Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Readings

Bert Prelutsky is someone that gets selected for Jury Duty but never gets called. He recalls the days when he wrote for several Crime Dramas and what shows he currently looks at.

Pull Out Now and Terrorism comes to US!!!! Donald Lambro has his take.

WhRobert Novak has his News Roundup for the week.

Even the Department for Homeland Security wastes our good money. Ed Feulner calls for Transparent Goverment and it has Non-Partisan support.

The PC thing is to think that we are not a war with Islam. Douglas MacKinnon says he knows some levelheaded peacefull Muslims, but say we are at war with Islam Extremists.

Spike Lee recently made a movie (or 'Joint' as he likes to call it) regarding Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. Star Parker deconstructs his movie and shows its another movie to attack George W. Bush and promote Victimhood.

Lee is just the Black Michael Moore. That All.

Dr. Brian Day who heads The Canadian Medical Association now has turned aganist their own Socialist Health Care system. Ted Byfield explans.

Meathead is not forgiving Mel Gibson anytime soon. I hate Him!!! Meathead that is. ID Jew that is all, but his real faith is Socialism.

Say it isn't so Lieberman. You want a Pullout now???

Never Mind Lou Dobbs how about "Take That Senator Byron Dorgan." Outsourcing Boosts Wages at Home says a recent study.

Israel Is Like Hitler so says Castro's Min-Me.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Readings

Charles Krauthammer says the cowboy has been retired Multilateralism Diplomacy is back and shows the good, the bad and uglyness of this.

Will America survive by 2050??? Patrick Buchanan says no if the trends regarding the Mexican Invasion and its supporters continue.

Melanie Morgan seperates the Boys from the Men when it comes to the War on Terror. Their are a lot of Boys in the Media, and once again women who accually understand what is at stake like Morgan to take up their guns and warning sirens to remind us why we need to WIN THIS WAR!!!

David Limbaugh hammers Johnny McCain for his Machiavellian miscalculation.

Mike Rosen puts a columist that is also featured in the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colorado) in his place. "Terrorism is just a tactic. Islamofascism is a movement, a cause, and it's no illusion; it's all too real." You tell him Mike.

Here is the piece Rosen was refering too. His name is Paul Campos and he is the token lefty today.

When it comes to Wal-Mart it drives Dems and liberals nuts...even if SOME OF THEM shop their. Speaking of leftys shoping their some big wigs served on the board and held stock and Jonah Goldberg points out.

Why all this attack on Wal-Mart??? Simple, they don't allow The Borg (Labor Unions)in the company. It would contrdict their support of the "Individual" which the Union is not. Like the Borg the Union is a collective and its the Union Boss who pull the strings.

I linked this one Wednesday but since Goldberg refers to Minority grocery stores, here is the Thomas Sowell did about these types of stores and why they charge so high prices.

Since we don't put sexual perverts to death, Mike Gallagher (or should I say his wive) sugesests sending these people to some kind of Island.

Never mind them how about sending Bob Enyart and his followers to such a place so they can live in their Christian Theonomy they would like the United States to live under.

Allison Kasic is someone who is trying to return feminists back to its suffragist roots, and pointing out the double standing regarding the "empowerment" of women. Don't need a Man...Fine but don't force everyone else to pay for your needs via the Government. Kasic is a MUST READ!!!!

Mike Adams explans why homosexual should not be able to adopt or teach young children. Their actions towards the Hetrosexuals speak louder than words, and Adams says they do have a mental breakdown big time. Other than that personally I don't have a problem with Gays and Lesbians.

Neal Boortz wants you to support the WSB-AM Care-A-Thon plus comment from him and his Crack Staff.

Democrats always say they are heading for a BIG WIN!!! MonaCharen says its a likes this every year and its always turns out WRONG!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Readings

Hugh Hewitt recently had interview with General Peter Pace. He features a few questions and a link to whole interview. Unlike the liberal media Hewitt does ask the right questions.

Before you elect the Democrats to power in Novermber read this piece by Larry Elder. Cut and Run, Appeasing the Enemmy, Higher Taxes, More Government, and maybe one step closer to making this country the New Soviet Union.

What part of theWar on Terrorism does the left support??? We know its None, but I still want to link this piece from Ann Coulter.

Did you know that other than Death, "Oil" is driving the Islamo Facist machine??? Victor Davis Hanson talks about it.

Andrew Young made statements about Blacks getting rip off by the Jews, Koreans, and Arabs got him the shaft. Thomas Sowell now presents some economic realites why these minority groups charge high prices in these Getto Stores.

Here is Part 2 of Thomas Sowell's piece on leftys and Crime for MUST READ!!!

Liberal Politics are creeping into PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!! Matt Towery looks into this and I have to say this is a MUST READ!!!! I don't like Goverment Education in General but it still shows that Parents need to be involved in their children's education.

Liberals Love Hillary, Those who Love Freedom Hate Her. How about FEAR HER you nitwits??? Brent Bozell takes Time Magazine to task. Give me National Review, American Spectator, Reason, Newsmax, and Insight any day.

The Anti-Defamation League does something right for once. Click these words to find out what they did right.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Amnesty International wants Israel investigated. Israel attacks the poor old civilians in Lebanon. How about going after Hezbollah for using those poor ole civillians as SHIELDS!!!! See how the Dems throw Joe L. to the dongs and then you understand why leftys choice the wrong sides and why they admire dictators all over the planet.

Patrick Buchanan has a number one best selling at This link takes you to the Washigton Times by the way.

How does the left handle crime??? Thomas Sowell answers that question and says that Appeasement is years old and I mean Years.

Think Righty Women don't buy Costmetics??? THINK AGAIN!!! Michelle Malkin takes them to the woodshed as Darth Fargo always like to say and do.

Walter Williams deals with the issue of terrorism this week. Will the west defent itself. It can win this, but will would rather be cowards than "killers." Keep this up and we will be EX-TERM-NATED!!!

Today's Comment from Neal Boortz and he does like to hear all the John Mark Karr stuff either. I agree let us find out if he did kill JonBenet Ramsey and then I might link something here.

Who is Anna Diggs Taylor and what does she have against national security? This is the question Paul Greenberg answer in this piece. By the way thank the Peanut Farmer for apointing this lefty activist judge. The same one who allowed Islamo Extemism take over Iran in the first place.

Lets face it the world hates America SO WHAT??? You still want to embrace your socialist utopia ideals and dreams and your going no where. Michael Medved has his take on why America is hated by the international community.

Ben Shapiro goes after Billy Boy for complaining about turning 60 and wonders why America still admires him.

One thing you hear from liberals is that the Consitution is a living document, rather than an absolute document. So you can interpet anyway you like it even if it does not make sense...expect to a lefty. Jonah Goldberg talks about it.

John Stossel tells the Government especially the sue happy ex-employerss and courts to; "Leave the Decadent Business Man Alone!" Are you prudes and just a bunch of idiots are what. You don't have to work for this man.

Are Bush's Critics Right? Tony Blankley looks at those critcisms they are making and if they make good points.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sci-Fi Closes the SG-1 Stargate, but keeps the Atlantis one open

Its not the ratings, but Sci-Fi Channel thinks its time to let the show go. Glad to know that some thinks you should quit while you still have Gas in the tank.

Story from

FOX Takes Monday Night in Viewers

Since I am watching the Fall TV season, and since FOX started early with season two of "Prison Break" and begin their new series "Vanished" I do have to bring this stuff up.

While FOX won the night with viewers and the 18-49 demo, CBS once again won in households with its repeats of sitcoms and CSI: Miami.

The first episode of Vanished did hold much of the Prison Break audience. However the real test will so began, and that can the show hold that audience week after week. Make no mistake a drop is expected but will that turn into a flatline or can it stablize.

Complete Story from

Next Week FOX will have the season premiere of "Bones" which will be paried with the new Drama "Justice." I should have Part 2 of my predictions next week. I don't expect the Fall Preview TV Guide issue to come out by then so I will wing it again.

Tuesday Readings

Todays Comments from Neal Boortz.

Lieberman's Independent Run Challenged. Might as well get exiled cause the Dems have left Lieberman.

Kevin Rennie shows how Joe Lieberman might help the Republicans win

Their are not many reasons why the right should admire WWII leaders, or so says Patrick Buchanan.

Why the Democrats don't have the guts to use a flow chart in order to convince us why the war in Iraq is wrong???? David Limbaugh offers that as an ideal and why they will NOT USE ANY CHART. It is as though the Dems are supporting the terrorists.

North Korea may have WMD's but are we doing anything about it??? Thomas Sowell answers that question.

Other than the War on Terror Bush is right about low tax economy. Lawrence Kudlow has his thoughts on this since the media does not want you to know this.

Hate the current group of Republicans??? Bill Murchison says keep them in power. It will only help the Dems.

Why most in Hollywood tend to vote and act Democrat??? Burt Prelutsky says that the Dems mirror them.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Readings

Robert Novak's recap of last week

Talking with the Enemy. Some people will never change. Robert Novak has some thoughts about this regarding those enemeies in the Middle East. He say that Bush may need to "talk."

Think Corporations pander to the right??? Star Parker blows that thinking out of the water.

Chuuck Colson goes into the mind of the Islamic Fascists. This is a MUST READ!!! It is enlighting.

Mike Adams talks about a guy named Sponge Cake Phill. Who is upset that a speech code was stuck down by a court of law.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Boortz has some comments about a new book from Patrick Buchanan. Matt Drudge has a preview.

Mark Steyn warns that the world is watching regarding our stay in Iraq. We must show that we will play to win.

I have a token lefty piece today. This one comes from Juan Williams. However he tells African-American to quit embracing failure.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Readings

Billy O says we are not any wiser than we were on 9/11

Believe it or not Federal Workers make more money than Private Sector workers. Paul Jacob looks at this and now its hard to get such a job these days but once you have YOU have it. Now before you talk about those mean ole CEO's be sure to point the finger at those who get overpaid with our tax money...Thank You.

George Will is in Japan and has some thoughts about the history-haunted nation and its communist neighbors.

Cindy Sunshine in the News again, and she wants Karl Rove arrested.

Desperate Democrats are shaking up the Primary Calender. Once again they the votes of the Minorties in order to grab power. Need I remind you what will happen if you elect these Jokers to power.

Gorby loves the Clintons, and has harsh words for McCain

Castro's Mini-Me caught four 'U.S. Spies.'

Iran's Ahmadinejad: 'No One Will Stop Us.'

Lieberman's Tactics Anger Dems. You turned on him anyway, and you would rather see him rot away. Either you don't understand what we are fighting for or you are trulying trying to HELP THE TERRORISTS WIN!!! Careful or you may be the one submiting instead of ruling.