Saturday, April 29, 2006

Recommended Readings

Will we ever understand Supply and Demand. Mark Alexander pounds that into our Heads especially those in the Beltway.

Dave Clould has a great piece about Gas Prices too and talks about two men named Marx.

Cliff May has his unique take on the Oil Companies check it out.

Weasle Clark wants us to Tone Down the Rhetoric with Iran. What good will that that do I might ask???

Clark might want to Read This before shooting his mouth off again.

How many times do we have to fight the Taxachusetts Polticians before a Wind Farm can be put in??? The Answer My Friend is 'Blowing in The Wind.'

Friday, April 28, 2006

What will be on The Peacock (NBC) this Fall

For sure the ever famous three 'Law & Order' shows

Three other dramas, but You Have To Click This to Find Out Which shows, but I doubt you will having any problems guessing which show. Hint: "The West (Left) Wing" is soooooon gone.

NBC wants another game show from Endemol. This company called Endemol gave us 'Big Brother' (seen in the United States on CBS and is their flagship show), 'Extreme Makeover', 'Exterme Makeover: Home Edition' (ABC), 'Fear Factor' (NBC), and last but far from least right now 'Deal or No Deal.' So what game show does Endemol have and NBC wants to try??? Click here to find out.

NFL Sunday Night Football, and Donald Trump will be looking for yet another 'Apprentice' are also on tap at the Peacock this fall.

Thank You Clear Channel for saying something about Mexican Invasion Rally

The Following is taken from All Access Music Group Website (

How Clear Channel Is Handling Latino Nat'l Walkout/Boycott Day

National topics 1 and 1a are the price of gas and immigration. With MONDAY, MAY 1st set as the "Latino Nat'l Walkout/Boycott Day", in protest of the proposed legislation in Congress known as the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (H.R. 4337), how is radio handling this with its employees?

According to a CLEAR CHANNEL memo, "A prior request for the day off is to be treated like any normal request for a day off, subject to management approval. Employees who fail to show up or walk out are subject to the market's attendance and/or no show policy which may include verbal or written disciplinary action depending on prior conduct of the employee.
"This policy must be applied consistently so to not appear discriminatory in any way. If local management wishes to terminate an employee for an absence on MAY 1st, the manager should contact Corporate Human Resources for review."

And, as previously reported, LA PRECIOSA NETWORK morning man ALEX "EL GENIO" LUCAS of KSJO/SAN JOSE has said, "Words are my life. But sometimes silence makes a bigger point. Many of our listeners will be observing 'A Day Without A Latino' our silence is a way of saying, 'We hear you.'"

I did not expect you to fire anyone on the same day, but sometimes you need to put your foot down. Don't Counter Protest this thing. Let these people who choose to go, Go. Let the Clear Channels of the world and then some pass the judgement on these truants if they choose to be and if they are truly are such.

Recommended Readings

Charles Krathammer talks about the oil prices

From one Brother to another Brother. David Limbaugh (yes he is related to Rush) reminds us that the left keeps giving us the "doom and gloom" line when it comes to oil. The leftys are still full of it.

Thomas Sowell continues his "Oily politicians" Piece. If anyone can make Economics easy to understand, It's Sowell.

Glad someone is pointing the finger at the ones who truly need to be blamed for the High Gas Prices. ENIVORMENTALISTS!!!!

The Values of Parents vs. The Values of The Government Schools. Jeff Jacoby talks about just that.

Chuck Schumer and Gas Prices, White House Press Corps demand CNN because of Tony Snow, The Mexican Invaders will Boycott on Mayday, and Smaller Cars. All this and more from the mind of Neal Boortz.

Speaking of Tony Snow, James Pinkerton says he might have something up his sleeve and that is the reason why Snow did what he did.

Patrica Heaton is not going to replace Meredith Vieira on The View. Heaton is not liberal enough. But this one is liberal enough if not more to be worthy to replace Vieira. Sometimes you can only wish for Regis to return the other side of those two chairs (Millionare).

Now Robert 'KKK' Byrd is warning Bush that he and his Dems cronies can impeach him.

The Gray Lady did something right for change. Click here to find out what they did.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Here come the May Sweeps

Here is what can show ya

Recommended Readings

Is the end of Air America Near??? Matt Drudge says so but remember that the left is full of Rich Leftys. These leftys have kept their propaganda machines alive, and this is only the New York City afflilate. The one station that gave AAR (and Socialist Talk Radio) a fighting chance was KPOJ-AM in Portland, OR. KPOJ BTW is owned by Clear Channel.

The Nation is a classic example of how this magazine would have gone belly under had it not been for the deep pocket leftists.

Here some pieces regarding the current Gas Prices:

Emmett Tyrell

Thomas Sowell

Ann Coulter

Debra Saunders

Ross MacKenzie plus his thoughts on the Mexican Invaders, and Wal-Mart getting into the banking business.

Larry Elder revisits the statement about our milltary are the liberaters of Iraq

Pushing the Fair Tax Paperback, Drilling for Oil, Government Schools in Atlanta, and why you should help keep Air America on the air. Neal Boortz tells you all the above.

Cal Thomas talks about the movie United 93. Try to see this movie if you can.

This year the Oscars were truly about the elites. That nothing as as Brent Bozell looks at this years Pulitzer Prizes. Pulitzer are for the Print Jounalists who are 'Progressive' in their thinking.

Meanwhile the "Progressive" media include the old standbys (CBSNBCABCNYTNPRWPostLATetc) are gunning for Tony Snow

One of those elements of the Progressive Media that wants to make Snow Freeze is Darth Fargo himsef.

His opening comments

Fargo's interview with Turncoat Brock

Remember Dee Dee Myers??? That was Clinton's girl regarding the Press. She knows she has a friend in Darth Fargo

Rupert Mudoch who created the evil FOX News Channel, is calling BBC's Bluff regarding their newest creation. A Digtial Empire funded by the People of the UK via the Color TV Fee/Tax. A classic reason why we need to defund our equivalents (PBS & NPR) here.

Discoverthenetwork has a great profile on the BBC

As much as I love certain sitcoms and dramas that were cranked out by the BBC. I still have to call them on the carpet regarding their left wing ideals.

The New York Times aka The Gray Lady supports Greenpeace in their attempt to build a windfarm in Uncle Teddy land

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Recommended Readings

Bush panders to the ignorance of the American people rather than tell them about "Supply and Demand." "Illegal Alien" becoming a racial slur (Fine they are Invaders from Mexico), and thoughts on Tony Snow being Bush's Press Guy and how FOX News is part of the Right-Wing Noise Machine. All of this from another element of the Right Wing Noise Machine regardless if he truly is or not Neal Boortz.

Herman Cain has his take on Gas Prices and Hot Air

Jack Kingston talks about helping America achieve energy independence

Tony Blankley says Bush is talking like Chuckie Schummer. Not good enough Mr. President with all due respect. Chuckie would still like his own kind in your Office and White House.

While we are on the subject The Real World Mallard Fillmore tells us that Greed gets things done. Kindness it can only give things away.

For Once Greenpeace is doing something right.
Going after the Kennedys especially Uncle Ted for blocking windmill farms in their area. I hope some of you lefists idiots see what people like Kennedy have in store for the rest of us. All they want to do is rule over the pesants.

Don't tell your minimum wage stories to Walter Williams. He will set the record on this issue and will not feel your pain.

Michelle Malkin talks about the REAL Victims of the Mexican Invasion. Many of those Victims are Pushing Daises. Offended by the term 'Pushing Daises"??? Good now I hope I corrected your thinking if it the wrong way.

If Bush was smart we would find any loyalties to the Clinton Shadow Government and get them out of the CIA. This from Linda Chavez.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why American Jews = Liberalism (A VERY Late Recommended Reading)

I should have put this in the Recommended Readings in my earlier post, but I try not to deal with Religion on my post unless I really have too.

However what Dennis Prager (who is a Jew) points out is quite revealing, and why they support such things as "World Government" and attack the "Right" and limited Government advocates like myself. The convictions of these "Jews" are also motovating them to 'social engineer' this country in the image they want us to be (ala Norman Lear's People for the 'Socialist' Way, and the ever famous ACLU).

I think some of their intentions are misguided big time, as you will see. I am far from being Anti-Semantic. I am just Anti-Socialist all the way, and hiding behind your Jewish Heritage is not going to stop me from calling your bluff when your attacking the Constitution, and the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and Individualism.

Click here to read Prager's MUST READ piece

Bonus: Jack Kemp has an important piece for Jews living in the Holy Land

Colorado Springs is Second to Portland, Oregon

In What you might ask???

Click Here to Find Out.

The CW is Thinking Twice about '7th Heaven'

The show might get a surprise renewal and that would mean an 11th Season for the PK's as in Preacher Kids. Fans of the show know what I am talking about. I would not be surprised however cause '7th Heaven' is the strongest link of any of the shows currently on either The WB or UPN.

Story from

Recommended Readings

Dealing with the Mexicans, Islam Terrorists (and CAIR), Taxachusetts, and Gas Prices. If Neal Boortz does not do it. Who Will??? Please don't mechion the Godfather cause if you did you would have to pay for his transcripts/notes. I would be linking them if you did have to pay him for it. I do respect the fact that Rush wants to make money with his website.

OK you dimwits 'American Karaoke' is on tonight. Boortz also mechions how most people find that more important than the above things.

Their are 12 Million illegals here in the states and nobody is not taking action. The Anti-Feminist (Phyllis Schlafly) says we are going to pay a hefty price for siting with our fingers up you know were??? On the other hand she has some good Ideals of her own

Mary McCarthy is a traitor pure and simple or so says Cal Thomas. Now if we can do something about the Clintons, Kerry, and Kennedy. Those people are the symptom.

Speaking of The Kerry. He is the topic of Today's piece by David Limbaugh, and also talks about his words on This Week.

So that you know The Kerry will turn to Darth Fargo, hopfuly today (for HIS Sake, not mine) and clear the air. We all know that the Democrat Party will put this country back on track. Just give these people the majorty at all levels of Government.

High Gas = Hot Air. Bill Murchison takes on this kind of logic. It is time to encorage DRILLING!!! NOT POPULISM DARNIT!!!

Are GOP leaders sounding like Nancy Pelosi??? The Wall Street Journal says Yes!!! Wait until she becomes House Speaker.

Monday, April 24, 2006

More on Wal-Mart and Gun-Grabbers Inc.

Ron followed up and sent this E-Mail

I have just been given more information about Wal-Marts anti-gun stance.I was told by a very reliable source that Wal-Mart will not OK the sell of a gun until the background check is complete, even if it takes a year.By law you only have to wait 3 days and if CBI (Colorado Equivalent of the FBI) does not complete the check you can deliver the firearm to the customer.The reason this law was passed is because if the government decided not to do the checks or to drag their feet people would be denied the right to own firearms.It seems that Wal-mart dose not really care about or Gun Rights.

PS I was told you can find this information on Wal-Marts website.Also I called the Fountain Wal-Mart this morning and I was told they had just removed the firearms from that store.

Does not matter were you go. Even the mean and nasty Wal-Mart may not cave in to the labor unions, but they sure cave in to Gun-Grabbers Inc.

This is not about Gun Control, its about Controling YOU Mr. and Miss. Citizen.

This might be a good time to join the NRA. Click here to go to their website.

Don't wait for somebody else to do it, not even me. YOU DO IT NOW!!!! Your freedoms are truly endangered.

It Appears that Blogger was having Tech Difficulties This Morning

I did post a recommended Readings Post, but was unable to make them visible for some time. This is the problem when you have so my blogs on, and new ones get added day by day.

You have to love the 21st Century. One has to wonder how much more can this Blogger can take???

Hopfuly to keep my blog going.

Recommended Readings

Latino Pop Stars express support for the Invaders, they will write a song using the Star Bangled Banner melody to show us whiteies how misguided we are.

Michael Goodwin talks about HILLtialla comments about building a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Michael Barone talks about the love affair South America has with Socialism, and calls it a passing phase. Lets hope so, cause if not Hugo Chavez and compnay are not only going to wreck South America. They will wreak us "Yankies."

The Sunday Talk Show Recap from Brian Phillips. Check out what Uncle Teddy (Meet The Press) and what The Kerry (This Week) said.

Cynthia McKinney is shooting off her mouth again. If I were not white I would call her something really bad. However I can say that people like her try to come across as "Victim." We are not buying that garbage anymore sister.

Star Parker (someone that used to THINK if not ACT like McKinney) Says the GOP's "Contract" is not burned out just yet. For the sake of this Country I hope Parker is right.

Diana West tells us about new EU lexicon on terrorism. Sure to make terrorist everywere very happy. They will se that the EU has proven to be weak on terrorism.

Did you know that Islamic Terrorists admire Timothy McVeigh???? One of them Zacarias Moussaoui called McVeigh a "great American." J.C. Watts reminds people to always remember the past especially what McVeigh did.

Go see 'United 93', and skip 'An Inconvenient Truth.' The latter being Albert Gore's movie. Nothing better to do since your NOT the Big Cheese in the Oval Office. Mark Steyn talks about this.

While we are on the subject of the Envior-Socialists, at least one of them is telling the truth on Gas Prices. Their are not really high in the States. The enlightned ones in Europe PAY MORE!!! This appears to be OK because they have embraced Socialism, I am Right???

The Wall Street Journal says the world is getting cleaner.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is Wal-Mart Caving in to Gun-Grabbers Inc???

Just got this E-Mail from a close friend. Seems that Gun-Grabbers Inc. is working overtime to disarm America. Yep even when the invaders from Mexico just keep coming and our Government does nothing about it.

My wife and I just came back from 8th Street Wal-Mart in Colorado Springs.

Right in the middle of hunting country, I bought some ammunition and was talking to the clerk at the gun counter and asked if they were going to take the guns out of this location.

I fully expected him to say no.
His answer shocked me when he said "YES".

I said why and he said "because of lawsuits and gun laws."

First of all the gun laws if anything have improved in the last 10 years.

On my way out of the store I talked to the check out clerk and asked if gun sales were low.

She said "they sell a lot of guns at that location." Wal-Mart said they were only stopping the sell of guns in areas where there is low demand.That is not the case in El Paso county home of Concealed Carry and all Wal-Mart sells here is "HUNTING RIFLES."

What the anti-gun groups are doing is pressuring stores behind the scenes with threats of lawsuits. Even newspapers have dropped the ads of private firearms sells because of this pressure.

IF YOU THOUGHT WAL-MART WAS TELLING THE TRUTH YOU WERE WRONG.You need to call Wal-Mart and let them know that you object to this anti-gun move. If you do not the anti-gun groups will have a great victory.

This thing called Gun Control has nothing to do with protecting the hard working people of America. It have everything to do in CONTROLING the hard working people of American and at same time protecting the elites in this country who want to take Dominion over us.

Once the 2nd Amendement is taken away from you the nine other rights will go down with it.

Some Recommended Readings

First he calls our troops terrorists on CBS News Sunday Show 'Face The Nation.' Now he says THIS on 'This Week' that would be the ABC News Sunday Show.

More Kerry talk via AP/Newsmax

Dig out the old hit from the 80's called "Cruel Summer." The Gas is going to be Nice and High or so says Bush. Before you blame the President, blame your friendly neighborhood Envior-Activist who cares more about socialism than protecting the planet.

Charlie Sheen is no different than the Charlie he plays on TV (CBS's 'Two and an Half Men'). His Ex-Wife wants him Far, FAR, AWAY!!! Ladies be warned before you choose to get into the Sack with this guy.

No surprise from Casto's Min-Me. He will defend Casto's Cuba from those Evil People like us.

Ford 'Troubled' by Criticism of Rummy. From AP/Newsmax.

Guess who wants a wall between Mexico and the United States. None other than the HILdabest. Be Afraid Be VERY Afraid!!! Then again The Kerry can still try again.