farah thinks otherwise

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Did the Teachers Unions want to Reward John Stossel???

At first they did but since that program on Education in America on ABC back in January in which Stossel was attacking Government Schools and the Unions that run them that has changed.

You knew what would happen if you attacked the status quo Mr. Stossel...Right??? If I could give you an award I would. You don't need an award from a group of people who fail our children day by day and year by year.

John looks like he is going to sum up his pieces based on his Dumb in America program

On a related note these Unions don't care about the safety of the children either. They just want to pocket more money.

Click here to read about how the Teacher's Union wants more New Orleans Govenment Schools open regardless of safety

I am starting to agree more and more with Neal Boortz regarding Teachers Unions. They are a greater threat to America than Islamic radicals. If we have a society that can't read, compute, and reason then we have a society that will be controled by those who would exploit them.

Beware of those who claim they work for the "People."

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

TV Shows To Watch to see if they can get the Numbers: Part 2

Last Week NBC premiered Dick Wolf's latest project for the network called "Conviction" which is a far cry from the Law & Order brand that Wolf is known for. Its first outing did not beat CBS's Numb3rs and looks weak so we shall see if this has any chance of being a long term program.

"Miracle Workers," Monday's on ABC: A Medical Reality show

More information on Miracle Workers can be found by clicking here

"The New Adventures of Old Christine," Monday's on CBS: This is the second attempt for Julia Louis-Dreyfus to break the Seinfeld curse. Being a single mom is new for Old Christine while her ex is dating someone that shares her first name. Thus the Nickname. Andrew Wineke of The Gazette says that Dreyfus is softer and likable than she was in the flop "Watching Ellie" which aired on NBC. What also helps is this show will get the slot inbetween "Two and Half Men" and "CSI: Miami."

"Sons & Daughters," Tuesdays on ABC: This sitcom is another single camera show with no laugh track and some of the dialogue is improvised. Shows promise but I am not impressed with the promos myself. Get the niche quick or quickly be forgoten.

"The Unit," Tuesdays on CBS: The Unit is about a secret commando team who gets the job done. Wineke says the audience says the audience is not going to buy into the characters on this show. Do you believe the characters on NCIS? The NCIS gang might take their jobs seriously but not in the way they do it. If The Unit can hold on to the NCIS audience then CBS has a one two punch on Tuesday Night. Something it really needs right now.

"The Evidence," Premiere is March 22 on ABC: The gimmick in this crime drama is that the clues to the episode are given at the beginning of the episode allowing the viewer to play along and slove the case before the characters do. Call it a gimmick but Wineke says not to discount "The Evidence." I tend to agree; the show holds lots of promise.

Before The WB merges with UPN becoming The CW this fall, it will roll out four midseason shows.

"Modern Men," Premiere is March 17: A sitcom about 20 something men getting love advice from Jane Seymour. Sounds like a far cry from her Dr. Quinn years.

"The Bedford Diaries," Premiere is March 29: Yet another Teen Drama but it not likely to be the next Dawson's Creek. Mismatched students in a Human Sexuality Class in College??? They say the college is small but regardless of the size, its sound like a show that is not worth wasting your time with. To quote those Gay Men in that Living Color skit; "Hated It."

"Survival of the Richest," Premiere is March 31: Does this sound like yet another Survivor reality contest? Rush Limbaugh reminds of how Democrats promote class warfare. Well this show is about Class Warfare. It teams rich and poor people to produce it.

"Pepper Dennis," Premiere is April 4: Rebecca Romijn stars in this sticom. Might be better off ploting with Magneto (arch-enemy of the X-Men) girlfriend.

Of the four midseason WB shows the one that might make it is Pepper Dennis if Romijn can pull it off. The rest are goners. That is my prediction.

To Be Continued.

Click here for Part 1 of these TV posts

Liberals Open Minded and all that Jazz


Recently the Number One Natural Grocery Store chain Whole Foods Market recently put this statement out for its Employess.

Good afternoon everyone.
I need everyone's cooperation on an important issue that has come to my attention here at the regional office.

Recently, on numerous occasions, I have found copies/printouts of articles such as: Today's Nuze, The Hill, and in either the TM break room or the restrooms. This is not acceptable and cannot continue.

We have to ensure that this is a pleasant and welcoming working environment for all of our TMs and visitors. As you all know, on any given day, the regional office has a variety of different visitors (vendors, TMs from other stores/regions, central TMs, candidates for interviews, etc.).

We need to make all of our visitors and TMs feel welcome here.

If you have any questions, please refer to the "Solicitation and Distribution Policy" and "Offensive Material" on page 55-60 of our GIG (General Information Guideline).
Thank you for your cooperation.

Vanessa Hall
Team Member Services Director
Whole Foods Market - South Region
1180 Upper Hembree Road
Roswell, Ga. 30076

OK Whole Foods Market as a private (not run or owned by our goverment) company can prevent Nealz Nuze, Townhall, The Hill or anything on the right from coming in the store. After all your customers are ALL leftys right??? Oh and how they HATE the "right-wing" even if some of us are really Right Center. So much for Peace, Love, Groovy Threads, and Understanding for these jerks. Only if you think Like THEY DO!!!

What about publications online, print or both like The Nation, Common Dreams, Mother Jones News, American Prospect, The Progressive, Z Magazine, Truth Dig (Former LA Times Robert Scheer works for them now), Working For Change, and many other lefty publications??? Are they banned too???? I think we know that answer to that one and very likely the answer is No.

Just wait until the Fairness Doctrine is renacted. Then Rush, Hannity, Savage, Beck, Doyle, and last but not least Boortz will be censored by our Government for being "unbalanced." Only people like Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz), Al Frankenstein, Wild Randi (Rhodes), Trash Talk Springer, and many other leftys including Katie Cookie Cutter, and Mad Man Matt (the later two from NBC's Today Show) can speak up and speak out.

What do you expect from people that believe that Socialism/Communism is cool? They don't believe in giving the common people a voice. Its all about their Cult of Personality.

I guess Whole Foods Market would not mind those "Truth Alerts" from Barbra Streisand either. See my previous post about that famous Limo Lefty.

Maybe should consider taking our business someplace else in the future cause rightys are not welcomed at Whole Foods Market.

This and more from Neal Boortz

Before You Accuse Me of Mistakes on MY Blog

Take a look at your favorate liberals. A very Famous Liberal!!!!

Matt Drudge calls Barbara Streisand's bluff on her spellling.

Oh well nobody is perfect except leftys

Click here for the report from Drudge

Look how Drudge points out those mistakes

Don't Believe Drudge??? Here is that statement in the clear, even if she cleaned up her own words. Careful Barbs you don't want to show your true colors and beleive me we see what kind of Limo Lefty you really are.

A few years back Barbs went after Drudge for her spelling mistakes in a "Truth Alert" awhile back

If only we had less "People" like Barbara Streisand in the world.

"This Just In from NY Daily News"

Drudge spells it out for Barbra

Songstress Barbra Streisand spells her first name funny, and that's her prerogative. But right-leaning cybergossip Matt Drudge — who delights in tormenting Streisand for errors on her political blog, — believes the Democratic diva desperately needs spell-check. yesterday gloated: "Barbra Streisand has launched a new spelling error-ridden dispatch on the Internet — a dispatch that mocks President Bush for being a C student!"

Drudge reported that in an anti-Bush dia­tribe, "Streisand flubs 11 words, a personal record." Among the errors: "Irag," "curruption," "dictatoriship," "warrented" and, yes, "desperatly."

Yesterday, a couple of hours after Lowdown alerted the Streisand camp to Drudge's spelling feint, her online polemic was corrected. And Streisand's PR rep, Dick Guttman, sheepishly explained: "The errors … are regrettable and have resulted in a change in how the actress' own contributions to the blog will be posted." He blamed the mistakes on the company that operates Streisand's Web site: "The errors occurred in that entity's typing of the original dictated material. Henceforth, Ms. Streisand's office will post her essays directly."

Drudge quipped: "Ah, the perils of Internet journalism!"

Here is the link to the above but their are other stories in the body so that is why put this part in my blog

Monday, March 06, 2006

Early CBS Renewals

Well CBS has let everyone know which shows are going to be part of the 2006-07 season.

Freshmen Shows getting Renewed

Criminal Minds

Ghost Whisper

How I Met Your Mother (Will we ever know? Will we lose our attention span before Ted's Kids do? One thing for sure another 22 episodes or so of Ted's long story about Meeting his Wife.)

Veteran Shows getting Renewed

60 Minutes

The Amazing Race


Cold Case




Without A Trace


48 Hours Mystery

Close To Home*

Courting Alex*

King of Queens (On the Edge of being Canceled)

Out of Practice*

Still Standing (Very Likely to be Canceled)

Yes, Dear (Very Likely to be Canceled)

*Freshmen Shows

Yet to Air as of this posting

The New Adventures of Old Christine

The Unit

Story from

Can't Wait to see what the other networks keep and can.

Could The Democrats Return to Power????

According to syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz, that is very likely. If that happens the Republicans might as well disband cause knowing the Dems they will do what they change including changing laws that will make they can never lose the securty blanket of power.

Both parties do what they can to do to win. The Dems however have gone to great wickeness to do so and that includes stealing elections. If the GOP does it in anyway; then its crime ala blocking the Florida recount so that Al Gore could win. These Dems are still upset about it, that Gore did not get the Oval Office. I wonder how they would react if Nixon won aganist JFK, and that was an election that the Dems stole successfuly.

This party more than even has very strong socialist leanings, and certain people from Michael Savage and Jay Severin have gone as far as calling them Communists even though both have issues with the Republicans.

Unwanted or Not this deal with Dubai Ports World is not making many Americans confortable. Rush Limbaugh can make a statement saying this is overblowen and very likley so. Funny how the Bill and Hillary disagree on this or so it seems. However this Port Deal is something that the Left can now run on now, and allthough Bush is far from perfect he is playing with fire. The mainmedia which covers for the Dems finally has a chance to help their friends in the Democrat party win.

Should the Dems get majorty power, you will see a this Kangaroo Court of Impeachment come into play and rightfuly so. I don't say this cause I hate Bush in spite of his flaws but because of not only the Dems losing the attempt to steal the 2000 election but also because of the impeachement of their man, their hero, William Jefferson Clinton. A man who do no wrong in eyes of the left. Lie about sexual relations with certain women, No Problem. He was a good Democrat, a Good Lefty and that is what matters.

The NEW Soviet Union is still a possible reality and I am talking about it happening HERE in the United States. All you need to do is allow the Democrats to return to power and let them enact their program.

Click here for Neal's thoughts on this