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April Fool's Day PSAs from NBC's "The Office"

For many years NBC ran PSA's under the banner "The More You Know." The PSA's featured stars from NBC's hit shows and they have become a staple of the Peacock even in its slump.

Well several cast members have produced several Mock PSA's which are no different than the real NBC PSA's but if you listen carefuly they are not to be taken as Gospel. They are truly fun to watch.

No Steve Carell (Michael Scott) to be found but three other core cast members have 'PSA's'. Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), John Krasinski (Jim Halpert), and Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesley).

This takes to you to the clips page. Pick one and enjoy


Set you clock forward tonight. Daylight Savings Time is soon to begin.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Law & Order goes back to its 9/10 slot on Wednesdays

Smart move NBC, you know there is still some milk left in the old cow and you want to be able to milk it all you can. Did I sey they should move it back to 9/10 or not. Sure L&O fans might have kept it on for years but it appears they don't mind watching something else if they have to make a choice between L&O or Lost, Criminal Minds etc. Yea, yea, yea, I have not forgoten American Karaoke.

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The Office did some satirical PSA's based on NBC's ever famous "The More You Know" campaign.

Check out the story also at

Mexican Flag, More on McKinney

Neal Boortz got some things to say about the two issues, and the Mexican Flag part that is a MUST READ!!! Never mind the Democrats, its the MEXICANS that you really should be concerned about.

Click here for today's Nealz Nuze

Tomorrow is April Fools Day but one thing is no joke

This weekend will once again be the beginning of "Daylight Savings Time" so before you hit the sack on Saturday Night make sure to set that clock forward or your going to wake up one hour later and your mind is going wonder what happened.

Remember "Spring Forward."

Its Been 50 years that 'The World' has Turned

The CBS daytime drama "As The World Turns" that is. The show signed on for the first time on April 2, 1956, and is now is approaching its 50th year on the air. For 50 years fans of the show tuned in to join in all the drama in the fictional midwest metroplex called Oakdale. It was also the one of the first two daytime dramas that ran 30 minutes rather than 15 minutes as many daytime dramas did at the time ("The Edge of Night" was the other). In 1975 ATWT along with its spinoff show "Another World" (carried on NBC) expanded to an hour. Just can't confirm which did it first.

To celebrate ATWT's 50 years, two special episodes will air today and Monday unless your in one of those markets on tape delay by one day (in that case those episodes will air Monday and Tuesday).

Today's show will tip its hat to several classic sitcoms that were on TV over the years since ATWT was on, with cast members playing certain characters from these famous shows. On Monday's show the veteran divas in Oakdale will recap their greatest and maybe not so great moments. For these ladies I am sure beyond resonable doubt that their glad they still have a acting job.

Story about ATWT's 50 years at

More info about As The World Turns at Wikipedia

Thursday, March 30, 2006

'Amazing Race' Moves, while 'Alex', 'Practice' are Out

The move to Wednesdays has not been good to CBS's freshman comedies "Courting Alex," and "Out of Practice." both of which prove to be nothing but filler while waiting for CSI: Miami and/or something to watch after "Two and a Half Men." 'Men' has proven that it can stand on its own without 'Raymond' watching their back.

"The Amazing Race" now kicks off CBS Wednesday nights with hopes it can draw from FOX's "Bones" and very likey more Wednesday night airings of "Deal or No Deal" on NBC. In spite of a family race series that tanked, the current Race series returned to its 'teams of two' format and the race being taken across the main continents which is keep this reality contest alive and above water sort of speak. It also has proven to be a family friendly series and something that might work better when the kids are not in bed, and the kids were in bed in its previous time slot thanks to the new breakout hit "The Unit" on Tuesdays. Race happens to be a respect reality series among fans and critics alike due the fact that contestants must connect with the cultures of the countries they are in when faced with given tasks to perform. Also Amazing Race won the Emmy for Best Reality Series in the past two years and likely to win again.

CBS should do better with 'Race' on Wednesdays since their is no run away hit show in the 7/8 hour, but I will be surprised if it can overtake 'Bones,' and I will be really surprised if it can overtake 'DoND.'

Meanwhile 'Alex' and 'Practice', is likely to be joining 'Threshold' and 'Love Monkey' as shows that could not make it on The Eye this season.

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Congresswoman attacks a Capitol Hill Police Officer

If you have ever listened to Neal Boortz's syndcated talk show or read his program notes (Nealz Nuze) at his website and I do link those notes from time to time you may have heard of a Congresswoman from Georgia named Cynthia McKinney.

Yesterday a Capitol Hill Police Officer did not recognize McKinney and asked her to walk through a metal detector at the station he was overseening at the time. She refused to obey the officer's request and placed his hand on her shoulder just to get her attention and ask to go through the metal detector. Before the officer could make his request McKinney attacked the officer. It seems that if your in Congress everyone is to know who you are, and they get to walk around those metal detectors like it was their right and it really is. Well I guess everyone who McKinney is now after taking her stand which I would call shameful even if she does not.

You see McKinney is a woman, is black (or to be politically correct African-American), a Democrat, and a race hustler. She also proven to be anti-Semitic (and in bed with certain Muslims that might attack this country) and Cornell University's Peter Swartz said if McKinney was white and male, she would be another David Duke. Since that is not the case everything is OK. McKinney can play the 'I am black, I am Woman and I am a victim card'; and because she can play that 'card' she can be bitter and angry all the time and attack anyone that gets in her way.

McKinney is a member of a far left "Progressive" (read Socialist) group than also has in its membership Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, Peter DeFazio, and Nancy Pelosi and was founded by Bernie Sanders (who is not in either the camps of the GOP or the Dems for the record) who is proud to call himself a socialist.

And Darth Fargo likes to tells us that Righty talk radio is losing ground and Progressive Talk is gaining ground. I hope what happned yesterday will remind you what kind of garbage the Democrats can be. They are truly a party that is power hungry and act above the law.

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DiscoverTheNetwork has a great profile on this woman and is truly a Must Read

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ABC's Woes

ABC's "Commander In Chief" aka 'Madam President' is soon to return but on a new night. It will be on Thursday's at 9/10 moving "Primetime Live" to Friday temporally displacing sister newsmagazine 20/20.

Their is a problem and its really two problems. CBS's "Without A Trace" and NBC's "ER." Allthough the later has been slipping in the ratings ER is not in the cancelation zone just yet. If Trace and ER maintain their audiences especially in the 18-49 demo then kiss the "Get Hillary Elected" show will not be on the 2006-07 lineup. Chief as with related drama "The West (or Left) Wing" has attracted older audiences.

American Inventor is a far cry from everybody's favorate Karaoke/Singing contest its about to feel some pain. No more NCAA Basketball finals to protect them from CBS's top rated crime drama CSI.

Cue "Who Are You" from The Who.

ABC neverless hopes that Inventor will still pull in decent numbers to help Madam President. Someone should have told Geena Davis to lay off the facelifts. Just shows you once again these limo leftys act like the Primadonnas they are.

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P.S. Look for ABC to plug up the 8/9 slot on Tuesday as we soon see "Sons and Daughters" going to the TV graveyard. Not official yet, but soon it will be.

FOX Early Renewals Part 3

Its official: Prison Break will get a sophomore year on the 2006-07 TV Season, along with Bones and will join two other veteran FOX Dramas House and 24 in the upcomming season. The latter of which was really renewed for a fifth and sixth season in 2005. Currently 24 is in its fifth season. FOX has yet to decide to renew The OC for a fourth season.

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South Dakota: A Classic Example on Why I Don't Want to see "Roe vs. Wade" Overturned

I have not talked about the recent Anti-Abortion law that was recently passed in South Dakota. Their have been more pressing issues (and I need to deal with Anti-Smoking laws sometime) than this, but after skiming an opinion piece from Anti-Abortion activist Jill Stanek and some links she provided I needed to say something about this.

As you may know this anti-abortion law bans all abortion expect if the mother's life is in danger. No expections for rape or incest. Yea, yea love the baby and kill the father if he was the attacker (is one argument that I hear a lot), but who's life has changed and who now gets the challange? Yes the woman who got violated and was not quite ready to have a baby.

Is this law in South Dakota ment to challange Roe vs. Wade? You Bet Ya; make no mistake about that.

As always the Anti-Abortion activists like to remind us of how the mind of Margaret Sanger operated and how she hated the black people and the poor, and use that to justify their stance on trying to control the mind and soul of women. Unlike most Abortion Rights activists, I don't try to play the "feel sorry for the poor" card. We have had legal abortion for over 20 years and still we have people facing uphill battles money wise. I deal with the Individual Liberties of women living in this country.

Their is a group of certain men that are afraid of women that are smarter and sometimes stronger than they are, and should a woman becomes pregnant they think they should be able to control that woman for nine months of her life. They really think that this is the last resort for the men to have some control on the "fairer sex." Believe me when I say there are certain men that do think this way more/less, and yet these men will never experience the joy and pain of pregnancy. Does that stop those who oppose Abortion??? No way cause they are more motovated by their religion if anything. More often than not this issue of Abortion is driven by religious belief and not be rational and common sense thinking. The time is not right for the states to handle the issue of Abortion. They still don't get it.

Now I don't have a problem with Pregnancy Centers that offer alternatives to abortion, but at the same time I will respect a woman's decision to choose to be a Mother or NOT to be a Mother. Sanger is truly right on the money about a woman not being truly "free" unless she has that choice of motherhood, and yes that includes the choice to terminate a pregnacy.

If both sides want to really show their compassion towards women, they would reach out (if given a chance) to a woman who made the choice to have an abortion. Yes they do have scars, but its up to individual people to reach out to them. It is not the job of government to protect them from making "mistakes."

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Boortz and Don: Great Minds Think Alike

I sent him a link of my piece that I posted a few days ago regarding other Countries and why they be like America. Well Neal Boortz said what I said in the piece but in his own way and provides his unique insights.

Click here to read it. I do agree with him.

Oh and my post related to this topic of illegals and other countries can be found by Clicking here.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Separation of Church and State???; it seems that its Sepeartion of Church and Republican Politics

Please keep in mind that I do believe in a seperation of Church and State; meaning that the Government can not impose ANY religion on you and me at any time. At the same time the Church or a certain "Church Body" should not be able to use the Goverment to impose their slant on their beliefs. Our founders knew what they were doing when they made sure that our Government had no offical state church and/or religion.

It took some time for me to understand this but hey one mellows with age.

It seems however that if the Democrats use religion for their means their pals don't cry fowl over seperation of Church and State. Not a pep from such liberal commentators like E.J. Dionne, Molly Ivins, Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz), Helen Thomas, or Maureen Dowd warning that the Dems are playing with fire regarding what the founders wanted or what Thomas Jefferson said regarding the "Wall of Separation." Nope cause after all the Dems would allow for a woman's right to choose (and I wish the Republicans at large would just get over the issue of Abortion and accept the fact that they will never control an highly educated woman at all), and believe that everyone must pitch in and help the downtrodned (meaning the middle class gets hit with more taxes and the Government becomes this Supernanny no pun intended regarding Joe Frost).

Once again this should prove the Dems will do anything to win more so than the Republicans. Including break certain law and rules to do it. Its not just their favorate tatic of recounts and stuffing ballot boxes so the Dems come out on top . These people want that 'Securty Blanket of Power' and then suck you and your wallet dry.

Click here for a great piece from David Limbaugh about this double standard that the Dems have regarding Government and Church

Federal Election Commission will not Regulate Us Bloggers

Keep up the fight my fellow Bloggers, cause we are not going to allow the FEC to stifle us and give protection to the elites who run our media. They can advocate for the Democrats and claim to be objective all they want, but we will make sure that we can point out their errors and we can show the other side that they fail to show time and again.

As long as you don't have certain "ads" on you blog then you should be OK.


Story from the Associated Press

Monday, March 27, 2006

Some Recommended Readings

Immigration advocates, The Dems possible chances of taking Congress, The Spring Bunny, Global Warming, and San Francisco has issues with Christian Teens (That should not be surprise). All of this and more from Talkmaster Neal Boortz.

Star Parker is an advocate for choice and competition in K-12 education, and say many children are still left behind. She is not only talking about it, she is holding the LA Educrates to the fire and rightfuly so.

George Will says to Watch Ohio.

Dave Cloud has thoughts on the 'Fire the French Kids Law' and how the workers have not come to terms on how the fire market works.

Lawrence Kudlow Has his take on the law as well

Sunday Morning TV Talk Shows

I have recent started watching these TV Talk programs. This is about the only time I do watch anything from ABC (This Week), CBS (Face The Nation), and NBC (Meet The Press). Of cource FOX News has their own show which is the only regular program to be seen on poor man's TV. :-)

Brian Phillips recaps statements made on the shows made by out leaders yesterday

In fact that what is pieces are all about. Knowing what our leaders say. I would love if they covered the round table segements on This Week and FOX News Sunday, especially when ABC stackes the deck againist George Will everyweek with leftys.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

CBS confirms to The Washington Post regarding a Sitcom Being Canceled

In a recent post I wrote:

Could we have one more going around with "Still Standing" and/or "Yes Dear?" I say not likely but I would not count it out now if the numbers for Practice and Alex remain flat or trend down. "Still Standing" needs a 100+ episode package to make that show really sell in the syndication strip fold, and "Yes, Dear" has cleared that mark.

Well according to The Washington Post, CBS called the newspaper and said that they have canceled the show. Yes, Dear has a total of 122 episodes. However their is a show called "Still Standing" and that might have one more go around just to get the series over the 100+ episode hump. Could that happen? Don't count it out.

Why Can't Other Countries be like America???? Plus thoughts on Illegal Immigration

In the original era of Pink Panther cartoons (1964-1981), the Pink Panther only spoke once and he asked why humans can't be more like animals. Well is some ways we are Mr. Panther but you know I have question too. Similar to the Pink Panther's question (and something that Sean Hannity touch on his radio talk show).

Why Can't Other Countries Be Like America????

No I am not talking about our Pop Culture, but rather the things that made America great such as a Free Market Economy, Individual Freedom and Liberty, and with the chance to have success and yes even failure. It has worked in America for years so I repeat the question once again...

Why Can't Other Countires Be Like America???

The answer is in so many:

Cause so many people got caught up in the ideal of the Government doing certain things for people, and so many people in the world think that the govenment should not only provide a "safety net" for the people but give them "security" (at other people's expense) so they don't have to worry about getting a job and standing on their own two feet.

They also believe that the government (even in this country) should be involved in the "education" of its children and should set up schools run by the govenment to enlightned its students. The problem is that the goverment schools can only continue if they don't teach its children how to fend for themselves so they must indoctrinate them with the ideal that government is ment to do all this great things for the people such life "fair," help the "little people."

Speaking of the little people encorage them to form "Unions" so that the leaders can advocate for them as a whole instead of an individual's own merits. Everyone is the same, and the buy the way the ones on the top are going to make more money than those good ole working folk.

You know that is just the tip of the iceberg, but you should ask youself about the world's love affair with socialism before you take in the issue of illegal immigration. Ask yourself this.

If Old Mexico was more like America would we have this illegal immigration problem???? I really don't think so, but because of a goverment that is elitist in nature which encourages its peasants to cross the border and settle in America illegally you have the problem in America regarding illegal immigration.

Democrats love this because they might try to change the voting laws so they can buy votes, and the Republicans love this cause of the cheep labor is the propaganda you hear of certain people. To a degree it is true but if anyone did try to close the border and "deport" the illegals you would hear those dread words of "bigoty," "hate," "racism," etc etc etc. If your a Republican you would have to deal with a media that would back you aganist the wall and try to make you into a Klu Klux Klansmen.

I have no problem with immigration, just as long as you go though the proper channels. We can't take everyone in the world, and its just reality. So one more time I ask the question.

Why Can't Other Countries Be Like America???

Answer: Cause most of the people in the world don't have the will and their leaders are so power hungry (and that includes the President of Mexico Vicente Fox) , they want the Sheeple (Sheep + People you do the math) to remain depended on THEM. So the people that do have the will come here anywhich way they can.

Immigration Rally in Denver, Colorado story from 9News KUSA-TV

Immigration Rally in LA story from the AP

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