Friday, January 28, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Neal Boortz talks about Ted Kennedy and his remarks regarding withdrawing our troops and Iraq and why it would be a bad ideal and other things

Andrew J. Coulson shows how kids in other countries do better THAN US!!! It is about government run education.

Jeff Jacoby has a piece in which he talks about his father and how he spent his time during WWII. It was in Auschwitz...Let us not forget people, so this is a MUST READ!!!

Is the GOP afraid of cutting back on Social Securty??!! This from Bruce Bartlett

Charles Krauthammer talks about the politics behind the vote regarding Condi Rice

Jonah Goldberg chimes in as well about Rice along with the fact that the Dems used the race card in the 1990's.

Is Hillary changing her spots??? Mona Charen gives us a heads up and we better watch this woman cause she can change her spots again.

Cliff May stands up for support of Taiwan being an independent nation apart from China MUST READ!!!

Thomas Friedman's foreign policy sandbox by David Limbaugh

Oliver North says that media is trying to convince us that Iraqi election will fail, but reality says otherwise

Mike Rosen says the 1st Amendment is being trash by Native American activists regarding their hatered of Chris Columbus.,1299,DRMN_86_3503884,00.html

Jerome Corsi continues his fight against Kerry

Michael Evans talks about Abbas (the new PLO leader) and his dark past and how the future is not going to be bright.

Token Lefty Piece this time from Bill Press, and he is looking for more righty commentators and see if they are taking tax money. I will have my say on this later.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The transcript of Bush's Press the press wants to nail his candy...OK lets respect the man.

Ann Coulter talks about abortion and Hillary sounding PRO-LIFE?!

Is Hugo Chavez supporting terriorists??? Thor Halvorssen says yes, and remember Jimmy Carter loves powerhungry dictators.

Thomas Sowell takes on the Bush hatas and shows that we rightys never protested Clinton.

Larry Elder takes on lefty whiners regarding Bush's speech.

Craige McMillan has a piece title "Why Islam does not have a place in America." For me I just want to see Islam get out of the dark ages.

Joan Veon talks about the "World Tax Tsunami" and one of the jerks that want to see it happen...Jacques Chirac

Mark L. Solberg & Brigitte Gabriel want to hold the UN accountable. I wish you the best in that mission you two.

Election Day is comming in Iraq and 'Gunny' Bob Newman says the Boxers, Kennedys, Kerrys, and Pelosis want to see Iraq's new government fail. Cause if it does THEY WIN and BUSH LOSES!!!

Bob Parks has a long piece about all that PC stuff going on in colleges like Havard.

If you would rather listen to Parks then read him, here is his audio commentary which also talks about Harvard, and that flap that all the little women are "screaming" about. MP3 software required. Windows Media Player will do

John Plecnik talks about those Dems blocking judges that they don't like

Token lefty piece this time around by Steven Backus who has trouble with Bush and Freedom. Thinks that "freedom of the rich" = "enslave rest of us."

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Ted Turner compares FOX News to Hitler. Losing your mind Turner now that your on the outside, or do you feel that your side is losing power?

Boxer and Teddy slam the Rice Lady

Hollywood Clebs don't mind illegals working for them. In fact they want those things (Licenses) so they can hire them. Never mind Wal-Mart people, these are people you should condem.

Jerome Corsi says he will move to Boston, Mass; enter politics, and maybe eject The Kerry

Well if Jerry Fallwell wants to do a followup piece on Rolling Stone rejection of a certain ad, he just might. RS will have a bible ad.

William Simon says the ACLU goes too far, and says they are supporting the terriorists

The Wall Street Journal talks about the coming incineration of the judicial filibuster

Craig Smith says the Dems should put America first

No Child Left Behind??? You mean To Teacher Left Behind. Terry Moe explains

William Safire has his farewell piece...Makes more room for people like me I guess. Tell you how to read the many commentary pieces that I post here.

Jack Kemp has a solution to Social Security's bankruptcy. Look back to history and what Alexander Hamilton did. Good Read

If Science does not give a PC outcome, keep your mouth shut. Dennis Prager has his say on Harford

When judges force taxpayers to pay more for governement schools, be very afraid. This from Phyllis Schlafly

Cal Thomas talks about Bush's speech and the word FREEDOM

William Shawcross tells us that the Iraq people will defy those who want to enslave them,,1396944,00.html

Victor Davis Hanson answers the question "Has Iraq weaken us?"

Collin Levey talks about the double standard regarding the feminists and their lack of support of righty women.

Michael Berliner has a great piece on Ayn Rand.

Does FDR and GWB have thing in common??? Robert Higgs says yes and he does not like it.

Token Lefty Pieces up ahead.

"Standing for the Founding Principles of the Republic" by Robert C. Byrd or should I say KKK Byrd

George Soros is concerned about Bush getting out of hand with his "Doctrine"

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Terri may be taken off life support...I support right to die, but I think the husband in this case is a dirtbag.

New York Post takes on KKK Byrd for his stand on Rice

If you got religion Mike Adams has a piece on how to talk to an atheist and its a must. His piece is a take of on the title of Ann Coulter's current book.

Charles Krauthammer warns on the alliance between Moscow and Beijing

Token Lefty piece from The Nation's John Nichols says Progressive Must get on talk radio in order to win the fight.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Say Goodbye to Johnny Carson,1002,271931241,00.html

Hopefuly FOX will give up on creating rotton reality shows, and American Idol is not on that list...still I don't care for AI. Brent Bozell talks about the worst of them all and its not the Mutil-Millionare or Married By America shows.

George Will talks about who might be the next head of the DNC.

Rich Tucker says the BAF (read his piece to find out what that means) like the America First people of the 1940's are on the wrong side of history.

Edwin Feulner reminds that the government is spending more in Social Securty that it is taking in. Looks like we have to raise taxes since the REgressives will do nothing about this.

Bush should not have his party but the leftys in Hollywood can??? You Bet, Debra Saunders talks about it and more regarding certain leftys.

Larry Kudlow talks about Bush's speech and feels it falls short

Linda McQuaig warns the Great White North not to follow the Bush Bandwagon. Yep go towards the left.

The Hidden Passages in Bush's Inaugural Address. Another token lefty pi3ce by Matthew Rothchild

BONUS:Token Lefty Piece from Howard Zinn who says the best way to support our troops is to bring them home.

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My comments on Michael Powell and the FCC

Michael Powell has officially stepped down from the Federal Communications Commission, and the leftys could not be any happier.

You see the left still has this ideal that the broadcasting business should not be run as a “real business.” Rather they would feel better if it went back to good ole days when they were more owners, more localism (or so they say), and out of the hands of Wall Street and in the hands of the “people.”

Reality Check: What the government really wants is control of the broadcasting airwaves, and clam that they are doing this for the “people” since it’s THEIR airwaves…NOT!!!

Powell is best known for attempting to loosing up the FCC rules in which would allow a broadcast owner to own a few more TV stations in a given market although their would still be national cap but that cap would allow a company to own more stations. It would also have allowed a company to own a newspaper in markets in which they have broadcasting interests. There are some already but they got an exemption after such a law was created and passed.

All of this does not matter since the courts shot this down, and don’t know jack about the free market. These judges know a lot making a law and claming that the U.S. Constitution evolves over the years.

The left talks about promoting diversity and competition by forcing companies to play on an equal playing field, but in reality they (along with religious and social conservatives) want to control the airwaves and dictate what goes on the airwaves.

There should be an FCC, but only to protect the licensed stations from being infringed upon on. Powell understood the concept of the free market, and one can hope that the FCC continues to have such an understanding of the free market more/less.

Poor Bill Clinton, the GOP forced his hand when he signed that dreaded Telecomm Bill…probably hoping that the free market would get rid of Rush Limbaugh and righty talk radio. Sorry Billy.